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TFHS: Chapter 18

The carriage used for traveling was very spacious, and the word ‘comfort’ was reflected everywhere. There were many small drawers hidden in it. If he wanted to know what the small drawers were used for, he could tell by looking at Feng Ming’s movements.

Feng Ming familiarly opened a small drawer, took out candied fruit, and shared it with Bai Qiaomo. “It takes a lot of time on the road, so let’s have some snacks to pass the time. By the way, there is also a small bookshelf here. I forgot to ask you what books you usually like to read, and didn’t prepare it for you in advance. The books I put in there are basically travel notes and novels.”

If Feng Ming didn’t open it, Bai Qiaomo wouldn’t even be able to tell that there was a small bookshelf with more than a dozen books on it hidden here. Bai Qiaomo took out a travelog and said, “You don’t have to prepare it specially. I can just read a travelog.”

“Yes, I’ll take out all the snacks, pour two cups of tea, read a book, and drink tea. The time on the road will pass quickly. By the way, these two cushions can be placed behind you. This will make you more comfortable.”

Feng Ming fiddled with things. Soon, the small table between the two of them was filled with over a dozen snacks. Feng Ming handed a small cushion to Bai Qiaomo. Well, Bai Qiaomo did feel more comfortable after using it.

In addition, Feng Ming also shared snacks and novels with Yang Xin. There were three people in the carriage but it didn’t feel crowded at all.

Bai Qiaomo silently watched Feng Ming being busy. No wonder why people always said that the young master of the Feng family was good when it came to food, clothing, housing and transportation. Who was the most envied young master in Qingyun City? It was Feng Ming.

Bai Qiaomo had only been here for the second day, but he felt more and more that the eyes of the masses were sharp.

There were leisure books to read, good spiritual tea to drink, and snacks to eat. In addition, he chatted with Feng Ming from time to time. For the first time, Bai Qiaomo felt that the time on the road was so short.

Maybe it was because the carriage was faster, but he hadn’t turned many pages in the travelog when the leading guard came in with a message. “Master, we’ve arrived at Luoxia Town.”

“Okay, we’ll come out right now.”

Feng Ming stood up and stretched lazily. The carriage was comfortable, and the ride was smooth and not bumpy, but his body was a bit stiff after sitting for a long time without moving. Then he waved his hand and said, “Brother Bai, Yang Xin, let’s get off and go shopping in Luoxia Town.”

“Yes, Master.”

Yang Xin jumped out of the carriage first, followed closely by Feng Ming. Bai Qiaomo was the last one, leaving people to watch the carriage. The others all followed Feng Ming and Bai Qiaomo into town.

The pomp was a bit grand, and people could tell that the young master of a family was traveling at a glance, but Feng Ming had long been used to it.

There were many types of looks from all kinds of eyes, but he wouldn’t lose a piece of meat just because others looked at him. No matter how much he was looked at, it couldn’t be as important as safety.

He cherished his life very much.

However, Bai Qiaomo was a bit uncomfortable at first. He might be a proud man, but he had never been surrounded by such a large group when traveling with the Bai family or Kunyuan Sect before. Then seeing Feng Ming look so comfortable, he let go of the discomfort in his heart.

He also knew that Feng Ming was the only young master of the Feng family, so there were countless people secretly making plans. If he was captured, they would grab the only weakness of the Feng family’s master. Thus, it was important to pay attention to safety.

On the other hand, he just followed Feng Ming in a high-profile manner. This allowed Bai Qiaomo to walk calmly beside Feng Ming.

Feng Ming said enthusiastically, “I rarely leave Qingyun City. I only came to Luoxia Town once with my father. Brother Bai, you are most familiar with this place. Tell us where you want to go. You can show the way.”

“Okay. This town isn’t very big but it is quite lively. However, the people coming and going are quite mixed. In addition to the original residents of the town, most of them are passerby cultivators who went out to hunt wild beasts and search for spiritual plants or materials.

Some people used this Luoxia Town as a temporary rest point and transit station. Some will sell their hunting harvest in town so they can continue hunting and avoid bringing too many things with them. This also attracted many merchants to come and settle in.”

“Brother Bai is really familiar with this place.”

“Junior Brother Ming.” Bai Qiaomo reminded him. “There are a mix of fish and dragons here. Please be careful. The place I want to go to is the market in the town. Most of the outside cultivators set up stalls there, and the environment is a bit messy.”

Feng Ming looked forward to it. “Then let’s go there. Don’t worry, there are people protecting me.”

He was about to witness the process of Bai Qiaomo getting the golden finger. How could he back down at this time? It absolutely wasn’t okay.

Bai Qiaomo smiled lightly. “Okay, let’s go there.”

The group of people arrived at the destination not long after walking. Standing outside, they could hear the noisy sounds inside. A foul smell was mixed with the smell of blood. They were live wild beasts and wild beast meat for sale.

The leading guard was a bit hesitant and wondered how the young master could enter such a place. However, he had never been able to control Feng Ming, so he could only carefully protect the young man from collision.

Feng Ming stepped inside with great interest while looking only at the small stalls on both sides.

He was actually no stranger to such a market street. During the apocalypse in his previous life, he often frequented such places and dealt with various people carefully. He would also sometimes be targeted. Now seeing a similar market, Feng Ming felt a bit nostalgic.

The more than ten years since he traveled to another world had been so good that he had almost forgotten the past. He was used to the affluent life now. It was as if he could reach out for clothes and open his mouth for food without having to do anything himself.

Looking at Bai Qiaomo, Feng Ming felt that he could no longer be degenerate like this. Feng Ming felt that Bai Qiaomo was the male protagonist. What did the existence of the male protagonist mean? It represented danger and trouble.

Now that he was involved with the male protagonist, danger and trouble would come to him and his father.

Let’s deal with the current period for the time being. Once Bai Qiaomo’s dantian was repaired, Qingyun City would no longer be able to trap this eagle that spread its wings again. Bai Qiaomo would go out and make a living.

Feng Ming felt that no treasures could be found at such a stall, but that might be because he wasn’t the protagonist. Feng Ming deliberately asked Bai Qiaomo, “Will anyone pick up any bargains at such a stall?”

Bai Qiaomo looked at the items placed on the stalls of both sides from time to time, saying, “It depends on people’s eyesight, both the buyer’s eyesight and the stall owner’s eyesight. However, people who can set up stalls aren’t stupid. They have already left the really good things to themselves. Whether someone can pick up bargains or not depends on luck.”

He gave an example. “I met a friend when I was traveling. After traveling together for a while, he once bought a piece of weapon refining material worth more than 1,000 yuan crystals in a town for a very low price. Later, he used that material to hire someone to make a sword for him, and he often showed it off to others.”

Feng Ming raised an eyebrow. “Then can we pick up a treasure today?”

Bai Qiaomo smiled lightly. “Yes, opportunities are for resolute people.”

In this way, Feng Ming also became interested. The protagonist had the protagonist’s golden finger, but maybe there were other bargains to pick up. His eyes became more focused on the items of the stalls on both sides. He stopped from time to time to touch and ask questions.

However, it was as Bai Qiaomo said. There were actually very few opportunities to pick up bargains. It depended on luck. Obviously, Feng Ming’s luck wasn’t very good today.

The group of people walked deeper and deeper, but no one deliberately collided with them. It was because the aura of the leading guard was released. Other people avoided it. This was a master. They couldn’t afford to anger him.

The expert was obviously accompanying a young master to play, so some stall owners deliberately mentioned the items on their stalls to Feng Ming. Unfortunately, it was useless, and Feng Ming didn’t drop a single yuan bead to buy anything. Feng Ming even complained that they regarded him as a rich fool.

At this moment, at the entrance of this street, a man came in a hurry. His eyes were shining, and he kept muttering to himself.

“I found it. The market with stalls in Luoxia Town. The protagonist picked up his most important golden finger in this market. A golden finger. As long as I, Su Wenfan, get this golden finger first then I will be the one to soar into the sky. From then on, I will counterattack and become a winner in life, living a happy life of hugging women on my left and right.”

Su Wenfan’s mouth watered when he thought of all the beauties written in the book. He couldn’t understand the author’s intentions. There were obviously so many beauties with all types of characteristics, but the main character was written so calmly. He ignored the beauties’ attentiveness and there was no one around him except for brothers and buddies.

He thought at the time that he would be so happy to take all these beauties into his harem. The greatest happiness in life was to wake up with all the power of the world, drunk and lying in the lap of a beautiful woman. If the protagonist didn’t want them, he would come. At most, if he met the protagonist in the future, then he would accept the protagonist as his little brother.

Su Wenfan was extremely dissatisfied with his name. He was the one who wanted to steal the protagonist’s golden finger. He would replace the protagonist and become a winner in life. Why not choose a more domineering name?

What Wenfan? It didn’t match his image at all. He should be called Su Aotian!

Su Aotian plunged into the market and searched for stalls that met the conditions mentioned in the novel. It would be some time before the protagonist came to this place. The golden finger would always be here. Even the protagonist couldn’t snatch it away.

The more Su Aotian thought about it, the happier he became. He almost burst out laughing in the market.

Ahead of him, Bai Qiaomo and Feng Ming finally came to a stall. Bai Qiaomo looked at the familiar stall and stall owner with a hint of nostalgia in his eyes.

Feng Ming guessed that it was this place when he saw Bai Qiaomo’s strange behavior. Then he squatted down to look at the items on the stall to see if he had the eyesight to recognize Bai Qiaomo’s golden finger.

The items on this stall were very messy. There were very wilted spiritual plants with a not very high grade. Feng Ming could recognize them. They were either low-grade or first-grade.

There were a few spiritual weapons that were either damaged or rusty. This made people unable to bear to look at them directly. Who would buy this thing?

There were also a bunch of miscellaneous items like tree roots and stones. Feng Ming examined them all but couldn’t pick out anything that caught his eye. He couldn’t help looking at Bai Qiaomo in confusion.

Bai Qiaomo knew that Feng Ming had been keeping his eyes open to pick up a bargain, so he couldn’t help smiling and picking a few stones. Then he said, “Don’t you want to pick up a bargain? Just buy this pile. Go back and check carefully. You might be able to pick up a bargain.”

The stall owner became interested and boasted, “The things I have here might be inconspicuous, but these few stones were dug from the relics left behind by a powerful cultivator after his death. They must be treasures, but you know that treasures hide themselves. It is only when they meet the destined person that the treasures will shine. You are absolutely right to listen to me.”

He clearly saw Feng Ming as a rich and silly young master with money and wanted to make Feng Ming pay for it. However, what he said was half true and half false.

It was true that he went to the mansion of a cultivator, but there was too much competition inside. A small character like him would only be cannon fodder if he went in, so he just passed by and picked up a few stones outside to see if he could fool a few idiots.

Bai Qiaomo secretly thought, ‘This statement is exactly the same as before. Of course, I know the truth because the remnant soul told me later.’


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