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MGAG: Chapter 6

The silence in the living room lasted for five seconds. Then Chen Shiming’s gaze swept over Chen Qizhao’s body and he cautiously asked, “Sleepwalking?”

Chen Qizhao, “……”

The two of them didn’t speak to each other anymore. The living room was so quiet that the housekeeper in the vicinity couldn’t help looking back and forth between the faces of the two men. It was as if he was ready to encounter the scene of an argument a few seconds later.

Chen Qizhao was about to open his mouth again when Chen Shiming came out with a light sentence, ‘It seems that you aren’t sleepwalking.”

He finished speaking and added, “The last time you called me this was four years ago. You asked me to buy limited edition shoes with pocket money.”

Chen Qizhao sat down with a blank expression on the other sofa. He closed his eyes slightly and said, “Are you disappointed that I’m not sleepwalking?”

Chen Shiming’s eyes were on the document. Once he heard these words, he just said, “It is okay.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t look at Chen Qizhao again. He placed the pills on the living room table and picked out the painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicine.

Zhang Yazhi probably didn’t know enough about her oldest son and he actually believed her words. Chen Shiming had a critical eye. He never spoke mercilessly and wasn’t easy to talk to. Chen Qizhao still remembered that later when he went to college, he and a classmate from his major had the sudden idea of setting up a studio. He made a slip of the mouth at the table and Chen Shiming asked him about the planning and technology. After a few words, he criticized Chen Qizhao’s idea as worthless and the two of them argued on the spot.

It was never easy to talk to Chen Shiming. He thought about this and was also pondering on other ideas in his heart when he heard a voice in his ear.

Chen Shiming told him, “Send me the document.”

Chen Qizhao paused and turned to look at him.

Chen Shiming still maintained his posture of reading the document without moving, but he seemed to know Chen Qizhao’s doubts. He continued, “If you want me to help you look at it, you at least have to send something over first, right?”

The atmosphere seemed to stagnant for a brief moment before silently moving forward.

Chen Qizhao withdrew his gaze. He broke open the shell of the anti-inflammatory medicine and said in a somewhat unnatural tone, “Then I will send it to you later.”

Chen Shiming glanced at the boy beside him. This person was wearing pajamas and the medical gauze on his arm was still noticeable. Chen Qizhao had never spoken so politely. His words had always been direct and demanding. Chen Qizhao had less aggressive energy when he didn’t speak. It was always good for him to be obedient.

Chen Shiming continued to read the document. “Since you want to try your hand at a project, you should receive light snacks and do it.”

The housekeeper thoughtfully brought over hot porridge. Chen Qizhao stirred the porridge and turned on his mobile phone.

He heard these words and Zhang Yazhi’s advice of ‘be obedient’ seemed to come to mind. He controlled his tone. “Oh, okay.”

Chen Shiming was feeling a bit satisfied when he suddenly heard a series of text message notifications.

The sound burst out in the slightly quiet living room.

Chen Qizhao lowered his head.

The phone that had just been turned on lit up with numerous text messages, all of which were reminders of missed calls. During the time when he slept and turned off the phone, someone had called him at least 20 times in a row.

The sound rang out too many times.

Chen Shiming asked, “Are they scam text messages?”

Chen Qizhao was about to speak when the phone rang. The contact person had the name ‘Yan Kailin.’

The person next to him was looking. It wasn’t good for him to refuse so he had to answer the phone.

The moment it was connected, the loud voice on the other end of the phone pierced through the handset.

“Brother Zhao! I’m back home! There are people here and we’re just missing you. We’re waiting for you!”

The boy’s shouting was accompanied by shocking music and there were noisy background sounds such as ‘drink a cup’ and ‘finish this drink.’ It showed how intense the opposite side was.

Chen Shiming looked at Chen Qizhao.

Chen Qizhao hung up the call, cutting off the deafening sound. Then he said calmly, “It is a scam call.”

After he finished speaking, he pulled the number into the blacklist in front of Chen Shiming.

The tall buildings of the city towered outside the French windows. The man in the suit in front of the desk opened the file bag.

“It has been investigated and all the information is here.” Assistant Xu continued seriously and rigorously. “The people who met with Second Young Master that night were all acquaintances. The person who handed over the project to Second Young Master was also there. He is called Qin Xingfeng.”

“The illegitimate son of the Qin family?” Chen Shiming looked through the information. “How did Chen Qizhao get involved with him?”

Assistant Xu said, “They had dealings several times. It was the young master of the Wang family who introduced them.”

Chen Qizhao seemed to have a very high enthusiasm for Qin Xingfeng’s project and he quickly sent the documents last night. Chen Shiming had taken a cursory look. The outline information wasn’t a planning book. The project didn’t look good but at least on the surface, it couldn’t be faulted.

The Chen family had only gradually developed in S City in recent years. Previously, It was in J City next door and he had heard a bit more about the Qin family. As an illegitimate son, Qin Xingfeng wasn’t welcomed in the Qin family. However, he was a capable person. Later, he took a sum of money and set up his own business. He had become prosperous in just a few years. Now he was fighting openly and secretly with the other heirs of the Qin family.

“It isn’t without reason that Qin Xingfeng would find Chen Qizhao. The Qin family has serious infighting and he wants to use this project as a stepping stone for the Chen family.” Chen Shiming casually threw the document aside. “Chen Qizhao isn’t deeply involved in this world and he is the easiest to fool and deceive. Qin Xingfeng’s mind isn’t small.”

Assistant Xu lowered his head slightly. “Boss, do you want to explain this to Second Young Master?”

“No, he took the initiative to find me so he is obviously very concerned about this project. I won’t interfere with his decision. Even if he suffers a loss, he will have a longer memory of it. He should practice his hands. “Chen Shiming opened other documents. He seemed to plan to continue to devote himself to other work as he explained in a light tone, “This matter will be entrusted to you. Please report to me in time if he has any other needs or problems.”

Assistant Xu nodded to make it clear he understood. He was about to leave when Chen Shiming stopped him again.

Chen Shiming didn’t raise his head as he simply commanded, “If he needs help then give him some convenience.”

At a clubhouse in S City, several young people gathered together. Many people were in a state of being hungover and staying up all night on their faces.

“What? Are you also blocked?”

“I am probably blocked so I can’t get through.”

“Try another number.”

“Don’t tell me that Chen Qizhao was really punished by his brother? There has been no news for the past two days and he hasn’t spoken in the group.”

The young people gathered together with different expressions on their faces. They seemed a bit confused. They knew that the Chen brothers were at odds but in the past, arguments were only a one night affair. The next day, Chen Qizhao still contacted them like nothing was wrong. Yesterday happened to be Yan Kailin’s return to China. They were ready to treat him to a welcome back dinner. They also deliberately took time to contact Chen Qizhao. Unexpectedly, their calls weren’t answered and he turned off his phone in the end.

Now don’t even talk about contacting him. Their numbers were basically blocked.

It was even more unreliable to find him on the Internet. Any messages they sent were like stones sinking into the sea.

Cheng Rong held his phone and frowned deeply.

He knew best what type of person Chen Qizhao was. He was always on call and generous with his money. He might have a bit of a bad temper but he had always been easy to handle and wasn’t that smart. It was the first time Cheng Rong had seen this situation. He didn’t think that Chen Qizhao would take the initiative to block others.

“Lin Zai, have you been blocked as well?” Cheng Rong suppressed the doubts in his heart and turned to ask another boy.

This boy was a bit baby-faced and looked young, but he had a crew cut and some tattoo on his exposed skin. He looked like he had a violent temper. At this time, he kept repeatedly calling but after connecting, there was only a mechanical female voice. He said impatiently, “His phone bill shouldn’t be in arrears, right?”

Yan Kailin looked worried. “I returned to China but he didn’t even come for the welcome dinner.”

“Is his personal freedom restricted? Chen Shiming was so angry this time that he directly stopped this person from going out?”

“Is it possible that his phone is with Chen Shiming? This is indeed a bit strange. Have you been able to contact him these past two days?”

“Would you like to go there and take a look?”

“No. I don’t want to meet Chen Shiming.”

The group of people were talking but no one really dared to go to the door to see what was going on.

“The messages sent haven’t received any replies. Oh, I seem to have heard Brother Xingfeng say yesterday that he and Xiao Zhao were planning to talk about a project.”

“Then Qin Xingfeng can contact him? Strange. Then why didn’t he reply to our messages?”

Cheng Rong suggested, “Since we can’t get in touch, let Qin Xingfeng find out what the situation is and see if he can be invited out.’

Yan Kailin didn’t speak and bombarded the other person on the Internet again.

After a while, the messages he sent out directly turned into exclamation marks.

“……” Yan Kailin exclaimed, “Fu*k!”

Chen Qizhao wasn’t surprised when he received a text message from Assistant Xu.

After being reborn, his personal connections were limited. If he wanted to use Ruizhen Electronics as an excuse to investigate Lin Shizong’s affairs without causing others to feel suspicious, it was best to use external forces. In any case, he was shabby and anything he did wouldn’t be exaggerated. He should borrow Chen Shiming’s people to help him under the pretext of wanting to engage in investment. This would save time and effort.

In addition, Chen Shiming was so busy that he wouldn’t have time to waste on Chen Qizhao every day. The biggest probably was that he would send someone to help.

He hadn’t expected Chen Shiming to be so easy to communicate with and had even planned to go to Zhang Yazhi for help.

Zhang Yazhi didn’t care about the group’s affairs but it was still okay to pass some information to his father or brother through her, even if it was more troublesome.

Chen Qizhao was thoughtful. He remembered Chen Shiming’s attitude yesterday and murmured, “I really didn’t know that he falls for this type of thing in my previous life.”

“Yes, I spoke well.:”

“What did I say…”

“But now I’m not as bad as I used to be. It isn’t surprising that he is a bit patient.”

Halfway through the conversation, the notification of a new message lit up the phone screen.

Chen Qizhao’s mind returned and he realized he was talking to himself. “I’m not used to it but it isn’t that we can’t communicate.”

The message was from Qin Xingfeng. It stated that Cheng Rong had organized a dinner party and Qin Xingfeng had also brought along a paper version of the plan.

When Chen Qizhao was young, he had many scoundrel friends. Later, the Chen family had an accident and the relationship between them was cleanly cut off. It was good to remember one or two people. He had a small impression of Cheng Rong or perhaps he had this small impression because Cheng Rong kept calling yesterday.

There was no need to think about it to know that the dinner party was organized by Cheng Rong.

In order to let him go there, the planning book was used as an excuse.

It was a good reason to let him go.

In the room, the computer monitor with a wide screen had various web pages open. There were several websites with private pages while the left half of the screen had a document with densely written information. Chen Qizhao picked out two documents that had already been sorted out. Then together with the series of documents later sent by Qin Xingfeng, he packaged it and sent it to Assistant Xu.

The surroundings were silent while the mobile phone on the screen lit up from time to time.

He didn’t reply and Qin Xingfeng sent several more messages.

Chen Qizhao let Qin Xingfeng call for more than half an hour before slowly picking up the phone.


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