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TFHS: Chapter 23

Feng Ming stayed in the alchemy room and practiced all night. His whole body was filled with the scent of medicine when he came out the next day but he felt refreshed.

After breakfast, Feng Ming was about to enter the study and read a book while activating his soul power, but Bai Qiaomo stopped Feng Ming.

Feng Ming had already forgotten about yesterday’s events and put Bai Qiaomo’s golden finger aside.

He realized clearly that as long as Bai Qiaomo was still staying in the Feng family, he would happily treat Bai Qiaomo as a brother.

Bai Qiaomo held a green jade in his hand. He gave it to Feng Ming and said, “This is for you. It is a low-grade Green Yuan Bead. It is the good thing I got yesterday.”

There were many low-grade ones in the space of the Green Gathering Bead. Bai Qiaomo thought that the Green Yuan Bead was very good for Feng Ming’s body, and it could be regarded as a reward and thanks for Feng Ming accompanying him on the trip yesterday without asking the reason.

Feng Ming curiously picked up the Green Yuan Bead. It turned out that this was the Green Yuan Bead. Of course, he knew about this thing. His father had tried to find it for him. It appeared a few times, but he wasn’t lucky enough to acquire it every time. Unexpectedly, the Green Yuan Bead would be delivered to him at this time.

As expected, it was the treatment of the male protagonist. Feng Ming was just curious and didn’t want to take it for himself. “Brother Bai, what about yourself?”

Bai Qiaomo saw Feng Ming’s clear and magnanimous eyes. He smiled and took out the bead hanging on his chest. “I also have one. It came from the black stone yesterday. Those who see it have a share.”

Feng Ming felt strange in his heart. He knew that the protagonist’s golden finger wouldn’t be as simple as a Green Yuan Bead. It was because the Green Yuan Bead might be good, but it was only suitable for the body tempering realm and the meridians opening realm. It wouldn’t be of much use beyond that.

The Green Yuan Bead was good for others, but it was a bit useless for the protagonist.

Still, he had already decided not to care about the golden finger Bai Qiaomo obtained. He just smiled and said, “Then I have taken advantage of Brother Bai. I will accept this Green Yuan Bead. It seems that I won’t have the life of picking up a bargain. Next time I go shopping, I will definitely call Brother Bai.”

“Okay, I’ll accompany Junior Brother Ming.”

Since the Green Yuan Bead really was good for him and Bai Qiaomo also had one, Feng Ming didn’t refuse again. He accepted it while thinking that his father would compensate Bai Qiaomo in other ways.

After Bai Qiaomo entered the study, Feng Ming turned around and went to find his father to tell him about the Green Yuan Bead.

Feng Jinlin was very happy and waved his hand. “Since Bai Qiaomo gave it to you, accept it and make good use of it. Once Gaoyang County auctions the Blue Frost Spring Water, I will definitely find a way to help him obtain it.”

Then after obtaining it, he would ask Bai Qiaomo to use it first. If there was any left, he would use it then. If there was none left, he would look for other things to assist in his advancement.

Even if Bai Qiaomo didn’t give it away, Feng Jinlin would find a way to buy it for Feng Ming after knowing that Bai Qiaomo had such a good thing.

On the other side, the remnant soul in the Green Gathering Bead shouted, “How did you know there was a Green Yuan Bead in the Green Gathering Bead? You even gave it away. Is he your sweetheart?”

Bai Qiaomo sat at the table and read a book. “Is it so strange to know that there are Green Yuan Beads in the Green Gathering Bead? The Green Gathering Bead is originally a Green Yuan Bead. It is the best-grade Green Yuan Bead. In addition, Junior Brother Ming isn’t my sweetheart.”

The remnant soul was depressed in his heart. The boy outside didn’t even greet him and just took the items in the Green Gathering Bead, ignoring this most valuable senior. He couldn’t even compare to a low-grade Green Yuan Bead. How could he not be angry?

The remnant soul knew in his heart that the boy outside had the upper hand. If he couldn’t suppress the boy, he would be miserable in the future. Thus, he tried hard to find Bai Qiaomo’s weakness.

The remnant soul said angrily, “Tsk tsk, since you aren’t sweethearts, there is no need for me to tell you about the abnormality of this ger.”

Bai Qiaomo’s eyebrows moved. “Oh? Senior can still tell me what you want to say.”

“Hmph, I won’t tell you unless you beg me.”


Bai Qiaomo said ‘oh’ and then there was no more movement. The old man waited and waited, but Bai Qiaomo didn’t speak. The response made the remnant soul so angry that he jumped up and down in the space inside the Green Gathering Bead.

However, he was unwilling to tell the abnormality of Feng Ming, so he simply shut himself up again.

Bai Qiaomo stared at the page in front of him a bit longer. It took him a while to turn the page. He really wanted to know what the remnant soul saw about Feng Ming, but it was impossible for him to fall for it so quickly. He had to keep his composure.

If there was anything unusual about Feng Ming, Bai Qiaomo guessed that it might be related to his soul sea. The soul sea that was originally sentenced to death suddenly awakened the soul power. There had to be a reason for this. Generally, it was divided into two situations.

First, it was stimulated by an external object. Perhaps Feng Ming took some heavenly treasure and stimulated the soul power.

The other was an internal cause. Feng Ming’s soul sea was already special, but Qingyun City’s detection method was too backward and couldn’t detect anything. Now the special features of Feng Ming’s soul sea were slowly awakening, so Feng Ming had soul power.

They hadn’t known each other for long, but Bai Qiaomo had a good impression of Feng Ming. His temper was quite to Bai Qiaomo’s liking, and Feng Ming respected him. Bai Qiaomo had no need to worry about how to spend his days after entering the Feng family and how to get along with Feng Ming.

It was much easier for him to stay in the Feng family than the Bai family.

Therefore, he hoped that Feng Ming could break through the limitations of his physique and make progress in his cultivation instead of being trapped in the meridians opening realm for life.


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