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TFHS: Chapter 30

Listening to the extremely familiar story, Feng Ming felt more and more that this was the protagonist of a counterattack plot. This guy shamelessly took one of the four great classics as his own and said that it was a story he thought up himself.

The story of Journey to the West was certainly attractive, otherwise it wouldn’t have been circulated in China for thousands of years. It could stand the test of time. The popularity of this story could be seen by the fact that many people were fascinated by it.

However, Feng Ming could also see the shortcomings. In addition to the fact that Su Wenfan himself was an average storyteller and wasn’t a professional, there were different cultural backgrounds between the two worlds.

Feng Ming could tell that the audience in the building was a bit confused by the words and concepts that Su Wenfan said from time to time. However, Su Wenfan was following the script and didn’t stop to explain it to them.

Sheng Duo might like this story but he also whispered, “What on earth is Buddha? Where is the west and Heaven? I only know that there is the Ximing Dynasty in the west.”

Indeed, Feng Ming had read a lot of books but he had never seen any books talking about Buddhist practice and Buddhism. Therefore, Buddha, who was a very common concept to Chinese people, sounded confusing to the people of this world.

Su Wenfan talked for a whole hour until his throat was almost dry. Then a maid came out of a box and ran downstairs with a cup of tea for Su Wenfan to drink.

Su Wenfan looked gratefully toward the private room upstairs and thanked the master of the maid. This caused the maid to give him an angry look. The scene made some people listening in the lobby to heckle him.

Su Wenfan had previously come out of the box. Everyone knew that this box belonged to Bai Qiaoyu of the Bai family. Now seeing that Bai Qiaoyu specially asked her maid to send tea to him to moisten his throat, it could be seen that Miss Bai really cared about Su Wenfan. Now even the maid seemed to be in spring, and her heart was budding.

Sheng Duo was a bit unhappy as he said, “This boy has a lot of tricks up his sleeves. Can Bai Qiaoyu really like such a person?”

Feng Ming was curious. “Are you so concerned about Bai Qiaoyu?”

Sheng Duo snorted. “Why do I care about her? I’m just laughing at her taste.”

At this time, the storytelling was over. The audience upstairs and downstairs were giving rewards. In addition, people kept tipping when it came to wonderful parts in the story.

It wasn’t for nothing that people said Bai Qiaoyu spent a lot of money on Su Wenfen. Every time someone rewarded him, there were people she sent among them.

Sheng Duo also asked his entourage to give a reward. As the young master of the Sheng family, he was very generous.

Feng Ming didn’t move. Bai Qiaomo didn’t move either.

Sheng Duo asked, “How is it? Did I introduce him well? This storyteller has something. The story is fresh and exciting. I really want this guy surnamed Su to finish the entire Journey to the West in one go.”

Bai Qiaomo put down his tea cup. He didn’t drink alcohol because he was injured. He drank tea like Feng Ming.

He said, “The story is indeed very fresh.” He never had the hobby of storytelling in his two lives, but he had never heard of such a story. “However, the level of storytelling is average. He isn’t a professional storyteller. It is only the story that is fresh.”

As for Su Wenfan himself, Bai Qiaomo didn’t comment. Bai Qiaomo was actually someone who could see everything at a glance.

There was ambition that couldn’t be hidden in this person’s eyes. It was very weird. It seemed as if he was looking down on others from a high place.

Bai Qiaomo didn’t know what gave this person such confidence. He was just a weakling who had entered the body tempering realm not long ago.

Feng Ming agreed. “Yes, I feel the same way as Brother Bai.”

Even the content of the story wasn’t new to him. He would’ve dozed off if it hadn’t been for observing Su Wenfan.

Sheng Duo nodded repeatedly. “Yes yes, Brother Bai is right. The story is fresher than anything else.”

They were chatting here while Su Wenfan entered Bai Qiaoyu’s box again after receiving the reward money.

He was proud of his income and for attracting a proud daughter of the Bai family like Bai Qiaoyu. He said anxiously, “Sister Yu, will the young master of the Feng family come today?”

Bai Qiaoyu’s maid had come in and out several times. She had long discovered that Feng Ming and Bai Qiaomo were upstairs, but hadn’t wanted to come out to meet anyone.

Bai Qiaoyu nodded. “The story told by Brother Su is so attractive. How could Feng Ming, who has always loved liveliness, not be attracted? Not only did he come himself, but he also brought his husband with him. It is embarrassing. If it was me, I would hide away from people for the rest of my life.”

Su Wenfan was overjoyed. Sure enough, he took this path, and not only did he make money for himself, but he also attracted the young master of the Feng family.

In particular, the protagonist of the novel, Bai Qiaomo also appeared. Bai Qiaoyu was Bai Qiaomo’s cousin, so he had a way to get close to them.

“Sister Yu, why don’t you take me to get to know them? The thing I saw in Luoxia Town that day fell on them. I am willing to spend double, no, ten times the price to buy it.”


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