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TFHS: Chapter 4

Feng Ming read a book and teased out his soul power. Once the time came, he washed up and went to bed.

As he was sleeping heartlessly. his father was running wildly through the wilderness outside the city.

If they weren’t confident in their own strength, most cultivators wouldn’t choose to travel at night.

It was because there were countless wild beasts living in the wider land outside human settlements. Many powerful wild beasts were more suitable for moving at night than human cultivators. The dangers encountered at night were several times greater than during the day.

There was a team of cultivators heading toward Qingyun City. This team might be protected by strong people in the essence liquid realm, but they still chose a place to camp at night before continuing their journey after dawn.

It was the second half of the night. Half the people in the camp were resting, while half were keeping vigil in case of any accidents at night.

A strong person in the essence liquid realm was keeping guard in the second half of the night. He closed his eyes and sat cross-legged on the ground, seemingly asleep. However, his eyes suddenly opened and stared sharply in a certain direction. He shouted, “Who is it? Come out?”

“What’s going on? Is an enemy attacking?” The people on the night watch picked up their weapons one after another and looked around cautiously. The sleeping people were also woken up and got up with a grunt.

“Come out! Otherwise, don’t blame me for taking action!” The essence liquid realm expert shouted sternly again.

The others were more vigilant.

At this time, there was the slight sound of footsteps from the darkness. Then everyone saw a slightly thin figure slowly walking out of the black curtain.

The moment they saw someone entering their campsite, everyone waited for the leader to give the order before they would attack.

However, when this figure walked into the light of the camp’s bonfire, the leader in the essence liquid realm was stunned and shouted out, “Young Master Jinlin?”

The person who came was none other than Feng Jinlin, who had left the city overnight. He was Feng Ming’s father, but his face was as cold as ice at this moment. He didn’t show any warmth at all when looking at the people in the camp. Instead, he showed a sneering look.

“Yes, it’s me, Feng Jinlin. Aren’t you here for me? Now, turn back and don’t step into Qingyun City. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Feng Jinlin? Feng Jinlin of Qingyun City? The people in the camp immediately understood the identity of the other party. They came to Qingyun City with a mission. This mission was related to Feng Jinlin in Qingyun City.

Although not everyone had met Feng Jinlin, this mission was related to him. They had inquired about him to some extent. All they knew was that Feng Jinlin wasn’t taken seriously by the family. He ran away from home early and wandered around. Some of the younger members of the family didn’t even know about such a person.

Later, he didn’t return home. He chose to settle down in another city and had a ger.

After understanding the situation and the status of Qingyun City, most people thought that this Feng family member must be inferior to other Feng family members. Why else was he not valued by the family and ended up developing in Qingyun City? This was equivalent to being sent away in disguise.

But now when they saw Feng Jinlin appearing late at night, they were surprised to find that his aura was sharp and no weaker than the team leader, Feng Songhai.

Feng Songhai also didn’t expect that Feng Jinlin would come to intercept them overnight. He waved away the others and let everyone rest. Then he said to Feng Jinlin in a low voice, “Why? You didn’t even call me when you saw your sixth uncle? I thought I would see you tomorrow. I didn’t expect to see you in the middle of the night.”

Feng Jinlin was impatient. “Are you going or not? Otherwise, don’t blame me for going on a killing spree. Sixth Uncle, even you might not be my opponent.”

Feng Songhai’s expression changed. He was in the middle stage of the essence liquid realm. At his age, it was unlikely that he would make any further progress. Therefore, he did some trivial things for the family to create more conditions for his children and grandchildren. He pinned his hopes on them.

He didn’t expect that after not seeing each other for so many years, Feng Jinlin’s strength would be higher than his. In a small place like QIngyun City, Feng Jinlin was actually able to cultivate to the late-stage essence liquid realm. It wouldn’t be too much of a problem to advance to the essence dan realm.

Unable to fight with strength, Feng Songhai softened and continued with a smile, “We haven’t seen each other for so many years. Why are you shouting so seriously about killing and letting others see the joke? Let’s go. Sixth Uncle will talk to you alone for a while.”

Feng Jinlin glanced at him before turning and walking into the darkness. Feng Songhai followed and prevented others from getting close.

Feng Jinlin wanted to know why these bastards came to take advantage of him. Why did they let him and Ming’er wipe their butts when they caused the trouble?

Once they were far enough away from the campsite, Feng Jinlin stood with crossed arms. He didn’t have a good expression for his sixth uncle, whom he hadn’t seen for many years. “You can say it.”

Feng Songhai sighed. If he could, he didn’t want to force Feng Jinlin. But who made his branch of the family weaker?

“Jinlin, Sixth Uncle is very happy to see your current state. Okay, don’t be impatient. You came to intercept me in the middle of the night, so you must be aware of this matter. It was your niece Linlang who discussed the engagement with Bai Qiaomo, the eldest son of the Bai family. Linlang was diagnosed with a top-grade earth bone when she was five years old. How could your father and older brother be willing to marry Linlang to a useless person?”

It was only then that Feng Jinlin realized this Feng Linlang was actually his niece. Still, what did this have to do with him? He said coldly, “What do they have to do with me? If they don’t want to ruin Linlang, they can just bear the reputation of breaking the contract. You don’t want to ruin her, and you still want a good reputation, so you came to sacrifice my child? Why don’t they go to heaven?”

Feng Songhai also knew that what his nephew said was reasonable, but he couldn’t make a decision on this matter. He could only laugh awkwardly before saying, “It doesn’t matter what I have to say about this. Before we set off, your father and oldest brother gave me a letter and told me to hand it over to you personally. Your oldest brother said you would agree after reading this letter.”

“Give it here.”

Feng Songhai hurriedly took out the letter from the storage ring. Feng Jinlin opened the letter and read it. After reading it, he gritted his teeth.

Feng Songhai subconsciously took a step back. He didn’t read what was written in the letter privately, but seeing his nephew’s appearance at this time, he knew that the letter didn’t have any good words. Otherwise, how could it make his nephew angry like this?

It was also difficult for him. The older brother would take over his father’s position and became the designated head of the Feng family. Feng Songhai also had to beg for resources from the head of the family. He didn’t want to be squeezed out as a marginal figure. After weighing the two, he could only be sorry for his nephew, Jinlin.

Feng Jinlin’s eyes widened, and he almost tore the letter in his hand to pieces. He tried his best to restrain himself.

What a good father and brother. He hadn’t expected that these relatives would use this to conquer him, just to fulfill themselves.

No, he should’ve recognized the true face of those so-called relatives a long time ago. When interests were at stake, family ties didn’t matter. Everyone could be sacrificed.

Seeing that his nephew was angry, Feng Songhai didn’t want to say anything. However, he had to say it. He persuaded the other person, “Jinlin, calm down. I heard that my great-nephew only has a yellow bone, and he is of the right age. It is better to get married as soon as possible and have a grandchild with qualifications. Jinlin, you can vigorously cultivate your grandson in the future.”

Feng Songhai was like this. If his son wasn’t good, then he would train his grandchildren. None of his sons lived up to expectations, but he had a grandson with good qualifications. Feng Songhai was now counting on his grandson to stand out in the future and gain status for his family.

Feng Jinlin closed his eyes. He was the one who dragged Ming’er down, causing Ming’er to wipe their butts. Sooner or later, he would make these people pay the price.

Feng Jinlin suddenly opened his eyes again, his gaze sharp. “Feng Songhai.” He no longer called him Sixth Uncle. “Go back and tell Feng Songhan and Feng Jintai that after this incident, I will never have anything to do with the Feng family. If the Feng family dares to plot against my family again, I will drag the entire Feng family down at all costs. We have two lives. Just ask them if they dare to exchange it for the entire Feng family!”

Feng Songhai trembled. At this moment, he believed that his nephew could really do such a thing and fight to the death.

Feng Jinlin dared, but did the Feng family dare? There was no need to ask to know that Feng Songhai’s older brother and good nephew wouldn’t dare at all. The Feng family really angered his nephew completely. There was no room for maneuver.

That was it. This was something that his older brother should consider. What did it have to do with his sixth family? Feng Songhai nodded readily. “I will tell your father personally when I go back.”

“Hmph. You guys can take care of yourselves.”

Feng Jinlin finished speaking and floated out. He disappeared into the black curtain in the blink of an eye. Soon, Feng Songhai dragged his somewhat heavy steps back to the campsite.

Seeing him coming back, the others were relieved. They had been worried that a fight would break out in the middle of the night.

In a village around 20 kilometers away from Qingyun City, It was just dawn, and the people in the village had already started to work, chatting loudly from time to time. If someone listened carefully, they could hear a lot of gossip about Bai Qiaomo, the oldest young master who was now recuperating in the village.

Now everyone in the village knew that the Bai family had abandoned the former oldest young master. They said he was sent here to recuperate, but unexpectedly, there were only a few servants to serve him. It seemed that he was thrown into the village and left to fend for himself.

It had to be said that the head of the family was really ruthless. Many people sympathized with this former proud son of heaven.

Bai Qiaomo, who was being discussed by them, had just opened his eyes when he keenly sensed that something was wrong. There was someone in the room. He immediately got up. However, his excessive movements caused injuries to his body. The pain made his already pale face even paler. Cold sweat rolled down his forehead.

He saw a person standing in front of the window with his back to him. Bai Qiaomo clenched his fists and tried to steady his voice. “I wonder who is here to visit me?”

The thin figure suddenly turned around and faced him. Bai Qiaomo was stunned for a moment when he saw the face clearly. Then he said in surprise, “Master Feng?” He quickly put away his surprise. “I didn’t know that Master Feng was here. I greet you.”

Bai Qiaomo endured the pain, got up from the bed, and put on a coat. Anyone else would’ve looked very ill at ease, but under Feng Jinlin’s gaze, Bai Qiaomo maintained a good demeanor as if he wasn’t in the bedroom.

If he had another identity, Feng Jinlin might’ve admired Bai Qiaomo. But thinking of his purpose, Feng Jinlin was very upset.

He turned around, sat at the table, and poured himself a cup of tea. It was cold tea, but it could calm the anger in his heart. He told himself that this anger shouldn’t be directed at Bai Qiaomo.

Then he pointed to a seat on the other side and said, “Sit down. I need to talk to you.”

Bai Qiaomo wondered why the head of the Feng family would have something important to discuss with him so early in the morning. Looking at his appearance, he should’ve stayed awake all night and rushed over from outside.

Bai Qiaomo sat down and said politely, “Please tell me.”

Feng Jinlin played with the cup in his hand and said, “If nothing happened to you, you would’ve made an engagement to Feng Linlang of the Feng family in Gaoyang County. It was Feng Linlang’s admirer, Young Master Wu, who caused you to be like this. The Wu family’s status isn’t lower than that of the Feng family, so the Kunyuan Sect and Bai family knew this and didn’t dare to seek justice for you.”

Bai Qiaomo’s body tensed up again when he heard these words. “Why does the head of the Feng family know this? You also have the surname of Feng. Could it be that you have some relationship with the Feng family in Gaoyang County?”

He never thought about it before, but it explained why the head of the Feng family specially came to explain this matter. He was afraid it was related.


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