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TFHS: Chapter 5

The head of the Feng family didn’t directly answer Bai Qiaomo’s question. He just continued, “This matter hasn’t spread in Qingyun City, but it can’t be hidden from those well-intentioned people in Gaoyang County. The Feng family wants to avoid getting a bad reputation, so they decided to continue the engagement between the Feng family and you. They set their sights on my ger.”

Hearing this, Bai Qiaomo’s calm expression finally cracked.

The head of the Feng family  didn’t answer the previous question directly, but the explanation was given in these words. Perhaps the head of the Feng family was a branch of the Feng family in Gaoyang County. Thus, this inexplicable marriage contract fell to him. Even if Bai Qiaomo rarely returned to Qingyun City, he had heard about the love that the head of the Feng family had for his only ger.

It was precisely because of this that the head of the Feng family came to him early in the morning.

Bai Qiaomo smiled bitterly. The head of the Feng family loved his only ger so much. Now people wanted to marry his ger to a waste person like Bai Qiaomo. It was already good that the head of the Feng family didn’t kill him with a single blow.

“Master Feng, I don’t know anything about this matter. But please rest assured. I will directly reject it. Now that I am like this, why bother to drag others down?”

The head of the Feng family sneered. “Don’t you understand the current situation? Things have reached this point. Can you be the master? Can you be the master of the Feng family or the Bai family? You and I can’t help it. If we want to be the master of our own affairs, we have to be stronger than those families who are pressing down on us.”

“To tell you the truth, Feng Linlang is my niece and the daughter of my older brother. I am at odds with the Feng family. After this incident, I will be completely disconnected from the Feng family of Gaoyang County. So I, Feng Jinlin, will recognize this marriage for Ming’er, but there are some things I need to discuss with you.”

“Firstly, the marriage is only on the surface. Privately, you still have your own lives. You must not force Ming’er in the slightest. Once the time comes, you can terminate the contract and you each go your own way.”

“Secondly, you need to marry into my Feng family. I am worried about letting Ming’er escape from my eyes and fall into the hands of your Bai family. You know what type of virtues your Bai family has and I know it too.”

“If you agree to these two conditions, then you can do it according to my wishes.”

Bai Qiaomo had to smile when he heard this. He couldn’t help asking, “What if I don’t agree?”

Feng Jinlin’s gaze turned cold. “If you don’t agree, I will slap you to death right now and see if the Feng family will continue the engagement between the two families.”

Bai Qiaomo was helpless. This was indeed the outcome that was most beneficial to the head of the Feng family. The head of the Feng family being willing to negotiate with him was already benevolent and righteous. He should thank the head of the Feng family for not directly killing him.

“I thank you for showing mercy. Due to my matter, Master Feng and Young Master Feng have been dragged into the whirlpool of right and wrong. If the marriage really can’t be refused, I am willing to follow your arrangements. I am just worried that I will affect Young Master Feng’s reputation.”

Feng Jinlin snorted. “Can fame be used as food? As long as I, Feng Jinlin, am here, Ming’er will have no problem marrying as many people as he wants in the future.”

Bai Qiaomo sweated profusely, but he also had to admit that the head of the Feng family was telling the truth. These days, men could have three wives and four concubines. As long as a woman was strong enough, she could also hug someone on the left and right. Young Master Feng wasn’t strong, but his father was strong.

Bai Qiaomo said dryly, “Then I have nothing to worry about.”

“You can take care of yourself.” After the matter was settled, the head of the Feng family said a few words before standing up and leaving.

The head of the Feng family left, but Bai Qiaomo’s heart fluctuated. He wasn’t as calm as he had shown before.

Even if the head of the Feng family hadn’t mentioned it, how could he forget Feng Linlang and Wu Yingyan? His dantian was destroyed thanks to these two, but he hadn’t expected that the Feng family would do something like this again to cover it up.

What was strange was that there was no Feng family’s father and ger in Qingyun City in his previous life. He never knew that the head of the Feng family in Gaoyang County had a son like Feng Jinlin.

Bai Qiaomo was reborn on the first night he was sent to the village. He hadn’t expected that he, who should’ve perished under the heavenly tribulation, would be reborn to the lowest point of his life. He used to have a very smooth life, so this was unbearable for him.

He once thought that his father really valued him as the oldest son the most. Even if his biological mother died early and his mother remarried and had other children, he would still be the most valued by his father.

However, when he hit a low point in his life, he saw the true faces of his relatives and realized how naive he was.

After his rebirth, he was no longer as despairing as before when the world had been plunged into darkness with no light.

In the past, he was able to repair his dantian and resume the path of cultivation. How could his life be worse than the original when he had the chance to do it again?

But before he could take action, a marriage contract landed on him. Thinking about it carefully, it was indeed as the head of the Feng family said. No matter whether it was the Feng family of Gaoyang County or the current Bai family, they weren’t something that he could have the final say against.

The only thing he could do now was be forced to accept everything they arranged.

Bai Qiaomo took a deep breath while feeling a bit aggrieved. It was indeed him who brought the head of the Feng family and the Feng family’s ger into trouble. Therefore, he agreed to the two conditions put forward by the head of the Feng family.

Moreover, these conditions were actually beneficial to him. After he was reborn, the first thing he wanted to do was distance himself from the Bai family. He no longer wanted to be entangled with these so-called relatives.

‘Marrying’ himself out was the best opportunity to get away in a legitimate manner.

He woke up early in the morning and practiced for half an hour. Feng Ming washed away his sweat and went to the dining room to have breakfast.

“Housekeeper Zhao, where is my father?” Feng Ming asked Housekeeper Zhao, who was sitting in the dining room, when he didn’t see his father.

Housekeeper Zhao smiled and said, “The master of the house has something to do. Young Master, please eat by yourself first. We won’t let the master of the house go hungry.”

“Okay.” Feng Ming nodded. Then he ate the breakfast on the table.

It was really extravagant. Feng Ming found that after crossing to this world, his life became more and more depraved.

The moment he put down his chopsticks, Feng Ming saw his father striding in from outside with a dusty expression. Feng Ming hurriedly greeted him happily. “Father, where have you been? It seems that you didn’t go out early in the morning, right? Did you sneak out in the middle of the night?”

Feng Jinlin saw his son and felt that a night of exhaustion was nothing. Then his eyes were full of guilt the moment he thought of the engagement that suddenly fell on his son. He thought he could protect his son, but it was beyond his capabilities every time.

Feng Jinlin looked at his son in distress and reached out to touch his head. “I will go wash up first and change my clothes. Wait for me in the study. I have something to tell you later.”

“Okay, Father. Go wash up quickly, and don’t forget to have breakfast. Housekeeper, keep an eye on my father.”

“Okay.” Feng Jinlin and the housekeeper responded at the same time.

Feng Ming walked into his father’s study, which was completely open to him. Generally speaking, as long as Feng Ming wanted to know something then Feng Jinlin rarely hid it from him.

Of course, there were many things Feng Ming didn’t want to touch such as where his father came from and why his father didn’t have any relatives.

His father didn’t jump out of a crack in the rocks. He just felt that there must be a compelling reason why his father didn’t tell him, so Feng Ming was considerate and never asked.

He thought it was good that the father and son depended on each other. They were the closest and most trusted people to each other in the world.

Feng Ming pulled out a miscellaneous book from the bookshelf. He moved to a chair and started reading the book while waiting for his father.

Feng Jinlin came very quickly and didn’t let Feng Ming wait long. The housekeeper followed him with a plate of breakfast. Feng Ming quickly ran over to pick it up. He took out a bun and stuffed it into his father’s mouth.

Based on his father’s cultivation level, he would be fine without eating for a few days. However, Feng Ming’s habits in his previous life were a bit deep-rooted. He always felt that skipping breakfast wasn’t good for his health. He probably had some obsessive-compulsive disorder. If he skipped break, he always felt there was something unfinished.

Feng Jinlin enjoyed his son’s filial piety and felt a bit relieved.

The housekeeper turned around and left. The master wanted to talk to the young master. Others should stay away and guard the outside to prevent others from approaching.

Feng Jinlin finished the whole plate of breakfast before taking his son to sit down together. Before he spoke, his eyes became complicated.

Feng Ming held his chin as he looked at his father. He said seriously, “Father, looking at your face, I always feel that you have done something that made you feel sorry toward me. Could it be that you went to meet your lover in the middle of the night to find me a stepmother?”

Feng Jinlin’s newly brewed emotions were disrupted. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after hearing this. He rubbed his son’s head and said, “I told you earlier. I never thought about finding a stepmother for you. I went out in the middle of the night to find a son-in-law.”

Feng Ming was dumbfounded and almost slipped from the chair to the ground. He immediately shook his head. “Father, don’t turn around and hit me in the back of the head because of the joke I just made with you.”

Feng Jinlin sighed. “Think about it. Ming’er, you have always been curious about my identity. Aren’t you curious about the relationship between the Feng family in Gaoyang County and us?”

Feng Ming exclaimed, “Is it really related? Father, are you a member of the Feng family in Gaoyang County? Could it be a side branch?”

“No, I am actually a direct descendant of the Feng family. But from now on, we have nothing to do with the Feng family in Gaoyang County.”

“What’s going on? Is it related to the son-in-law you mentioned? Wait, let me sort it out. Father, you said before that Bai Qiaomo was favored by Feng Linlang of the Feng family and was ready to enter an engagement. Now Bai Qiaomo is abolished. Naturally, the engagement will fail. Could it be that the Feng family wants to continue the engagement due to reputation issues and not wanting to be criticized? However, it is impossible for them to marry Feng Linlang, a proud daughter of heaven. Thus, they chose someone else from the Feng family to marry him. Did this quota fall on me?”

Feng Ming just wanted to eat melons, but he never thought that this melon would fall on his head and make himself the target of other people eating melons.

The whole thing was really dog-blooded. Now a big basin of dog blood was poured on his head.

Seeing that his father didn’t refute it, Feng Ming lowered his shoulders. He knew that this conjecture was true.

He had accepted that he was a ger who could lay eggs. In fact, he actually liked men. However, he was definitely not happy to lay eggs unless he met someone he liked.

Even if the egg only needed to stay in his belly for three months, it definitely wouldn’t work. Who let him be reborn with the memories of his previous life?

“Father, can I ask about the relationship between you and Feng Linlang? In addition, you are actually at odds with the Feng family of Gaoyang County, right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t have left Gaoyang County and come to Qingyun City. You have never mentioned the Feng family of Gaoyang County.” Otherwise, with such a backer, his father’s journey would’ve been much smoother.

The first time he heard about the Feng family of Gaoyang County, Feng Ming thought it was just a coincidence that they had the same surname.


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