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TFHS: Chapter 31

Su Wenfan had asked the stall owner of Luoxia Town. Feng Ming and Bai Qiaomo had spent ten yuan crystals at his stall.

Su Wenfan was heartbroken when he heard this. It was because at that time, he couldn’t even get out ten yuan crystals, let alone ten yuan beads. If he wanted to buy the treasure, he would have to bargain with the stall owner.

However, today was different from the past. Due to the reward money he saved from storytelling, his total net worth was over 100 yuan crystals. Most of his net worth might be gone if he bought it at ten times the price, but the treasure was extraordinary. No matter how much he spent, it was worth it to get it back.

It was because he knew that the treasure didn’t only contain the portable old man who could casually give out a heaven-grade technique. The treasure could also provide sufficient vital energy for practice, which couldn’t be bought with yuan crystals.

SU Wenfan never thought that the people who bought the treasure before him would unfortunately be the newly married Feng Ming and Bai Qiaomo, the protagonist of the book. This was the result he discovered after many inquiries.

Su Wenfan was worried for a moment if it was the power of the plot. Then in the end, his confidence in himself prevailed.

He was the son of destiny who knew the plot well. What he had to do was not retreat. Instead, he had to buy the treasure back from Feng Ming and Bai Qiaomo. Perhaps the treasure was still in Feng Ming’s hands and hadn’t been recognized by Bai Qiaomo.

Su Wenfan begged and Bai Qiaoyu agreed after thinking about it. She took Su Wenfan out of the box.

Facing Feng Ming, Bai Qiaoyu actually had a psychological sense of superiority.

It didn’t matter if the head of the Feng family continued to pamper Feng Ming. He was destined to be a waste. It was a waste no matter how much treasure he accumulated.

This was mixed with a strong sense of jealousy. It was jealousy that Feng Ming, a loser, could have so many good things. If she had them, she would’ve already soared into the sky.

Bai Qiaoyu’s feelings toward her cousin Bai Qiaomo were even more complicated. In the past, this cousin was someone she needed to look up to and please. However, once he fell down, he became a useless person that she could step on. He was worse than Feng Ming, who was a waste.

Bai Qiaoyu regretted losing a source of cultivation resources, but she also felt a sense of superiority.

It didn’t matter how talented one was if they died in the middle of the journey. The person she needed to look up to in the past could now be looked down on from above.

However, Bai Qiaoyu didn’t want to reveal it so bluntly. It was because she knew that her cousin still had all his things on him and she was interested in those resources. She thought she was the smartest among her peers in the Bai family.

She had been sending people to pay attention to the situation in the village. She knew that Bai Qiaolan and the other family members wouldn’t miss the opportunity to ridicule Bai Qiaomo.

She was waiting for the most appropriate opportunity to show up again, play the role of comforter, and become the most trustworthy and only person in Bai Qiaomo’s heart. By then, all the good things in Bai Qiaomo’s hands would become hers.

Once she had all these things, Bai Qiaoyu could kick the person away. He would no longer be of use, and there would be no need for her to compromise. She believed that her cousin’s face would look very good at that time.

Unexpectedly, Bai Qiaoyu’s plan had to change. Bai Qiaomo not only stopped staying in the village, but he also married into the Feng family.

Due to her relationship with Feng Ming, she had no chance of entering the Feng family. Now she had no chance of getting closer to Bai Qiaomo, and Bai Qiaoyu couldn’t help feeling anxious.

Had Feng Ming, that shameless man, been one step ahead of her and taken over everything on Bai Qiaomo’s body?

In addition, the head of the Feng family was usually very outstanding. Why did he agree to this forced marriage?

Feng Ming was the same. He was already a waste. Why did he agree to a marriage contract with an abolished person?

Everyone else was having fun watching this marriage, but Bai Qiaoyu was in a terrible mood.

Now Su Wenfan could be regarded as an opportunity to get close to Bai Qiaomo. She had always acted well in the past. Bai Qiaomo should still regard her as a caring and good sister.

Feng Ming, Sheng Duo, and Bai Qiaomo were talking. Then when they looked up, they saw two people coming. One was Su Wenfan, who had just been telling stories downstairs. The other was also an old acquaintance. It was Bai Qiaoyu of the Bai family, Feng Ming’s old enemy.

Feng Ming never had a good tone toward Bai Qiaoyu. He raised an eyebrow and said with a smile, “It turns out that it is Miss Bai. I wonder why Miss Bai condescended to come to me? Young Master Ding isn’t here. There is no need to come here to find someone.”

Bai Qiaoyu clenched her fists, wanting to smash Feng Ming’s smiling face.

If he didn’t have a good father, what qualifications would such a loser have to provoke a noble alchemist like her? Sooner or later, she would find a chance to pay it back.

Bai Qiaomo drank tea with lowered eyes, not looking up at this good sister who had always been ‘caring.’

After starting over, he could understand the true face of this cousin. This cousin, who had been closest to him compared with other cousins, had betrayed him more ruthlessly than anyone else.

It was just that looking at her now, Bai Qiaomo didn’t feel any disturbance in his heart. He quietly watched how she performed.

There was also a strange gaze that looked at him repeatedly, which made Bai Qiaomo feel a bit strange. He knew who it was but he didn’t know this person’s purpose.

At this moment, it seemed that the other person was very interested in him, so there was a high level of scrutiny.

Bai Qiaoyu took a few deep breaths to suppress the anger in her heart. She looked at Feng Ming and said, “Feng Ming, I won’t say anything to you today. I am here to find my Cousin Mo. Now that you are married to my Cousin Mo, treat my cousin well from now on. If I know that you have bullied him, I, Bai Qiaoyu, will never let you go.”

Feng Ming watched with relish. This calculation in the woman’s eyes was too clear. Did she really care about Bai Qiaomo as her cousin?

Impossible. Even if he didn’t see the calculation in her eyes, based on what Feng Ming knew about Bai Qiaoyu, he knew that this woman had always been very mercenary.

Therefore, she must have a purpose for doing this. Feng Ming rolled his eyes a few times and guessed Bai Qiaoyu’s purpose. He couldn’t help sneering. He held his chin and asked,

“Bai Qiaoyu, are you interested in Brother Bai? Okay, I guess I will believe you for once. Then your Brother Bai and I are newly married. As his cousin, you should give us a congratulatory gift. Show your heart and take it out now.”

As he said this, Feng Ming stretched out his hand and shamelessly asked for a gift in front of others.

Needless to say, both Sheng Duo and Bai Qiaomo were stunned when he reached out his hand.

Then Sheng Duo burst out laughing. He might be a bit naive, but Bai Qiaoyu had never bothered to act in front of them before. Therefore, her true colors were always exposed.

It was hard for Sheng Duo to believe that she would sincerely defend Bai Qiaomo, who was now a useless person. She must’ve followed the position of the head of the Bai family and Bai Qiaolan.

Bai Qiaomo smiled in his heart and thought that Junior Brother Ming was already much smarter than he was before he was reborn. Feng Ming could recognize Bai Qiaoyu’s true face at a glance. Then what about him? In his last life, he really thought that Bai Qiaoyu was always a caring sister. He wasn’t wronged when he was deceived.

Bai Qiaoyu never expected that Feng Ming would act so irrationally, and subconsciously glanced at Bai Qiaomo. Not only did the latter not look at her, but he also had no objection to Feng Ming’s words.

Bai Qiaoyu bit her lip, knowing she would bleed this time. However, she had to bleed this time in order to gain greater profits in the future.

Bai Qiaoyu took out a jade vase from her storage bag. The storage bag wasn’t as large as the storage ring. Even if the Bai family valued her, they couldn’t give her a precious storage ring.

Bai Qiaoyu deliberately gave the jade bottle to Bai Qiaomo while showing concern, “I have wanted to visit my cousin for a long time, but I…”

She hesitated to speak, making people understand her difficulties. She had no choice but to say, “This is the rejuvenation pill that I personally refined for Cousin Mo. Cousin, please wait. Once I can refine better healing pills in the future, I will give them to you as soon as possible.”

Su Wenfan also said from the side, “Sister Yu is really kind-hearted.”

Bai Qiaoyu suddenly showed a shy look. “No, Cousin Mo has always taken good care of me. Now that something has happened to Cousin Mo, I am very worried. It is a pity that my ability is limited.”

Su Wenfan comforted her. “It is great that Sister Yu can do this. I believe your cousin will understand.”

Sheng Duo watched in a dumbfounded manner from the side. What was this man and woman doing here? Seeing them talking to themselves like this, he felt that the dishes in Fengyu Tower weren’t that delicious. Then it became difficult to swallow, and he wanted to vomit.

If they wanted to act, wasn’t it enough to go back and act?

In addition, what did Bai Qiaoyu have to do with ‘kindness’? Why didn’t he see it? He had a good impression of this storyteller before. He hadn’t expected this person’s eyes to be so crooked.

Due to Su Wenfan’s words, Bai Qiaoyu burst into tears. Bai Qiaomo glanced at her and sneered inwardly. It was just a bottle of the rejuvenation pill, and they were even low-grade pills. It was no match for Feng Ming’s best-grade flawless pill.

Before he was injured, he gave Bai Qiaoyu, this white-eyed wolf, so many spiritual plants and resources. If they were replaced with the rejuvenation pill, the pills could pile up into mountains. This couple wanted to move him with just this bottle of rejuvenation pills?

After Su Wenfan arrived, he looked at Bai Qiaomo and Feng Ming unscrupulously. It didn’t matter if Bai Qiaomo was the protagonist of the book. Now he was just a loser. Moreover, after he married into the Feng family, he actually went out to eat with the ger of the Feng family. There were no traces of reluctance on his face at all.

Su Wenfan felt that he had misjudged this person. The dignified protagonist didn’t think it was humiliating to marry someone else and even acted to please a ger.

What was a ger? In Su Wenfan’s view, gers who existed in this book world were monsters who weren’t male or female. He wasn’t a pervert. He had always been interested in women.

Feng Ming was good-looking, but no matter how good-looking, he couldn’t change his identity. The better he looked, the more disgusted Sheng Duo felt.

Now that he saw Bai Qiaomo not responding at all to Sister Yu’s words, he felt even more disgusted with this person.

He had initially planned that after grabbing the protagonist’s cheat, in order to compensate him, Su Wenfan would’ve accepted him as a younger brother and taken him to fight monsters and level up together.

Forget it now. As long as he was here, Bai Qiaomo would never be able to bully Sister Yu.

He just needed to get the treasure, and he could completely cut off the protagonist’s path to recovery. He would let Bai Qiaomo stay in Qingyun City for the rest of his life and be a husband to the end.

Su Wenfan felt extremely comfortable when he thought that the future of the male protagonist of the novel would be entirely under his control. He could cut off the male protagonist’s future with just a thought.

Su Wenfan had such malicious thoughts while saying, “I have heard of Young Master Bai’s reputation for a long time. I have also admired you for a long time. This is the first time we are meeting. I would like to congratulate Young Master Bai and Young Master Feng on your marriage.”

Feng Ming held his chin with one hand to see what this man wanted to do. He could see that Bai Qiaoyu probably wasn’t willing to come to see them. It was Su Wenfan who took the lead.

The appraising look in this person’s eyes was unpleasant. No matter whether it was directed at him or Bai Qiaomo, it was full of malice.

Feng Ming said lazily, “Young Master Su, you are polite. If you have anything to say, just say it.”

“Young Master Feng is cheerful, so I will speak. Did Young Master Feng and Young Master Bai go to Luoxia Town some time ago?” Su Wenfan got straight to the point.

It was written in the novel that the protagonist didn’t discover the treasure hidden in the black stone from the beginning. He only discovered the abnormality because he was injured and blood dripped on the black stone.

Feng Ming and Bai Qiaomo looked at each other in surprise. Feng Ming felt strange in his heart as he replied, “Yes, we went to Luoxia Town.’

Su Wenfan was excited. It was indeed them. He didn’t think about why Bai Qiaomo would go to Luoxia Town in advance. Bai Qiaomo was married into the Feng family now. It was normal that there would be some deviation from the plot in the book.

Su Wenfan immediately stared at Bai Qiaomo and said, “Did Young Master Feng buy back a flat black stone from the stall? I don’t know if Young Master Feng is willing to sell that stone? I think I have a destiny with that stone. Back then, Young Master Feng spent 10 yuan crystals on it. I am willing to buy it at ten times the price.”

Feng Ming and Bai Qiaomo both became wary. Feng Ming felt even stranger. He guessed that this black stone was Bai Qiaomo’s cheat, but how did Su Wenfan know?

He inferred it from Bai Qiaomo’s words. So what about Su Wenfan?

It was as if he knew that there was such a treasure in Luoxia Town early on and went there specifically for the treasure. He just hadn’t expected them to buy it in advance.

What did this mean? This meant that Su Wenfan already knew the plot. Could it be that… they were in the plot of a novel, and Su Wenfan was familiar with the plot of the novel?


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