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TFHS: Chapter 21

Bai Qiaomo didn’t hesitate for long when he returned to his room. He had already decided to take this spirit medium treasure and remnant soul into his own hands again when he went to Luoxia Town to find the treasure.

At this time, he didn’t know that he almost missed the treasure.

Bai Qiaomo carefully took out a second-grade formation disk from the storage ring. It was used to isolate the breath and warn others from probing. It wasn’t a distrust of people from the Feng family, but a habit developed in his previous life.

After putting yuan crystals into the formation disk, Bai Qiaomo endured the pain of his dantian and meridians tearing. He reluctantly extracted a trace of yuan power from his body to activate the formation disk.

As the formation disk covered his room, cold sweat dripped down Bai Qiaomo’s face, and it became even paler. He quickly took out a healing pill and sat cross-legged to practice the Yangyuan Classic.

It took almost half an hour for the pain in his body to subside.

Bai Qiaomo opened his eyes, calmly wiped the sweat from his forehead, and took out the black, flat object. He touched it to his heart and said, ‘Old friend, we meet again.’’

Bai Qiaomo bit his finger, squeezed out blood, and smeared it on the flat object. He paused for a moment. Just like in his previous life, blood gradually seeped in.

Once the blood was completely absorbed, light burst out from inside the black object. The outside looked like glass shattering. There was a slight clicking sound before it split into pieces like a spider’s web. It detached from the main body, revealing the true face of the treasure inside.

It was a green jade bead that exuded a great luster. It was smooth and delicate in the hand and felt excellent.

This was the Green Gathering Bead that accompanied Bai Qiaomo from his lowest point to the last catastrophe in his previous life.

Only a place with extremely strong vitality could give birth to a Green Yuan Bead. The Green Gathering Bead was the best among the Green Yuan Beads.

The Green Yuan Bead was a rare treasure. Once a cultivator obtained the Green Yuan Bead and wore it on their body, the Green Yuan Bead would provide a steady stream of vitality for their cultivation. This was equivalent to getting a mobile treasure trove of vitality.

Of course, it was called an endless supply, but there was actually a limit. It all depended on the quality of the Green Yuan Bead itself.

According to quality, the Green Yuan Bead could be divided into low-grade, medium-grade and top-grade. Above these three grades, there was also the best-grade Green Yuan Bead. Only the best-grade Green Yuan Beads had a certain chance of being promoted to a spirit medium treasure. This spirit medium treasure could form its own space inside, and the space was full of vitality.

The so-called spirit medium treasures were made from the essence of heaven and earth. Thus, most spirit medium treasures were naturally raised. They could easily give birth to a spiritual consciousness and become the spirit of the treasure. Bai Qiaomo didn’t know if the Green Gathering Bead had a bead spirit. Maybe there was, but it was obliterated by the remnant soul.

The moment Bai Qiaomo thought about it, the brilliance exposed by the Green Gathering Bead disappeared and the texture also declined slightly. If any outsiders saw this, they would think it was a low-grade Green Yuan Bead.

As a spirit medium treasure, the Green Gathering Bead could be incorporated into the dantian or sea soul for nourishment. However, knowing that there was a remnant soul living inside, Bai Qiaomo didn’t want the remnant soul to follow it and settle in his body. He just held the bead in his hands and played with it. There was no rush to check the situation of the space inside the bead.

Bai Qiaomo knew very well that when he activated the Green Gathering Bead, the remnant soul living in it also woke up. At this time, the remnant soul must’ve observed the situation of the master of the bead. Thus, Bai Qiaomo waited patiently and let this guy observe enough.

Finally, an old voice sounded from the Green Gathering Bead and entered Bai Qiaomo’s mind. “Boy, are you the one who woke up this old man?”

The corners of Bai Qiaomo’s mouth curved up slightly as he put on a look of surprise. “Who are you?”

The old voice said, “I didn’t expect a kid like you to be so lucky. But your eyesight is so bad that you mistook the Green Gathering Bead for a Green Yuan Bead. A thousand Green Yuan Beads aren’t even worth one Green Gathering Bead.”

Bai Qiaomo was pleasantly surprised. “A Green Gathering Bead? The legendary best-grade green yuan bead? Are you the bead spirit of the Green Gathering Bead?”

“Bah! What bead spirit? I am a famous old man from Wuyuan Continent. I just used the Green Gathering Bead as a temporary residence. But are you lucky or unlucky? Your body is ruined to this extent. Was your dantian destroyed by an enemy?”

Bai Qiaomo’s expression became calm again. “Oh? It turns out to be an old man from Wuyuan Continent. What a pity. This isn’t the Wuyuan Continent but Feihong Continent. No one here knows Senior, not to mention that Senior’s luck is worse than mine. You were beaten by the enemy and only a remnant soul is left. You even need to borrow the Green Gathering Bead to save your life.”

The remnant soul in the bead was shocked. “Boy, how do you know my situation? Even if I only have a remnant of my soul remaining, I can easily deal with a small waste whose dantian has been destroyed. There is no difference between pinching you to death and pinching an ant to death.”

Bai Qiaomo sneered. “It is faster to see if you can pinch me to death or if I can beat you to death. It is better to try it.”

At first, he followed along, but then he became unwilling to test this remnant soul. It was better to get straight to the point to make the old man even more fearful and uncertain.

Don’t look at the fact that the old man was screaming. The old man was probably afraid of him in his heart at this moment.

The old monster only had a soul remaining and couldn’t become the master of the Green Gathering Bead at all. At this moment, Bai Qiaomo was the master of the Green Gathering Bead. If he wanted, the old monster would be unable to move in the Green Gathering Bead at all. This was also the reason why Bai Qiaomo wasn’t afraid of the old monster.

It was only with the permission of the master that the remnant soul could enter the space of the Green Gathering Bead. If the master didn’t allow it, the remnant soul couldn’t even leave the Green Gathering Bead for half a step.

The old monster could only coax a newcomer who had just entered this world. Even so, the old monster still died in Bai Qiaomo’s hands in his last life. If he had to do it again, Bai Qiaomo would be more confident about killing the old man.


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