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TFHS: Chapter 35

It was very lively outside, but the person involved, Feng Ming, was very calm. There was nothing surprising about the result.

Back in the carriage, Feng Ming was thinking about Su Wenfan. He couldn’t help asking, “Brother Bai also thinks that person named Su is weird?”

Bai Qiaomo nodded. “That’s right.”

He recalled the scene in Fengyu Tower. The other person seemed to know there was something in the black stone, so he became so agitated when Feng Ming said he threw it away.

If Bai Qiaoyu was pretentious then this Su Wenfan was even worse. His eyes were full of fake sympathy, fear, and malice. This made Bai Qiaomo think that the other person was his former enemy. Then he no longer thought so after hearing the other person ask for the black stone.

What Bai Qiaomo couldn’t understand was how the other person knew that there was a treasure hidden in the black stone. After he re-entered the path of cultivation in his previous life, it was difficult for him to trust the people around him. Therefore, he never revealed the existence of the Green Gathering Bead and the remnant soul inside to anyone.

It couldn’t be that the remnant soul did something. The remnant soul’s vision wasn’t so bad that he would notice a young cultivator who just entered the body tempering realm.

Therefore, Bai Qiaomo was very curious about the origin of Su Wenfan. Even if Feng Ming didn’t tell the guard around him, Bai Qiaomo would find a way to find someone to keep an eye on Su Wenfan.

“Junior Brother Ming, that stone…”

Feng Ming waved his hand. “Isn’t it just hiding two Green Yuan Beads? You gave me one. Besides, do I look like I lack 100 yuan crystals? This guy surnamed Su underestimates the financial resources of my Feng family.”

Bai Qiaomo knew that Feng Ming said this on purpose and laughed. “Yes, few people of the same generation in Qingyun City can match Junior Brother Ming’s financial resources.”

Feng Ming raised his chin proudly. “That’s right. Forget 100 yuan crystals. Even 1,000 yuan crystals can’t enter my eyes unless he—” Feng Ming rolled his eyes and smiled. “Unless he can bring out a treasure to immediately repair Brother Bai’s dantian. Then I will reluctantly trade the Green Yuan Bead to him.”

Bai Qiaomo laughed softly, making Feng Ming’s ears turn a bit red. Why was his smile so beautiful?

Feng Ming was a bit unlucky. First, he married Bai Qiaomo, who was suspected to be the protagonist. Then he severely offended Su Wenfan, another suspected protagonist.

Compared to Bai Qiaomo, Su Wenfan was the narrow-minded and vengeful type. Feng MIng’s previous performance was that of a typical villain. He was the type of villain who would soon become cannon fodder.

However, Feng Ming still offended him. If Feng Ming’s judgment was correct, Su Wenfan was probably a book transmigrator who knew the plot and wanted to grab the golden finger of the original protagonist. This meant that Feng Ming was always on the opposing side of Su Wenfan as long as he was temporarily tied to the original protagonist.

In addition, Su Wenfan had a malicious look in his eyes when first seeing him.

Feng Ming had been doted on all his life by his father and never wanted to tolerate this.

The result of the assessment was normal for the head of the Feng family and He Shu. They were pleasantly surprised. Once Feng Ming revealed his talent for alchemy, one of them paid more attention to collecting the inheritances and pill recipes while the other taught more carefully. The uproar outside didn’t affect them.

Bai Qiaoyu finally accepted the reality that Feng Ming became a first-grade alchemist, but she still questioned Feng Ming’s qualifications. However, she only dared to do it secretly and didn’t dare to openly express doubts. After all, the status of the Medicine Hall was too high.

Bai Qiaoyu wasn’t the only one who had such suspicions, and she wasn’t the only one who was jealous of Feng Ming. These people were determined to find evidence. However, once the assistant present at the assessment that day retold the scene of the assessment, the doubts were all silenced.

The assistant personally said that Feng Ming only used the materials for the three pills once, and they were completed under the watchful eyes of him and Deputy Hall Master Yang. There was no possibility of cheating.

This person might be an assistant but he was also a real first-grade alchemist. He used to be very arrogant. Now he personally confirmed it. If any doubted it again, the Medicine Hall probably wouldn’t let it go.

As a result, more people outside realized that the good-for-nothing young master of the Feng family was actually a genius in alchemy. This was confirmed by Deputy Hall Master Yang himself.

In the past, everyone respected Feng Ming for the sake of the Feng family and the head of the Feng family, but they didn’t take him seriously in their hearts. But since this incident, everyone had a bit more respect in their hearts when talking about Feng Ming. This was earned by Feng Ming’s own ability.

Feng Ming could become a first-grade alchemist in such a short period of time. No matter how bad his cultivation skills, he would definitely become a second-grade alchemist in the future. Did cultivators like them have the right to look down on second-grade alchemists? There might be a time when they needed Feng Ming’s skills.

Feng Ming had no intention of paying attention to the commotion outside. It was because after discussing it with his son, the head of the Feng family decided to go to Gaoyang County in advance. This meant he had been preparing for the trip these days.

Until now, the auction list that Feng Jinlin got from Gaoyang County didn’t include the Blue Frost Spring Water. Still, Feng Jinlin decided to trust Bai Qiaomo once. He wanted to take his child out for a while. He should see the outside world instead of staying in Qingyun City all the time.

Feng Ming was very excited. He had been out of Qingyun City before but it was only visiting the few surrounding market towns. He had read a lot of travel notes and yearned for the outside world. Now he finally had an opportunity to go out.

Bai Qiaomo was originally very calm. After all, he had experienced it once. However, affected by Feng Ming’s emotions, he actually had some expectations for this trip.

Five days later, the Feng family’s team was ready to go at the city gate. Sheng Duo hurriedly came to see them off after receiving the news.

Sheng Duo was very sad. Once Feng Ming was gone, he would lose a playmate in Qingyun City and his days would be very lonely.

“Master Feng is going to Gaoyang County. Why are you and Brother Bai going as well?”

Feng Ming said, “Don’t you have the idea of going to visit Gaoyang County? It isn’t that you don’t want to, but you can’t go.

Sheng Duo gritted his teeth in anger. Couldn’t Feng Ming ever say something nice? Feng Ming had to stimulate him like this. “Who said I can’t go? Just wait. I will go to Gaoyang County as well.”

“Okay, I’ll wait. Don’t let me down.”

Sheng Duo was so angry that he turned around and left. Feng Ming’s smug laugh could be heard behind him.


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