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DCBS: Chapter 128 Part 3

After recording the 100 appearances that his brother wanted to become and the reason why, Lin Qingyan felt that the profession of a doctor might not be suitable enough.

He knew that other adults took these words as fairy tales and thought that when children grew up, they would no longer think so nonsense. No one would take these fantasies seriously.

This was called ‘growth.’

But Lin Qingyan liked his brother’s shining eyes when he said these words.

If his younger brother was abandoned in a place where few people passed by, if his immunodeficiency disease was the most severe type, if there was no family to adopt him…

These ‘ifs’ that occasionally came to mind made Lin Qingyan frown.

He was unfortunate but also fortunate. In a world full of fate, cause and effect, ups and downs and powerlessness.

Why could people only live in this definite world and not create more worlds of their own?

In his own world, one could become a flower, a bird or a completely different person.

They could have a freer, more wonderful destiny.

Lin Qingyan, who had been clever since he was a child, suddenly discovered what he really wanted to do.

At the request of his oldest son, Father Lin brought him many science books that were beyond the reach of elementary school students.

He asked his son, “Why do you suddenly want to see this?”

Lin Qingyan answered him word for word, “I’m looking for possibilities.”

His younger brother in the living room called out to him and he walked out quickly.

Father Lin, who remained in place, didn’t understand.

He discussed it with his wife, who was also confused, and they simply came out to watch TV together.

The two brothers sat together. Lin Qingtong looked enviously at the people flying in the fantasy TV series. “I also want to stand on the sword and fly around.”

“It will happen.” Lin Qingyan took notes. “Maybe in the future, maybe in another world.”

The couple on the side looked at each other and the same thought appeared in their hearts.

Perhaps their oldest son really would become a scientist.

Then what about their younger son?

It was easy to buy Lin Qingyan scientific books that expanded his horizons and absorbed knowledge.

But buying satisfactory books for Lin Qingtong was a difficult thing.

His head was full of weird and cute whimsy. He had his own set of standards for seeing the world. He didn’t hesitate to smile at everyone who met him, but the best smile was reserved for people and things he liked.

He liked his parents, Brother Ruan Ruan, wonderful metaphors blurted out by kindergarten classmates, sincere and beautiful children’s picture books and listening to everything he had never heard before.

Therefore, his parents often had a headache about what type of children’s books to buy for him.

As always, he was a naive mystery.

In the face of ordinary and bleak things, Lin Qingyan looked away while Lin Qingtong would ramble on about the strange thoughts that came to him.

From this point of view, the brothers were quite similar.

So in addition to starting to explore physics, the universe and the brain, the increasingly mature Lin Qingyan also had a ‘childish’ hobby. He flipped through a variety of fairy tales written for children and chose stories that his younger brother might like.

Nine year old Lin Qingyan skipped the sixth year of elementary school and was preparing for the middle school exam.

With his intelligence, the elementary school knowledge was too simple. Originally, he had no clear goals and was too lazy to skip years. He just wanted to spend every day as an ordinary child.

But now that he found out what he was really interested in, time was running out.

He wanted to grow up early and get into a college that taught him great knowledge.

He wanted to go early to find the endless possibilities that lurked in a definite world.

This distant dream made Lin Qingyan’s world gradually brighten.

What was even more brilliant were the real days truly sent.

It was joyful to read difficult knowledge in books and discover more mysteries that weren’t known before.

His younger brother walked into his room with a small fruit plate, trying to tiptoe to place it on the desk. He whispered, “Brother, eat fruit,” and Lin Qingyan was very happy.

Under the warm yellow light, he sat on the edge of the bed and read bedtime stories to his brother who was obediently staying in bed, which was also very happy.

The four year old Lin Qingtong was a child in kindergarten and everyone in the class liked him.

His teacher once called home with a smile, saying that some children were crying and quarreling in order to compete to be with Tong Tong at the same time. Then he handed them a jelly one by one, whispering for them not to argue and the children really didn’t argue.

His younger brother was so popular among his classmates. Lin Qingyan was happy but not too happy.

In short, his younger brother didn’t say what child he particularly liked and also liked to stick to Lin Qingyan the most.

Lin Qingyan thought so.

The child’s soft hair was smudged against the pillow. He hugged the cat doll with blue eyes, staring intently at his older brother who was holding a picture book. He couldn’t help smiling with curved eyes from time to time.

He liked today’s bedtime story very much. It was also the most satisfying fairy tale book that Lin Qingyan found during this time.

This was a story about the stars and the moon.

The gravitational force of the moon made two lonely stars meet in the universe. One was golden and the other was silver.

The gold star was lively while the silver star was quiet.

They reflected each other’s planet in fresh colors and both loved each other deeply.

But they had different trajectories and couldn’t be with each other forever. They could only meet briefly.

Lin Qingtong looked intently at the warm and childish pictures in the picture book. He liked these two stars next to each other. Hearing this, he couldn’t help asking, “Then what did they do?”

“So the moon appeared again,” Lin Qingyan said. “It saw these two uniquely colored stars and lingered on the side for a long time. Then it took the initiative to give them three small wishes.”

“The first wish was accidentally used on the body of the moon, so a white rose grew on the surface of the moon.”

“The stars don’t regret it because the white rose was so beautiful.”

Lin Qingtong was fascinated by this. He sat up straight, blinked at the blooming rose in the picture book and his eyes showed surprise. “I like this wish.”

“I like it too.” Lin Qingyan rubbed his somewhat messy hair and continued, “There are two wishes left. The stars decided to leave one for each of them.”

“The moon’s ability was limited and couldn’t completely change their orbits. At most, it could keep them together but not forever.”

“The golden star made the second wish first.” Lin Qingyan asked his younger brother, “What do you think it wished for?”

Lin Qingtong thought for a while and replied seriously, “I think it should really want to thank the moon, because it was the moon that allowed it to meet the silver star.”

Lin Qingyan listened to his brother’s words and looked at the picture book in his hand. He couldn’t help thinking again, ‘The book I chose is very good. It is indeed a story that my younger brother will like.’

“The second wish is still related to the moon. The golden star hoped to briefly intersect with the moon’s orbit, like people meeting and greeting on the street. It is because the moon used to be far away from them.”

“The moon agreed. The moment when their orbits staggered, the brightest light was emitted from the golden planet. It floated in the universe for so long and it was the first time it entered the orbit of such a large planet. It felt satisfied and happy and thanked the moon.”

Lin Qingtong’s beautiful eyes were also full of similar happiness. He asked his brother, “What did the moon say?”

“The moon didn’t speak. The white roses planted in its soil swayed gently under the river of stars and snow-white tides surged on the more distant blue planet.”

“Tides.” Lin Qingtong repeated this strange and beautiful term. “What are tides?”

“A natural phenomenon that occurred in the sea, caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun…”

Hearing about the sea, Lin Qingtong immediately understood. “It is the tears of the moon.”

“There is no sun in the universe and no second moon.”

Lin Qingtong couldn’t help looking up at the window on the side. “The moon was also lonely, so it cried quietly.”

The curtains were closed, revealing only a little bit of night through the gap.

Lin Qingyan’s voice was lighter as he read the story. “The stars also think so.”

“The silver star made a third wish. It wanted to give the moon a lamp.”

On the brightly colored page, next to the white and cold moon, there was a round orange-yellow star that glowed with a dazzling warm light.

Lin Qingtong recognized it at a glance and said joyfully, “It is an orange lamp!”

After eating the sweet and sour pulp, put a wick on the yellow-orange peel and it became a bright lamp.”

“The teacher taught us to do it last week.” Lin Qingtong was very happy. “I’m going to make another one and put it in Brother’s room.”

He murmured, “The orange lamp I made was very beautiful. It is in the classroom.”

Lin Qingtong thought of the small warm yellow light, the moon, the orange lamp and the two stars in the universe. The light in his eyes flashed and he grabbed the corner of Lin QIngyan’s clothes with expectation, opening his arms.

“Brother, I want to see the stars.”

Lin Qingyan put down the picture book and gently hugged him.

He had memorized the end of this fairy tale and could tell it to his brother under the stars.

There were guard rails and soft cushions on the windowsill. He opened the curtains and let Lin QIngtong sit on the cushions.

The night view outside the glass window was beautiful.

The Milky Way passed by here, sprinkling the sky full of stars.

The moonlight was clear and light gold and silver stars dotted the endless sky. They also twinkled in the windows flickering with the lights of ten thousand homes.

Lin Qingtong raised his head, drawing an orange lamp around the lonely moon in his heart. He said, “The stars must be very happy, even if they will separate.”

Lin Qingyan stood beside him and said softly, “They won’t separate.”

The stars put all the wishes on the moon.

It was because they found that wishes were omnipotent and there were always shortcomings when making wishes for each other.

They decided to make a wish to themselves.

“They speak, they think and they are stars with souls. Like humans, they are the most unique beings.”

The teenager’s voice was soft and firm.

“So the stars were no longer obsessed with whose orbit they wanted to enter. But they separated off a small fragment of their soul and threw them into the cosmic void, allowing them to roam freely and search for thousands of possibilities.”

“The seed of the souls fell on Earth and turned into flowers and butterflies. When they sank into the ocean, they turned into accompanying coral and seaweeds. When they entered the world, they became young people meeting on the street corner.”

They were bathed under the Milky Way, the meeting point of the planets. The illusionary future was floating in the wind, a crystal clear light diffused and each tiny pillar of light was a possible life.

This was Lin Qingtong’s favorite fresh world and he would remember it for a long time.

So Lin Qingyan decided that he wanted to become a powerful scientist.

He wouldn’t change the world. He would just change each other’s definite lives that were confined to the existing world.

The fairy tale ushered in a beautiful ending. Lin Qingtong’s eyes were brighter than the stars. He habitually grabbed his brother’s fingers and whispered, “It is so good.”

In normal times, he would say enviously that he wanted to be the person or animal in the fairy tale, but today he didn’t say so.

He didn’t say that he wanted to be a star. He just let the back of his little hand sink into his older brother’s palm. The familiar warmth carried a cloud-like soft sleepiness.

He was already a golden star that had met a silver star.

Lin Qingtong closed his eyes sleepily. His eyelashes trembled like butterfly wings and he was about to fall asleep. His brother behind him picked him up in time and wrapped him in a warm, small blanket.

Before turning off the lights and leaving the room, the star gently kissed the other star’s cheek.

“Good night.”

-End of the Full Text-

Author’s Note:

It is all over. Thank you for reading up to here.

During the period of writing the extras, I dreamed of Ji Tong one night. When I woke up, I forgot the specific plot. I just remembered that he was cute and had his own life, as if he was really living happily in a certain world.

So I was very happy that day and at this moment as well. I have spent five months with them in the story and with you outside the story. This is a unique and precious memory. I have a lot to say, but I feel that what I want to say is already in the story.

So I still want to wish you all to be happy children and brave adults forever.

Nice to meet you and I hope to see you on the next trip (*^▽^*)

TL: I feel like the author has said everything I wanted to say. Thank you for joining me on this journey with Ji Tong and Pei Qingyuan!


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    Their unique writing of the plot and the flow of the story was Magnificent!
    No real Villain… But showing how very complex of a Human life and feelings…

    I don’t dare to ask for more…
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