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TFHS: Chapter 3

Just as Feng Ming and Yang Xin were leaving Fengyu Tower, someone glanced out from the box next to the window on the third floor and happened to see Feng Ming leaving.

“This little ger is also here to join in the fun.”

If Feng Ming saw this person, he would recognize him as Duan Changjing, the lord of this city. He came out to have a meal with his mansion’s staff.

Unlike other family forces, Duan Changjing knew Feng Jinlin’s origins very well. He naturally recognized Feng Jinlin’s only ger. This ger’s bright appearance made people feel better after seeing him.

However, thinking about the current excitement, the smile on Duan Changjing’s face faded again. He said angrily, ‘Both the Bai family and the Kunyuan Sect are useless., A proud son with a heavenly root was abolished like this, and they are silent.

Others might not know why Bai Qiaomo was abolished, but as the city lord, Duan Changjing had much wider news channels outside than those families in the city. It wasn’t an accident at all. It was a man-made disaster. Someone deliberately wanted to destroy Bai Qiaomo.

Duan Changjing had always been optimistic about Bai Qiaomo. He even had the idea of recruiting him as a son-in-law. However, he needed to wait and see for a while. Unexpectedly, such a genius died halfway. This made him even angrier at the person behind it.

“This child from the Wu family is too narrow-minded. He won’t be able to go far in the future. This city lord wants to see if he can get his wish.”

As the lord of Qingyun City, he had feelings of care for Bai Qiaomo, who was born here. In his opinion, the boy surnamed Wu unscrupulously attacked Bai Qiaomo. This meant he didn’t take Duan Changjing seriously as the city lord at all.

A staff member chuckled. “Why should the city lord care about those arrogant people? This subordinate isn’t optimistic about the future of the young master of the Wu family. How far can he go? He can’t achieve things by suppressing other geniuses. City Lord, what is the attitude of the Feng family of Gaoyang County toward this matter? In the end, this disaster was caused by the Feng family’s daughter.”

Duan Changjing shook his head. “I don’t know what type of compensation the Feng family will make.”

Feng Ming returned home and went into the study to read. Apart from eating melons, he didn’t think he would have anything to do with Bai Qiaomo.

He was very big-hearted.

He might only have a low-grade yellow qualification, but Feng Ming lived quite comfortably. However, his father often worried about him and looked for pills or heavenly treasures that would help his body and cultivation.

It was a pity that the meridians of his body were naturally small and fragile. They were also severely blocked. This meant that after he entered the meridians opening realm, he couldn’t open up all the meridians in his body and enter the next qi gathering realm.

If this cultivation bone was too poor, perhaps he could take the path of alchemist or talisman refiner? However, after testing, it was found that his soul sea was tightly closed. His soul power talent couldn’t be measured at all.

Feng Ming knew that he was born with poor roots. His father said that he had suffered in his mother’s womb, so his father always felt guilty about this and tried every means to make up for it. Feng Ming himself felt that it was okay and didn’t think his life was worse than others.

However, he held a different opinion on the situation of his soul sea. Others couldn’t detect his soul power talent. They thought his soul sea was tightly closed and couldn’t be opened. It was just that Feng Ming himself discovered that his soul sea was blocked by the supernatural energy of his previous life.

He didn’t know why this phenomenon was caused. He also didn’t know why the superpower from his previous life would follow him when he was reborn into this body.

In the past ten years, in addition to tempering his body with his father, Feng Ming had also been studying his soul seal. He tried to ‘activate’ his own ability so that it was no longer as motionless as a pool of stagnant water.

After his unremitting efforts, the soul sea had finally loosened up recently. Feng Ming was sitting in the study, doing two things at once. He read the book in his hand while also communicating with his superpower, no, it was called soul power now.

Only alchemists, talisman refiners, formation masters, and weapon refiners could focus on cultivating their soul power. Only strong soul power could support them in their professions.

People who were born with strong soul power were one in a million. Every talent who appeared was treated as a treasure. They were usually recruited by major forces or sects and trained from an early age.

After a cultivator tempered their body and opened their meridians, they gathered qi in their lower dantian. Meanwhile, soul power was developed in the upper dantian, in other words, the soul sea.

Feng Ming thought that the superpowers used in his previous life should be soul power. It was because the superpower’s abilities were also generated in the mind. Once their strength reached a certain level, a crystal would be condensed in their minds. This was similar to the situation of the alchemists and others cultivating soul power in this world.

So Feng Ming’s soul power talent actually wasn’t bad. If all the soul power was activated, his soul power talent should be very high.

His current situation was that he was sitting on a treasure mountain and couldn’t use it. He could only look at it helplessly.

Feng Ming wasn’t in a hurry. He was very patient. Suddenly, his eyebrows moved. Finally, a trace of soul power leaked out of the soul sea. The soul sea, which had been like stagnant water, finally had slight ripples. The corners of Feng Ming’s mouth curled up.

Feng Ming patiently guided his soul power to flow into his body. In this previous life, the superpower energy could strengthen his body. No superpower user’s body was weak.

His power was even more special. It was a healing power. It could not only heal the power of others but also strengthen his own body. This way, he could pretend to be a strength superpower.

Therefore, after discovering his physical condition, Feng Ming didn’t think he would always stay in the meridians opening realm forever. As long as he activated his ability, he could use his ability to warm and nourish his fragile meridians and gradually open them.

Even more extreme, he could break up the existing fragile meridians and reshape them with his own special power.

Sure enough, his soul power was the healing power of his previous life. After a trace of the soul power was consumed, the strength of the small section of meridians that had been nourished was slightly improved.

Feng Ming was in a good mood, so he continued to communicate with his soul sea. He attracted another trace of soul power and repeated the previous operation.

By the time the sky darkened and Yang Xin came to call him for dinner, the amount of soul power that Feng Ming could use had changed from one strand to three strands.

This amount might be insignificant compared to the huge amount of soul power. It was a good start for Feng Ming. If he persisted, he would sooner or later control all his soul power freely.

Feng Ming read books, practiced exercises, and learned the art of refining medicine with He Zongfeng, whom his father invited back. From time to time, he would move the soul power in his soul sea. His life was quite fulfilling.

Occasionally, he went out to listen to various gossip outside. Bai Qiaomo of the Bai family was still a hot topic in Qingyun City. However, the person involved never appeared in the city.

Feng Jinlin was also very busy. He had trained a group of subordinates, but the Feng family was too small. He was the only one in charge. Feng Ming was still too young. Feng Jinlin was reluctant to let him take over the family affairs at this age. He should enjoy his current life.

Feng Jinlin still had to cultivate. After all, cultivation was his foundation. Without the strength of the late-stage essence liquid realm, he wouldn’t be able to gain a foothold in Qingyun City with a ger as a child.

Feng Ming could also meet and talk with his father during meals. No matter how busy Feng Jinlin was, he would always take time to eat and talk with Feng Ming as long as he wasn’t practicing in seclusion. Feng Ming would mutter a few words in his ears, and Feng Jinlin felt it was worth it no matter how busy he was.

At first, perhaps because he could finally arouse his stubborn soul power that Feng Ming was distracted. Then on the second and third days, he discovered that his father’s mood was a bit wrong. He seemed to be worried about something.

“Father.” Feng Ming finally asked at dinner on the third day. “Do you have something bothering me? Tell me. Maybe I can give you some ideas.”

Feng Jinlin was happy after hearing this ‘nonsense.’ He touched Feng Ming’s head and said, “What can I be worried about? It is nothing more than business and cultivation. What blind ideas can you give me?”

Feng Ming could only laugh twice. He really couldn’t help with these things. His father was getting ready to hit the peak of the essence liquid realm and was moving towards the essence dan realm. What could he, a young cultivator who just stepped into the threshold of the meridians opening realm, understand?

Feng Jinlin changed the subject and asked Feng Ming, “Seeing that you have been playing with that boy from the Sheng family recently, do you have a crush on him? tell me. Which one do you like among those juniors in Qingyun City? I will propose marriage for you and bring someone into the family. Song Yunchen from the Song family isn’t bad either.”

Feng Ming’s expression darkened. He grew up to be 16 without any worries in his life. He knew he was a ger, but he never thought about getting married and giving birth. Moreover, he was only 16 years old. Was his father going to ruin a minor?

“Father, I’m only 16 years old. Isn’t it too early to mention this?”

Feng Jinlin knew that it was right to mention this topic. As expected, his ger’s attention was diverted by him. “Is it early? Meeting at the age of 16 and arranging a marriage. It seems that it is a very common thing in our Qingyu City to get married at the age of 18 two years later, or the age of 20. According to me, it isn’t too early at all.”

Feng Ming was speechless. “Do I have to get married?”

Feng Jinlin looked sad. “You are my only child. If you don’t get married, how will I have a grandchild in the future? Who will I hand over the family business to in the future?”

Feng Ming complained. “Father, stop pretending. It is too fake. I don’t know how many times you have said this. My ears are becoming calloused. In fact, if you want to have grandchildren, you might as well find me a stepmother. It is faster to have a younger brother or sister. Father, you are much more popular than me in Qingyun City.”

“You are impudent,” Feng Jinlin scolded with a smile.

The two of them talked to each other for a while. Then after dinner, Feng Ming returned to his yard. His father might’ve changed the subject, but Feng Ming knew his father well. His father must be worried about something. However, his father didn’t want him to know so he could only not know.

Feng Jinlin went to his study. There was information in his study that had just been sent over today. It was this latest information that made him feel very bad. He didn’t know what those people were thinking.

Soon, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

It was Zhao Yuan, the housekeeper of the Feng family. He came in with a letter in his hand and said, “Master, this is a letter sent by someone from the city lord’s mansion on behalf of City Lord Duan.”

“Leave it with me. You can go out first.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Feng Jinlin immediately opened the letter sent by City Lord Duan. After scanning the contents of the letter, Feng Jinlin slammed his hand onto the desk in front of him. “F*K! This is too much bullying! How dare they set their sights on Ming’er?”

Feng Jinlin was furious. He put the letter into his storage ring, opened the door of the study, and strode out. He explained to the housekeeper, who had been waiting outside without leaving, “I will go out. I might come back tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Keep Ming’er safe until I come back.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Feng Jinlin left the Feng house and rushed out of the city, followed by the guards trained by the Feng family.

In the city lord’s mansion, City Lord Duan stood on the tallest building of the city lord’s mansion. He looked in the direction of the Feng family while surrounded by his staff.

“What type of compensation will the Feng family make? I didn’t expect them to turn their attention to Brother Feng’s ger. Brother Feng cherishes his ger a lot. This time, his anger won’t be easily extinguished.”

“City Lord, will the Feng family’s master refuse this matter?”

“I’m afraid it is difficult. Since the Feng family has sent people here, it means they have a handle to deal with Brother Feng. I believe they can force Brother Feng to agree to this matter. Brother Feng is also in a difficult situation. If he advanced to the essence dan realm now, he doesn’t need to be afraid of the pressure from the Feng family.”


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