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TFHS: Chapter 36

There were many people coming in and out of the city gate. Many people stopped to watch. They were looking at the giant mammoth beast used by the Feng family. This beast didn’t move very fast, but it had a gentle temperament and was easily tamed by humans. Many cultivators would use it as a means of transportation for long trips.

The mammoth’s back was very broad. The two mammoths used by the Feng family for this trip carried a house with an area of 40 to 50 square meters on their backs. People sitting in the house could hardly feel the bumps when traveling.

It was also the first time for Feng Ming to rise on the mammoth beast. He ran excitedly in front of the mammoth beast. Compared with the giant beast, even the tall Bai Qiaomo was made to look like a dwarf.

Feng Ming happily patted the mammoth beast’s nose. It could be seen that the giant beast’s eyes were very gentle.

“Brother Bai, have you ever ridden a mammoth before?”

Bai Qiaomo shook his head. “Never. It is because the speed of a mammoth isn’t very fast.”

He had never traveled on such a giant beast in his two lives because it was a waste of time in his opinion.

In comparison, he would rather choose to fly on a flying wild beast or a flying boat type of transportation tool.

Feng Ming said, “It is such a pity. This opportunity is just right. We can go sightseeing all the way to Gaoyang County. There might be many wild beasts outside, but the scenery is also good.”

Bai Qiaomo nodded. “Yes, the scenery outside is indeed good.”

He might not care about it, but he had to admit it.

The mammoth was very tall but there was a ladder hanging on the side so they could climb up.

As Feng Ming took Bai Qiaomo’s hand and stepped on the ladder, a wildebeest came to a stop, and a pleasant female voice entered Feng Ming’s ears.

“Did Xiao Feng miss Aunt Yue? I didn’t expect that during the time I was gone, you would gain a husband.”

Hearing this familiar voice, Feng Ming was extremely happy and looked up. It turned out to be Aunt Feng Yue, who had been away for more than half a year.

He jumped off the ladder and ran to Feng Yue, who was getting off a horned horse. He pulled Feng Yue’s clothes and said, “I did. I missed Aunt Yue so much. I regretted that you couldn’t rush back for such a big day as my marriage. Aunt Yue, you have to make it up to me.”

Behind him, Bai Qiaomo looked at this beautiful and tall woman. He was surprised but also not surprised.

In his last life, he never met the leader of the Wind Eagle mercenary group, but he had met one of the deputy leaders. The deputy leader was Feng Yue in front of him.

Feng Yue’s appearance further confirmed Bai Qiaomo’s guess that the powerful Wind Eagle mercenary group in his previous life was founded by Feng Jinlin, the head of the Feng family. The leader of the Wind Eagle group, known to outsiders, was none other than Feng Jinlin himself.

Even though the path taken by the head of the Feng family in this life was different from the previous one, Bai Qiaomo still had an intuition that Qingyun City couldn’t trap Feng Jinlin.

One day in the future, Feng Jinlin would also leave Qingyun City with his group of subordinates and his child to achieve success outside.

What’s more, Feng Ming’s health was getting better, and there was hope for complete improvement. This meant Qingyun City wouldn’t be able to trap them.

Feng Yue didn’t know that she was an old friend in Bai Qiaomo’s eyes. At this moment, she reached out and pinched Feng Ming’s cheek.

As Feng Jinlin’s right hand, she had no children of her own. This meant she always loved Feng Ming like he was her own child.

Feng Yue smiled. “If I forget anything, I can’t forget the big gift for Xiao Feng. This storage bag is prepared for you. Go to the mammoth beast and take a closer look. This time, I will go with your father and son when going to Gaoyang County.”

Feng Ming took the storage bag unceremoniously. As usual, Feng Yue never forgot to bring him a gift wherever she went.

Feng Ming was even happier after hearing that Feng Yue was going to Gaoyang County with them. “That’s great. However, you just came back. Aunt Yue, will you be tired?”

“I’ll sit on the mammoth beast with your father. and can rest on the road. Besides, I’m not tired.” Feng Yue patted Feng Ming on the head and said, “Get in the house. We will leave early.”

“Yes.” Feng Ming turned around and left. He had plenty of time to talk to Aunt Yue on the way to Gaoyang County and after arriving there.

Feng Ming climbed onto the mammoth beast while Feng Yue stood there and looked at Bai Qiaomo.

Feng Jinlin’s letter to her had given her a detailed explanation of why this marriage happened, as well as Feng Ming’s own attitude.

Seeing Bai Qiaomo bow respectfully to her at this moment, Feng Yue couldn’t find any faults. Bai Qiaomo wasn’t the one who made the decision and could only be at the mercy of others.

This other person was naturally the Feng family of Gaoyang County. Feng Yue was angrier at the Feng family, so she could tolerate it for the time being. In the future, she and Brother Feng would develop more power than the Feng family. Sooner or later, this debt would be repaid.

Feng Yue thought like this and didn’t show a bad expression to Bai Qiaomo. Instead, she said calmly, “You can get in too. From now on, call me Aunt Yue like Feng Ming.”

“Yes, Aunt Yue.” Bai Qiaomo didn’t look down on this capable person besides the captain of the Wind Eagle.


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