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TFHS: Chapter 8

It was as Feng Ming thought. At this time, Fengyu Tower was full of guests. Everyone gathered here to talk about the marriage contract between the Bai family and the Feng family. They were all talking about it downstairs and upstairs.

“I didn’t expect the head of the Feng family to actually be from the same family as the Feng family in Gaoyang County. He should be a branch of the Feng family in Gaoyang County. No wonder why the head of the Feng family is so powerful at a young age. Unfortunately, the main family is more powerful. In the end, the engagement between the young lady of the main family and Young Master Bai fell to Young Master Feng.”

“I actually think it is okay. Young Master Bai is a waste. Young Master Feng, cough cough, his situation might be better, but it isn’t much better.”

Due to the reputation of the head of the Feng family, it wasn’t easy for everyone to say that Feng Ming’s situation wasn’t much different from a waste. A waste was a good match with another waste.

“That’s what I said, but everyone in the city knows how much the head of the Feng family loves his only ger. The head of the Feng family might not be able to accept this marriage contract. Look at the three people who haven’t come out after entering the city lord’s mansion. They must be discussing this matter in the city lord’s mansion.”

“Yes, if Young Master Feng wants a star in the sky then the head of the Feng family has to find a way to fly up and pick it up. We used to wonder about which family Young Master Feng would fall to. I didn’t expect such a change to happen in the middle. Tsk, this matter seems to be cheaper for the Bai family and Young Master Bai.”

In a private box, Bai Qiaolan from the Bai family, Ding Zhengze from the Ding family, Sheng Duo from the Sheng family, and Song Yunchen from the Song family were all gathered here. In the past, these people would all be at odds with each other when they met. Now they weren’t in the mood to fight, and the atmosphere was a bit depressing.

Soon, Song Yunchen spoke first. “Are these young masters just giving up?”

Apart from his advantage in appearance, he wasn’t as confident as the other three. Seeing how angry and dejected they were now, Song Yunchen hated that iron couldn’t become steel.

“Don’t you usually talk about your feelings for Younger Brother Ming? When it comes to the critical moment, will you all fall silent?”

Sheng Duo was so agitated that he lost his temper and slammed his fist into the table, smashing the cup beside his hand. It fell to the ground and broke into pieces, but no one had time to pay attention.

“No, I want to find Feng Ming again. If Feng Ming is unwilling to marry, I will take Feng Ming away from QIngyun City. Who made the marriage contract, and who promised to get married? What does that have to do with Feng Ming? The Feng family of Gaoyang County has gone too far in bullying others. Bai Qiaolan, why doesn’t your useless older brother directly stand up and refuse this engagement? What about your father? Why doesn’t he come out and make it clear?”

Bai Qiaolan rolled his eyes. “Do you think there is room for the Bai family in Qingyun City to speak in front of the Feng family of Gaoyang County? My father can only obey. Based on what I saw, my father knew about this but didn’t dare to reveal a word. If it wasn’t for their arrival, who in Qingyun City would’ve known that the Bai family and Feng family of Gaoyang County had ever wanted to discuss marriage?”

Sheng Duo was even more annoyed. This feeling of powerlessness was infuriating.

For the first time, he hated himself. Regardless of whether he might marry Feng Ming in the future or not, he didn’t want Feng Ming to be forced to accept the marriage contract that others were forcing on him, especially if Feng Ming had to marry a useless person.

If Bai Qiaomo was good and still the favored pride of heaven, he would think that this guy was worthy of Feng Ming. But who was he now? He would only delay Feng Ming.

If they had to talk about deep affection, among all the people here, Sheng Duo had the deepest affection for Feng Ming. He might have the idea of marrying Feng Ming, but he also treated Feng Ming as a good friend.

Sheng Duo stood up and left. “You guys stay here. I’ll go find Feng Ming. He must’ve come out by now. I don’t know how sad he will be. At the very least, I can persuade him if I go there.”

After speaking, Sheng Duo walked out of the box. The three people behind him didn’t move. What would happen if they went?

Seeing that Feng Ming couldn’t change the situation, they knew even more clearly how big the gap was between their family and the Feng family of Gaoyang County.

It could be said that as long as one strong person from the Feng family came, this person could uproot their entire family.

Besides, they had ulterior motives for approaching Feng Ming. They didn’t have deep feelings for him. They didn’t dare to get too close to Feng Ming at this time out of fear they would fall into the eyes of the Feng family, offending them and bringing trouble to the family.

Thus, they just moved their mouth and didn’t say anything. They watched Sheng Duo rush out.

The box was closed again. Ding Zhengze sighed. “It is such troubled times, but we don’t have to fight any longer in the future.”

Song Yunchen sneered.

Bao Qiaolan had the most complicated mood. It was because the person Feng Ming was going to marry was his half-brother. It was even his older brother who had become a waste. Bai Qiaolan had been happy for two days, but then he heard such unpleasant news.

That was all before. What about his current older brother was worthy of Feng Ming? But neither he nor the entire Bai family had no say in this matter.

Song Yunchen sneered. “Bai Qiaolan, Bai Qiaolan, I know you don’t like your older brother, but your Bai family clearly had a road to the sky before. If nothing happened to Young Master Bai, the marriage with the Feng family would’ve become a reality. Your Bai family and Feng family of the Gaoyang County would marry, and the Bai family could rise to great heights. You would become the first family not only in Qingyun City but also in Gaoyang County. It is a pity that this good future is gone.”

Bai Qiaolan’s facial expression distorted. He only just found out about this, but did it seem like he didn’t know this situation?

He didn’t want to see his half-brother be proud, but he also wanted the Bai family to become more powerful.

Ding Zhengze felt a bit at ease. At the very least, the situation was favorable to the Ding family. The Ding family almost became a vassal of the Bai family.

Once Sheng Duo arrived at the Feng house, Feng Ming was having a meal in the dining room. He saw Sheng Duo coming and asked to bring over another pair of dishes and chopsticks for Sheng Duo to eat together.

Sheng Duo was surprised and asked cautiously, “Do you know what is going on outside? Didn’t the head of the Feng family tell you?”

Feng Ming laughed. “Yes, I know that someone from the Feng family in Gaoyang County has come. The marriage contract with Bai Qiaomo fell on my head. When I woke up, I had a fiance who fell from the sky.”

Sheng Duo sighed with relief. It turned out that Feng Ming knew about it. He said angrily, “Since you know everything, how can you still laugh? How can your appetite still be so good? Do you know how angry I am because of your matter? I don’t even want to eat. I also said that if you want, I will take you out of Qingyun City. I don’t know what type of marriage contract it is.”

Feng Ming was stunned for a moment before he laughed. As expected, it was Younger Brother Sheng who had the most sincere feelings toward him. No one else could say this, nor would they be willing to take such a big risk, even dragging the family behind them into the water. Only Younger Brother Sheng was so naive.

Feng Ming laughed until Sheng Duo’s face turned red. Then he stopped and reassured the other person. “Don’t be angry. Isn’t it just a marriage? It doesn’t matter who I marry. Don’t worry, it is better to marry Young Master Bai. At the very least, he can’t bully me in the future. Only I can bully him. My father will also get the most favorable conditions for me. Don’t you believe in my father?”

These words sounded a bit strange, but Sheng Duo felt that he had been convinced by Feng Ming. He seemed to be less angry. “Of course, I believe in the head of the Feng family. But I also said that when I grow a few years older, I will ask my father to propose marriage and will marry you.”

“Little brat, do you have any say over whether we marry or not? Okay, let’s eat. It is enough for my father to worry about this.”

Sheng Duo glared at Feng Ming. This person was obviously about to get married but was still treating him as a child.

Instead, he turned his grief and anger into appetite. “Eat! I will eat all the dishes on the table, so you have nothing to eat.”

“Haha, then I’ll ask someone to serve more food.”

“Then I’ll steal it from you.” Sheng Duo placed the food on the table. In front of Feng Ming, he grabbed a plate of food that he liked and put it in front of him.

Feng Ming also started to childishly grab it from him. This dinner was very lively.

There were many people who were jealous of Feng Ming in the past. Now on this day, they were laughing at his situation and waiting to see his jokes.

It was a pity that Feng Ming’s life was still very comfortable. He ate with Sheng Duo until he was full, holding his stomach in hand and waiting for the return of the head of the Feng family.

Feng Ming didn’t wait too long. After being entertained by the city lord, Feng Jinlin and the head of the Bai family left the city lord’s mansion and went back to their respective homes while the people from Gaoyang County stayed at the city lord’s mansion.

The head of the Bai family was in the worst mood. He had never known that Feng Jinlin was a member of the Feng family in Gaoyang County. He originally thought that since his oldest son was abolished, the marriage contract would be unable to proceed. But in the end, they could continue to have a relationship.

However, during the negotiation process, the Feng family of Gaoyang County actually sided with Feng Jinlin and supported his decision to let Bai Qiaomo join the Feng family. This made the head of the Bai family very angry.

Originally, he supported his second son’s pursuit of Feng Ming. Marrying Feng Ming was equivalent to marrying the entire Feng family.

Now that his second son couldn’t marry and his eldest son got married, the head of the Bai family thought it would be extremely beneficial to the Bai family. As long as Feng Ming joined the Bai family, the Bai family would have the final say in the future. As a result, his wishful thinking was in vain.

In addition, the Bai family also had to pay a dowry.

Therefore, the head of the Bai family couldn’t give Feng Jinlin a good look at this moment. In contrast, Feng Jinlin felt much better when he saw that the other person was unhappy. He smiled and said.

“Master Bai, we will be in-laws from now on. Please give me more advice. This is the match made by the Feng family of Gaoyang County.”

The head of the Bai family wanted to walk away, but he felt that it would be too shameful and would make him fall into an inferior position. He had to say in a strange way, “Then from now on, Master Feng should take more care of my bad son.”

“Haha, it is easy to say.”

The head of the Bai family couldn’t stay any longer. He turned around and left with long strides. Feng Jinlin smiled slightly and walked toward the Feng family.

He was just angry with people surnamed Bai. In fact, he wasn’t in a very happy mood. After all, who wanted to be forced to accept a marriage?

The other family forces were paying attention to the city lord’s mansion. The departure of the heads of the Feng family and Bai family meant that everything that happened in the city lord’s mansion also spread.

The Sheng family.

The Sheng family was a family with stronger women and weaker men. The current head of the family was a daughter of the Sheng family. Her husband was born in a small family and married into the Sheng family. The couple had a son and a daughter. The eldest daughter behaved like her mother, while the second son was Sheng Duo.

Since the husband and wife had complementary personalities and were quite affectionate, the master of the Sheng family didn’t have any male attendants in the backyard.

The head of the Sheng family said, “As expected, Master Feng failed to withstand the pressure from the main family and accepted this marriage contract. However, he did strive for his best interests and let Bai Qiaomo marry into the Feng family. The Feng family has the final say on what will happen in the future. At worst, Bai Qiaomo will be the main wife and he can just accept a few more attendants.”

Most people in power didn’t act emotionally but would take advantage of the situation and choose the most beneficial approach for themselves.

Sister Sheng said, “What about my younger brother? This kid really likes Young Master Feng.”

The family leader replied, “He doesn’t have the ability to marry Young Master Feng back. Why blame others? If he really likes Young Master Feng so much, just let him marry into the Feng family.”

The daughter of the Sheng family snickered, knowing that her mother was just speaking angrily.

Of course, in their Sheng family, it was common for incompetent and mediocre men to be ‘married off.’ Sister Sheng would definitely ‘marry’ a man in the future.

The other families were in a similar situation and this was the best result. The same was true for the Sheng family. Otherwise, it would increase the strength of the Bai family, which would be detrimental to them.

They were happy when the head of the Bai family was unhappy. They even thought that when the young master of the Feng family got married, they should give a generous gift.”


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