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TFHS: Chapter 22

The remnant soul was quiet for a moment. Once he spoke again, he changed the subject instead of competing to see who could kill the other person faster. “This is the Feihong Continent? Do you know the Wuyuan Continent?”

Bai Qiaomo replied, “Didn’t you just say it?”

The remnant soul was so angry that he almost vomited up blood. He doubted it. “Isn’t it possible that some old monster seized your body?”

“That’s right. If you think so.”

The remnant soul became even angrier, but based on his previous observations, he didn’t find any signs of body snatching in this body. So what exactly was going on?

He knew that there were many small worlds under the Wuyuan Continent, but he was born in the big world called the Wuyuan Continent. He had been to some small worlds, but he never heard of this Feihong Continent. Thus, he was in trouble.

However, he couldn’t believe he couldn’t deal with this kid as long as some old monster hadn’t snatched the body. “Boy, why don’t we talk about peace? I might only have a remnant of my soul remaining, but I am very useful. The Wuyuan Continent is a much more advanced world than your Feihong Continent. I cultivated to the nirvana realm there. I can guide you to cultivate in the future. For example, I know at least ten ways to repair this abolished dantian of yours.”

“If we cooperate, I will guide you. Restoring your dantian and practicing cultivation will allow you to improve faster. In the future, you will leave the Feihong Continent. It is a big world that includes both the nirvana realm and creation realm. How can the small world of the Feihong Continent compare?”

This voice was full of bewitchment. The cultivators who only knew the Feihong Continent would definitely be moved. However, Bai Qiaomo had walked around the Wuyuan Continent and came back from death. So after hearing this, his heart was calm. The remnant soul couldn’t help being surprised. What was the origin of this little monster?

Bai Qiaomo said coldly, “Without your guidance, I can still repair my dantian. It is just a trivial matter, and it is difficult to collapse. As for the future, I can easily leave the Feihong Continent and go to Wuyuan with my own strength as long as my cultivation is enough. With or without you, it makes no difference to me.”

The remnant soul said angrily, “Tell me how you are planning to repair the dantian?”

The Wuyuan Continent was a big world where cultivation was extremely developed. He had seen a lot. Every time the cultivators of the small worlds arrived in the big world, they were like a hillbilly entering the city for the first time.

There were many things that cultivators from a small world couldn’t do that were very common in the big world. Take the matter of the dantian being destroyed. Many cultivators of the small world were helpless about it and things that repaired the dantian were extremely rare.

The remnant soul had previously observed that the vitality of this small world was extremely thin. The things that repaired the dantian were even rarer.

Bai Qiaomo said, “In just three months, there will be an auction of the Blue Frost Spring Water. If supplemented with other spiritual plants, the dantian can be repaired. If not, there is the Blood Moon Lotus. Am I right?”

In fact, this was all told to him by the remnant soul in his previous life. But now that he said it, the remnant soul was choked up and speechless. He once again suspected that the kid outside was replaced by an old monster.

To a certain extent, the remnant soul’s guess wasn’t wrong. Bai Qiaomo was equivalent to the reincarnation of an old monster. The difference was that Bai Qiaomo was reborn into his own body, so the remnant soul couldn’t see any flaws.

The remnant soul almost closed himself off. Then another discovery made him feel even worse. “The Yangyuan Classic? You actually practice this?”

He had just thought about throwing out the Yangyuan Classic as a bait to win this kid’s trust, but there were actually traces of practicing the Yangyuan Classic in his body.

Bai Qiaomo’s lips curled up slightly. “It turns out that Senior knows the Yangyuan Classic.”

The remnant soul was completely closed off and didn’t want to talk any longer.

Bai Qiaomo waited for a while. Once he heard no more noises, he didn’t care about the other party. He found a rope to form a net bag, grabbed the Green Gathering Bead, and hung it on his chest.

The moment his mind moved, a stream of vital energy flowed out from the Green Gathering Bead. Bai Qiaomo immediately ran the Yangyuan Classic. Due to a sufficient supply of vitality, the injuries in his body recovered faster.

Seeing this, the remnant soul didn’t want to talk and simply closed his perception as well.

In fact, if Bai Qiaomo didn’t want to deal with this remnant soul, a treasure like the Green Gathering Bead wasn’t that important to the reborn Bai Qiaomo. It was dispensable. The current Green Gathering Bead had only one role for Bai Qiaomo, which was to provide vital energy.

However, there were many ways to obtain vital energy, such as the yuan crystals that Feng Ming gave him. This was enough for him to use for a period of time.

For Bai Qiaomo, what was more valuable about the Green Gathering Bead was that it had accompanied him throughout his entire life. Now that it was back by his side, his heart was much more settled.


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