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TFHS: Chapter 27

Bai Qiaomo looked in the direction where Feng Ming was leaving and was distracted. Then the voice of the old man, who had been silent for some time, sounded in his mind again.

“Boy, aren’t you curious about how your little husband refined the best-grade pill? As far as this old man knows, the alchemy skills in this place aren’t very good.”

Bai Qiaomo’s expression suddenly darkened. “Unless I give you permission, you aren’t allowed to explore other people’s privacy, especially Junior Brother Ming’s. This is unless you want to be sealed in the Green Gathering Bead space forever.”

He could guarantee that he didn’t need to use the Green Gathering Bead space, but could this old monster endure the loneliness of being shut up in the space?

The remnant soul used the matter of the best-grade pill to speak out at this time because he wanted to ease his relationship with the boy outside. The Green Gathering Bead had fallen into the boy’s hand and recognized its master, which meant that the old man wouldn’t be able to get rid of the boy outside for a long time.

Besides, he had another purpose. It was impossible to keep a stalemate with the boy. He hadn’t expected this boy to actually threaten him.

How many years had he been running rampant in the Wuyuan Continent? Now he was threatened by a little loser who just started cultivating and had his dantian destroyed. This was simply a shame and humiliation. Fortunately, the old man had no body or he would’ve vomited blood from anger.

“Boy,” the remnant soul said angrily. “Don’t try to push the limits with me. During the time when I was running rampant on the Wuyuan Continent, your soul was still in the underworld and hadn’t been reincarnated.”

Bai Qiaomo said calmly, “No matter how glorious you were in the past, you have lost power. You should accept reality and wake up from your past glory as soon as possible. Right now, Senior is only a remnant soul. I might’ve lost my cultivation, but I still have a useful body. As long as I repair my dantian, I can re-enter cultivation.”

“Senior, aren’t you living in the Green Gathering Bead space because you hope to regain your physical body and re-enter cultivation? Can Senior do it on your own?”

The implication was that since it couldn’t be done, the old man should shut up and stop threatening him. This wasn’t how to ask for help.

After understanding what he meant, the old man was so angry that his remaining soul almost collapsed. He raged in the space for a while before suppressing the anger in his heart.

The old monster had to admit that the kid outside had hit his mark.

He didn’t think that this young boy could have such a deep mind? Was he really a young man in his early 20s?

In the eyes of the old monster, this boy was once in a good position only to be suddenly abolished, betrayed by everyone and suffered humiliation. As long as the old man was a bit careful at this time, the boy would rip his heart and lungs out for the old man.

If he instructed the boy on how to repair his dantian and gave some benefits, the boy would be at his disposal.

Unexpectedly, this boy was completely unconcerned. He even accepted the matter of getting married. Rather than bearing the humiliation and burden that outsiders imagined, he actually got along well with the little ger.

“Boy, how do you know about the Wuyuan Continent?” The remnant soul couldn’t feel at ease unless he understood this matter. He couldn’t find any traces of body seizing from this boy.

Bai Qiaomo’s lips curved up. “Guess.”

The old monster was so angry that he almost closed himself up again. Unexpectedly, after he lost power, he was actually pinched in the palm of this boy’s hand.

The old monster’s heart was filled with hatred. He secretly thought that one day, he would let this boy experience the feeling of being controlled by others. As long as the child fell into his hands, all the doubts he had now would be solved.

One day, he wanted the boy to be unable to live.

He was furious in his heart, but he no longer faced Bai Qiaomo on the surface. The old man could only see the outside situation through Bai Qiaomo’s eyes and didn’t want to be completely closed up in the Green Gathering Bead.

From that day on, Feng Ming started to provide Bai Qiaomo with the best-grade rejuvenation pills every day. After the first pill, the number increased rapidly.

In just a few days, Bai Qiaomo had taken 50 of the best-grade rejuvenation pills.

It could be said that Bai Qiaomo witnessed Feng Ming’s rapid progress in alchemy with his own eyes. Feng Ming’s talent was astonishing.

Bai Qiaomo had seen the so-called alchemy geniuses while wandering outside. Feng Ming might only be a first-grade alchemy and only learned how to refine three first-grade pills, but his talent was definitely the most outstanding Bai Qiaomo had ever seen.

In time, Feng Ming would become a very dazzling new star in this land.

He knew how outsiders viewed Feng Ming’s cultivation aptitude. He was no better than Bai Qiaomo, a waste. Feng Ming was a waste in other people’s eyes. He just had a good father.

It was a pity that everyone had misunderstood. In the future, Feng Ming would make up for the shortcomings in his cultivation and improve his cultivation level. He would go further than all the cultivators in Qingyun City.

Since there was no need to worry about impurities in the best-grade pill, Bai Qiaomo cultivated in the Yangyuan Classic again. He had accumulated a lot, and his face was no longer so pale. There was a bit more blood.

Sheng Duo finally recovered from the shock of not being able to awaken talent through marriage and became active again. He booked a table at the Fengyu Tower and invited Feng Ming and Bai Qiaomo over for a meal.

The person who sent the letter also said, “The young master said that something new has appeared in Fengyu Tower recently. It would be a pity not to go and take a look.”

Feng Ming smiled. “Okay, we will keep the appointment on time. I won’t let Younger Brother Sheng down.”

Except for going to Luoxia Town that day, this was the first time Bai Qiaomo went out since arriving at the Feng family.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to go out, but that he either read or practiced in the Feng house. He even went to the Feng family’s library. As the husband of Feng Ming, this place was completely open to Bai Qiaomo.

Bai Qiaomo didn’t feel lonely. On the contrary, he felt extremely relaxed and at ease. The Feng family gave him great freedom.

He also knew that as long as he showed up, he and Feng Ming would become the center of attention.

At this time in his previous life, he would’ve been unable to bear the looks of sympathy and ridicule. Now he no longer cared about this.


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