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HMPS: Chapter 30

There was a click.

Chi Xueyan took the first photo of that window.

The light blue ordinary glass window, the balloon man swaying outside the window, the small note stuck firmly to the window and the elegant and beautiful handwriting.

It was the most interesting thing he had seen recently.

It was strange and very interesting.

It made him subconsciously want to preserve it as a memory that wouldn’t fade.

Once Chi Xueyan took the photo, he sent it to the family group chat for Han Zhenzhen and Chi Zhongyuan to enjoy. He specifically said that this was He Qiao’s office window.

People who were in love seemed to like to share some trivial things that happened to each other. It was the freshest and most exuberant love in their hearts so they felt like their beloved was cute everywhere. They wanted to tell the world every detail.

At least Su Yu was probably like this.

Recently, the moment Chi Xueyan opened his Moments, he could see Lawyer Su’s dignified and handsome profile picture. From time to time, he would send colorful love words.

Fortunately, he still had a hint of sanity to shield it from his colleagues and clients. He only acted stupid in front of his familiar relatives and friends.

Chi Xueyan had seen Han Zhenzhen comment below with a series of long ellipses that were about to become sour.

He had also seen He Qiao silently like a late-night confusing post that just kept repeating the word ‘cute.’

It somewhat surprised him.

It could only be said that for a good friend of his partner, He Qiao could politely support him no matter how amazing he acted.

It was excellent training.

In response, Chi Xueyan decided to take the initiative to go to the opposite building tonight and wait for He Qiao to get off work.

Ever since they started working building to building, they hadn’t gone home together because their hours were still staggered.

The dental office started and left an hour earlier than the media company.

Usually, Chi Xueyan didn’t think there was a problem but now He Qiao said that Sheng Xiaoyue would come to see them tomorrow.

Then before the elder came, it was reasonable to show affection in front of the company’s employees. It was just like a student cramming before the exam.

In the evening, Chi Xueyan got off work and walked through the streets full of red maple trees toward the increasingly familiar office building.

He Qiao had given him an access card to enter and exit the company. He didn’t need to trouble others to come down and pick him up.

This was the first time he had taken out the access card and used it.

Chi Xueyan came out of the elevator and walked in the direction of He Qiao’s office.

The employees of Wanjia Media encountered along the way greeted him one after another and called him Mr Chi.

Chi Xueyan was rarely called like this and was a bit uncomfortable. But after all, he had an indirect relationship with the ‘other half of the company’s boss’ and there seemed to be no other more suitable title.

The employees all smiled cautiously and it wasn’t known what they thought of him in their hearts.

It was probably that Mr Chi would make the usually serious and diligent President He become unmotivated to work.

It was very villainous.

He inexplicably liked this setting.

At the sound of ‘Mr Chi’, Secretary Li, stationed outside the president’s office, saw him and immediately got up.

Chi Xueyan greeted her politely and said in a very friendly and natural attitude. “I’ll wait for him to leave work.”

Li Feifei saw him coming and wanted to habitually pick up the phone to notify the boss. Then after thinking about it, she found it unnecessary.

This was the first time that Mr Chi had come over to wait for President He to leave work. The latter obviously didn’t know about it, or he definitely would’ve come downstairs to pick up people in advance.

She couldn’t see what was written in the note on the office building, but it was definitely written by President He to his lover who worked in the opposite building.

It was because she followed President He’s instructions and went to buy two binoculars with extremely high accuracy.

In any case, she was so curious that her heart was itchy. she wished she could at least see the expressions of the two people at present.

Secretary Li knocked on the door. After hearing a gentle invitation from inside, she bent down to push open the door and invited the guest beside him to enter with a smile.

President He was concentrating on reading the document and looked up with a very surprised expression.

Then he got up quickly and asked uncertainly, “Did you come to wait for me to get off work?”

Mr Chi glanced at the clock on the wall and his tone showed a bit of arrogant willfulness. “Yes, hurry up.”

In the dim light of dusk, President He walked toward his lover who suddenly came for a visit and said with a smile in his voice, “Okay.”

There was a click.

The latch was gently closed and the office door went from open to completely closed in just a few seconds.

Nothing could be seen any longer.

Secretary Li had tried to close the door as slowly as possible and she regretfully returned to her desk.

Why did the president’s office have a door?

It was really anti-human.

Ten minutes later, Secretary Li received a call from his boss asking her to book a seat at a restaurant for tonight.

She immediately complied.

She had never visited this expensive fine dining restaurant but Secretary Li had seen the photos shared online.

Sitting by the window of a high-rise sky restaurant and looking out through the glass was a grand night view of the whole city.

The guests talked softly, the music was romantic and soothing and fresh red roses were inserted in the table vases.

Near the end of dinner, Chi Xueyan often turned his head to enjoy the flickering night scene outside the window while chatting casually with He Qiao.

It was about the progress of a project in the media company, the latest gossip quietly circulating in the dental office, tomorrow’s weather and the weekend’s schedule.

Chi Xueyan no longer deliberately avoided talking to He Qiao about these daily trivial matters.

This was how he got along with every friend he could talk to.

“…There is a very bad horror movie to be released on the weekend. My parents went on a business trip together and I was going to find Su Yu to watch it.”

Chi Xueyan said, “I don’t know if he is free. He is now running to his girlfriend every day.”

His aesthetics for good movies was normal but he had one special hobby. It was going to the cinema with others to watch bad movies, especially horror movies.

The audience in this type of theater was usually very small. He could sit in the most prime position, enjoying bad movies with companions and appreciating their various reactions. In Chi Xueyan’s opinion, this was particularly fun.

For example, Han Zhenzhen usually clenched her fists tighter and tighter, obviously resisting the urge to beat the actor through the screen.

Chi Zhongyuan would quietly fall asleep with a numb face. After a nap, he would use the cover of a popcorn bucket to secretly take out his phone to play mahjong.

Su Yu could speak very well and would complain from beginning to end, like the climax of a stand-up comedy. This was accompanied by a large number of legal knowledge popularization.

He didn’t know how He Qiao would react.

The moment Chi Xueyan’s thoughts drifted here, he heard He Qiao ask, “If Su Yu isn’t available, do you want me to accompany you?”

He listened to the other person’s seemingly ordinary tone and answered normally, “Okay, then I won’t ask him.”

It would save him from a lot of broken thoughts during this period of passionate love.

The night scene outside the window was like a dream. He Qiao sat opposite him and said, “I will buy tickets in advance.”

He seemed like he was expecting a great movie.

Therefore, Chi Xueyan specially reminded him, “Don’t buy it incorrectly. It is the worst of all the movies just by looking at the name.”

“Okay,” He Qiao said. “I will remember.”

It was the best looking one.

In front of another glass window showing the night, Sheng Xiaoyue was watching an 8 o’clock soap opera at home.

This was her reserved show every night. Today, the housekeeper accompanied her to watch it.

He Xiao was supposed to sit next to her, reading documents and responding to the feelings she expressed from time to time. However, he recently went on a business trip abroad.

In addition, He Qiao got married and moved out, so the home suddenly became a bit deserted.

Fortunately, her youngest son would often call her and her oldest son would bring her local specialties and souvenirs when coming back from a business trip.

Both sons were involved in the family business so He Huaili had been particularly busy recently. He was gradually delegating power and handing over power, wanting to free up more time to spend with his family.

As the years passed, Sheng Xiaoyue’s life was always peaceful and happy.

Therefore, the TV dramas with twists and turns were extraordinarily exciting.

“It is obvious that he cares about this person, but due to some reasons, he can only hold back quietly and he doesn’t dare to even admit it to himself.”

“Oh, this relationship is really tangled. It is all because his previous experience is too complicated,” she said. “Admitting this person means losing that person. In fact, I don’t think—Hey, this episode has already ended?”

The housekeeper responded to her thoughts with a smile, “The next episode will be in five minutes. It is very soon.”

As she was waiting for the commercial to end, Sheng Xiaoyue received another call from her youngest son.

He Qiao had just returned home after having dinner with Chi Xueyan. He first asked what his mother did today and then talked about what happened in his own life.

The moment he mentioned the most recent influential advertisement of Wanjia Media for the second time, Sheng Xiaoyue couldn’t help laughing, “Do you want me to go to the company?”

He Qiao got good results the moment he took over the company. He naturally hoped for his mother’s praise.

He told her that he wanted to be He Qiao without a modifier.

Sheng Xiaoyue had long wanted to go over to see her son at work, but she was afraid of putting too much pressure on him. Therefore, she quietly endured it.

On the other end of the phone, He Qiao thought about it. He stopped going around in circles and picked up on her words. “…Tomorrow?”

Sheng Xiaoyue laughed even more heartily and pressed against the corners of her eyes so as to not cause wrinkles. “Then tomorrow. Are you not that busy in the afternoon?”

She knew her son too well.

He Qiao had been like this since he was a child.

Sometimes his speech was blunt and honest and sometimes he deliberately went around in circles, but everyone could see the thoughts behind his words. It was because his actions were always undisguised.

“By the way, I am going to peek at Xiao Chi from the window. Will I be able to see him? Your father has seen him at work but I haven’t seen him.”

“In addition, I will bring some books over. I have read all of them. In any case, there are small bookcases in the lounge. You can look at them when the two of them are free. I think these books are very reasonable…”

He Qiao suddenly got a marriage license and Sheng Xiaoyue was at a loss for a while. Then she asked the housekeeper to buy a lot of books.

Half of it was about how to manage a marriage, which was for He Qiao. The other half was about how parents should get along with their married children.

She absorbed new and strange knowledge from these books, just as she learned many years ago how to get along with a child who had lost his mother.

The next afternoon.

In the spacious lounge of the president’s office, the curtains fluttered gently and an extra row of books appeared on the bookcase.

Sheng Xiaoyue stood in front of the window, held up her binoculars and carefully observed how the red-haired dentist in the opposite building extracted the tooth of a child.

She watched the dentist from a distance for a while. Then she looked back at her son, who was working nearby.

There were snacks and milk tea bought for her on the desk.

In the brand new storage box, a small note was taken from the window and carefully folded.

On the outer edge of the window sill, a little balloon figure fluttered in the wind.

How could two people so old be so childish?

She thought this but the smile on her face never disappeared.

In the evening, Sheng Xiaoyue watched through the binoculars as Chi Xueyan, who had changed out of his white coat, left the clinic building, crossed the road and walked to this side.

In the still bright sunlight, the young man walking across the zebra crossing raised his head and glanced at the window above.

He seemed to be smiling as well.

The wide and clean autumn street was full of maple trees and the flaming red rolled up in the wind like a poem.

Chi Xueyan walked into the office and Sheng Xiaoyue finished the visit in a satisfied manner.

She no longer disturbed the space of the two people and left with the milk tea she hadn’t drunk.

After saying goodbye to the elder and during the hour of waiting, Chi Xueyan sat on the sofa with a notebook on his lap that he had asked the secretary for yesterday.

The new desk seemed much wider but he no longer sat on it. There were no outsiders.

He didn’t willfully urge He Qiao to hurry up.

The other person was still dealing with work and he wanted to keep as quiet as possible. He didn’t want to play with his phone, so he simply recorded the original story that He Qiao told him.

He started doing this yesterday when he waited for He Qiao to leave work, as if trying to analyze an unsolved puzzle.

He Qiao was annotating on a document report while he was organizing another world’s possibilities. There was only the sound of writing around him, which could be called respectful.

However, Chi Xueyan occasionally had questions to ask of him.

For example, a question that had actually puzzled him for a while.

In the gap between He Qiao putting down his pen, Chi Xueyan looked up from where he had been thinking for a long time and asked, “Did Lu Siyi really not like me at all?”

He Qiao was startled.

He immediately lowered his eyes to avoid this curious gaze. “…No.”

Hearing this, Chi Xueyan seemed to sneer. “He has no eyes.”

Now he and He Qiao were more familiar, so his mood and tone had become more real and casual. It was as if he was getting along with an old friend.

Therefore, he frankly expressed his disbelief that he hadn’t received a single response to his active pursuit.

Chi Xueyan had liked himself since he was a child and always felt that getting along with himself was irreplaceably interesting.

Maybe it sounded a bit narcissistic. In short, from his current perspective, ‘Lu Siyi’ was somewhat unsightly and boring.

He Qiao at least knew how to enjoy the strange scenery outside the kitchen window and he was at least better.

“How did he become the male protagonist? You are obviously much better than him.”

Chi Xueyan sincerely praised the person sitting at the desk. At the same time, he turned over and changed postures to continue writing notes.

He no longer disturbed the other person’s work and regained his quietness.

Once these words fell, He Qiao raised his eyes again.

Chi Xueyan left him with only one side.

The sinking dusk spread through the glass, coating his fair cheeks and the ends of his hair with a touch of gold. This also illuminated everything on the sofa warmly.

He casually pulled the soft blanket over his lap and lowered his head again to hold his pen. He combed intently through the sunset-covered pages.

In the quiet air, there was the faint rustle of the tip of the pen rubbing against the surface of the paper.

He Qiao looked at the silhouette for a long time.

His gaze gradually fell on the overly empty desk. He remembered the figure who sat there arbitrarily and the eyes that looked down at him with a smile.

At this moment, he could clearly see his reflection in the other person’s eyes.

Those eyes were more intense than twilight.

He Qiao suddenly couldn’t read the investment plan in his hands.

There was only the warm paper, cumbersome and orderly words, a cold pen and white sleeves that covered his wrists.

Today’s shirt was worn with a tie.

It was a simple and silent black.

It seemed to be tied too neatly.

The author has something to say:

It is the taste of a tie flavored kiss today *^3^*


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