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TFHS: Chapter 17

After breakfast, Feng Ming and Bai Qiaomo were driven back by the head of the Feng family. Feng Ming left the Yangyuan Classic behind for his father to figure out.

Once Feng Ming left, Feng Jinlin sat there and read the Yangyuan Classic.

As a cultivator in the essence liquid realm, Feng Jinlin had a higher vision than Feng Ming. He finished reading it carefully and felt that this technique had a great origin and wasn’t simple.

He was a bit curious about where Bai Qiaomo got this technique from, but for Bai Qiaomo, it came at the right time.

With this Yangyuan Classic, Bai Qiaomo just had to find some heavenly treasures to repair the dantian and he could get twice the result with half the effort.

Feng Jinlin thought about it some more and felt that he could also practice this Yangyuan Classic. In addition to the effect of warming and nourishing the body to repair hidden injuries, it also had the effect of removing impurities from the body and making the body clearer. This would help with future advancements.

It could be said that it was an excellent auxiliary technique. In terms of grade, it was at worst at the earth grade.

During the process of cultivating, constant fighting meant that hidden wounds would accumulate in the body to some extent. If there were too many hidden wounds, it would become a roadblock to a cultivator’s advancement.

In addition, cultivators couldn’t avoid swallowing pills during their cultivation. Even if they didn’t use pills to increase their cultivation, they used the pills to restore their energy and heal injuries.

Those low-grade, medium-grade, and top-grade pills would deposit some impurities in the body. The accumulation of impurities was another obstacle.

But as long as he persisted in practicing the Yangyuan Classic, Feng Jinlin found that he could eliminate these two obstacles. If such a technique was released outside, the powerhouses in the essence dan realm would probably rob it.

Feng Jinlin felt it was necessary to tell the two children not to disclose the existence of this technique to the outside world.

At the same time, he had a bit more sincerity toward helping Bai Qiaomo repair his dantian. It was because this Yangyuan Classic had enough value for him to help find the heavenly treasure Bai Qiaomo needed.

Earth grade techniques weren’t easy to find but he still had a way to find them. However, he had never heard of such an earth grade auxiliary skill. This showed that it was even more precious.

On the other side, the moment they returned to the yard, Feng Ming urged Bai Qiaomo to quickly list the things needed to repair his dantian. Thus, Bai Qiaomo followed him to the study, picked up a pen, and wrote something on the paper while recalling old memories.

At one time, Bai Qiaomo was in great pain and thought he would never have the chance to cultivate. However, he later went out to travel and saw more things. He realized that there was more than one way to repair his dantian.

Bai Qiaomo was still thinking about one thing. The reason why he was originally able to leave Qingyun City and repair his dantian was due to a treasure he accidentally obtained.

There was a remnant soul in the treasure. It was this remnant soul that taught him what to do. Bai Qiaomo was grateful for this remnant soul but also vigilant. At that time, he was alienated from all his relatives and highly wary of everyone around him.

Later events proved that his vigilance wasn’t wrong. The remnant soul’s purpose in training him was to actually seize his body.

The remnant soul didn’t do it at first because his body wasn’t suitable for the needs of the remnant soul. The remnant soul also needed heavenly treasures to nourish his damaged soul.

Later, the remnant soul struck first but failed to seize his body. Instead, he was completely killed by Bai Qiaomo first.

The remnant soul might have bad intentions but Bai Qiaomo had learned a lot from him. For example, the remnant soul actually gave him this Yangyuan Classic. It was also the remnant soul who opened his eyes to how wide the world outside was. It was so wide that his vision no longer stopped at Qingyun City and Gaoyang County, or even the Dongmu Dynasty.

The treasure was in a town quite close to the Bai family’s village. Bai Qiaomo had been hesitating over whether to obtain that treasure again or not. The remnant soul might’ve had bad intentions, but Bai Qiaomo had a way to deal with him. In addition, the current remnant soul wasn’t capable of seizing his body.

As he was writing, he asked Feng Ming tentatively, “Junior Brother Ming, if you know that there is an existence who will help you a lot, but his ultimate goal is to replace you—If you know it will be like this at the beginning, would you still go and obtain such an existence?”

Feng Ming gulped. Could Brother Bai be talking about his golden finger?

No, he already clearly knew what his golden finger was and where it was. He was just hesitant to obtain it.

Feng Ming was a bit dizzy. What did this logic mean?

“Junior Brother Ming?” Seeing Feng Ming’s confused eyes, Bai Qiaomo called out again.

Feng Ming laughed, rolled his eyes a few times, and suggested, “Since you know it will be of great help, why not get it? Brother Bai, are you confident that you can deal with that existence so he can’t do any harm? In that case, why are you still afraid?”

Yes. The hesitation in Bai Qiaomo’s heart was instantly wiped away. In fact, deep down in his heart, he still hoped that the treasure would be in his hands. He didn’t know what the consequences would be if he let others obtain it.

Bai Qiaomo, who figured it out, smiled. “Yes, Junior Brother Ming’s words are right. Why should I be afraid of things that haven’t happened? Thank you very much for letting me figure out this matter. Young Brother Ming, how about we go out for a while?”

Feng Ming was already rubbing his palms together in his heart.

Was Brother Bai going to bring him along to obtain the golden finger?

Was he going to witness a historic moment with his own eyes?

Feng Ming nodded repeatedly, looking very well-behaved. “Okay, okay. Let’s go out together. I will arrange the carriage and accompanying guards. Both of us are very weak now and need protection.”

“Okay. Thank you for your help.”

Feng Ming walked briskly out of the study and called for Yang Xin to make the travel arrangements. He remembered what he had said the previous day about arranging servants for Bai Qiaomo, so he went to the housekeeper to discuss it. The housekeeper said that preparations were already underway. He would bring people over for Young Master Bai to choose later.

Feng Ming left. Bai Qiaomo, who stayed in the study, smiled. Then he lowered his head to write the list. if there were outsiders present, they would find that the corners of his lips were always slightly raised. This showed that he was in a good mood.

Bai Qiaomo listed more than one method, one of which was a heavenly treasure: a bottle of Blue Frost Spring Water that would appear at the auction in Gaoyang County in three months.

Generally speaking, cultivators sought this item to assist in advancing to the essence dan realm. However, the Blue Frost Spring Water combined with another fire attribute heavenly treasure had the miraculous effect of repairing and expanding the dantian.

Bai Qiaomo took a lot of risks in his last life before finally obtaining this thing with the help of the remnant soul. It took him another two months to finally repair his dantian. At that time, he cried with joy because for him, this was a new life. Otherwise, the rest of his life would be a pool of stagnant water.

It was precisely because of this that even though he later had complicated feelings toward the remnant soul, he couldn’t forget the exciting feeling of being reborn and he always felt grateful to the remnant soul.

If he could once again get the Blue Frost Spring Water this time, he would still be benefiting from the help of the remnant soul. Therefore, he shouldn’t hesitate. It was better to take the remnant soul with him and prevent the soul from harming others.

The second method was the Blood Moon Lotus that grew in a secret realm that would be opened in half a year. The Blood Moon Lotus was a healing spiritual plant that was said to be able to revive the bones of the dead.

Bai Qiaomo knew that this statement was a bit exaggerated, but it was indeed a miracle spiritual plant that could repair the dantian. The Blood Moon Lotus was also very beneficial to Feng Ming in helping reshape his meridians.

Before the secret realm opened, no one knew that there was this wonderful spiritual plant in the secret realm. Someone picked it up later but was betrayed by the friends around him. Thus, a fight started over this wonderful spiritual plant.

The commotion was quite loud so when he entered Gaoyang County again, he happened to hear other cultivators discussing the matter excitedly.

Of course, at that time, others only knew that the Blood Moon Lotus was a healing spiritual plant. Once the remnant soul knew about this, he said that without the Blue Frost Spring Water, this Blood Moon Lotus could also repair the dantian. Thus, Bai Qiaomo asked a few more questions about this spiritual plant.

In the end, Bai Qiaomo still didn’t know whose hands this miraculous spiritual plant fell into when he left Gaoyang County. Perhaps it would always remain a mystery, or perhaps someone had taken it a long time ago.

These two were the main medicines, and there were a bunch of auxiliary medicines. Bai Qiaomo wrote them down one by one. Then he put the list in the storage ring. Once Feng Ming came back, he could hand it over to the head of the Feng family.

Feng Ming came back after making arrangements. Housekeeper Zhao came with him and brought five servants for Bai Qiaomo to choose from. Bai Qiaomo picked one at random.

This servant was only used to run errands and wasn’t a very important person, unlike servants like Yang Xin who had grown up with Feng Ming. Then according to Yang Xin’s name, he called this servant Yang Li.

The housekeeper left with the remaining people. Bai Qiaomo handed over the written list to Feng Ming. Feng Ming glanced at it and was a bit surprised by the spiritual plants and heavenly treasures listed on it. He knew the Blue Frost Spring Water, but he had never heard of the Blood Moon Lotus.

Bai Qiaomo also noted down where this spiritual plant would appear. The strange feeling emerged again inside Feng Ming. How did Bai Qiaomo know about it in advance?

A guess quietly floated in his mind, but Feng Ming didn’t dare to confirm it yet.

“Let’s go. I will give it to my father, and then we’ll go out directly.”


Feng Ming knew that his father was in the study and barged in directly. Feng Jinlin didn’t blame him and was also a bit surprised when he saw the items listed.

He had heard of the strange spiritual plant that was the Blood Moon Lotus, but he didn’t expect that Bai Qiaomo, a young man who had never left this area, to also know about it. Bai Qiaomo also knew the special uses of the Blue Frost Spring Water and the Blood Moon Lotus.

Both of them could repair the dantian. Feng Jinlin clearly understood this.

There was another thing. Even he hadn’t received the news that the Blue Frost Spring Water would appear at an auction in Gaoyang County in three months. How did Bai Qiaomo know it in advance?

But no matter what, he had to go to Gaoyang County. No matter whether it was for himself or for Bai Qiaomo, he had to get this Blue Frost Spring Water. Even if Bai Qiaomo couldn’t use it, Feng Jinlin could use it to help him advance to the essence dan realm.

Of course, he was still searching for other things that could assist his advancement. At the same time, he also needed to practice the Yangyuan Classic. He was determined to advance to the essence dan realm.

Feng Ming’s trip was quite grand because he wasn’t going into the city. Even if he was shopping in Qingyun City, Yang Xin wasn’t the only one protecting him. There were other cultivators accompanying him to protect him. There were even more cultivators following him when he left the city, and their strength was higher.

The carriage he rode in was very comfortable and spacious. It looked good on the outside but was mysterious on the inside. Bai Qiaomo couldn’t help raising an eyebrow when he entered the carriage. No wonder why Feng Ming had the reputation of someone who spent his family’s fortune outside.

“Let’s set off.”

The coachman Yang Bi controlled the two tall wildebeests pulling the carriage to start moving. Next to the carriage were two lines of guards from the Feng family. The leading guard’s strength was in the late stage of the qi gathering realm, while the weakest one was in the meridians opening realm. In other words, among the people traveling here, Feng Ming’s strength was the weakest.

Bai Qiaomo wasn’t included in this list. He was a special injured person. In terms of combat experience, he might have been seriously injured, but he was still better at predicting danger than Feng Ming. Feng Ming felt that he had really neglected training over the years.


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