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TFHS: Chapter 16

Bai Qiaomo looked at the pill stuffed into his hand and smiled helplessly. This ger was really… a treasure.

No wonder why the head of the Feng family was willing to sacrifice for him. Otherwise, the head of the Feng family must be outside at this time, forming his own mercenary group and waiting to shine in the future.

Taking a closer look, he saw that it was actually a top-grade body tempering pill. He might not need the body tempering pill any longer, but the quality and Feng Ming’s talent for refining medicine were beyond his expectations.

Now holding this pill, there was a sense of preciousness. Bai Qiaomo smiled and nodded. “Okay, I will treasure it well. Thank you, Junior Brother Ming, for sharing with me. I haven’t congratulated you on becoming an alchemist. You are really a genius.”

It was one thing to praise his own genius, but it was another thing to hear it from others. Feng Ming finally knew how to feel embarrassed.

He scratched his face and said, “I’m not that good. I have to work harder to become worthy of the title of a genius.”

Bai Qiaomo shook his head. “No, you are worthy of the title of genius alchemist now. As far as I know, no one has ever been promoted to a first-grade alchemist in such a short period of time, no matter whether it is in the Bai family or the Kunyuan Sect.”

Feng Ming said happily, “Really? It turns out that this is really the case. It turns out that my feeling wasn’t wrong at all. Uncle He always said that I could only brag about myself. Look, I will one day surpass Uncle He to become a third-grade alchemist.”

“You will.” Bai Qiaomo was very sure just from this top-grade body tempering pill in his hand.

Feng Jinlin knew that his child was coming, so he sat in the hall and waited. It didn’t take long before he saw the two children appearing while talking and laughing. He felt that this sudden marriage wasn’t too bad. Bai Qiaomo’s appearance was indeed outstanding.

Seeing his father, Feng Ming immediately abandoned Bai Qiaomo and ran over to talk to his father affectionately. “Father, good morning. Were you waiting for us? By the way, Brother Bai gave me a technique last night to warm and nourish the body and meridians. I practiced it for half a night and found that it is really effective.”

Everything else was easy to talk about, but when it came to his ger’s body, Feng Ming couldn’t sit still. He quickly grabbed Feng Ming’s wrist and injected a trace of yuan power.

Feng Ming glanced at Bai Qiaomo, who was following behind him, and said, “Look, my father is the most nervous about me. In fact, I only practiced for one night to see the effect. Father, if you want to see the effect, then you have to wait at least a month. Don’t you think so?”

Feng Jinlin’s yuan power circulated through Feng Ming’s body. He found that Feng Ming’s body had indeed improved somewhat, but it wasn’t necessarily the result of practicing the Yangyuan Classic.

He realized that he was overreacting but didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. He said, “Okay, I will wait for a month.”

Then he looked at Bai Qiaomo, who bowed respectfully to him. Feng Jing extended a hand to help him up. “I will call you Qiamo. Qiaomo, thank you for giving Ming’er the exercise. I know that this type of exercise is the most rare.” Then he said thoughtfully, “Is the Yangyuan Classic also good for you? Are there any benefits for your injuries?”

Bai Qiaomo nodded and replied, “Yes, it can warm the meridians and dantian and relieve pain. But I need to use other ways to repair the dantian.”

Feng Jinlin examined Bai Qiaomo carefully. What was his intention in handing out this technique? Was it mainly to obtain help to repair his dantian?

Before, he thought it wasn’t a big deal for Feng Ming to keep such a useless person in his backyard. However, once this person repaired his dantian, the small yard and the Feng family would no longer be able to trap him. He would surely soar into the sky in the future.

As he was worrying over this, Feng Ming hurriedly said, “Brother Bai, what else do you need? Is it a pill or a heavenly treasure? You might as well tell us. If my father knows the method, he can help you search for it first. If it can be repaired as soon as possible, Brother Bai can resume practicing as quickly as possible.”

In addition to feeling sorry for Bai Qiaomo’s current situation, Feng Ming was also worried about Bai Qiaomo really being the protagonist. He hoped that for the sake of the Feng family’s help, Bai Qiaomo wouldn’t care about the matter of him marrying into the Feng family.

Usually, the protagonist was arrogant. Being forced to be a son-in-law must be humiliating for such a protagonist.

Feng Jinlin sighed in his heart. If this person couldn’t be trapped, then he couldn’t be trapped. The dragon might be swimming in shallow waters but it was still a dragon after all. If he didn’t help Bai Qiaomo, wouldn’t Bai Qiaomo have his own way?

As long as Bai Qiaomo regained his original talent, his future achievements wouldn’t be low. Instead of offending him, it was better to form a good relationship.

After thinking about it, Feng Jinlin stood on the side of his child. He nodded and said, “Yes, it is as Ming’er said. If you need anything, you might as well tell me. The Feng family will help if it is within the scope of our ability. But if it is beyond my scope, Qiaomo still needs to plan it yourself.”

Bai Qiaomo bowed to Feng Jinlin again. This was a big gift, and he was thankful that the head of the Feng family was willing to help him. “I will go back and write a list. This is a method I obtained during my previous training. If Master Feng can use it, just use it.”

“Okay, it is settled. You can call me Uncle from now on. If there are outsiders, Qiaomo should know how to call me.”

“Yes. Thank you, Uncle Feng.”

“Everyone, sit down. I’ll have breakfast brought over.”

TL Note: Regarding the schedule, there is a guaranteed chapter once every three days. But there might be some extra chapters due to the short length of many chapters before the author entered VIP at chapter 42.


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