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TFHS: Chapter 34

After arriving in the back hall, Deputy Hall Master Yang had a bit more confidence in Feng Ming. Without waiting for Feng Ming to speak, he ordered the assistant around him, “The rejuvenation pill, primary body tempering pill, and the beast blood pill. Get three batches of materials each.”

His sense of smell was particularly sensitive. Once alone, he could smell that the medicinal fragrance of the rejuvenation pill coming from Feng Ming was the strongest. This showed that Feng Ming had been refining this type of pill recently. Then on this basis, he distinguished the medicinal fragrance of the other two pills.

Feng Ming gave a thumbs up and said in admiration, “Deputy Hall Master Yang is so powerful. I can’t hide anything from your spiritual nose.”

Deputy Hall Master Yang was very happy to be complimented. “Young Master Feng is also very good. I didn’t expect that you could become an alchemist in such a short period of time. Our Qingyun City’s Medicine Hall branch will add another alchemist.”

Feng Ming wasn’t modest. “That is for sure.”

Deputy Hall Master Yang laughed again. This ger from the Feng family was really interesting. Moreover, he could smell the medicinal fragrance on Feng Ming’s body. There was only one possibility for this. It was that the pills refined by Feng Ming were of good quality, so he was very confident in his assessment this time.

The assistant fetched the materials, but he didn’t have the sharp nose of the deputy hall master. Like the outsiders, he thought that Feng Ming was too ignorant about what type of place this Medicine Hall was and could come whenever he wanted. The deputy hall master had a good temper and was willing to waste time with Feng Ming.

The assistant’s thoughts didn’t affect Feng Ming in the slightest. He immediately took out his alchemy furnace and sat down to start making alchemy. His movements were very skillful.

It was as Bai Qiaomo thought. There was only one thing Feng Ming needed to take into consideration. It was to suppress his alchemy skills. He didn’t need to refine the best-grade pills. He could just refine medium-grade pills.

Thus, Feng Ming started his performance. The next development surprised the assistant, who hadn’t left.

Feng Ming didn’t waste any of the materials for the three types of pills. They were all successfully refined in the first furnace. They were all full of pills and all middle-grade pills.

Not only did the assistant not believe what he saw, but even Deputy Hall Master Yang was pleasantly surprised. He guessed that Feng Ming would pass this assessment, but he hadn’t expected the result to be so good. It was full of pills and medium-grade. What did this mean? It showed that Feng Ming’s control of soul power was very precise.

It only took half an hour for the three people who entered the back hall to come out. None of the people waiting in the main hall had left. In addition, there were those who came after hearing the news, so the spacious main hall was almost packed.

The moment Feng Ming and the others showed out, countless pairs of eyes looked over. They saw that Feng Ming was in high spirits, without the slightest trace of frustration of failing to pass the exam.

Out of the other two people, Deputy Hall Master Yang looked happy while his assistant’s eyes were dazed, like a wandering spirit.

Deputy Hall Master Yang personally presented Feng Ming with the qualification certificate and the badge of a first-grade alchemist. In addition, there was an alchemist robe specifically made for the Medicine Hall. In front of the audience, he said, “Congratulations, Young Master Feng on becoming a first-grade alchemist. If you have anything you don’t understand about alchemy, you can come to the Medicine Hall to ask me.”

Feng Ming politely replied, “Thank you, Deputy Hall Master Yang. I will inevitably come to disturb you in the future.”

“Haha, then I’ll be waiting.” Then he said to everyone in the hall, “Everyone, please leave. There is nothing lively in the Medicine Hall to see.”

Someone finally had the courage to ask, “Deputy Hall Master Yang, has Young Master Feng really become an alchemist?”

Deputy Hall Master Yang personally rectified Feng Ming’s name and said, “Young Master Feng is very talented in alchemy. Not only are all three furnaces full of pills, but they are all medium-grade.”

Deputy Hall Master Yang turned around and left after he finished speaking. Once he left, the hall exploded. The result was so unexpected.

Sheng Duo was so happy that he jumped around Feng Ming and cheered while Bai Qiaomo watched with a smile. This result was what he expected. Feng Ming didn’t reveal his true level of alchemy, but controlled it to a high level. This way, people wouldn’t underestimate him.

Bai Qiaomo stepped forward and said, “Congratulations, Junior Brother Ming, on becoming an alchemist.”

Feng Ming smiled. “Be happy. In the future, I will never be without your pills. Brother Bai, I will take care of all your pills from now on.”

“And me, and me!” Sheng Duo shouted.

“Okay, yours is also indispensable. Let’s go. It is too noisy here.”

Feng Ming was about to leave, and everyone instinctively opened a passage to let the three of them go. Deputy Hall Master Yang personally confirmed it, so no one doubted Feng Ming’s alchemy level anymore, even if it all sounded incredible.

From today on, the good-for-nothing ger of the Feng family would be a genius in alchemy.

He had become a first-grade alchemist one month after awakening his soul power.

Compared to him, Bai Qiaoyu, who took seven or eight years to become a first-grade alchemist, was simply an idiot.

This was destined to be a restless day. News from the Medicine Hall spread rapidly throughout Qingyun City and caused an uproar.

City Lord Duan received the news immediately and was a bit surprised. “Has this little ger really passed the assessment and became a first-grade alchemist?”

The subordinates paying attention to the news from the Medicine Hall also felt like he was dreaming. He repeated Deputy Hall Master Yang’s words. “Yes, it was full of pills, and they were all medium-grade.”

City Lord Duan hissed. “This is really a genius in alchemy. It turns out that the talent of the Feng family’s ger lies in this.”

The storekeeper of Fengyu Tower almost tore out a few strands of his beard when he got the news.

Even if he had been optimistic about Feng Ming, this result was beyond his expectations, let alone other people. It seemed like Fengyu Tower was in a state of explosion.

On the one hand, they couldn’t believe it. On the other hand, they were unwilling to question Deputy Hall Master Yang. No one would think that the Feng family bribed Deputy Hall Master Yang to help Feng Ming commit fraud.

Ding Zhengze of the Ding family confirmed the news several times and regretted that he had put too little effort into Feng Ming before. If he took the first step to arrange the marriage with Feng Ming, how many people would admire the vision of the Ding family at this moment?

After Su Wenfan lost face in Fengyu Tower, he was full of hatred as he returned to his residence. There were no servants around him to serve him and no one to inform him of the news. Thus, he didn’t know the news outside for the time being.

The children of the Bai family might not believe in such a result, but this didn’t mean that they wouldn’t send the news to Bai Qiaoyu. They already knew about the conflict between Feng Ming and Bai Qiaoyu in Fengyu Tower. They were eager to see Bai Qiaoyu’s good show.

Bai Qiaoyu’s first reaction when hearing it was like being struck by a thunderbolt. She shouted, “Impossible! It is fake, this is all fake. How can that useless person become a first-grade alchemist? He must’ve used some tricks to follow a crooked path!”

“Sister Yu, Deputy Hall Master Yang personally conducted the assessment for Young Master Feng. Are you saying that Deputy Hall Master Yang helped Young Master Feng cheat?”

The crime of questioning the deputy hall master wasn’t small. Bai Qiaoyu was agitated and said angrily, “Who said that I questioned Deputy Hall Master Yang? There are many ways to cheat. Perhaps this waste used a method to deceive the eyes of Deputy Hall Master Yang.”


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