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DCBS: Chapter 33 Part 2

In the end, Pei Qingyuan calmly agreed and continued to help Lin Zihai with the questions. However, the strange image of the study committee member changing his ways and hatching chickens inexplicably lingered in his mind.

The classmates curiously talking next to them heard these words and were quiet for a moment. Then they seemed infected by the frankness and fighting spirit. Some of the people chatting just now consciously stopped talking.

The class monitor was 1st in the grade while the study committee member was 10th in the grade. Not only did they win glory for the class in the monthly examination but they also raised the average score of the class as a whole, obtaining a good ranking that had never happened before. This made the teachers impressed with the third class in the past two days and the teachers even praised their class when giving lectures.

They usually felt that the exam results were just a matter for themselves. If they wanted to learn then they would learn. If they didn’t want to learn then don’t learn. Then after these two days, they found that it would be really cool if they could be like the class monitor and single-handedly raise the ranking of the entire class, leaving the second place far behind.

When everyone looked at the class monitor now, they just wished that they could be as powerful.

There was no jealousy. There was just pure envy due to the honor.

Most people didn’t have the courage to frankly admit their mistakes like Lin Zihai. There was just a burst of apology in their hearts as they silently opened the exercise book.

The class monitor and study committee member with such good grades were continuing to work hard. How dare they slack off?

Don’t wait until the first in the year was in their class while everyone else’s grades were still a mess.

It would be too shameful.

When staying in their comfort zone, they felt that the teacher’s praise belonged to the top students and had nothing to do with them. But after experiencing the dazzling aura brought about by the study god, they realized they enjoyed this feeling very much. No one wanted to be the one to drag the class back.

When Zhou Fang walked into the classroom with the lesson plan in her arms, she unexpectedly found that the learning atmosphere of the class today was extremely strong. Most people were reading books and answering questions with their heads down, which made her feel a bit flattered.

She looked around the classroom with relief. Then once her eyes fell on Pei Qingyuan, she showed a bright smile and quietly gave him a thumbs up.

Pei Qingyuan keenly understood the meaning of the head teacher.

Chengde had agreed.

Amidst Ji Tong’s cheers of ‘Wear a suit! Look at the peacocks!’, he shifted his gaze out the window. There were no more disgusting moths at the security booth of the school gate in the distance. There were only serious and responsible security guards patrolling the campus, stepping on the crisp fallen leaves.

This autumn was a brilliant, golden yellow.

The cultural exchange week was arranged for the end of the month. Before that, apart from his usual classes and weekend part-time job, Pei Qingyuan had one more thing to do.

The city-level basketball league had begun.

On Saturday morning, before Coach Xu’s call could come, Pei Qingyuan had already woken up early. He prepared three breakfasts, two toast and fried eggs that belonged to him and Ji Tong and cat food for Hua Hua.

At Ji Tong’s request, breakfast was eaten on the large open balcony. In the warm morning sun, one person and one cat finished breakfast comfortably.

The short little friend led the snow-white cat wagging his tail and waved goodbye to him.

“Goodbye, Ruan Ruan. Jiayou for the game!”

“Meow meow meow!”

Pei Qingyuan responded. He closed the door of this very ceremonial scene and left with his bag on his back.

The moment he went out, the originally dark watch on his wrist lit up.

“The navigation target is the 1st High School. The best route is being planned for you. There are still 4.7 kilometers to the destination…”

Ji Tong kept his promise. From the moment he left the house, he started to seriously play Xiao Mei.

He must not be a stumbling block on the way for the host to do the main task and make friends.

Today’s match was at the 1st High School. As Coach Xu wished, when the group stage was drawn, they really picked the 1st High School that narrowly beat them last year. The first match in Group A was the match between the 1st High School and 2nd High School and the venue for the match was the gymnasium of the 1st High School.

Half of the team members at that time were now in their third year of high school and wouldn’t participate this year. The remaining team members were either high school freshmen or sophomores, or those like Fu Chengze who wanted to rely on his sports talent to make it into college. Pei Qingyuan was one of the exceptions.

Half of the team members might’ve changed but the fighting spirit aroused when facing the 1st High School hadn’t changed at all. After the group of people met on campus, they looked at the passing 1st High School basketball team members with raging fighting spirit.

Coach Xu was serious today. He had an intimidating aura as he led the group of players into the gymnasium.

There were more spectators gathering. They were students of the school and some parents of the students. Seeing so many unfamiliar faces, there was a lot of pressure on the away team.

The players chatted quietly to relieve their tension. As a veteran player who had been part of the basketball team for three years, the current captain Fu Chengze was still angry when he spoke. “At that time, if they hadn’t fouled and the referee hadn’t judged against us, it would’ve been us who had won…”

“A teammate was injured during that match. After going back, he had to recuperate for a long time. Fortunately, there were no side effects but we couldn’t hold them accountable. I was really angry.”

Ji Tong, who was forced to be silent for a long time, suddenly found his place to act. He comforted them in a mechanical tone. “Xiao Mei has a video recording function and can prevent similar situations from happening again.”

Fu Chengze sighed. “There are cameras in the venue. If the appeal after the match is unsuccessful then it is useless.”

“Xiao Mei’s functions are more powerful.” The mechanical tone rose slightly.

Pei Qingyuan immediately remembered the 360 degree surround display, the smug expression of Lin Zihai, which was extremely clear, and the background music that sounded particularly sad.

…He wanted to forget it.

“For example?” Fu Chengze and the rest of the team became curious.

Ji Tong started to talk nonsense seriously. “For example, the intelligent lock tracking function for dynamic faces. Xiao Mei can recognize some distinctive facial expressions and body postures, mark them as dangerous and continue to track and record the objects. At the same time, Xiao Mei will analyze and compare a large amount of similar data stored in the database, predicting possible dangers and giving timely reminders.”

The translation was that he would never let go of any opponent who made intentional fouls. He could give advance warning and stop it.

After all, the host was still on the field and he needed to ensure the safety of the host.

In any case, he was a powerful system and could carry out a multi-threaded analysis while focusing on the situation on the basketball court.

Under the shocked eyes of Fu Chengze and the others, Ji Tong became more and more excited. Pei Qingyuan was dumbfounded when he heard it, but let it go

For smart watches that were generally in the stages of dumb artificial intelligences on the market, these functions were obviously exaggerated to an outrageous degree.

However, it was enough to bluff high school students who were nervous. Ji Tong could say the above words that were pure fiction and his most powerful function was actually talking nonsense.

“Wow, it sounds awesome, like a secret agent.” Fu Chengze clicked his tongue. “Brother Pei, is it really impossible to buy this watch?”

Pei Qingyuan shook his head and the little robot on the dial also shook his head.

“You can’t buy it.” Ji Tong emphasized. “Xiao Mei is unique.”

“D*mn, I really want it.”

“I don’t want running shoes for my birthday this year. I am willing to use 5 centimeters of the captain’s height to buy Xiao Mei before I turn 20…”

“Get lost!”

After being interrupted by Ji Tong, the nervousness of the team members had faded away a lot. They inexplicably felt that there was a powerful artificial intelligence supporting them.

Before entering the rest area of the gymnasium, Coach Xu turned around, patted the players on the shoulders one by one and encouraged them. “I hope you can all give it your best, but remember that safety is the most important thing!”

Everyone immediately responded loudly in unison and even Xiao Mei secretly mingled in and shouted it.

Ji Tong quietly recorded this passage. At the very center of the picture was the host’s exceptionally bright eyes.

It was nice to be an energetic high school student.

A type of unadorned vigor filled the air. It might be a competition but the parents of the surrounding students couldn’t help laughing.

However, the reaction of one of them was a bit special.

A middle-aged man wearing square-framed glasses, who had a thin figure and bright eyes, stared at the place where the members of the 2nd High School had just been, his expression thoughtful.

“Did you hear that?” He asked his companions his own age, his tone full of incredulity.

“It is so noisy. What can I hear?” His companion took out his phone, glanced at the time and urged the other person. “It is time to enter the field. Old Xiao, where is your son? Has he already changed his clothes?”

“There are two matches today, right? Is there a team coming this afternoon? Do you want to watch that match? The laboratory is so busy. Do you want to rush back at noon?”

Xiao Jianping ignored the nagging of the impatient colleague next to him. He carefully recalled the words he just heard and was completely immersed in his own world.”

“The specific content wasn’t clear but I haven’t seen An AI with such great response speed and smoothness of voice interaction… No, I haven’t heard of any team that has made this type of breakthrough.”

His colleague rolled his eyes. He knew that Xiao Jianping’s occupational disease had occurred again. “Don’t think about it. You must’ve misheard. You took a child’s voice as an AI last time. The best talents are here. If you can’t do it, can others come up with something of this level? If you don’t leave and miss the highlights of your son, don’t blame me if you are scolded by your wife when you go back later.”

Hearing these words, Xiao Jianping woke up and had to follow his colleagues into the gymnasium. Still, he couldn’t help looking back at the open space just now from time to time. He was always looking at the place where the group of students had been gathered.

Seeing this, his colleague patted his head in a depressed manner, full of helplessness for this old friend who only had research and his wife in his heart. He forcibly turned Xiao Jianping’s head in the right direction.

“Hey, your son is from the 1st High School. Why are you always looking at the teams of other schools?!”


  1. M&M's says:

    I meant to comment about this in the previous chapter as well, but it’s good that Pei Qingyuan has a sense of responsibility as the head of household to take care of the needs of his family members. A sense of responsibility will give him a feeling of security in his surroundings as it shows that he’s needed and gives him a purpose in life when he was feeling lost and unsure of himself before due to the indifference of his former and biological family.

    On another note, Ji Tong best watch out (pardon the pun, lol) because Xiao Jianping is aware of his existence and is a bit too curious to find out the truth behind him. Hopefully nothing bad happens as a result!

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

  2. Alcott says:

    What are the odds for a researcher to find out about Tong Tong, I mean it’s not like he’s being low-key at all tho xD

  3. Ritsuka says:

    No!!! Don’t even think about kidnapping or hurting Tongtong!

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