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TFHS: Chapter 26

Su Wenfan had felt that he was the son of destiny since transmigrating. He was even more ambitious after finding out he transmigrated into a book.

He had the plot under control and believed he could definitely replace the original protagonist.

However, he suffered the first blow in Luoxia Town. The golden finger of the original protagonist was snatched away just before he was about to succeed.

Su Wenfan didn’t give up. Maybe the other party didn’t know the true details of the thing. He still had the possibility of getting it back.

Su Wenfan didn’t think there would be another child of destiny besides himself. A book transmigrator like him, who knew the plot, was unique and blessed.

The second blow was the setbacks he encountered on the way to Qingyun City. Su Wenfan was tired of running for his life and almost went crazy.

After meeting Brother Sun’s hunting team, he discovered that the situation of Qingyun City was inconsistent with the plot in the book that he knew.

In Qingyun City, where the original protagonist was born, where did this Feng family and the Feng family’s ger, Feng Ming, come from? How did the original protagonist, Bai Qiaomo, marry into the Feng family?

This was absolutely impossible, but Brother Sun and the others witnessed all of this with their own eyes. Some members of the hunter team also grabbed a pill that day. They treasured the pill and were reluctant to consume it. They even took it out to show off to Su Wenfan.

Why did characters outside of the novel appear? It was said that the head of the Feng family was also related to the Feng family in Gaoyang County, so there was a marriage between the Feng family’s ger and Bai Qiaomo.

Of course, he knew about the Feng family in Gaoyang County. It was described in detail in the novel that the reason why the original protagonist suffered a disaster was due to someone being infatuated with his beauty.

However, the marriage contract was canceled in the novel. After the original protagonist’s dantian was repaired, he saw the daughter of the Feng family again, and there were no fluctuations in his heart.

Su Wenfan wanted to ask, ‘Why don’t you accept such a beautiful woman?’ The original protagonist actually abandoned such a beautiful woman and allowed her to be said.

In the novel, he didn’t accept such a big beauty. But now he was married to a ger in Qingyun City. Su Wenfan felt that this was a great shame and humiliation.

His three views were still based on the knowledge of his previous life. If a man married into someone else’s family, he would be looked down upon by everyone. It was because only incompetent men would marry into other people’s families.

How proud was the original protagonist? Even if his dantian was destroyed, his spine never bent. How could he get married now?

Su Wenfan expressed such a view at the time. The people in the hunting team just smiled and changed the subject.

In fact, in their opinion, it would be better for Young Master Bai to enter the Feng family than to stay in the Bai family. They went to the street specifically on the wedding day and didn’t see any signs of reluctance on Young Master Bai’s part.

This world valued martial arts. The strong ate the weak. What was wrong with the weak relying on the strong? Who cared whether this strong person was a man, a woman or a ger? Weren’t they all the same?

Su Wenfan sighed with relief after finally entering Qingyun City. He thought of the guards who looked at him with contempt just now and felt extremely humiliated. He was determined to achieve something and slap those guards who looked down on him in the face. Qingyun City would be his starting place.

Characters who didn’t exist in the plot might’ve appeared, but he believed that most things hadn’t changed. For example, the Bai family, Ding family, Sheng family and City Lord Duan wouldn’t have changed.

Based on his understanding of the plot, he would definitely be able to get his first plot of gold. People would soon be impressed.

He also wanted to inquire about the situation of the Feng family and Bai Qiaomo. It would be best to have the opportunity to contact them to see the reason for the change in the plot.

In the alchemy room, Feng Ming looked at the nine green pills lying at the bottom of the pill furnace. He smiled proudly, picked up the pills, put them into the jade bottle, and said to He Shu, who was opposite him, “Look, I must be a genius in refining medicine. Not only have I refined the rejuvenation pill, but it is a full nine pills in one furnace. Three of them are top-grade, and six are medium-grade. I will soon be able to surpass you, Uncle He.”

In fact, this was the result of Feng Ming deliberately controlling it so that his performance was ordinary. Otherwise, the quality of the pills would be higher. Unlike his father, he still held back in front of He Shu.

He Shu had long been accustomed to his tone. Fortunately, he wasn’t a narrow-minded person or he would’ve vomited blood in anger due to this ger.

Seeing Feng Ming’s achievement, he could only be happy for Feng Ming. He nodded and said, “Not bad. You have mastered the refining methods of three pills in a short period of time. You can also refine a top-grade pill. This type of talent is something I have never seen before in my life. It is good if you surpass me as soon as possible.”

In addition to the primary body tempering pill and the rejuvenation pill, Feng Ming also mastered the refining technique of the beast blood pill. This used wild beast blood as the main material to enhance the qi and blood of the cultivators in the body tempering realm.

Feng Ming was a bit embarrassed by the words. “Uncle He, don’t feel discouraged. Once I learn more advanced alchemy skills in the future, I will come back to teach you and let Uncle He make progress with me.”

He Shu was happy. If it really came one day, he would be very happy. “Okay, I will wait for that day. I hope to borrow Young Master Feng’s good fortune.”

It was as difficult as ascending to the sky for ordinary casual cultivators to learn the skill of alchemy. Most of the alchemy techniques and prescriptions were in the hands of big forces.

He Shu’s soul power talent wasn’t high. He wasn’t able to join the Kunyuan Sect, so he had no chance to learn the alchemy skills of the Kunyuan Sect. He stumbled all this way by groping and learning on his own. He was only a second-grade alchemist and it was difficult for him to take another step forward.

Feng Ming was full of confidence. He Shu believed that Feng Ming would be able to go higher and further in alchemy.

Feng Ming no longer needed He Shu’s guidance with the rejuvenation pill, so he left. Feng Ming continued to practice refining the rejuvenation pill.

He had more control over his soul power compared to the alchemist next to him. Feng Ming rarely made mistakes as long as he knew how to use his soul power in refining medicine.

So in the alchemy room, one furnace after another of the rejuvenation pill was refined. In the last furnace, the best-grade rejuvenation pill finally appeared.

Feng Ming happily put his best-grade rejuvenation pill into the jade bottle alone. He handed over the other grades to his father to deal with. Feng Ming washed his hands of being the shopkeeper.

This time, he didn’t think about collecting the pill. Feng Ming thought of the place to go for this best-grade rejuvenation pill. Wasn’t it suitable for Bai Qiaomo’s physical condition? The healing power of the best-grade rejuvenation pill was incomparable to other healing pills.

The moment he had this thought, Feng Ming grabbed the jade bottle and left the alchemy room. He went straight to Bai Qiaomo’s room. Since it was already dark, Bai Qiaomo must be in his room at this time.

Yang Xin saw that his young master went to see Bai Qiaomo the moment he came out, so Yang Xin could only avoid it. He secretly thought that the young master was really good to Young Master Bai.

“Brother Bai, are you in the room? I am coming in.” Feng Ming knocked on the door twice. Once there was no response, he pushed open the door and bumped into Bai Qiaomo, who had just emerged from behind the screen.

Bai Qiaomo had just finished bathing and put on his regular clothes. By the time he heard Feng Ming and was about to open the door, he saw that Feng Ming had already come in.

This person’s whole body exuded a strong medicinal furnace. Even if it wasn’t known what he was doing before, Bai Qiaomo now knew that Feng Ming had spent the whole day on alchemy. His hair was disheveled, and his eyes were very bright.

Bai Qiaomo’s hair was still dripping with water and his usually pale complexion gained a bit of color. Water droplets flowed down his hair to his chest, wetting the clothes on his chest and outlining Bai Qiaomo’s good figure.

Seeing the thin muscle lines, Feng Ming’s mouth felt a bit dry for some reason.

He glanced over again and again. He secretly thought that even if Brother Bai was injured and couldn’t practice, he still had a good figure.

Compared with Bai Qiaomo, his small abs were nothing.

He really wanted to train himself into a powerful King Kong. Unfortunately, due to congenital factors, the flesh on his body wasn’t that strong no matter how he exercised.

“Brother Ming, did you just finish refining the medicine? Do you want to wash up? Are you hungry?” Bai Qiaomo came over and asked with concern.

Bai Qiaomo’s words immediately reminded Feng Ming of his purpose in coming here. He quickly stretched out his hand, poured out the pill, and held it in front of Bai Qiaomo. He said proudly, “Look at what type of pill this is. If there is a good one, the first one to come to my mind is you, Brother Bai. Hehe, feel moved. If you are moved, take it quickly and tell me how the effect is.”

Of course, Bai Qiaomo recognized the rejuvenation pill. For him, a first-grade healing pill like the rejuvenation pill was considered a dispensable thing. Taking it wouldn’t do much good.

But he also recognized that the rejuvenation pill in front of him had a particularly strong medicinal fragrance. It wasn’t the quality he had seen before. It was the best-grade pill.

Bai Qiaomo was surprised by Feng Ming’s talent. After the best-grade body tempering pill, he refined the best-grade rejuvenation pill. He asked, “Is this the best-grade rejuvenation pill?”

Feng Ming nodded proudly. “Isn’t it the best-grade rejuvenation pill? Take it.”

Bai Qiaomo thought to himself, ‘Junior Brother Ming is indeed a talent in alchemy. No, he is a genius.’

At the same time, his heart was inexplicably soft. This must be the first best-grade rejuvenation pill that Feng Ming had refined. He didn’t want to keep it for himself. Instead, he came out of the alchemy room and gave it to Bai Qiaomo first.

He should’ve refused, but he couldn’t refuse Feng Ming’s intentions. He could only say softly, “Okay, thank you Junior Brother Ming. I’ll take it and then tell you how it works.”

Bai Qiaomo pinched the pill and put it in his mouth. The pill turned into a warm current and flowed into his body. He guided it to his dantian. The medicinal power penetrated into his broken dantian. He found that not only did it heal the pain, but it also repaired a crack. It wasn’t much worse than the effect of the second-grade healing pill he had taken.

Bai Qiaomo opened his eyes again and said happily, “The best-grade pill is indeed extraordinary. Maybe if there are enough best-grade healing pills taken, I can repair my dantian one day without the need for the Blue Frost Spring Water.”

Feng Ming was overjoyed. “It is really great. It is actually useful. Then Brother Bai, just wait. I will give you any best-grade rejuvenation pills I make.”

“Don’t force yourself too much. Are you hungry? I will go to the kitchen to see if there is anything to eat and bring it to you.”

“Okay, but I have to wash up first.”

After delivering the pill, Feng Ming turned around and ran out of Bai Qiaomo’s room, calling out to someone, “Yang Xin, I need to wash up. Prepare water for me.”

Yang Xin was already waiting. “It is ready. Master, please hurry and wash up. I’ll get some clothes for you.”

“Yang Xin, you are so good. I can’t live without you more and more. What should I do if you get married one day?”

“Young Master, you’ve already said this many times.”

Yang Xin’s helpless voice reached Bai Qiaomo’s ears, and the corners of his mouth curled up again.

He had heard this type of conversation several times since he first arrived here. Junior Brother Ming was always so energetic.


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