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HMPS: Chapter 60

Extra 1: Acting Spoiled Daily Life (Being Coaxed)

In the early morning, Maple Leaf Road was sunny and bustling with people and cars.

The bottom stores on both sides of the street were gradually bustling. The ice cream store hadn’t opened yet and office workers were constantly coming and going from the coffee store next to it.

The young man with a bag on his back walked into the coffee store steadily. He faced the warm greeting of the employee and was about to habitually report the name of the coffee he often ordered, only to belatedly realize something.

He turned to look in the direction of the outdoor seats, but he didn’t see the familiar figure.

The boss who sat here drinking coffee every morning didn’t show up.

Xiao Huang’s voice froze for a moment as he was ordering. Then he slowly changed his words. “I’m sorry… no, coffee, just bread. I forgot that I don’t have to go to work today.”

He would come to buy breakfast and coffee every morning and the employee had long known him. The employee heard the words and joked, “Why come to the company if you don’t have to work?”

I’m going outside for two days for team building,” Xiao Huang replied honestly. “We are gathering at the company first and then taking the bus together later.”

The employee immediately sighed enviously. “It is really good. Team building on weekdays is actually team building.”

Xiao Huang thought so too.

Ever since the company changed bosses, the happiness index of the employees had skyrocketed.

In fact, the original President He was also good, but it was good within the normal range. It was mainly because he respected the labor laws and gave a good salary.

As for the boss himself, he was busy with many matters and didn’t come here often. He basically had no intersection with the ordinary employees and they didn’t have any impression of him.

Once this President He came, he changed the office building to a luxurious office building in the city center and the dishes of the company’s cafeteria also became more abundant. It was comparable to the buffet of a star rated hotel. There was no need to mention team building, annual meetings and other large-scale activities. Even on the birthdays of ordinary employees, HR would specially order an expensive cake and let everyone celebrate together.

President He didn’t like sweets but the person he loved liked sweets. So he often came over to eat cake together. In any case, the place where he worked was across the street.

All in all, the employees of Wanjia Media deeply understood who the source of the extraordinary benefits outside the labor laws that they enjoyed came from.

What love brain young master? This was obviously a love that touched the heavens and the earth!

So now when they saw President Chi, who they once thought was arrogant and willful, they no longer felt awe and alienation. They would send him greetings with the most sincere enthusiasm.

“Good morning President He, President Chi!”

“Isn’t President Chi wearing a suit today? That black suit was so handsome!”

“We are going out to play today. It is natural to dress more casually.”

Xiao Huang finished breakfast in the cafe and walked into the company, greeting everyone together. “Good morning, President He. Good morning, President Chi.”

Chi Xueyan came to the company with He Qiao today and was holding his phone. He responded to every greeting with a smile.

“Good morning, Teacher Xiao Huang.”

Once the circle of good mornings was over, he let go of his finger pressing the screen and a long voice message was sent.

Beside him, He Qiao noticed his small movements and couldn’t help laughing.

The screen of the phone showed the group chat of the family of three.

Once all the employees arrived, everyone went to the underground parking lot and took a bus to the holiday villa located in the next city.

Along the way, President Chi looked at his phone seriously like he was dealing with an important matter. Occasionally, he would take the initiative to hand the phone to President He to see and they would whisper together.

In the dull daily scenery, President Chi looked intently at the phone display while President He looked at his lover intently, pampering in his eyes.

Secretary Li sat in a nearby seat and felt that her teeth hurt from the sweetness when seeing this scene.

…This time, it was a real toothache.

After she arranged the team building session with her colleagues in the personnel department, her wisdom tooth suddenly became inflamed.

Fortunately, An An helped her make an appointment with a dentist who treated adult clients at the clinic. After taking the film, the tooth was extracted decisively. Unfortunately, the time was too short and the wound still hadn’t fully healed. There would be a dull pain from time to time.

It would affect her eating but it wouldn’t affect her from eating sugar.

She broadcasted the situation to An An, who was relaxing at the front desk of the clinic, passionately discussing the whispers she couldn’t hear.

[Zhai Anan: Every time Dr Chi asks for leave to go out to play, the process makes people so sour.]

[Li Feifei: However, I think they are discussing work matters. President Chi’s expression is a bit serious.]

[Zhai Anan: In the clinic, it is the gentle Dr Chi. After leaving the clinic, it is the serious President Chi. So fragrant!]

However, in fact, the serious Chi Xueyan was doing something very childish.

He sent the voice recording of everyone calling him President Chi to the family group chat to show off to the other real President Chi.

Chi Zhongyuan, who used to be very active at this time, didn’t reply today. Therefore, he deliberately used @ to remind the other person.

[Shahryar: Did you hear that? I’m also President Chi @President Chi]

Chi Zhongyuan couldn’t pretend that he didn’t see it. The reply was late and he talked around this topic.

[President Chi: It is time for a meeting. I’m busy.]

Chi Xueyan immediately seized the opportunity to issue a killer sentence.

[Shahryar: I don’t have a meeting. I’m on my way to a team building event.]

[President Chi: ……]

Old Chi was dying.

[President Chi: I will take a break after the meeting. The company isn’t busy today and I am going to play golf in the afternoon.]

[Shahryar: But I don’t have to be busy in the company every day and I can still be President Chi.]

[Shahryar: Haha.]

Feng Shui took turns. Finally, there was a day when he sent ‘haha’ to Old Chi.

He finished sending the message and told the person beside him in a positive tone, “I finally got revenge.”

He Qiao couldn’t help asking, “What revenge?”

“Previously when I moved out, he laughed at me for not being able to eat the dishes cooked by Aunt Ling. He used ‘haha’ to attack me.”

Chi Xueyan explained the whole story seriously, as if he was talking about a big event.

He Qiao was forced to hide the thoughts in his heart. He looked at his lover arguing with his father and nodded in agreement. “Yes, you finally got revenge.”

In the new messages that kept popping up, Han Zhenzhen spoke out for him.

[Chairman Han: Why are there so many new messages? What are you talking about? I’ll take a look.]

[Chairman Han: …Why are the two of you so childish?]

[President Chi: He is the one who is childish.]

[Shahryar: You were childish first.]

He Qiao found it hard to say who was more childish.

All in all, he thought it was cute.

It was especially so when Chi Xueyan’s childish revenge, especially aimed at those close to him, ended up falling on He Qiao.

The process of the team building this time was very free. The main purpose was to relax, play and get closer to their colleagues.

The company had booked two holiday villas with beautiful scenery. All types of entertainment facilities were available, they could play cards, basketball or console games. They could also cook and eat by themselves.

The colleagues who cooked would have a harder time, so there would be a voting session after the meal. Everyone would vote for the dish they liked the most and those with the top votes would win additional prizes.

In order to increase the fun of the cooking event, the personnel decided not to let everyone sign up for the cooking by themselves but to use a random draw.

If they drew a colleague who wasn’t very good at cooking, it was fine to make a simple cold dish or green vegetable soup.

In any case, the food of the company’s cafeteria was delicious and everyone was almost tired of eating good things. It was better to find some excitement.

President He and President Chi, who didn’t have any airs, also participated in the draw and were lucky enough to both be drawn.

President He’s father started his business as a snack bar and everyone had heard that President He usually cooked for President Chi at home. They had secretly been curious for a long time.

Today, they could finally taste the craftsmanship of the boss.

It must be a big dish!

At everyone’s suggestions, He Qiao finally chose to make a double pepper rabbit.

Chicken, duck and fish were too common and he had cooked them in many ways for Chi Xueyan. He didn’t want to repeat it.

Rabbit meat didn’t often appear on their table. He had only made the braised flavor for Chi Xueyan before. He thought that he could use this opportunity to practice.

As a result, Chi Xueyan’s expression was a bit subtle after hearing the dish he was going to make.

He Qiao was surrounded by other employees and didn’t notice it. He just asked, “Do you want to make the double pepper rabbit with me?”

Chi Xueyan had also been drawn but he was too lazy to cook. If he was paired with He Qiao, who knew his temper well, he could stay in the kitchen and slack off.

However, he rejected the suggestion. “No, I’m going to cook by myself.”

The employees immediately felt double happiness.

“President Chi, what are you going to make? Is it also a hard dish?”

Chi Xueyan shook his head. “You will know when the time comes.”

There were several kitchens in the villa. As He Qiao was making double pepper rabbits alone in the kitchen on the first floor, he couldn’t help thinking that Chi Xueyan pronounced the word ‘cook’ very hard.

…It was like he was a bit angry.

He Qiao couldn’t understand the reason for a while.

Moreover, what was Chi Xueyan going to cook when he was usually so lazy?

At the steaming table at dinner time, two answers were revealed at the same time.

It was He Qiao’s first attempt at this double pepper rabbit dish. It was so popular that the large plate of food was quickly eaten.

Even putting aside his identity as the boss, this dish would be the most popular. It tasted good and went well with the meal. It would definitely take first place in today’s vote.

Among the crowd who were seriously grabbing food, only three people looked calm.

President Chi didn’t need to grab it because President He took the initiative to put the food in his bowl.

Secretary Li, who just had her tooth pulled out, wanted to eat it but didn’t dare. She covered her cheeks and sighed. “I hate wisdom teeth!”

Xiao Huang, who moved slowly, couldn’t grab a few pieces. Therefore, he had to play sadly with his colleagues who were like hungry wolves. “Rabbit—Rabbit, so cute…”

Halfway through, he heard Chi Xueyan’s sudden voice.

“It should be braised.”

The tone was very ordinary and even a bit gentle, but Teacher Huang was engaged in music and he keenly heard an indescribable killing intent from the words.

He froze suddenly and hastily swallowed down the ‘how can you eat rabbits?’ that he didn’t have time to finish.

Didn’t President Chi like the taste of double pepper?

President He didn’t know that President Chi didn’t like the taste of double pepper?

Was there something that President He didn’t know?

Was this something they could know?

“Red and braised in sauce…” The more Xiao Huang thought about it, the more frightened he became. Therefore, he had to bite the bullet and answer, “Ah, that… braised is really delicious.”

In the noisy restaurant, President Chi stared at the double pepper rabbit that was being swept away despite not seeming to like the taste of double pepper. Meanwhile, the thoughtful President He looked at his lover and a smile gradually appeared in his eyes.

He knew why Chi Xueyan was angry.

It was his negligence.

The first time he made a new taste that hadn’t been tried shouldn’t be for outsiders to eat.

Thinking of this, He Qiao got up and took the initiative to serve Chi Xueyan and himself.

Xiao Huang’s panic also turned into bewilderment little by little.

If he guessed correctly, President Chi was definitely angry with President He due to the double pepper rabbit.

Then why did President He seem to be in a good mood?

Why couldn’t he find the logic in this?

…Love was a really mysterious thing.

After eating, everyone opened the link posted in the company’s group chat and prepared to vote anonymously.

Someone asked the well-deserved first place tonight, “President He, which dish do you think is the best?”

He Qiao replied seriously, “I think the rice is well cooked.”

Everyone made understanding ‘oh—’ sounds.

President Chi, who was drawn to be a chef, made a dish in the literal sense.

He rinsed the rice, added water, turned on the rice cooker and pressed the cook button.

Obviously, he cooked the pot of rice that was the most delicious in President Chi’s opinion.

So white rice won first place in tonight’s vote.

Even though it sounded illogical.

It just so happened that the prize for first place was also very illogical.

It was a lamb doll that made the sound of a pig when pressed down on.

After eating, everyone played until late at night and returned to their rooms when they were tired.

In the room belonging to the two bosses, an endless conversation was heard.

This time, it was changed to He Qiao coaxing people.

“I’ll make you pickled diced pepper rabbit when we go home, okay?”

The man nestled in his arms pinched the lamb doll.

The fluffy snow-white lamb immediately uttered a silly-sounded pig cry.

Chi Xueyan asked back, “Is there a big difference between pickled pepper rabbit and double pepper rabbit?”

“What about making the spicy flavor?”

“I don’t want to burn.”

“…Sweet and sour?”

“Sweet and sour rabbit meat is strange. I don’t want it.”

Chi Xueyan’s words kept being thorny while the lamb in his hand kept oinking. It was as if it was mocking the person around him for being too stupid.

In the end, He Qiao couldn’t think of any possible new flavors and had to change the topic.

“Do you like this prize?”

In the dim night, the person who won the lamb let out a chuckle. “What do you think?”

Before the wedding, they had gone to the decorations mall together. In addition to the relatively normal decorations, Chi Xueyan had picked out three additional small objects full of a strange and useless beauty.

The first was a slender balloon man whose body would keep swaying when the wind blew in exchange for another balloon man that was tied to the window and floated there during the period of respect.

The second was a stone statue in the shape of a pillow that imitated the texture of fabric in exchange for the strange strawberry in the pursuit period.

The third one was a pig doll that made the sound of a lamb when pressed in exchange for today’s first place prize, a lamb doll that made the sound of a pig when pressed.

He Qiao’s expression didn’t change. “I think you will like it.”

Chi Xueyan couldn’t help glaring at him. “Why do you keep learning from me?”

He Qiao repeated what he had learned. “Liking someone often starts with liking other people’s hobbies, such as imitating him and buying the same style.”

“……” It was Chi Xueyan’s turn to change the subject. “How did you know I would get first place today?”

“In any case, it is either you or me.”

“What if neither of us were selected to cook?”

“No, both you and I are lucky.”

He Qiao felt this way sincerely.

He was a very lucky man.

Thus, he said seriously, “You might be angry today but I am very happy.”

Chi Xueyan had never been inexplicably jealous in his life, but at this moment, he was sulking about the double pepper rabbit that He Qiao didn’t make for him first.

They would obviously spend many seasons together and have three meals a day countless times.

Love was too abstract a term. Once it rushed from the heart to the mind, it was hard to find the appropriate way to express it. It was carried by the most accessible and indispensable food in life.

At both ends of the table with food, there was a person who prepared three meals a day and a person waiting for his three meals a day.

It was about the possessiveness of love that was often unreasonable.

Chi Xueyan understood the meaning and stuffed the lamb into his arms, turning over. “You’re so annoying. I’m going to sleep.”

After a long time, he heard the voice of the person behind him, seemingly talking to himself.

“My wisdom tooth seems to be inflamed as well.”

The lamb doll let out a short oink.

Chi Xueyan, who was burying his face in his pillow, tried not to laugh. He wanted to pretend to be unreasonably serious and angry for a while since it was an exceptionally fresh experience.

But He Qiao knew too well how to coax him.

The dentist who took leave to play didn’t fall asleep but asked meaningfully, “Why? Do you want me to help you extract your tooth?”

The person whose wisdom tooth was inflamed in time answered him, “Check it when we go back.”

Dr Chi had a clear distinction between public and private matters. “My fee is very expensive.”

The adorable lamb prize returned to his arms.

It was one of the payments given to the doctor.

A day later, this cute-looking doll appeared in Chi Xueyan’s office. Under the shocked eyes of the assistant Xiao Yu, it made a cry that had nothing to do with sheep.

Outside the clinic window, on the wide display across the street, the advertisement that had nothing to do with catering had been updated.

…Well, it wasn’t completely unrelated.

During the lunch break, Xiao Yu came to the front desk to chat and looked at the billboard that never seemed to be doing business, expression as bewildered as ever.

There were big words displayed on it: Take care of your teeth, start with me.

Xiao Yu couldn’t help sighing. “Why does this look like an advertisement for our clinic? Is their group changing from catering to oral care?”

The receptionist An An looked out the window and responded with a smile, “It sounds reasonable.”

Xiao Yu pondered on her expression. “Why do I feel like you seem to know some secrets?”

An An blinked and looked innocent. “No.”

Xiao Yu looked at her and suddenly forgot about the billboard.

He thought for a while and said, “Dr Chi brought a lamb that makes pig noises today.”

An An smiled. “Really?”

“Really.” Xiao Yu nodded. “It is very interesting.”

The afternoon sunlight streamed in quietly and shone on the billboard downstairs. There was a lamb in the office at the end of the corridor and a smiling girl in front of him.

In this bright daylight, Xiao Yu plucked up the courage to ask her, “Do you want to go downstairs to eat ice cream?”

On the same day, in the richly colored dusk, Chi Xueyan took the comprehensive fruit flavored ice cream He Qiao handed him. He watched the other person pick up the ice cream with the lightest sweetness and a smile flashed in his eyes.

After returning home that evening, he put on rubber gloves and carefully examined someone who claimed to have an inflamed wisdom tooth. Then he came to a conclusion that wasn’t surprising.

“Your wisdom teeth are growing obediently,” Dr Chi said as he removed his gloves. “There is no inflammation and no need to pull it out.”

He didn’t blame the childish guest who lied about his condition but the other person took advantage of it instead.

“Am I your first adult patient?”

Dr Chi, who wasn’t wearing a white coat after work, raised an eyebrow and refused to answer this privacy-related question.

In any case, they both knew the answer.

The tight rubber left faint marks on his skin and the removed gloves were thrown into the trash.

He Qiao had seen him like this in the clinic before and knew that the next step was to wash his hands.

The running water and foam would over his fingertips, his skin would glow slightly red and there would be a pattering sound in the sink.

Only the snow-white doctor’s coat was missing.

Dazzling red and clean white, wanton openness and focused tenderness.

He Qiao had always felt that Chi Xueyan at this moment was very good-looking, as if he should be like this.

It was a pity that he wasn’t wearing the white coat now.

He also knew that there were actually many brand new white coats at home. They were consumables in Chi Xueyan’s eyes and he could wear them every time he participated in a horror movie party.

He Qiao thought that in the future, there should be more consumable white coats at home.

It was because he would accompany Chi Xueyan to the horror movie party.

There was plenty of space in the house and several spare bedrooms. Perhaps he would buy a professional dental chair.

Dental health was really important after all.

Before Chi Xueyan could stop his half-kneeling action on the sofa and get up to wash his hands, he heard He Qiao ask, “Are you still angry?”

He played a novel and interesting inspection game and felt like he had already taken revenge. Therefore, he honestly replied, “I’m not angry.”

However, the patient in front of him was always good at imitating him.

Chi Xueyan’s wrist was held. At the sudden force, his originally arrogant position was suddenly turned upside down and he became the person who was forced to lean on the sofa and look up.

“Then it is time for me to check it, Dr Chi.”


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