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TFHS: Chapter 15

After he finished explaining the Yangyuan Classic, Feng Ming could see that Bai Qiaomo still wasn’t in good health and was tired from the day. Thus, he asked Bai Qiaomo to go back early to rest.

Bai Qiaomo wasn’t polite. He said goodnight and went back to his room.

There were toiletries and various clothes that Feng Ming had arranged in advance in his room. This ensured that Bai Qiaomo could change from inside and out.

The materials used for the clothes were very particular. Bai Qiaomo knew without touching them that they were better than what he had previously enjoyed in the Bai family. There were two robes made of fireproof and waterproof silk fabric. Just one robe would be worth thousands of yuan crystals.

Bai Qiaomo smiled secretly and shook his head. It seemed that he was really eating soft rice after entering this family.

For some reason, in his previous life, Qingyun City never had a father and ger surnamed Feng. He had never heard of a ger with an outstanding appearance named Feng Ming.

He believed that if he had seen Feng Ming, he definitely wouldn’t forget this person.

There was also Feng Jinlin, the head of the Feng family. In his previous life, Bai Qiaomo never heard of such a person coming out of the Feng family in Gaoyang County. He felt that with the foundation that the Feng family had laid in Qingyun City, such a famous person shouldn’t be unknown in his previous life.

Bai Qiaomo was thinking about this while preparing to practice the Yangyuan Classic. With the 50,000 yuan crystals that Feng Ming had given him, he could use the yuan crystals to practice the Yangyuan Classic and the effect would be further enhanced.

He took out the yuan gathering formation disk from his storage ring and placed the yuan crystals in the formation. Just as Bai Qiaomo was about to use the exercise to attract yuan energy into his body, he suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

He remembered that there was an influential figure surnamed Feng. In his previous life, Bai Qiaomo had left the borders of Gaoyang County. As he was wandering around outside, he heard about a well-known mercenary group called Wind Eagle.

He had never dealt with the people of this mercenary group, but he heard some stories about their deeds. One of them was that the leader of the mercenary group was surnamed Feng.

Bai Qiaomo murmured, “Is it possible that Captain Feng of the Wind Eagle mercenary group is the current head of the Feng family? But I never heard that Captain Feng had a ger child beside him. Instead, he was always alone. There were many people who recommended themselves to be his pillow company, but he wasn’t interested in any of them.”

“I’ve been calling him Captain Feng but I never paid attention to this name. Is there any connection between the two of them?”

Thinking about the behavior of Captain Feng, Bai Qiaomo became more and more suspicious. There was an 80% chance that Captain Feng and the current head of the Feng family were the same person. Then why were their fates so different in the two lifetimes?

Could it be… because of Feng Ming, a ger?

Since he had a child, the head of the Feng family didn’t want to live a life of wandering and instead settled down in Qingyun City? Considering how much the head of the Feng family loved his child, this was indeed possible.

It was just that in his last life, did the Feng family of Gaoyang County know that Captain Feng was a member of their Feng family?

It seemed that no matter where he was, the head of the Feng family was a famous man. The current head of the Feng family was only in the essence liquid realm. In his last life, the Captain Feng he knew was a strong man in the late stage of the soul opening realm. This was probably around 20 years later.

Following Feng Ming to enjoy the protection of such a strong man… he was really eating soft rice.

Bai Qiaomo smiled and shook his head. Concentrating on cultivating and repairing his dantian as soon as possible was the right thing to do.

After a good night’s sleep, Feng Ming felt refreshed the next morning. This was due to the clear blue medicinal jade, as well as practicing the Yangyuan Classic for half a night. Feng Ming felt that he was in particularly good spirits today.

He strode out and was preparing to greet his father when he hesitated on the threshold. He patted his forehead. He almost forgot that he had a family now. He couldn’t marry someone into the family and then throw the person aside. This was the behavior of a scumbag.

Feng Ming ordered Yang Xin, “See if Brother Bai is awake. If he is awake, tell him to go with me to see my father when he is ready.”

“Yes, Young Master.” Yang Xin could tell that his young master wasn’t used to having one more person in the courtyard. He couldn’t help smiling as he knocked on the door of the next room.

The moment he raised his hand, the door opened from the inside. Yang Xin faced Bai Qiaomo’s handsome face at close range and almost stopped breathing.

Yang Xin secretly thought that Young Master Bai was really good-looking. It was no wonder that the young master liked him. Yan Xin saluted and told the other person what his young master had just said.

Bai Qiaomo nodded. “I have washed up. I will go with Junior Brother Ming to see the head of the Feng family.”

Feng Ming saw Bai Qiaomo walking out of the room and beckoned to him. “Brother Bai, let’s go find my father. We can also have breakfast together.”

“Okay.” Bai Qiaomo smiled slightly.

Feng Ming saw Bai Qiaomo like this and felt that the sky was higher and the clouds were lighter. This day had the best start. He would be full of energy all day.

“Let’s go, Brother Bai. Let’s go together.” As Bai Qiaomo got closer, Feng Ming grabbed his arm and took him out. Feng Ming asked with concern, “Brother Bai, are you feeling better after a night’s rest? Have you taken the spiritual milk at night and in the morning? You must remember to take it. Tell me when you finish it, and I’ll ask for it from my father.”

Bai Qiaomo’s lips curved up slightly. He was in a good mood compared to the village. He replied to every question one by one. “My body is very good. There is no discomfort. I have taken the spiritual milk. I will remember to say it when I run out.”

Feng Ming talked with great joy about his feelings after practicing the Yangyuan Classic for half a night. Then he mysteriously lowered his voice and told Bai Qiaomo, “Brother Bai, let me tell you. Outsiders think I am a useless person. My meridians are small and fragile, my soul sea is completely motionless, and I don’t have any soul power talent. However, I have always felt that I am actually a genius and the time just hasn’t come. On the day before we got married, my soul power talent awakened. Hehe, I am already a first-grade alchemist. Look, this is the body tempering pill I refined. This one is for you. Keep it as a souvenir. I will provide whatever pill you need in the future.”


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