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DCBS: Chapter 19

Pei Qingyuan quickly brought back a little boy wearing a cute kindergarten uniform. The moment the boy entered the door, he greeted He Shiwen very politely. “Hello, Uncle.”

He Shiwen specially hung a sign for a break at the door. This way, Pei Qingyuan and the pastry could have a good lunch and rest after being busy all morning.

He saw Pei Qingyuan’s younger brother and immediately pulled out a stool enthusiastically. “Hello hello, come and sit. You are around the same age as my Xingxing and you can be playmates…”

The little girl Xingxing finally stopped the movements of a sunflower and looked at her little friend. She tilted her head to think about it for a moment before suddenly revealing a very bright smile. “Hello, Brother. You are so cute. I am Sister Xingxing.”

For some reason, the little boy staring at the room full of pastries froze suddenly. A smile flashed in the eyes of Pei Qingyuan, who was sitting beside him.

He didn’t know if an artificial intelligence had an age but he felt that the intelligence shown by the system should be similar to his own. At the very least, it wasn’t like a child.

Unexpectedly, after calling the elementary school student ‘older brother’, he actually became the younger brother of a kindergarten child.

Ji Tong felt like he had been struck by lightning.

He clenched his fists and asked in a pained manner, “How old is Xingxing?”

“I’m five years old,” He Xingxing declared proudly. “I’m in the middle class in kindergarten!”

The host hadn’t grown up so Ji Tong only looked around three years old. It was the most basic human form and it was inconvenient to go out.

However, in order to defend his dignity, Ji Tong raised his head and said, “I’m five and a half years old. I’m in the big class, younger sister Xingxing.”

He deliberately emphasized the last few words.

“I see. That’s fine.” He Xingxing had no doubt about his words and sighed sadly. “I’m the youngest again.”

Ji Tong chased after victory. “So you have to call me Brother.”

He Xingxing nodded obediently. “I know. Xiao Xiao Brother Pei.”

Her father called the good-looking big brother Xiao Pei. Then Xiao Pei’s younger brother was naturally Xiao Xiao Brother Pei.

Ji Tong: “……”

He seemed to have defended his dignity, but he also didn’t.

The adults watching the two children were all laughing. Of course, He Shiwen didn’t believe that the shorter Ji Tong was five years old and couldn’t help joking, “Xiao Pei, your brother is in the big class at such a young age. How impressive.”

“Yes.” Pei Qingyuan helped open the takeout box and lied for the system without changing his expression. “He is a little genius.”

At the host’s affirmation, Ji Tong immediately forgot his frustration just now. He sat at the dining table in satisfaction, side by side with Xingxing.

Sure enough, even the host thought he was a genius newcomer system.

The lunch was very sumptuous. He Shiwen had ordered a lot of dishes to celebrate the day’s soaring turnover. Since this credit should be given to the host and to him, who first discovered the bakery, Ji Tong decided to eat with peace of mind.

His foot intake was limited by his body and couldn’t be too exaggerated. It was normal to adults, but in the eyes of many children who were picky eaters, he was simply too powerful.

He Xingxing turned to look at Ji Tong, who was concentrating on eating, from time to time. Her face was shocked. However, Ji Tong ate so deliciously that she couldn’t help being hungry.

Therefore, she picked whatever dishes Ji Tong liked to eat. It was as if the dish he chose would be particularly delicious. Finally, she ate a lot more than usual and He Shiwen was amazed.

After the meal, Pei Qingyuan took out an exploding custard croissant from the glass case that Ji Tong had repeated more frequently in the morning, giving it to him as a dessert.

He Xingxing had already eaten so much that her belly was round, so she just watched Xiao Xiao Brother Pei eat.

The croissant was half the size of the child’s face. Xiao Xiao Brother Pei grabbed the sharp corners at both ends and reverently bit the fluffy puff pastry in the middle. The soft and fragrant custard immediately dripped down and he smiled with satisfaction. Xiao Brother Pei picked up a tissue and carefully wiped off the food crumbs on the corners of his mouth.

He Xingxing was stunned.

She swallowed sharply and shouted eagerly toward He Shiwen, regardless of her stomach that was about to be overloaded, “Dad! I want to eat this too!”

There was a click and this scene was frozen on the pastry chef’s phone.

The moment he saw Ji Tong eating, he felt for the first time that the pastries he made could be so delicious. He was so happy that he couldn’t help taking out his phone to take a few photos.

The little boy in the center of the picture was eating an exploding custard croissant seriously and contentedly. His focused eyes made people feel as if eating was the happiest thing in the world.

The little girl on the left stared at him blankly and the longing in her eyes was about to come out. On the right, there was the half-silhouette of a teenager who was gently wiping away the yellow custard that had accidentally stained the boy’s face.

He Shiwen looked at the screen of the phone handed over by the pastry chef and was instantly infected by the happiness spreading from the photo. He stared at it and smiled in a silly manner for a long time. Suddenly, he thought of something.

“Xiao Pei and Xiao Xiao Pei, can I print out this photo and hang it in the store? I want to keep a souvenir?”

Pei Qingyuan had no objection. He looked at Ji Tong and Ji Tong nodded. He also liked this photo.

He Shiwen had always been vigorous and resolute when it came to printing things. He excitedly told Ji Tong, “Come whenever you want to eat in the future.” Then he ran to the printing store next door.

He originally hung many photos of his daughter eating in this small and warm bakery. It wasn’t for business, but to collect every precious memory.

Once the store reopened in the afternoon, Pei Qingyuan ‘sent away’ his brother, who was going to childcare class. He Shiwen carefully hung the freshly framed photo in the center of the wall behind the cash register, where it could be seen by every customer who entered the store.

Ji Tong, who feasted on food, no longer chased the host to report the name of dishes. He wore bright yellow rubber shows and stayed obediently in the garden to plant flowers, competing to be an artificial intelligence who loved labor. The butterflies surrounding him gently flapped their wings.

Not long after, the busy Pei Qingyuan took the initiative to talk to him.

“The croissants are sold out.” Pei Qingyuan’s voice was stunned.

The infectiousness of the photo of Ji Tong eating the croissant obviously exceeded everyone’s expectations. Throughout the afternoon, almost every customer who entered the store and saw this photo couldn’t help wanting to buy a croissant. The people who came later heard it was sold out and actually patiently lined up.

He Shiwen and the pastry chef were surprised and quickly stopped making other bread and pastries. They focused on making the exploding custard croissants.

For the first time, there was a long queue at the entrance of Xingyue Bakery. They lined up directly on the sidewalk outside the store. The passersby were curious. They heard that this store sold a delicious pastry and some people joined the queue. This made the queue become longer and longer.

The little robot holding the trowel was stunned.

For the first time, he felt a bit out of touch with contemporary humans.

Ji Tong was dumbfounded for a long time. Then a bit of pride surged in his heart when he saw the grand scene of strangers staring at his photo and being greedy for croissants.

He took a picture of the crowded scene in the bakery, sent it to his only human system friend and gave the scene a name.

[System No. 0587 shared a video.]

[System No. 0587: ‘Precious record of an AI setting off a croissant storm among humans.’

Fang Hao replied quickly and expressed his opinion as six dots.

[System No. 0499: ……]

[System No. 0499: Why is your human form so childish?]

Ji Tong skillfully ignored the attacks from this Long Aotian elementary school student.

[System No. 0587: It might be childish for an elementary school student but it is just right for a college student.]

[System No. 0587: Do you want to eat a croissant? /Happy]

Long Aotian disdained to eat the croissant and snorted coldly at him.

However, Ji Tong didn’t expect that his casual ridicule would become the most common sentence spoken by young people in the vicinity in the following period of time.

Exploding custard croissant—this pastry sounded tempting just from the name. It quickly became famous.

After buying a croissant, many people would imitate Ji Tong’s expression and posture in the photo. They would take photos and post them on the Internet. This spontaneous publicity gradually went viral and there was a long queue at the door of Xingyue Bakery every day.

Now He Shiwen was completely overwhelmed. He quickly recruited two full-time employees for the store while Pei Qingyuan was still only needed on weekends.

In view of the unexpected effect of the photo, the very reasonable He Shiwen insisted on giving Pei Qingyuan a sum of money. He saw it was for Ji Tong’s advertising fee. This meant that they weren’t lacking the rent money that the two of them had been worried about before.

However, Pei Qingyuan didn’t quit the part-time job because of this. He liked this relaxed and warm environment.

During class, he always had a strange feeling in his heart when he heard his classmates around him talking curiously about the croissants of Xingyue Bakery.

The child in the photo was a secret that only he knew in the entire world.

On the second weekend of his part-time job, the members of the basketball team, who were keen to search for food due to Ji Tong’s influence, were the first to discover the relationship between Pei Qingyuan, his brother and this store. They were immediately amazed.

The tall and burly high school boys didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to go through the back door. They obediently lined up, staring at the cute photo on the wall from time to time and showing a conquered smile.

Once it was finally their turn, they were so greedy that they couldn’t bear it any longer. So after they received the croissants, they immediately called Pei Qingyuan to take photos for them as a souvenir.

On the camera in Pei Qingyuan’s hand, this group of energetic high school boys stood in a row, imitating Ji Tong’s actions in the photo behind him as they eagerly bit into the croissant.

Then they were all scalded by the flowing custard.

The customers queuing in the store burst into good-natured laughter. The huge noise filled the air and the woman who had just got out of the luxury car was caught off guard and became startled.


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