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TFHS: Chapter 6

Feng Jinlin always knew that his Ming’er was precocious and could remember things since he was born. There was no need to worry about things when looking after Ming’er alone.

Due to this, he wouldn’t hide half of things when talking to Feng Ming. He either wouldn’t say it or make it clear when he wanted to say it.

In the past, he didn’t think there was a reason to mention the Feng family of Gaoyang County. The only possibility was if he or Feng Ming left Qingyun City and went to Gaoyang County, then he would make it clear to Feng Ming in advance to avoid Feng Ming being tricked without knowing it.

Now, they hadn’t gone to Gaoyang County but were still being plotted against by the so-called relatives of the Feng family. It was impossible to keep Feng Ming in the dark any longer.

“I didn’t know much about it before, but I found out last night that Feng Linlang is my niece, my older brother’s daughter. The head of the Feng family is my father. I was born not to please my father. Of course, I don’t like him either. I have never liked him. Instead of taking the initiative to please him, I decided to leave him and go out to pursue my career when I was 18 years old.”

“My mother is Feng Songhan’s concubine. Feng Songhan has many concubines. Most of the men from these big families are like stud horses. They must have many offspring, select the best one from among the offspring, and train them to strengthen the family. Therefore, it is fanciful to talk about relationships in such a family unless you have value in being used.”

“My biological mother was infatuated with my father. After giving birth to me, she thought she concealed something secretly. In fact, before that, everyone involved except for me, including my father, knew it very well. They just thought my birth mother was playing tricks. In the end, my biological mother died from depression. She didn’t even have time to tell me the secret.”

The more Feng Ming listened, the more he felt that he was about to hear his father’s big secret. His eyes widened in surprise.

Feng Jinlin looked at the bright red mole between Feng Ming’s eyebrows and said with a smile, “In fact, it isn’t a big deal if the secret is revealed. Ming’er, you actually don’t have a biological mother. You were born to me. I gave birth to an egg after three months. I hatched it for another six months before you were born. It was precisely because I was pregnant with you that I realized that I belong to one of the very few hidden gers. Some people never have the chance to know their identities their entire lives because there is no chance to conceive an egg.”

Feng Ming’s eyes widened, and his mouth dropped open. Oh my god, he was actually an egg born by his father. It turned out that his father was his ‘biological mother’ who passed away. His biological mother was made up by his father to deceive others.

Feng Ming digested this shocking information. He gulped and asked, “Then who is my father? Can you tell me?”

Feng Jinlin shook his head and said, “It is hard to tell you now. You just need to know that your father’s identity is very sensitive. If people outside know that you are his son, you will face great danger. Many powerful people might take you as a hostage and use it to blackmail your father. Your father doesn’t know about your existence at all.”

Feng Jinlin was a bit embarrassed when saying this. “In fact, your father and I were good brothers at first. I thought this, but an accident made me sleep with him. After that , I knew something was wrong, and I couldn’t stay with your father. In addition, there were many beautiful women around your father, and there was no need for me to get involved. Your father only likes women and doesn’t like gers, so I left.”

“At that time, no one knew my identity or my relationship with the Feng family of Gaoyang County since I was originally an unknown person in the Feng family. I didn’t expect that outsiders wouldn’t know my identity, but the Feng family somehow knew about you. They knew that you are the child of me and your father.”

Feng Ming’s mouth became bigger and bigger when listening to the story. The only bad thing was that this melon was related to himself.

Feng Ming said suddenly, “So the Feng family is using my life experience to blackmail you? In fact, it doesn’t matter whether I marry or not. It isn’t a big deal to be husband and wife in name only. Father, how do you know that after they succeed once, they won’t use this matter to manipulate us again in the future?”

Feng Jinlin’s face showed a ruthless look. “Last night, I went out to intercept the time coming to the city. The person who led the team was my sixth uncle. I asked him to warn those people. This time, I wiped their butts for them. They can never think of plotting against us again in the future, or I will fight them to death. Us father and son are nothing. Are they willing to let the huge Feng family decline from now on? They don’t dare.”

“Let’s just treat it as buying out our relationship with the Feng family.”

Feng Ming nodded. “If this is really the case, it isn’t like this marriage contract can’t be accepted. However, am I going to marry into the Bai family? I don’t want to leave you. The stepmother of the Bai family is the head of the family. It doesn’t seem like a good place to go to.”

Feng Jinlin had always known that Feng Ming was sensible. Once he heard Feng Ming agree to this matter without hesitation, he had a smile on his face. “Of course, I have considered this. So before I came back, I went to the village outside the city and found that boy Bai Qiaomo. I negotiated terms with him and asked him to agree to marry into our Feng family. You will be husbands in name only.”

“He agreed. After a few years, when I resolve your physical problems, you can just terminate the relationship with him. Once I advance to the essence dan realm in the future, if you still like Song Yunchen or the Sheng Duo boy of the Sheng family, I can help you get them.”

Feng Ming listened well at first, but things became more and more wrong. He suddenly sweated profusely and stopped his father. “What are you thinking, Father? I don’t have such thoughts about them. Really, Father. Don’t act like a mandarin duck.”

Feng Jinlin nodded repeatedly. “Father won’t do it. In any case, no matter who you fancy in the future, just tell me. I will definitely make you happy.”

Feng Ming was speechless. He was lucky to have the memories of his previous life, or his father would definitely spoil him into a playboy or bully.

Feng Jinlin remembered something. His Ming’er had liked good-looking people since he was a child. Feng Jinlin added, “Bai Qiaomo is a good-looking person. He is more outstanding than Song Yunchen of the Song family. If you are satisfied, just stay with him.”

Feng Ming hurriedly ran away. In any case, his father had finished talking about business. Wasn’t it just one more marriage contract and that he might be getting married soon?

It didn’t matter. Life would go on as usual. If he stayed here, his father would think about how many husbands and attendants he should marry. It was too much to bear.

Before the Feng family from Gaoyang County came, Feng Ming didn’t go out wandering any longer. He stayed at home obediently. Apart from teasing out his soul power, he went to learn alchemy knowledge from He Shu.

He Shu had a big headache when seeing Feng Ming coming. It was because he had taught everything possible. It was just that due to being unable to use soul power talent, Feng Ming could only refine the powder that didn’t require soul power.

As for other theoretical knowledge, this ger had already hollowed him out.

“What are you doing here again? What else can I teach you?”

He Shu actually felt quite sorry. Feng Ming’s talent in alchemy wasn’t bad. He just didn’t have any soul power talent, so he couldn’t refine a pill.

He didn’t have the status of master and apprentice with Feng Ming, but after teaching him for so long, he regarded Feng Ming as a junior.

Feng Ming said proudly, “That’s right. I’m a genius. I can learn everything at once.”

The corners of He Shu’s mouth twitched. “Yes, you are a genius. Why did this genius come to my place?”

Feng Ming held his chin in his hands and said, “I think I will soon be able to awaken my soul power talent, so I came here specifically to see how Uncle He makes pills. Uncle He, please give me a demonstration.”

He Shu glanced at him angrily. Wasn’t the talent for soul power innate? Was it something that could be awakened later?

There was only one situation. It was when eating a heavenly treasure allowed the soul sea to develop for the second time.

However, this ger was right under his nose and the head of the Feng family. The heavenly treasures that could stimulate the soul sea were extremely rare. It was almost impossible for them to end up in Qingyun City.

“Okay, okay. I will start refining a pill now. You stay aside and watch carefully. Don’t disturb me.”

“No problem. Don’t worry, Uncle He.” Feng Ming responded quickly.

Opening a furnace for alchemy wasn’t a waste of time for He Shu. He came to the Feng family as a bound worker. In addition to teaching Young Master Feng the knowledge of alchemy, he also provided a certain number of pills to the Feng family every month.

Accordingly, the Feng family would provide He Shu with a certain amount of cultivation resources and pills for him to practice and refine medicine.

Due to the need for soul power talent, the number of alchemists, talisman refiners, formation masters, and weapon refiners in this world was relatively rare. This also led to the status of cultivators engaged in these four professions being very high. The higher the level of the alchemist, the more sought after they were. However, the pills they refined still couldn’t meet the needs of many cultivators on the market.

Take Qingyun City as an example. There were only around 20 high-level alchemists. Most of them were first-grade alchemists. The best alchemists were only second-grade. A third-grade alchemist couldn’t be found in Qingyun City. All the third-grade pills flowed in from outside.

In addition to teaching Feng Ming, He Shu also gave guidance to the cultivators within the Feng family who were interested in alchemy. It was just that the few who followed him were only alchemy apprentices and didn’t have any rating.

Feng Ming requested to learn alchemy on his own. Even though everyone believed he had no soul power talent and couldn’t become an alchemist, the head of the Feng family listened to all of his ger’s requests and specially invited the second-grade alchemist, He Shu.

Since learning how to refine medicine, Feng Ming had wasted countless spiritual plants. In the eyes of outsiders, Feng Ming squandered his family fortune.

Of course, Feng Ming had a purpose behind learning to refine medicine. He might not be able to use his superpower, which was his soul power, but he believed that he would one day be able to develop his soul power.

The soul power transformed from healing power was too special. He had read so many books and asked about the soul power talent of other cultivators, but he had never heard of anyone in the same situation as him.

He wasn’t really a silly and sweet young master who would expose the special situation of his soul power. Thinking about it, the best way was to use his identity as an alchemist to cover it up. Moreover, he felt that his healing soul power might be able to play a unique advantage in refining medicine.

OF course, whether this was the case or not needed to be confirmed through future practice.

Therefore, he clamored to learn how to make medicine to prepare for the future.

Look, he could tease out several strands of soul power now. The time when he could refine pills and become a first-grade was not far away. He needed to carefully observe how He Shu refined pills.

He Shu took out a second-grade alchemy furnace from the storage ring and laid out a row of spiritual plants. Feng Ming knew at a glance that the pill that He Shu wanted to refine was a first-grade primary body tempering pill. The entry-level pill was also the least difficult to refine, but even with the lowest difficulty, eight types of spiritual plants were required.

Feng Ming worked diligently with He Shu and handled the spiritual plants that needed to be used one by one in advance. He Shu could directly put them into the alchemy furnace for use later.


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