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TFHS: Chapter 20

Spiritual weapons were divided into nine levels. Usually, there were only two situations in which a cultivator needed to shed blood to recognize the master and then put the spiritual weapon into the dantian or soul sea for warming and nourishing.

First, it was after the cultivator reached the essence dan realm and the spiritual weapon reached fourth-grade or above. The spiritual weapon could be stored in the dantian and the yuan power in the dantian used to temper it day and night. This was to achieve the goal of converting the spiritual weapon in the dantian so that using it was like using an arm.

The other situation was for special type of cultivators, such as alchemists, who had developed soul power. As long as they reached the qi gathering realm, they could put special types of spiritual weapons into the sea soul and use soul power to refine it.

But there was a third special situation in the world which was extremely rare. It was a spirit medium treasure where the grade wasn’t easily determined. It didn’t require a high level of cultivation. Such spirit medium treasures could be incorporated into the body for cultivation and to gradually develop the functions of the spirit medium treasure.

It was hard to say what grade it was. In other words, this type of spirit medium treasure might be a first, second, or third-grade spiritual weapon, or it might be a ninth-grade treasure. It might even exceed this grade.

However, treasures that can channel spirit had their own special circumstances. They could only be encountered but not sought.

This was all knowledge that Feng Ming learned from a bunch of miscellaneous books. He also heard from his father that City Lord Duan of Qingyun City had a third-grade spirit medium treasure on his body.

Bai Qiaomo raised his head and looked at Feng Ming. “Brother Ming, are you sure this is a spirit medium treasure?”

Feng Ming raised his chin. “I think you think it is.”

Bai Qiaomo smiled. Maybe it was his own abnormality that made Feng Ming realize that something was wrong. if he had just been reborn, he wouldn’t have shown such an abnormality. However, for Feng Ming, everything seemed to be normal.

This wasn’t normal.

However, now wasn’t a good time to shed blood to identify the owner. It was because there was still a remnant soul living in the treasure. The carriage wasn’t a good place to deal with the remnant soul at this time.

Bai Qiaomo moved his hands and put the things away. “That’s it. It isn’t too late to study it when we go back.”

Feng Ming nodded repeatedly. “You’re right. If this is really a spirit medium treasure, there might be some signs of the treasure appearing in the world. We have to be more cautious. Let’s go back quickly.”

Bai Qiaomo laughed again.

The two of them chatted and laughed all the way back to Qingyun City. In Luoxia Town, Su Wenfan searched the whole town and found no one who matched the characteristics. He did find that such a group of people had come, but they already left in a carriage.

He asked about their identities, but all people knew was that he was the young master of a family, a very outstanding-looking ger. No other information was known.

Feng Ming’s travels were high-profile but he never showed his identity. The wildebeest he rode didn’t have the logo of the Feng family. The guards who traveled also didn’t wear the uniform clothing of the Feng family.

Feng Ming had a great reputation and just got married yesterday. The residents of Luoxia Town and outsiders were also gossiping about this matter, but in fact, no one recognized Feng Ming in person.

Su Wenfan fell down at the entrance of the town in despair. He had obviously arrived in advance, but he was still a step late and missed the treasure.

Could it be that even if he came into the world of a novel, he couldn’t shake the status of the protagonist of the novel and win the opportunities from him?

No, he didn’t believe in fate! He could travel into the world of the books and knew many of the protagonist’s opportunities. How could he not snatch them from the protagonist?

He was the protagonist. Otherwise, why else would he be allowed to travel to another world? This was clearly the treatment of a protagonist.

In addition, according to the description of the stall owner, the person who got the treasure might not be the guy from the Bai family. It was because at this time, that guy was clearly abandoned by the family and staying in a village outside the city. Even the servants bullied him. Meanwhile, the person who took away the treasure was a young master.

Su Wenfan thought of this and cheered up again. The first thing to do was to find out the identity of the young master. Maybe the young master didn’t know it was a treasure and just picked it up casually to play with. It was possible he would get tired of it after a while and throw it away.

If he established a relationship with this young master, he might be able to get the treasure from him.

Yes, that’s it.

Which young master could it be? The nearest big place here was Qingyun City. Su Wenfan ran outside toward Qingyun City. He wanted to go to Qingyun City to find out the identity of the young master.

Many people at the entrance of the town pointed at Su Wenfan and even pointed at their heads, wondering if there was something wrong with this kid’s brain. He didn’t say anything and suddenly ran away.

It seemed that it hadn’t been long since this kid entered the body tempering realm. He was barely in the early stage. Wouldn’t such a person be in danger if he ran out of town?

If he encountered a wild beast, wouldn’t his life be in danger?

By the time the carriage returned to the Feng house in Qingyun City, it was just in time for lunch. The wildebeests pulling the carriage were all second-grade beasts and were extremely fast. They could make the trip back and forth in one morning.

The head of the Feng family didn’t ask them what they did outside. It was fine as long as they didn’t encounter any danger.

After lunch, Feng Ming and Bai Qiaomo returned to their courtyard. Feng Ming might be curious about what Bai Qiaomo’s golden finger was but he had no intention of finding out. After all, It was Bai Qiaomo’s private matter.

It was just like his own golden finger. He didn’t even tell his father about it. His father knew he was precocious, but didn’t know he was born with the memory of his previous life.

Thus, Feng Ming knew to avoid this person. After entering the courtyard, he waved to Bai Qiaomo and went into the alchemy room. He needed to cultivate. He couldn’t really be weak. He had come from the apocalypse and knew the importance of strength.

This time, in addition to continuing to improve the quality of the primary body tempering pill and increasing the rate of producing the best-grade pulls, Feng Ming also wanted to increase the refining of a second pill. Feng Ming chose the rejuvenation pill, the most common healing pill.


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    Wow this book got even more complicated. So MC is a person who reincarnated from previous life, but doesn’t know how or what the book is. ML is a person who time travelled back to change his fate, and now this new dude which we will call Extra is a person who has read the book and transmigrated into said book. It honestly sounds exciting to have so many tropes happen, but how is it gonna turn out I’m curious

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