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TFHS: Chapter 33

“Storekeeper, has Young Master Feng lost his mind and gone crazy? How did he take the alchemist grading test?”

The storekeeper would’ve also gone over to take a look if he hadn’t needed to look after the restaurant. At this time, he laughed and said, “Next time Young Master Feng comes, I will repeat your words to Young Master Feng. If Young Master Feng has gone crazy, you will know if you go over and look like the others.”

He felt that Feng Ming wouldn’t joke about this type of thing. Could it be that Feng Ming was really a genius in alchemy? The storekeeper couldn’t wait to know the result.

“Hey, why waste that time? In any case, the fun will come out. Just wait for the whole city to see the joke. I don’t know how the Feng family will end up this time.”

“Why can’t it end well? There are many people going to take the grading test, but not everyone can pass it.”

No one in Fengyu Tower, including the staff members, believed that Feng Ming had really become an alchemist.

The carriage stopped in the square in front of the City Lord’s Mansion. The four halls were located on both sides of the square. The building with a cauldron above it belonged to the Medicine Hall’s branch. The other three were a hammer, a talisman, and an astrolabe that spread out in all directions.

There was also a larger building in the rear that belonged to a branch of the Mercenary Hall. Various tasks were assigned to cultivators who became mercenaries. The Mercenary Hall had the most cultivators coming in and out, and it was also the most lively.

But when Feng Ming and the others walked into the Medicine Hall, many cultivators followed them. This surprised some passersby outside. The Medicine Hall had a high status, but it was usually very quiet because there were too few alchemists.

This made someone ask, “What is the excitement in the Medicine Hall? Why are you all running to the Medicine Hall? Aren’t you afraid of being kicked out?”

“Of course, there is excitement. The ger of the Feng family ran into the Medicine Hall to take the alchemist grade test.”

“What? The young master of the Feng family wants to take the alchemist test?”

Who in this city didn’t know the young master of the Feng family? What’s more, he just married the abolished genius of the Bai family not long ago. His popularity was still high at this time. They didn’t expect that not long after, the young master of the Feng family would cause another incident.

So what were they waiting for? Many people started running toward the Medicine Hall.

This led to the fact that when Feng Ming entered the Medicine Hall to test the test, even City Lord Duan in the City Lord’s Mansion was alerted. He was informed that Feng Ming was taking the alchemist grading test in the Medicine Hall.

City Lord Duan almost wanted to dig at his ears while wondering if he misunderstood. “The little ger has become an alchemist?”

“He is taking the test. I don’t know if he can become a graded alchemist.”

His subordinate almost said it was impossible, but after considering Feng Ming’s identity, he said it more euphemistically.

City Lord Duan thought this little ger was very interesting. He made such a big noise just by taking the test. He waved his hand and said, “Go and pay attention. Report to me as soon as there is a result.”

“Yes, Sir.”

City Lord Duan wasn’t the only one who thought he heard incorrectly. The staff member of the Medicine Hall also thought he was hallucinating. He repeated the question three times before he confirmed that Feng Ming was going to take the alchemist grading test. His brow furrowed and he really wanted to drive Feng Ming out of the Medicine Hall.

This was the sacred Medicine Hall, not a place for these young masters to play. Others were willing to coax this young master, but he didn’t have the patience or need.

Just as the staff member was about to open his mouth to drive Feng Ming out, Deputy Hall Master Yang came out and asked with a smile, “Which wind blew Young Master Feng and Young Master Sheng over?”

Feng Ming recognized this deputy hall master. The master, whose surname was Yang, looked to be around 30. He wore the unique robe of an alchemist and looked elegant and graceful.

Unlike the staff member, Deputy Hall Master Yang looked at Feng Ming without any prejudice, but like a junior.

Deputy Hall Masterster Yang had also attended when Feng Ming and Bai Qiaomo got married.

Feng Ming respectfully replied, “Deputy Hall Master Yang, I’m here to take the first-grade alchemist exam.”

Sheng Duo also replied respectfully, “Deputy Hall Master Yang, I’m here to accompany Feng Ming while he is taking the first-grade alchemist exam.”

Deputy Hall Master Yang was a bit surprised, but he still nodded and said, “Then let me give Young Master Feng the assessment. Follow me to the back hall. The others will wait outside.”


Feng Ming waved to Sheng Duo and Bai Qiaomo. He didn’t pay attention to the people who followed him to watch the fun and followed Deputy Hall Master Yang to the back hall.

The people who came in to watch the fun didn’t expect that Deputy Hall Master Yang would personally receive Feng Ming. However, in the Medicine Hall, they didn’t dare to whisper like they did in Fengyu Tower. They all closed their mouths and waited. They believed it wouldn’t take too long to see the results.

Bai Qiaomo sat down on a chair comfortably. Among all the people, he had the most confidence in Feng Ming. Feng Ming’s grade exam was easy. What he had to consider was suppressing his own alchemy level. Bai Qiaomo didn’t think Feng Ming would rashly refine the best-grade pills.

They hadn’t known each other for long, but Bai Qiaomo felt that he knew Feng Ming somewhat.

Feng Ming might seem high-profile, such as today’s unabashed revelation in Fengyu Tower that he was going to take the alchemist grade exam, but he actually did things in a very measured manner.

Sheng Duo was a bit worried. It wasn’t because he didn’t believe in Feng Ming. He was worried about Feng Ming missing it.

In order to take the first-grade alchemist exam, not only did the person have to refine three first-grade pills, but they only had three attempts for each pill. What if Feng Ming failed all three times?

However, seeing how calm Bai Qiaomo was and how many people were waiting to see the joke, Sheng Duo forced himself to calm down and sat down patiently to wait.

The previous staff member didn’t believe that Feng Ming could become an alchemist. If Feng Ming could pass the exam then he would eat the table in front of him.


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