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DCBS: Chapter 34

The gymnasium wasn’t very big. As an ordinary high school, the locker room wasn’t as formal as professional competitions. It could be roughly divided into two areas, one of which was dedicated to today’s away team to use.

Pei Qingyuan and his teammates walked into the clothing area reserved for the 2nd High School. The atmosphere was slightly serious. They were afraid that the opponent next door would hear them, so they couldn’t communicate the tactics to be used on the court. They silently changed clothes, adjusted their mentality and occasionally chatted with a few words.

In the tense atmosphere, Pei Qingyuan suddenly remembered something.

He turned to look at the watch he had just taken off and placed next to him. He saw a bright yellow light flashing on the dial.

Noticing his gaze moving over, the little robot watching with relish immediately looked up at the ceiling seriously.

Pei Qingyuan: “……”

Sure enough.

He almost forgot that this was a smart watch that praised and celebrated human health.

Seeing the host frown slightly, before he could speak, Ji Tong didn’t hesitate to say, “The host is really handsome today! The most handsome human I have ever seen!”

A healthy body could also include the face.

Under his enthusiastic attack of exaggerated praise, Pei Qingyuan couldn’t speak.

Next to him, Fu Chengze’s shirt was halfway removed. He saw Pei Qingyuan staring at his watch in a daze and approached curiously. “Brother Pei, what are you doing? Did Xiao Mei find some dangerous elements?”

Unexpectedly, Pei Qingyuan turned around very decisively, not giving him a chance to see Xiao Mei at all. He said very coldly, “Pay attention to your image.”

Fu Chengze looked down at his rather beautiful abs and couldn’t understand anything.

What image?

He was confused for a while and a thousand words could only be turned into one sentence, “So stingy. You won’t even let me look at Xiao Mei.”

Pei Qingyuan was unmoved while the robot Xiao Mei showed a smiling face that only the host could see.

“Number 7.” Ji Tong looked at the jersey that Pei Qingyuan just changed into with satisfaction. “This is the host’s day and you will definitely win.”

“Yes.” Pei Qingyuan responded. He held the watch in his palm and walked out of the dressing room with his teammates.

The moment he walked out, he met the team that was preparing to enter.

After a short silence, the No 13 player who took the lead laughed first.

“Long time no see.” He looked at his old rival Fu Chengze and his smile was full of subtle contempt. “Don’t rush away after the match. I will treat you to a meal. Even if you lose, you still have to eat.”

The straightforward trash talk immediately made the atmosphere between the two teams subtle. The team members who didn’t participate in last year’s match stood behind No 13 and wanted to talk, but stopped. They didn’t agree with the captain’s performance at this moment but they couldn’t say anything directly to stop it.

Fu Chengze’s anger instantly flared up. The members of the 2nd High School next to him quickly reached out to stop him, in case a conflict broke out before the match.

Seeing the anger on the faces of the members of the 2nd High School, No 13 looked proud. He looked around and ridiculed them. “There are many new faces? Were the ones from before scared? It is a pity. I miss them.”

Last year, the controversy of the unresolved foul and the player’s injury meant there was a lot of conflict between the teams of the two schools. One person of the 2nd High School was injured and although the people from the 1st High School, they were still lectured by the teachers of their school. This led to dissatisfaction on both sides and the grievances between the players became deeper.

No 13 pretended to be concerned. “By the way, who was that—I forgot. It has been a year. He should’ve healed from his injury, right? There is nothing wrong with him, right?”

Under this provocation, forget Fu Chengze. Even the members of the 2nd High School who never experienced that match couldn’t bear it and fire appeared in their eyes.

No 13 deliberately groaned and stepped back. “Why are you so fierce? Which sentence was wrong?”

He wanted to say something else when he heard a cold voice.


Pei Qingyuan passed him expressionlessly and didn’t give him an extra look. He just flatly instructed his companions behind him, “Let’s go.”

Fu Chengze and the others gritted their teeth and followed directly, ignoring the provocation.

No 13 reacted belatedly. He took a quick step forward and said viciously, “Who are you talking about?”

However, there was only a mechanical voice floating from the other side, repeated in an accented tone, “Why are you so fierce? Which sentence is wrong?”

The voice was so fierce that the team members behind No 13 with different emotions almost forgot their positions. They wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to laugh.

No 13 threw out a series of dirty words and they had to persuade him. “Captain, it is all last year’s business. Don’t think about it.”

“Captain, don’t swear. If the coach hears then we will be criticized again…”

After leaving the locker room, Ji Tong already marked this annoying captain as a dangerous object in his database. Then he heard the host say, “I shouldn’t be able to do the task today.”

This mentally disabled captain was present and it wasn’t suitable for making friends.

The little robot nodded and was about to say that there was no hurry, when Pei Qingyuan said again, “Then come and cheer for us.”

The players of both teams gathered on the sidelines. The coaches emphasized the tactical arrangement of the first half to the players again. Pei Qingyuan carefully wiped the dust attached to the dial and handed over the watch that was about to lose its soul to his teammates on the bench to help watch it.

“I’ll win,” he declared.

Five minutes later, before the game officially started, Pei Qingyuan told someone from the 2nd High School to go out and pick up a kid in a mini uniform.

Some juniors of the basketball team who didn’t have the qualifications to play on the court came to cheer for their seniors today. One led Ji Tong to the audience and sat him down in the row with boys with short hair cuts.

Ji Tong wore the exact same uniform as the 2nd High School’s basketball team. It was orange-yellow with a big number 7 on his chest. He sat down, raised his little hands high and greeted the big brothers on the court.

A boy with short hair looked at his clothes curiously. “This child’s clothing is so exquisite. No 7 is the same as Senior, right?”

“Yes,” Ji Tong answered him cheerfully. “That is my brother!”

Then he put his hands in front of his round face and yelled loudly, “Brother—Brother—Jia—you!”

In the midst of the noise, Pei Qingyuan clearly heard the familiar child’s voice and looked over like he was smiling.

Once the whistle sounded, his expression immediately became serious and he devoted himself fully to the game.

In the first half, the 1st High School adopted a three-person double-team tactic to deal with the veteran player Fu Chengze. It wasn’t known if it was because he had the strongest performance on the court last year or out of a personal grudge.

They didn’t know about Pei Qingyuan, who had just joined the 2nd High School basketball team and had never participated in external competitions. Therefore, they only made normal defensive arrangements.

So only half a minute into the game, before the match even heated up, Pei Qingyuan took the lead in grabbing a rebound.

The moment the ball entered the frame, the child in the audience wearing the uniform immediately stood up and cheered. The eye-catching image immediately attracted the attention of many spectators.

“What a cute child!”

“That basketball uniform is so interesting. I didn’t expect someone to do this…”

The atmosphere in the gym intensified. Ji Tong, who was particularly eye-catching in the first row, didn’t know basketball very well. However, he obviously saw the defensive focus shift from Fu Chengze to the house. Even so, the host could still find opportunities to attack. The cooperation with Fu Chengze and the others was quite smooth.

On the opposing team, Pei Qingyuan’s offensive made them lose their positions and the tactics they arranged in the beginning were completely ineffective. The face of No 13 became more and more stinky and he gradually became impetuous.

Every time the 2nd High School scored a goal, Ji Tong would stand up happily and cheer. Once the 1st High School scored a goal, he sat upright and didn’t move. The contrast was particularly strong.

This happened many times and some spectators didn’t only watch the game. They also looked at this little fan who reacted in a very interesting manner.

After all, it was a one-sided situation on the field right now. Rather than watch their team playing in such a bad manner, it was better to watch some pleasant scenes.

Under the influence of Ji Tong, who was fully committed, some people followed him to applaud the 2nd High School playing an away match.

Who made the performance of the 1st High School so stinky today? On the side of the 2nd High School, not only did they cooperate with tacit understanding but under the actions of the most eye-catching No 7, almost everyone had a highlight moment. The more they played, the more exciting it was and it was very enjoyable.

In the second half, during the break, the coaches gave lectures again. Ji Tong keenly noticed the changes in No 13 and immediately reminded the host to be more guarded.

During the most intense fourth quarter of the match, the point difference between the two teams was already so great that there was almost no possibility of a reversal. When the team members were discouraged, dirty actions also appeared.

Since they were doomed to lose, they couldn’t let the people of the 2nd High School have a good time.

No 13 deliberately approached No 7, who was in full swing, and was ready to pull hard when No 7 was about to take a jump shot.

However, No 7 quickly avoided it.

The soles of his shoes rubbed violently against the ground. There was a loud noise as he shook No 13 off with fake moves. He raised his hand to dunk and deliberately swiped No 13’s hand.

The basketball fell steadily into the frame while No 13 committed a foul.

Under No 13’s unwilling gaze, No 7 got a free throw opportunity.

He wasn’t affected by outsiders at all. From lowering his body’s center of gravity, to shooting and the follow up movement—it was a beautiful and impeccable shot.

Enthusiastic cheers broke out in the venue.

It was a perfect 2+1.

The final whistle sounded and the score was finally frozen at 108:62.

It was an ending without suspense.

There was joy among the 2nd High School but an embarrassing silence among the 1st High School basketball team.

Filled with anger, No 13 cursed unscrupulously until the coach couldn’t stand it and severely stopped him. The other teammates who lost didn’t have the mentality to understand this irritable and narrow-minded captain. They looked at the other side silently. The 2nd High School team members were celebrating excitedly around a child wearing a basketball uniform.

They were watching when a person became surprised and bumped into the shoulder of the person next to him. “What is your father doing over there at the 2nd High School?”

During the game, Xiao Jianping was still thinking about the AI while recording the video for his wife. Once the game finished, he couldn’t contain the curiosity in his heart. He stuffed the camera in his hand to his colleague and quickly walked toward the members of the 2nd High School.

“Excuse me, I heard it this morning—” Xiao Jianping tried to organize his wording. “Sorry, I didn’t eavesdrop intentionally but do you have a smart product here?”


Coach Xu, Fu Chengze and the others stared blankly at this excited looking middle-aged man.

Only Pei Qingyuan and Ji Tong looked at each other and realized something.

The child, who was still in high spirits, immediately lowered his head and casually admired the cute uniform on his body. He tried to reduce his sense of existence.

In the distance, Xiao Xinchen stared blankly at his father who had gone in the wrong direction.

His teammate poked his arm again in a puzzled manner. “He looks excited. Didn’t we lose?”

Xiao Xinchen paused for a moment and said carefully, “He shouldn’t have mistaken the person. My father is stupid but it isn’t to this extent…”

He looked uncertain as he spoke. He carefully examined the eye-catching figure of Pei Qingyuan in the distance and couldn’t help asking his teammates, “Do I look like the opposite No 7?”

His teammates: “……?”


  1. M&M's says:

    Ji Tong has done it again—grabbing the attention and hearts of those around him, even if it’s the opposing side, lol. I just feel sorry for Xiao Jianping’s son because his father doesn’t come to console his loss in the game, but rather to inquire about the AI he heard before the game!

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

  2. Alcott says:

    Aiyo such good health and fitness *shy* Fu Chengze-gege let’s go! XD good job everyone! And dayumm what sharp ears does this research have ah

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