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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 224 Part 2

The child’s due date was in November. Pei Feng booked the best private hospital in the capital in advance.

On the day of delivery, family members from both sides rushed to the hospital. Pei Feng clenched his hands tightly by his side. He took two or three steps forward, leaned over, and gently pressed a kiss on Jiang Shaoyu’s forehead. His voice trembled slightly as he said, “I love you. You must be safe.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at him and said, “Don’t worry. It is okay.”

The twins took a long time to be born. Pei Feng packed back and forth anxiously in the corridor outside, his clothes soaked with sweat. Jiang Shaocheng patted his shoulder and said, “Don’t worry. Medical technology is so advanced now. The results of his physical examinations were all normal. He will be fine.”

Pei Feng was so nervous that his breathing was trembling. He wished that he could crawl into the operating room and bear this pain for his master.

Half an hour later, the loud cries of babies rang out one after another in the operating room. The nurse quickly picked up the babies, smiled, and said, “Congratulations. The father and children are safe. Your son and daughter are healthy.”

Was it male and female twins?

Pei Feng stepped forward. He glanced at the two swaddled babies and asked in a low voice, “What about my lover/”

The nurse said, “Don’t worry. He will be out soon.”

Jiang Shaoyu was pushed out and sent to the ward. Pei Feng followed him all the way and grabbed his hand in a distressed manner. “Thank you for your hard work.”

“I’m fine.” There was no pain in Jiang Shaoyu’s voice. He had always been strong and calm. Even when he gave birth to a child, his eyes didn’t show any vulnerability. Compared to what he had suffered back then, this operation was nothing.

Soon, both parents came to visit Jiang Shaoyu. The children were carried to the bedside by the nurse.

After Jiang Shaoyu saw the child, he was a bit tired. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Pei Feng didn’t care about the children and stayed by his bed, gently holding his hand.

Jiang Shaocheng saw Pei Feng’s attitude of putting Jiang Shaoyu first. He withdrew without disturbing them. He asked the nurse to take the newborns back for nursing.

That night, Pei Feng posted a photo of the twins’ footprints on Weibo with the message: “Welcome the two little angels to come to us. Ah Yu has worked hard. I will do my best to protect you.”

Netizens were immediately excited when they saw the official announcement picture.

[D*mn, they have children so soon!]

[When did God Wing get pregnant? Why didn’t he reveal any news at all?]

[Judging from the time of birth, they must’ve been conceived during the honeymoon, right? Shy.jpg.]

[It is twins. Fred’s hit rate is so high.]

[There are two world-class snipers. Didn’t this hit two at once?]

[Double kill~]

[I’m laughing to death. The sniper’s hit rate… I suspect you are driving, but I have no proof.]

[Two children. They must look good!]

A few days later, the two of them were discharged from the hospital with their children.

They had discussed the names of the children before. The older twin would have Pei Feng’s surname, and the younger twin would have Jiang Shaoyu’s surname. The one who was born first was named Pei Nianyu, with the nickname of Xiao Yu. The one born later was named Jiang Nianfeng, with the nickname Xiao Feng.”

Jiang Shaocheng heard the names ‘Xiao Feng’ and ‘Xiao Yu’, and couldn’t help complaining. “Such a disgusting name must’ve been thought up by Pei Feng!”

It was indeed Pei Feng’s idea. The children’s Feng and Yu were taken from ‘In the Same Boat Under Wind and Rain’. Pei Nianyu and Jiang Nianfeng sounded like their children at first glance. It was obvious that the two fathers were very affectionate.

Jiang Shaoyu had an attitude of ‘it is good as long as you are happy. Therefore, Pei Feng happily registered the baby’s name and household registration.

When they were born, each of the two children was uglier than the other.

But as the children gradually grew up, the influence of their genes also manifested. They became more and more beautiful.

The sister Pei Nianyu inherited Jiang Shaoyu’s appearance. She had snow-white skin and thick eyelashes. She was a beauty since she was a child.

Her younger brother Jiang Nianfeng was more like Pei Feng, with bright black eyes. He was lively and cute.

After the two children grew up, the younger brother became more and more naughty. He was a complete copy of Pei Feng.

Pei Feng had a headache when he saw this little devil. Fortunately, Jiang Shaoyu was able to control him.

Every time Jiang Shaoyu glanced at his younger son coldly, his son would immediately calm down. If he got into trouble, Jiang Shaoyu would scold him rudely. Xiao Feng would run to complain to Pei Feng in an aggrieved manner. “Dad scolded me again. Wu wu wu, Dad is so cruel.”

Pei Feng rubbed his head. “Who made you naughty? Shouldn’t he scold you?”

Xiao Feng cried until he hiccuped. After crying, he became lively again and looked for things to do. Even Jiang Doudou was annoyed with him and would run away when seeing him.

Compared with their younger son’s naughtiness, their daughter had been quiet since she was a child. She learned calligraphy from Jiang Shaoyu and learned it well. She also learned ballet. Neither of them expected that their daughter would be very talented in dancing. She had been tall and straight since she was a child. Her walking posture was prettier than other little girls.

Every time Pei Feng sent his daughter to a dance class, he felt very proud when he saw her outstanding appearance among a group of classmates.

She had a good-looking father. His daughter would definitely be a beauty when she grew up.

After entering kindergarten, Xiao Feng quickly became the king of the kindergarten with his fists. He accepted a lot of younger brothers and wanted to protect his sister. As a result, his sister didn’t need his protection at all. She had a cold and indifferent face, and she was calm when encountering anything. She was like a little adult.

During elementary school, Jiang Nianfeng’s naughty nature reached its peak. He broke the glass in the classroom while playing basketball. The glass injured his classmates.

The scene of glass shares and blood all over the ground made the students scream in fright.

Jiang Shaoyu was invited as a parent by the teacher for the first time.

Once he came to school, he just glanced at his son lightly and said, “Apologize.”

The child was so frightened he immediately bowed and apologized. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

The teachers and other parents: “……”

Child, were you scared silly?

Jiang Shaoyu looked at the parents in front of him and said calmly, “I’m sorry for scaring you. Fortunately, the children were only slightly injured. I will pay for all medical expenses. As for Jiang Nianfeng, I will take him back and discipline him well.”

It might be that Jiang Shaoyu’s aura was too strong. The other parents didn’t say anything.

Jiang Nianfeng followed his father home in a dejected manner. Pei Feng rushed back after hearing the news and saw him being punished by Jiang Shaoyu.

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t hit anyone. He just looked at his son calmly. “You usually like to play around, but you must have a sense of proportion when playing! Fortunately, all the students only suffered minor injuries today. If the glass shards flew into other people’s eyes, someone might’ve been blinded. Can you afford to pay for it?”

His youngest son lowered his head, too frightened to express anything.

Pei Feng was afraid that Jiang Shaoyu would be angry, so he hurriedly walked over and put a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t be angry. It is normal for a child to be a bit naughty. We will slowly correct it.” Then he glared at his son. “Be careful in the future. Do you hear me?”

“I-I hear you.” The little guy’s voice was very wronged. “I-I didn’t mean it.”

“Accidentally injuring someone is still injuring someone,” Jiang Shaoyu said softly. “If you don’t know how to play basketball then don’t play it blindly. Sooner or later, someone will happen if you are noisy. I will take you to sign up for a basketball class on the weekend. Learn well.”

Pei Feng smiled and carried his son over. “Let’s go to the basketball class.”

His youngest son wanted to cry but had no tears. On the way to register for the class, he couldn’t help saying, “Can’t you help say a word for me?”

Pei Feng raised an eyebrow. “Of course, I am united with your father. Why should I help speak for you?”

That day, the children finally realized that the real boss of the family was Dad Jiang.

As long as Jiang Shaoyu was angry, Pei Feng would side with Jiang Shaoyu without any reason. His sister would also listen to his dad without thinking…

Thus, he would inevitably face a 1v3 dilemma. What should he do?

Of course, listen to Jiang Shaoyu’s words!

Thus, their naughty son suddenly learned to be obedient. He did whatever Jiang Shaoyu asked him to do. He ran around all day long to please Jiang Shaoyu.

The little guy’s pair of black and shiny eyes were like those of a puppy. It was just like Pei Feng back then. Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t help feeling soft when he looked at those eyes. He might be very strict with his children, but he was also principled. Of course, his son should be criticized and educated when doing bad things. His son should also be encouraged if he did good things.

Since the two children did well in the midterm exams, Jiang Shaoyu rewarded them with going to the amusement park.

He had never been to an amusement park since he was a child. He hated lively places with huge crowds of people, and even hated scary rides like roller coasters. They were traveling with children this time, Pei Feng thoughtfully arranged the itinerary. The two children had a great time, and Jiang Shaoyu was also in a happy mood.

Xiao Pei was always so caring. The itinerary didn’t make them tired at all. They could also play the key rides that the children had in mind.

As he sat on the Ferris Wheel and watched the fireworks show at night, Jiang Shaoyu suddenly felt very happy when he saw the children in front of him who looked very similar to them.

It wasn’t a bad thing to be lively. It depended on who was around them.

The children grew up, and the differentiation period that Jiang Shaoyu was most worried about was approaching. His daughter had been very calm since she was a child and had strong opinions in whatever she did. This made him feel very worry-free as a father. His son might be naughty but he had grown into a bright and lively handsome boy.

He was very worried about his two children differentiating into omegas. What if they inherited his pheromones disorder?

This fear persisted until the children were 16 years old.

Xiao Yu and Xiao Feng differentiated in the winter holidays. It was probably because they were twins, but the timing was very close.

Pei Nianyu was a great beauty since childhood and she differentiated into an omega. Jiang Nianfeng, who had been naughty since he was a child and active when he grew up, differentiated into an alpha. Their personalities and secondary gender took after their two fathers.

Fortunately, their daughter didn’t have a pheromone disorder or Jiang Shaoyu would’ve died of distress.

As for the mischievous alpha son, under the discipline of Jiang Shaoyu, he had become more obedient in recent years. He served as the president of the student union at school and organized various activities. He heard that many people regarded Jiang Nianfeng as their male god and were attracted by his sunny and cheerful nature. They secretly gave him love letters.

Jiang Shaoyu thought, ‘Pei Feng should’ve been this popular when he was in school, right?’

However, Pei Feng took the path of e-sports. He went to become an apprentice at a young age and was taken to the arena to be beaten by Jiang Shaoyu every day. He had no chance to be in a relationship early.

They had two children. The older sister wasn’t interested in e-sports. She had a cold personality and preferred music and dancing. She eventually got admitted to the best dance school in the city. There were countless suitors of the aloof beauty who was good at dancing, but she gave her two fathers a headache. On the other hand, her younger brother had been very good at playing games since he was a child. It was just that in the past few years, keyboard e-sports had gradually declined. A new holographic game started the global public testing. It was said that his son ran to form a guild in the holographic game.

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t interfere too much with their choice.

He only gave his children their genes, life, and the best education. As for the life path of the children, let them decide for themselves.

The two of them had been married for over ten years and had always been in love.

In the summer of this year, after the college entrance examination, the siblings were thrown to their grandparents’ house in Xing City. Pei Feng and Jiang Shaoyu took the time to travel together.

They came back to the same island where they had their honeymoon.

Seeing the familiar yacht in front of them, Pei Feng smiled and said, “Do you remember? It was on this yacht that we conceived the children.”

Jiang Shaoyu’s ears were red. “Of course, I remember.”

It was a newlywed mark he would never forget.

Pei Feng took Jiang Shaoyu’s hand. He came to the beach and said softly, “We have been married for 18 years.”

Jiang Shaoyu saw the sunset on the horizon and felt very emotional in his heart.

He and Pei Feng had never argued over the years. It was said that it was normal for married couples to have friction, but they couldn’t argue at all. Every time Jiang Shaoyu got angry, Pei Feng would immediately relent and take the initiative to coax him to lighten the atmosphere. Then Jiang Shaoyu’s anger would dissipate. Pei Feng had a good temper and never lost his temper in front of Jiang Shaoyu and the children. Maybe he would have uncomfortable moments, but he would adjust on his own.

He promised his old friends at the wedding that he was Jiang Shaoyu’s number one fan.

He wouldn’t let Jiang Shaoyu suffer the slightest grievances.

It was such a warm person who accompanied Jiang Shaoyu through more than ten years of a happy life.

Every time Jiang Shaoyu thought of the story of how the two of them met, his heart felt like it was filled by a warm current. He gently held Pei Feng’s hand and whispered, “You will still be with me in the next 18 years, right?”

Pei Feng looked at him with a smile. “Of course. I said I would accompany you for the rest of my life.”

Jiang Shaoyu’s heart throbbed. He took the initiative to stand on tiptoe and kiss Pei Feng gently.

Xiao Pei said he was very lucky to meet his master.

In fact, Jiang Shaoyu was also lucky to meet Pei Feng.

Over the long years, there was a person who always put him in the most important position of his heart… This was actually very rare.

Pei Feng was the best gift God had given him.

They would surely be on the same boat through thick and thin, side by side. They would rely on each other and grow old together.

-【 The End 】-


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