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TFHS: Chapter 25

Feng Ming didn’t intend to hide the awakening of soul power from the outside world. Sheng Duo happened to bump into it at this time. He made such a fuss that new gossip spread in Qingyun City.

The storekeeper of Fengyu Tower greeted the guest with a smile and listened to the guests in the lobby talking about the Feng family.

“Don’t you think it is funny? The young master of the Feng family just got married to a useless person from the Bai family. He said that due to this happy event, he even stimulated his soul power talent. Some people actually believe it.”

“How can such a statement be made?”

“It originally came from the Sheng family. The second son of the Sheng family, Young Master Sheng Duo, said that it was because the young master of the Feng family got married. Young Master Sheng Duo also wanted to try getting married but was severely beaten by the head of the Sheng family. Then the news spread.”

“It is a lie. I’ve never heard that people can develop the soul power talent after getting married. You and I have also got married and don’t we still have the same cultivating talent as before? This type of talk is just to deceive the ignorant child. Even the head of the Sheng family doesn’t believe it.”

“Let’s not talk about whether this is a happy thing or not. What everyone is concerned about right now is whether the young master of the Feng family has really awakened his soul power talent or not?”

“Impossible! He should’ve awakened a long time ago. The young master of the Feng family is 16 this year. How could he have awakened only now unless he used some extraordinary treasure;? But there has been no news about this.”

The storekeeper was also curious when he heard such gossip for the first time. He told his master about it. His master simply went to ask the head of the Feng family personally.

It was confirmed by the head of the Feng family himself that Feng Ming had really awakened his soul power talent. The master and storekeeper were surprised. Now the storekeeper was doing two things at once and listening to other people’s gossip with gusto.

Once Young Master Feng really showed his soul power talent and alchemy skills, it wasn’t known how many cultivators in Qingyun City would be slapped in the face.

The storekeeper knew that there were countless cultivators in Qingyun City who were very envious and jealous of Young Master Feng Ming. The children of other families needed to have good talents before they could be valued by the family and allocated more cultivation resources.

But Young Master Feng Ming never had to worry about these things. The family fortune earned by the Feng family was freely available to Young Master Feng. This made the young masters and ladies of other families burn with jealousy.

Maybe these false rumors were being fueled by the young masters and ladies. In just a few days, it had spread everywhere. It was said everywhere that Young Master Feng Ming’s talent awakening was fake.

In the past, they were able to surpass Feng Ming in terms of cultivation qualifications. If Young Master Feng Ming really became an alchemist, how could these young masters and ladies show any sense of superiority when facing Young Master Feng?

Feng Ming was reading a book in the study. The book was previously placed in the storage ring by Bai Qiaomo. Seeing that he liked to read such books, Bai Qiaomo took it out and gave it to him.

This book’s overall introduction to the Feihong Continent was better than the travel books that Feng Ming had read before. The entire Feihong Continent was divided into five major areas, namely the south, east, north, west, and central areas. Qingyun City where the Feng family was located belonged to the Dongmu Dynasty in the east. In addition, there was the Ximing Dynasty in the west, the Nanhuang Dynasty in the south, the Beiming Sect in the north and the Shengyuan Sect in the center.

Feng Ming read it with gusto. The territory of the Dongmu Dynasty alone was huge. He didn’t know what the scenery outside the Dongmu Dynasty was like. After reading the introduction in the book, Feng Ming even wanted to walk around all the lands of the Feihong Continent and see all the scenery.

“Young master, young master…” Yang Xin ran in from outside. “There are rumors outside that the young master’s awakening of soul power talent is false. They also say that the young master…”

Yang Xin was a bit unable to say the following words since they were a bit ugly.

Feng Ming didn’t mind at all. “What did they say? Did they say that I am vain and put gold on myself, deliberately trying to please others? Hey, they can say whatever they like. In any case, I won’t lose any flesh on my body. On the contrary, I seem to have grown a bit taller in the past few days. Is my new robe a bit shorter?”

Feng Ming simply stood up and asked Yang Xin to look at it for him. Bai Qiaomo heard Feng Ming’s words from where he was reading in the study and couldn’t help smiling.

He could tell that Feng Ming really didn’t mind what was said about him outside. He just acted on his own terms. His personality was really a bit… cute.

Bai Qiaomo felt that this advantage of Feng Ming’s was worth learning from. He had been a bit pretentious in the past. Perhaps he was burdened by his reputation and cared too much about it. Instead, he was a bit restrained when doing things and wasn’t as comfortable as Feng Ming.

Yang Xin was really distracted by Feng Ming. Soon, he exclaimed, “Young Master, it is really two centimeters shorter. Young Master, you have grown a bit taller.”

Feng Ming suddenly became proud and raised his chin. “Of course. How could I be mistaken? Just watch. I will continue to grow up and be taller than…”

Feng Ming searched around for the standard. Then he set his sights on Bai Qiaomo. He stretched out his hand and pointed, “I will grow to be almost as tall as Brother Bai.”

Yang Xin gasped. Bai Qiaomo’s appearance and figure were all outstanding. Not only was his figure tall and straight, he was also 1.9 meters. This would feel tall and straight when it came to a man, but wasn’t it too majestic for a ger to grow to such a height?

Yang Xin suggested in a low voice, “Master, it is enough if you grow another ten centimeters.”

He felt that even ten centimeters would be too tall, but he shouldn’t dampen his young master’s ‘ambition’ too much.

Feng Ming said confidently, “Ten centimeters isn’t enough. Just watch. This young master will look down on all the dwarves in Qingyun City from now on.”

Bai Qiaomo hurriedly lowered his head to cover up the twitching of his mouth. He didn’t expect that one day, he would have time to listen to such a boring conversation and even listen to it with great interest.

Outside, except for the Sheng family, no one took this matter seriously.

As for the Sheng family, the head of the Sheng family and Sister Sheng knew something about Feng Ming. He wasn’t someone who liked to talk big for the sake of reputation.

Since he said he awakened his soul power talent, he truly had awakened it. If he said he had become an alchemist, he truly had become an alchemist.

Secondly, they believed in the head of the Feng family. Since this rumor spread in Qingyun City and the head of the Feng family didn’t stop it, this meant it was definitely true.

Younger Brother Sheng made a fuss for a while, but it died down not long after. He had the personality of a child who hadn’t grown up yet. If he really got married, he wouldn’t be able to withstand the restraint. He was already managed by his mother and older sister. How could he want another person to control him?

In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed since Feng Ming and Bai Qiaomo returned from Luoxia Town. Bai Qiaomo gradually got used to living in the Feng family.

He was accustomed to having three meals with Feng Ming, reading books together in the study and talking from time to time.

They were accustomed to going back to their rooms to rest and cultivate. The disturbances of the outside world were blocked by the Feng family.

It was the easiest time he had since his injury.

At this time, someone finally arrived at the gate of Qingyun City after a difficult trek. It was Su Wenfan who almost bumped into the two of them in Luoxia Town.

It was just that the people who knew him before probably wouldn’t recognize him when seeing him now. It was because he was in a very embarrassing state and had many injuries.

At that time, Feng Ming and Bai Qiaomo took a carriage and traveled back and forth between Qingyun City and Luoxia Town in half a day. Meanwhile, Su Wenfan walked for half a month on his own feet. It was difficult to describe the experience of this period.

Su Wenfan felt that all his previous good luck had been used up. In the past half a month, he was either in danger and being chased by wild beasts, or he got lost and almost ran in the opposite direction of Qingyun City.

It wasn’t until he finally met a hunting team leaving the city and found out that they were going back to Qingyun City that Su Wenfan could stand at the gate of the city.

The guard at the city gate almost blocked the beggar-looking man, but the person from the hunting team, who brought him back, helped explain and paid the entrance fee. The guard finally reluctantly let him in with disgusted eyes. Su Wenfan was so disgusting.

“Junior Brother Su, we are going back to our base. Why don’t we say goodbye here? If something happens to Junior Brother Su, you can come to this address to find us.”

Su Wengan quickly thanked him. “Thank you, Brother Sun. Without you to lead the way, I would still be in the wilderness. I don’t know when I can find Qingyun City. Once I settle down, I will find you, Brother Sun.”

“Okay, I will wish Junior Brother all the best.”

Su Wenfan might look a bit embarrassed, but he could talk eloquently. Thus, he was able to communicate with this person. He got along well with the hunting team when they met, but this might just be Su Wenfan’s one-sided thoughts.

After they separated, someone from the hunting team asked, “Brother Sun, why are you so polite to this kid? He kept asking about the situation of the Bai family and Feng family along the way. No matter how I look at it, he doesn’t seem right.”

Brother Sun said, “Of course, I know that something is wrong. That is why I am just being perfunctory for the time being. Let people keep an eye on that kid and see what moves he makes. Inform me in time.”

Someone smart in the team immediately understood what Brother Sun meant. “Brother Sun wants to see if he is planning something against the young master of the Feng family? You want to take this opportunity to gain access to the Feng family?”

Brother Sun nodded. “Yes, forget about the Bai family. The Feng family has a much better atmosphere than the Bai family. Now that the Feng family has risen, a small team like ours isn’t easy to take the path of the Feng family. If we have a chance, we should grab it quickly. I hope this kid can help us.”

The others understood what the captain meant and immediately became happy. For a small hunting team like them, the Feng family was indeed much kinder. The reputation of the head of the Feng family among their casual cultivators had always been better than that of the Bai family.

In the past, they looked up to people of the Bai family due to the existence of Young Master Bai. They didn’t expect that Young Master Bai would be abolished. Later, the series of actions of the Bai family’s leader made them, the casual cultivators, look down on the head of the Bai family even more.

Young Master Bai had previously made a lot of contributions to the Bai family, but once he was abolished, they abandoned this person in the blink of an eye. He was ruthless and cold-blooded.

Even if a small hunting team like them tried to cling to the past, it was estimated that they would be at the bottom and oppressed. If something went wrong, they would be asked to come forward and act as cannon fodder. They wouldn’t be treated as human beings.

Perhaps even the head of the Bai family didn’t expect that his indifferent attitude toward his oldest son would cause the Bai family’s reputation to decline so quickly among the casual cultivators who accounted for the largest proportion of the population in Qingyun City.

Maybe he wouldn’t be able to see the effect in a short period of time, but it would be reflected as time passed. By then, it would be too late to remedy the problem.


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