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TFHS: Chapter 19

Feng Ming knew that Bai Qiaomo’s golden finger might be mixed among the few inconspicuous stones. However, no matter how he looked at it, he couldn’t see the difference. He secretly said that the difference between a protagonist and non-protagonist was different. The golden finger wanted to send itself to the protagonist’s hand.

Feng Ming pretended to look disgusted. “These things don’t look like hidden treasures. How about we go to the next stall and take a look?”

The stall owner became anxious when he heard this and immediately lowered the price. “Don’t worry, young master. I only need a total of 10 yuan crystals for these things. By the way, I can also give you an item as a gift.”

After the stall owner spoke, he took out a flat black stone from under the stone he was sitting on.

Feng Ming clearly saw a hint of a smile flashing in Bai Qiaomo’s eyes. He immediately wanted to slap himself on the head. It turned out that his eyesight wasn’t bad. These things really weren’t real. The real treasure was used by the stall owner as a cushion.

If it was anyone else, how could they come here to pick up a bargain? The protagonist’s luck was indeed extraordinary.

Feng Ming was dubious and said impatiently as if he wasn’t short of money, “Okay. Yang Xin, pay the yuan crystals.”

“Okay, Young Master.” Yang Xin paid the bill, counted out 10 yuan crystals, and got a bunch of miscellaneous things.

Feng Ming turned around and stuffed the items into Bai Qiaomo’s arms. “Since you picked them, I will give them to you.”

A smile flashed in Bai Qiaomo’s eyes. “Aren’t you afraid that I might really find something?”

Bai Qiaomo said generously, “I’m not afraid. What is the difference between you picking up a bargain and me picking up one?”

Bai Qiaomo’s smile deepened. That’s right. He was married to Feng Ming now. The two of them were husbands, and they were one.

Bai Qiaomo responded with a smile, “Yes, there is no difference.”

“That’s right. Let’s go shopping. Tell me if you like anything.”

Feng Ming dragged Bai Qiaomo forward after saying this. Behind them, the stall owner curled up his lips. He secretly said that one was a fool and the other was a pretty boy who only ate soft rice.

There was a bit of sourness in his words. In fact, if possible, he would also like to be a pretty boy who only ate soft rice. This way, every time he wanted something, the other person would wave his hand grandly and let him buy it all.

It was a pity that he could only think about it. Looking at his face, who could see him unless they were blind?

He didn’t know that he had just passed by an important treasure. It had been in his hands for several years. Unfortunately, he failed to notice it. Wasn’t he blind?

Approximately five minutes later, Su Aotian, no, Su Wenfan, finally found the target and stopped in front of the stall. He carefully compared it with the description in the novel and became more and more sure that it was this stall.

Then he looked at the stall owner’s butt and the stall owner moved uncomfortably when he saw it. Did someone really take a fancy to his old face? He didn’t feel happy at all.

“Hey, boy. What are you looking at?”

Su Wenfan looked around but couldn’t find a black, flat object. He asked anxiously, “The stone bench under your buttocks. Is there a black stone cushion?”

The stall owner blinked. Yes, it had been there for a long time, but how could this kid know? “Why are you asking? I just gave it away.”

No! Su Wenfan almost screamed. In the novel, the stall owner was trying to sell items to the male protagonist. Seeing that the man was unwilling, he gave the flat black stone to the male protagonist as a gift.

The stall owner had just given it away. Could it be to the male protagonist? Otherwise, how could other people be treated like the male protagonist?

Su Wenfan became even more anxious “You gave it away? What type of person did you give it to? Tell me quickly. How long has it been since they left?”

The stall owner sensed that something was wrong. F*k, was that thing really a treasure that he picked up?

However, it was clear that he sent it out personally. It wasn’t someone else’s choice. But now this kid’s attitude was so wrong that he couldn’t help doubting it.

“Boy, why are you so anxious? For the people who just arrived, one was a young master and the other was a pretty boy eating soft rice. They also brought many guards with them. Boy, do you want to rob someone?”

Su Wenfan wanted to get up and chase as soon as he heard this. The moment he went to chase, the stall owner hurriedly grabbed him. “You haven’t told me yet. What is the purpose of that thing?”

Su Wenfan was too lazy to talk to the stall owner and waved away his hand. “Even if I tell you, you will have no chance of getting rich! You will be a low-level person for the rest of your life!”

The stall owner was furious and refused to let this kid go. Who made this kid curse himself? “This kid, please speak clearly!”

Su Wenfan couldn’t get rid of the stall owner because he was still too weak and had no moral integrity. Once he was grabbed by the stall owner, he could only stand on tiptoe and look ahead to see if there was a group of people who were the same as what the stall owner described.

It seemed that there was. He saw it. However, the more anxious he was, the more the stall owner wouldn’t let him go. Even if the black stone was a treasure, he couldn’t let this kid get away after cursing him. He would let the kid be a low-level person like himself.

There was a lot of movement behind him. Feng Ming, who was walking in front and continuing to browse the stalls, even looked back.

Bai Qiaomo told him that there were many disputes at this market because some people searched for bargains, and others cheated them. It was estimated that this was because the deception was found out.

Feng Ming shook his head and walked all the way here. He found that he really didn’t have the luck to pick up bargains. He simply stopped shopping and left from the other end of the street.

By the time Su Wenfan finally got rid of the stall owner and chased him out, no one matching the stall owner’s description was found in the entire street. At this time, Feng Ming, Bai Qiaomo, and the others had returned to the entrance of the town, boarded the carriage, and set off back to the city.

On the way back, Bai Qiaomo kept playing with the black stone. Feng Ming also went over to study it for a while, but found nothing. He truly didn’t have the protagonist’s fate.

“What type of treasure is this? Do you need to drip blood to acknowledge the master?”


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