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TFHS: Chapter 14

Most of the elixirs were for healing and they were divided in half for each person. Unless they were given for the head of the Feng family, the pills were those with milder properties that Feng Ming could withstand. The same applied to Bai Qiaomo.

There were still a lot of good things. Feng Ming even gave half of the yuan crystals to Bai Qiaomo.

This time, Bai Qiaomo wanted to refuse. Feng Ming directly stuffed the storage bag filled with half the yuan crystals into Bai Qiaomo’s arms. He patted Bai Qiaomo with a grin, “Take it. This young master isn’t lacking this yuan crystal at all. My father will give me whatever I want.”

Bai Qiaomo looked speechlessly at the storage bag stuffed into his arms, as well as the arm that was patted by Feng Ming. After hearing these words, he even felt like he was about to develop a hatred of the rich.

He used to be the favored son of heaven, so he had no shortage of resources to use. He had a share of the sect’s resources as well as the Bai family’s resources. In addition, he went out to practice and obtained resources. Thus, he was considered rich.

But listening to Feng Ming’s words, there was still a difference. He couldn’t help feeling a bit envious.

Half of the yuan crystals, in other words, 50,000 yuan crystals, was five million yuan beads. If word spread, he didn’t know how many people would be envious of him and wish to replace him.

So, was he now eating soft rice with Feng Ming? Bai Qiaomo had such a strange thought in his heart.

Looking at the sudden increase in net worth, it seemed… this idea wasn’t wrong.

Ahem. Bai Qiaomo quickly suppressed his thoughts. He quickly took out the Yangyuan Classic that he had made a copy of in the village, and fought for himself.

“Junior Brother Ming, I have nothing else to give you, only this Yangyuan Classic. I heard people say that your congenital meridians are small and fragile. The Yangyuan Classic is used to warm and nourish the body and meridians. If you keep practicing this while supplementing it with pills and heavenly treasures, you might be able to improve your physical condition.”

Ah, he still had something to collect. Feng Ming took the pamphlet without politeness. He opened it in front of Bai Qiaomo and looked at Bai Qiaomo again. “I didn’t expect there to be such exercises. Even my father doesn’t know this method.”

Otherwise, his father would’ve tried to get it for him early on. “This exercise is also good for you to repair your body, right? Have you practiced it?”

Bai Qiaomo even gave away the cultivation exercise, so there was no need to hide this. “I’ve practiced it. It can relieve physical pain, but it alone can’t completely repair the dantian.”

Feng Ming blurted out, “Then do you have a way to repair the dantian?”

Suddenly, Feng Ming wondered if Bai Qiaomo was a protagonist like the novels he had read. He was born in a noble family, a proud son of heaven who was envied by everyone. Then once his talent was abolished, he was reduced to a useless person. Anyone could step on him and cause him to suffer humiliation.

However, the protagonist was the protagonist. The protagonist would have adventures. Not only could he repair his destroyed talent, but he could also improve himself to a higher level, embarking on the road of counterattack and slapping others in the face.

F*k, the more he thought about it, the more it sounded like this. He, Feng Ming, couldn’t be a villain or cannon fodder in this type of story background, right? He was arrogant and domineering, which was used to set off the protagonist.

Now, he actually married such a protagonist into his family as his spouse. Once the protagonist recovered in the future, would he have the idea of strangling Feng Ming to death?

Bai Qiaomo didn’t know that Feng Ming’s thoughts were like a runaway horse that couldn’t be pulled back. He hesitated for a while before nodding slightly. “It is indeed true. Please keep it a secret for me, Junior Brother Ming.”

Sure enough, this was the case! Had Bai Qiaomo already obtained his golden finger?

Feng Ming immediately raised his hand and vowed, “I definitely won’t tell anyone. I’m not stupid. Why would I tell others about it? I guess that others might not even believe it. If I do say it, just call me…”

Bai Qiaomo pulled Feng Ming’s hand down, interrupted his vow, and said with a smile, “I believe in Brother Ming.”

Oops. This smile was so beautiful that Feng Ming felt his heart beating wildly. So, did he cross into the world where Bai Qiaomo was the protagonist who counterattacked and slapped others in the face? It was really terrible.

Bai Qiaomo didn’t know Feng Ming’s random thoughts. He tapped the booklet and said, “This technique isn’t easy to practice. Let me explain it to you. The sooner you practice it, the faster your body will heal.”

“Okay, I will listen carefully.”

For this reason, Feng Ming specially moved his chair closer. The two chairs were next to each other, and the two of them were almost touching each other. One was explaining, and the other was listening carefully, raising his hand to ask questions from time to time. They entered a pleasant teaching time.

Yang Xin, who was outside, was very curious. He didn’t get close enough to listen to what the young master was saying. This was against the rules. However, it seemed that the young master and Young Master Bai were getting along very well. Did the young master really like Young Master Bai?

There didn’t seem to be a problem if the young master liked him. In any case, they were already married.

Feng Jinlin, who was busy outside, also called the housekeeper to ask about Ming’er’s situation now. The housekeeper only knew that the young master and Young Master Bai had been in the study for a long time. They seemed to be getting along well.

Feng Jinlin felt relieved. It seemed that Ming’er didn’t hate Bai Qiaomo and was willing to get along with the other person patiently.

In his opinion, as long as Feng Ming liked it, there would be no problem even if Feng Ming slept with the other person. The worst thing was to conceive an egg and add a third generation to the Feng family. He could also raise a grandson. If Bai Qiaomo stayed in the Feng family, he could hatch the egg with Ming’er. Then the physical problems that Ming’er had wouldn’t happen again.


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