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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 119


The days of training went by very quickly. Every afternoon, they practiced the four types of positioning, shooting, reaction and the map. Then they played a team practice match in the evening and there was a review after the match. It was usually 11 o’clock by the end of the review. Then after returning to the dormitory, many night owls couldn’t sleep and went to play the rankings by themselves.

Mo Hantian and Shi Xiaobin had entered the top 100 of the Korean server. Hua Ran and Shu Chen had recently been teaming up to play on the Korean server. With Shu Chen as his escort, Hua Ran could play at will. No matter where he died, Shu Chen could save him instantly.

Xia Li called Qin Xueyao to team up together. The two girls quickly became good sisters. Qin Xueyao scouted, opened the field of view and was responsible for commanding. Xia Li released a fast-paced and crazy output. Their win rate wasn’t bad.

The scouts of the major e-sports clubs in South Korea were very puzzled. Why were there so many strange masters appearing in the qualifying matches of the Korean server recently?

At the Seoul national team’s base, the female assistant coach reported to the head coach, Han Changho. “Coach Jan, recently, there have been many masters in the qualifying tournament. There are several pairs who often play together and their win rate is very high. I asked them privately if they were interested in playing professionally and they all rejected me.”

Coach Han touched his chin thoughtfully. “Is it the side account of some professional players?”

The female assistant coach said, “Their style isn’t very similar. Of course, it can’t be ruled out that they are deliberately disguising themselves and practicing their cooperation in private.”

Coach Han said with a smile, “The e-sports level of our Korean server is very high and many foreign players come here to play the rankings. The people you mentioned are likely to be from Europe or the United States. Leave them alone for now. There are many side accounts like this every year and it isn’t surprising.”

The assistant nodded. “Yes, the registration channel for the Asian Championship has been opened. Do you still want to send the youth team over this time?”

“Of course. The youth team can win casually when playing the Asian Championship.” Coach Han paused and ordered, “Let Jiwoo lead the team. After the Asian Championship, he can join the national team as the main force.”


The assistant coach soon informed the youth team’s captain, Jeong Jiwoo of the news.

The boy had dyed yellow hair, a row of stud earrings and was dressed very fashionably. After hearing the news, he blushed with excitement and said, “Thank you, Coach Han, for your trust. We will definitely win the championship!”

A teenager with his hair dyed granny gray whispered next to him, “Brother Jiwoo, after winning the Asian Championship, you must be able to enter the national team, right? There will be many clubs rushing to sign you.”

Jeong Jiwoo also felt that he had a great future and his eyes narrowed with a smile. “Don’t worry, your future development won’t be bad if you follow me to the Asian Championship.”

South Korea’s talent training was very complete. Newcomers could go to the national youth team for training or go to major clubs as youth trainees. After youth trainees made a name for themselves through some secondary competitions at home and abroad, there would be many big clubs rushing to sign them.

The Asian Championship was the best opportunity for the national youth training team to show themselves. With their strength, they would have no rivals in the Asian region. South Korea had won the Asian Championship for five full years. This year, they would definitely take back their sixth trophy and place it in the trophy showroom at the national team’s base.

Everyone was confident.

At this time, at the base of the Chinese Gun King’s national team, the players were also training intensively.

Over the past few days of training at the base, everyone was slowly improving.

Liu Shaozhou, Lao Lin, Ye Zi and Zhou Yiran were captains and had rich experience and first-class responses. Their speed of adapting to the training software was the fastest.

Since Pei Feng could play in every position, his overall view and tactical awareness were excellent. In addition to the shooting event where he had already passed level ten, he soon cleared the movement training after a few days.

The rest of the newcomers were slowly progressing through it.

Fortunately, everyone was very patient and wouldn’t be annoyed by doing the training software every day.

In the blink of an eye, the first 15 day training camp of the national team came to an end. Jiang Shaoyu gathered everyone and conducted a ‘final exam.’

The first round of this exam was level eight of all items.

For level eight of the movement training, the map was Rainy Night. On a dark rainy night, everyone had to avoid the bombardment of grenades rolling from everywhere as quickly as possible.

Jiang Shaoyu was happy to find that all the members passed this exam and their movements were very smooth. They passed with almost no hesitation, indicating that they were very familiar with this map.

The next test was level nine and half the people passed, including the two scouts Ye Zi and Xueyao.

Only Pei Feng passed level ten.

In the shooting event, the moving target of level eight was at eight times the speed. Qin Xueyao only missed three while all the others passed. Compared to the last exam where Qin Xueyao missed more than half, the special training during this period obviously had an effect. She had worked very hard and made rapid progress. Jiang Shaoyu didn’t criticize this serious and diligent female beta.

For level ten, in addition to Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou, who had full scores, Mo Hantian, Zhou Yiran and Xia Li actually passed! These three were all players with very accurate marksmanship and extremely fast reaction speed. After more than ten days of training, they had adapted to the rhythm of rapid shooting and passed level 10 of the shooting item with difficulty.

In other words, the marksmanship accuracy of three snipers and two assaulters, the main output positions, had been trained to the high standard required by Jiang Shaoyu.

This surprised Jiang Shaoyu.

The two items of positioning and shooting were relatively simple. The latter two were more difficult to pass.

For reaction speed, they were surrounded by five intelligent AIs and not only did they have to kill the opponent, but they had to move, evade and analyze who to kill first and who to kill later. This tested the comprehensive quality of a player when facing a disadvantage. At present, Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou had the fastest progress but they were stuck at level nine. Everyone else was stuck at level eight.

For the map practice, Xia Li was a road idiot and she was the only one who didn’t pass level eight. Everyone else passed level eight.

After the exam, everyone thought the coach was going to scold them again but Jiang Shaoyu didn’t scold them this time. He said, “It’s okay. Everyone has improved.”

He looked at everyone. “My request isn’t for you to pass all the levels immediately, but to compare yourself with your previous results. If there is progress then it isn’t in vain. Over time, the solid foundation cultivated by this will eventually be reflected in the arena.”

The players nodded in agreement.

The short first training camp was coming to an end. When they were scolded by the coach at the beginning, many people were thinking, ‘Why did I come to the national team to be abused?’ and even had the idea of giving up.

Yet now that they were about to disperse, everyone was suddenly reluctant to leave. They also felt quite nostalgic for the time when Coach Jiang seriously criticized them?

They were used to being scolded and their skin had become thicker.

Jiang Shaoyu continued saying, “The end of the training camp doesn’t mean that your training is over. Qin Bo will give you a copy of the single-machine version of the national team’s training software. After returning to your team, you will continue to spend two hours a day on the daily training. The single-machine version can’t be connected to the Internet and I can’t supervise you. You have to consciously complete it. If you fail the next training camp’s exam, you will write ten self-criticisms for me, do you understand?”

The group shouted, “We got it!”

Ten self-criticisms were too terrible!

So they had to practice carefully when the coach couldn’t supervise.

During this time, they had been struggling with the training software every day. If the software suddenly disappeared, everyone would feel empty? It was good to bring a copy back to be able to continue to practice.

After the exam, Jiang Shaoyu took everyone to eat in the cafeteria.

The players would return to their teams tomorrow to prepare for the playoffs. The chef of the cafeteria had made many dishes to see everyone off, including braised fish, sweet and sour ribs, spicy chicken wings, etc. It was all very rich.

Several players took the initiative to help put the four tables together to make a large table that could accommodate over a dozen people. Everyone sat around it and had a farewell meal. Then Jiang Shaoyu told them, “Do your own things after eating. I won’t talk about sending you off. In any case, you will come again.”

Everyone: “……”

They were looking forward to coming again?

Jiang Shaoyu looked at everyone. “In the national team, you are teammates but in the domestic league, you are rivals. Don’t be polite to each other. Give it your all and don’t disappoint the club and the fans. I’ll be sure to go and watch the playoffs.”

Everyone said, “Understood!”

”I’ll play well!”

The playoffs of the A-grade League were divided into two rounds. Half the teams would be eliminated in the first round and the final four would advance to the final matchup in the second round. Qin Xueyao was a player of the secondary league and didn’t have to participate in the playoffs. However, she had to wait for the end of the A-grade League to play the promotion and relegation match. Their Snow Leopard team had won first place in the B-grade League.

Starting tomorrow, Shu Chen, Shi Xiaobin, Pei Feng, Hua Ran and Qin Xueyao could continue to stay in the national team while everyone else would return to their own team.

After eating, Jiang Shaoyu led everyone downstairs to the dormitory.

Yu Mingxiang walked over pushing a small cart and she smiled gently at them. “I will tell everyone the good news. The new national team uniform has been prepared. Everyone, line up to receive it!”

Everyone quickly lined up. Pei Feng took the lead and they each received two sets of the team uniform.

This year’s team uniform was selected through everyone’s votes. It was a simple red and white color with the national flag printed on the chest and their names on the back.

PEi Feng’s CHN-Fred, Liu Shaozhou’s CHN-Shadow, Qin Xueyao’s CHN-Snow, Xia Li’s CHN-Summer, Hua Ran’s CHN-Flower, Ye Qingming’s CHN-Leaf, Mo Hantian’s CHN-Devil, Shi Xiaobin’s CHN-Time, etc.

Even the youth trainee Gui Siyang got his own uniform with CHN-XiaoGui written on the back.

Their player IDs registered with the professional league were preceded with the country abbreviation of ‘CHN.’

The moment they wore this uniform, it represented the national team.

The players looked at the brand new team uniform and were extremely excited. especially Xiao Gui. His eyes were red. He might not be selected for this national team but he was the captain of the youth team. He could also wear the team uniform!

Jiang Shaoyu saw everyone’s excited expressions and said, “Go to your dormitory to change and take a group photo.”

Everyone rushed upstairs, each one more positive than the other.

Some people even washed their faces and combed their hair in front of the mirror to make themselves look good.

Soon, everyone came downstairs and stood wearing their team uniform. They finally looked like a team.

Pei Feng’s eyes lit up when he saw his master put on the team uniform. Jiang Shaoyu’s skin was fair and he looked really good in white. The simple sportswear inexplicably looked more advanced on him and his back had the words CHN-Wing written on it.

The ID of Wing had finally reappeared. He might be a coach but he was definitely the biggest boss in the world arena.

Pei Feng walked up to his master and said with a smile, “Master, you stand in the middle.”

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t hesitate and stood in the middle. The others stood beside him.

Pei Feng quietly stood next to his master.

Yu Mingxiang picked up the camera and said, “Come on, I’ll take photos of everyone. Relax, everyone… Xiao Mo, why do you look like you are about to cry?”

Everyone couldn’t help laughing.

Mo Hantian blushed and he replied in an embarrassed manner, “I-I’m too excited.”

Yu Mingxiang smiled. “Come, get ready. One, two, three!”

She took several photos in a row. She picked out the most satisfactory one, edited it and posted it in the group chat of the national team.

Jiang Shaoyu gave a reminder. “Keep this group photo to yourself and don’t post it on Weibo yet. Once the World Series officially starts and after reaching the competition country, there will be a group photo of all members for promotion. At that time, the coaching staff and tactical consultants will also go abroad with the team.”

The players nodded in agreement.

Everyone gathered to look at the photo. Pei Feng enlarged the photo and looked at himself and his master standing side by side. He thought for a moment before suddenly pulling Jiang Shaoyu over. “Master, can we take a photo alone?”’

Jiang Shaoyu was stunned but before he could react, he was dragged by Pei Feng to the front of the dormitory building.

Pei Feng smiled. “Sister Yu, thank you! Please take another photo of us.”

Yu Mingxiang raised the camera and took another photo of them.

In the photo, Pei Feng had an extremely bright smile while Jiang Shaoyu had a serious expression as a ‘statue tool man.’ Pei Feng couldn’t help smiling as he saved the photo. “Master’s expression hasn’t changed at all.”

It was just as stiff as five years ago.

Jiang Shaoyu coughed lightly and said, “I can’t smile in front of the camera.”

Mo Hantian secretly glanced at Jiang Shaoyu. He also really wanted to take a photo with his idol but he wasn’t as bold as Pei Feng. He was too embarrassed to speak…

Seeing Xiao Mo secretly looking at him, Jiang Shaoyu turned around and asked, “Is there anyone else who wants to take a photo?”

Xia Li immediately rushed over. “Me me me! I want to take a photo with Coach Jiang!” Then she actively stood next to Coach Jiang and made a scissorhands. Jiang Shaoyu took a photo with the Third Baby in an expressionless manner.

Following this, Qin Xueyao came over while smiling shyly. “Can I take a photo with you?”

Jiang Shaoyu replied, “Yes.”

The coach of the national team wore the team uniform and became a ‘photo tool man’ for the players.

Even Mo Hantian managed to come over with a red face and took a photo with his idol.

Everyone rushed to take photos with the coach and it was like a fan meeting scene.

After taking the photos, Jiang Shaoyu smiled slightly as he looked at everyone. “Once you go back and feel like you don’t want to train, just take out this photo and take a look. Imagine the coach standing behind you, staring at you.”

Everyone: “……?”

F*k, this was a bit scary, right?

It turned out that Coach Jiang had this intention behind taking a group photo with everyone.

The coach is by your side.

You must not be lazy when training.


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