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HMPS: Chapter 32

It turned out to be the first time watching this type of movie.

Chi Xueyan suddenly understood.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the absurdity of the movie just now could be ranked in the top three of all the bad movies he had ever seen. It could be called outrageously bad and it had some mental impact.

Therefore, it was normal to fall into a brief trance after finishing.

After all, even the couple in the back row using the horror movie as a background sound for their date couldn’t stand it and left without looking back in the middle.

Only the two of them remained in the center of that theater.

He Qiao was able to calmly persist until the end, which was beyond his expectations.

—Although now he had become absent-minded.

Chi Xueyan thought for a few seconds before teasing him, “I hope you won’t lose your confidence in horror movies because of this.”

This was a big hobby of his and he often watched it at home.

Watching it with a friend was more fun than watching it himself.

Chi Xueyan gradually increased the strength of his fingertips and gently squeezed the other person’s fingers, reminding his mind to return.

Another touch of body temperature seemed to make him tenser.

He Qiao replied softly, “No.”

Then at this moment, Chi Xueyan noticed something else.

His fingers touched a faint coolness that came from a rounded surface.

He Qiao was wearing the wedding ring.

It was the one with the snowflake engraved on it.

Chi Xueyan was a bit surprised.

Today was the weekend and he didn’t wear the ring.

In fact, he didn’t wear it very much because of his work as a dentist. He had to take it off at work and it was very troublesome to often put it on and take it off.

It was only in front of his parents that he would make a point of remembering to wear the wedding ring.

He Qiao was always more attentive than him.

It also wouldn’t be affected by the content of his work.

Chi Xueyan thought so.

The friend he ran into at the cinema also had companions and he was going to enter the theater, so he simply greeted his friend briefly before walking out with He Qiao.

There was no conversation along the way. Chi Xueyan recalled the strange plot of the movie just now and his fingers subconsciously touched the wedding ring that belonged to He Qiao.

Holding hands in the same way in front of outsiders was too boring and embarrassing. This ring across their palms was very fun.

In addition, today’s posture of holding hands wasn’t that close and there was no close entanglement.

Chi Xueyan first touched the slight edges of the ring. Sheng Xiaoyue had said that the inspiration for this design came from a bridge.

Then he clearly touched the shape of the snowflake.

This was a one-of-a-kind ring.

He regarded it like a temporary toy, like the Rubik’s Cube when bored.

The originally cold outer edge of the ring became somewhat soft and warm.

It wasn’t until they walked out of the mall and re-established themselves on the breezy autumn street that Chi Xueyan simply let go of his hand and commented casually, “The workmanship of the wedding ring is very good.”

However, some time passed and the person next to him didn’t answer.

Chi Xueyan looked over in surprise.

He Qiao also happened to be looking at him.

It was just like when the fries fell.

Two eyes with different emotions met as the maple leaves fell.

Seeing that he was in a daze, Chi Xueyan reflexively stretched out his hand and shook it in front of He Qiao’s eyes. He couldn’t help saying, “Do you have something to do after eating and going home? Do you want to watch another horror movie?”

“—It is the type that is very good.”

He suddenly wanted to watch SCALPEL again.

This was his favorite series of horror movies and he would revisit it every year. Therefore, he made many friends because of it, including Wang Shaojing.

This was also the movie that was watched in Wang Shaojing’s bar after Chi Xueyan and He Qiao separated from their blind date that day.

Therefore, he met Lu Siyi, who had buried his head in the crowd to calculate the formula.

It seemed very far away now that he thought about it.

Chi Xueyan felt that he should always like this series of movies.

Therefore, it should be paired with new memories that he preferred.

“Okay.” He Qiao’s mind finally returned and he said softly, “I have nothing I’m busy with.”

This answer was expected.

Thus, Chi Xueyan smiled and withdrew his gaze. He went to the restaurant with He Qiao.

On the side of the road in autumn, the corners of their clothes blew in the wind.

In fact, he wasn’t sure if He Qiao wanted to watch a movie or not.

No matter whether it was a bad movie in the afternoon or a good movie in the evening.

Most of the time, Chi Xueyan didn’t know whether what He Qiao said was true or false.

In any case, he would treat it as the truth. This was more worry-free.

It was probably because of that unfounded trust.

Moreover, Chi Xueyan knew his marriage partner well and knew that the other person would quietly express it when he really wanted to refuse.

He didn’t refuse to watch the movie, which at least proved that he didn’t hate doing it.

The mysterious book transmigrator He Qiao had many unsolved mysteries, so there might be reasons why some things must be hidden or lied about.

Chi Xueyan had long been accustomed to this.

In any case, today was his favorite day.

He hoped He Qiao did as well.

In the living room at night, the lights were out. Only the light of the TV screen was on.

On the screen, in a dark hospital building, an obese security guard held a paper bag of popcorn and a flashlight under his arm, patrolling slowly.

The atmosphere of the movie was tense. It was obvious that danger would occur but Chi Xueyan on the sofa had a relaxed expression as he casually held a pillow.

Once danger finally came, the security guard fell into a pool of blood with wide eyes. He drank a sip of grapefruit juice with satisfaction and told the other audience member next to him, “Every time this moment happens, Old Wang will be overwhelmed by the popcorn that everyone throws over.”

He Qiao listened attentively. “Does he dress up as a security guard?”

“Yes, he said that he is the most suitable for this role.”

“What about you?”

“The doctor. I’m used to this outfit,” Chi Xueyan said. “Most people will wear brand new white coats and bring special prop scalpels.


“Yes, it is similar to the one that slashed at the security guard’s neck just now. I also have a set and it is plastic.”

Chi Xueyan originally wanted to go to the room to show He Qiao. He had been living here recently and many things had been moved over one after another.

But tonight, he was captured by the fluffy sofa again and didn’t want to move.

So just as he was about to get up, he hesitated for a moment. Then he decided to give up and just changed his posture.

The sofa blanket was gently pulled. Before he knew it, he got a bit closer to He Qiao who was sitting beside him.

It was a lazy weekend night but He Qiao was sitting up straight.

It seemed a bit too polite.

In the movie, the murderer left quietly. The blood stains on the parking lot floor gradually flowed and spread. White snowflakes started to float outside the building, accompanied by a sweet and cheerful soundtrack. It became a dirty black as soon as it touched the ground.

In the contrasting tones, He Qiao seemed to be quite interested in this classic horror movie with a special temperament. He asked Chi Xueyan many questions.

Chi Xueyan answered seriously.

“Next time, you can come and play together.” He thought about it for a moment. “However, this year is almost over and we probably won’t have another party until next year.”

Autumn was coming to an end and the rest of the year had a holiday that was very popular with young people.

Chi Xueyan was suddenly reminded by the winter atmosphere in the movie.

He asked He Qiao, “If I remember correctly, your birthday is on Christmas Eve?”

He shouldn’t be mistaken.

On the day they got the certificate, even the registration staff couldn’t help teasing them, “The birthdays of the two of you are very special. It looks like a good match when written together.”

Chi Xueyan’s birthday was February 14th while He Qiao’s birthday was December 24th.

Valentine’s Day and Christmas Eve.

Even if he didn’t deliberately remember, it was hard to forget.

It was just that this was the birthday of ‘He Qiao’ and Chi Xueyan wasn’t sure if He Qiao celebrated it as his real birthday.

He felt it was likely this would be the case in order to not expose anything in front of his family.

In any case, for this important annual date, he would try his best to cooperate no matter what He Qiao wanted to do.

He Qiao responded, “It is Christmas Eve.”

Then he saw Chi Xueyan nodding and shifting his gaze back to the screen.

The conversation about birthdays came to an abrupt end.

He didn’t ask any further.

For example, how to celebrate his birthday.

Or did he want to celebrate his birthday together?

SCALPEL was indeed an exceptionally wonderful horror movie. It was much better than the bad movie that He Qiao didn’t watch at all in the afternoon.

But in front of the snowflake-filled screen, the words ‘Christmas Eve’ were like pebbles thrown into the water, creating absent-minded ripples.

He Qiao started to look at things that had nothing to do with the movie again.

The glass top of the coffee table, the black remote control, the pale yellow grapefruit juice, the collection of beautiful fairy tales with a beautiful cover, the ever-changing light reflecting on the screen…

There was also the side profile of the person around him who had a focused expression and the white fingers resting on the pillow.

It was like the uncontrollable wandering of his mind when the other person was around.

Unlike the cinema chairs, the sofa wasn’t blocked by armrests and had no fixed distance.

Their shoulders seemed to be separated by only a few centimeters.

With Chi Xueyan’s often erratic movements, these few centimeters returned to zero.

It reminded He Qiao of the warmth from studying the wedding ring in his palm in the crowded shopping mall.

It was like a feather brushing over his ears.

The wind carrying the feathers was unnoticed.

Time passed and a second victim appeared in the movie. The murder weapon was a clipboard that was commonly used by doctors but the material here was special.

Once the abnormally sharp metal edge cut the skin, the tired and lazy posture of the person around him seemed to subconsciously straighten a bit.

Immediately afterward, Chi Xueyan looked sideways at him with a bright color in his eyes. “This is my favorite scene in the first movie.”

He Qiao asked, “Why?

Chi Xueyan laughed and his eyes curved. “There is no why. It is just because it is a clipboard.”

He always had many strange thoughts of an unknown origin, like an unknown mystery.

As Chi Xueyan turned his head and watched this part seriously, he added softly, “I just thought of a possible reason.”

“It is an ordinary object for me but it has a cold and unfamiliar quality. Suddenly, it touched the warm and fragile skin and became an unexpected murder weapon, taking away all of the victim’s breath.”

“The surrounding scenery is unchanged and no one noticed, but as the heartbeat of the victim gradually disappeared, it seemed that everything had become different. There is a strange charm that is hard to forget.”

Chi Xueyan talked about the reasons for his liking and stared at him with special concentration.

In the dim living room, these beautiful eyes had the brightest light.

He Qiao thought that this was also a difficult answer to forget.

It was because it was so accurate.

Unchanging scenery, an ordinary object, a slightly cool ring intertwined with a hot body temperature. There was a strange charm.

No one noticed as all the breath was taken away.

The only difference was that his heartbeat was getting clearer.


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