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TFHS: Chapter 13

For the rest of the day, Feng Ming was called out by his father to toast the elders present. Due to this status as a ger, combined with the status of the head of the Feng family, not many people made him drink.

Bai Qiaomo didn’t show up, but it was hard for others to say anything. Who didn’t know that he was injured? Could he heal from his injuries in a month after coming back? Not necessarily.

Besides, he was just a son-in-law today. His status was a bit embarrassing. The home field was still the Feng family. It was enough for Feng Ming to show up.

Feng Ming washed up when he came back and covered in water vapor, he went to meet Bai Qiaomo, who was reading in the study.

Bai Qiaomo had also washed up and changed out of his wedding clothes. He was dressed in a blue robe and looked so handsome that it made people feel better just looking at him.

Seeing Bai Qiaomo like this, Feng Ming felt that it wasn’t difficult to accept such a neighbor.

Bai Qiaomo had come here alone without a single servant to serve him, so Feng Ming temporarily lent him Yang Xin. Now that Yang Xin saw his young master coming back, he quietly stepped aside.

Yang Xin told him that Young Master Bai wasn’t too busy at all and was very easy to take care of. After washing, he stayed in the study and read quietly.

Yang Xin felt that if he was so quiet all the time, Yang Xin would feel less sorry for his young master. He hoped that it would continue like this.

Feng Ming walked in wearing a red robe. His fair skin made his eyes look more delicate and picturesque against the background of the red robe. The red mole between his eyebrows was particularly conspicuous. Bai Qiaomo was also in a trance for a moment as he raised his head and looked over.

Feng Ming was carefree. His yard was so big. What was the difference between Bai Qiaomo and having a neighbor?

He remembered that in college during his previous life, four people lived in one small room. Later, it was the end of the world, and he was even less particular. It was only in the past ten years that he had been pampered by his father.

Feng Ming felt that he had the responsibility to guide Bai Qiaomo to become familiar with the Feng family and integrate into it. It might take three or four years for this storm to pass. At that time, Bai Qiaomo could leave the Feng family and go out on his own. Of course, if he wanted, then he could stay in the Feng family all the time.

Therefore, Feng Ming had the sense of being a master. He walked through the door and asked with a smile, “How is it? Are you still used to it? By the way, for the sake of calling each other easily in the future, I will call you Brother Bai. You can call me Junior Brother Ming or just Feng Ming directly.”

Bai Qiaomo put down the book in his hand and nodded with a smile. “Okay, Junior Brother Ming. This place is very good. It is much better than the village.”

Feng Ming raised an eyebrow. “Of course. How can our Feng family not even compare with a village of the Bai family? Brother Bai, you can rest assured about living here. By the way, you don’t have any manpower around him. You can borrow Yang Xin’s help for the moment. Tomorrow, I will ask the housekeeper to bring someone over to Brother Bai.”

The reason why there was no arrangement previously was because Bai Qiaomo might have a servant to serve him. Who would’ve thought that he would just go to the Feng family alone? Feng Ming really looked down on the Bai family.

Feng Ming once again mentioned the main members of the Feng family, except for him and his father. This included He Shu, who taught him to refine medicine. This way, Bai Qiaomo would know who to look for when something happened.

Bai Qiaomo listened carefully and took notes one by one. Feng Ming’s politeness and respect really made him feel comfortable. He only saw stunned admiration in Feng Ming’s eyes, without any sympathy. Feng Ming also didn’t show any signs of frustration. He was full of confidence and vitality.

Seeing his rich expressions as he spoke, people couldn’t help following him.

After introducing the whole situation of the Feng family, Feng Ming drank a cup of tea. Bai Qiaomo poured more tea for him and Feng Ming drank it in one go.

At this time, Yang Xin knocked on the door. Feng Ming called out, “Come in.”

Yang Xin came in and handed Feng Ming a storage bag. “Young Master, this was given to you by the housekeeper. It is said to be the congratulatory gifts from each family. Everything except the ones not suitable for you have been sent, including the beast egg. Young Master can handle them yourself.”

“Ha, it is just in time. We can share the spoils.” Feng Ming knew there were quite a few useful things after hearing the gifts list before.

Yang Xin retreated speechlessly. He couldn’t say that the young master used the term ‘share the spoils’ incorrectly.

Bai Qiaomo realized that he was also part of sharing the spoils and declined in an amused manner, “Junior Brother Ming, this was given to you by the head of the Feng family.”

Feng Ming waved his hand. “Father said he would leave it to me. Besides, didn’t you listen before? Why did those people give gifts? It is to congratulate us on our wedding. Of course, you should have a share of these gifts.”

Bai Qiaomo carefully observed Feng Ming’s face and found that there was no shyness when he said this. His tone wasn’t coy at all. Bai Qiaomo was inwardly amused. Was this ger careless or did he not regard Bai Qiaomo as a marriage partner?

It seemed that it was right not to think of anything. After all, he was just borrowing the Feng house for a while to deal with the people of the Feng family of Gaoyang County.

He might feel a bit strange in his heart, but he had to say that it was good for him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t know how to get along with Feng Ming and would be at a loss.

Bai Qiaomo thought of the Yangyuan Classics he wanted to give to Feng Ming and didn’t refuse again. “Okay, I will listen to you, Junior Brother Ming.”

“That’s right.” Feng Ming moved his hands and took out a pair of jade pendants that exuded a pleasant medicinal fragrance. “Look at this clear blue medicinal jade. City Lord Duan gave us a pair. Obviously, we each have one. It is very good to use it to warm and nourish the body. This is for you. Wear it.”

As Feng Ming spoke, he directly hung his jade pendant on his body, and the scent of medicine immediately subsided. if one observed carefully, they would find that the power of the medicine was slowly penetrating into his body. The effect might be very slow, but over time, it wasn’t necessarily worse than the effect of a pill, which had immediate results.

One piece of medicinal jade was indeed enough. The main function of this medicinal jade was to heal wounds and warm the body. Others didn’t need it. Bai Qiaomo paused for a few beats before slowly putting it on.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but after a while, the throbbing pain in his body eased a bit.

Feng Ming kept dividing the spoils. They each got half of the hundred-year spiritual milk. Feng Ming also told Bai Qiaomo that he wasn’t short of this spiritual milk. He usually added a drop of spiritual milk into his tea to drink.

The spiritual milk wasn’t one-hundred year spiritual milk, but a much younger one. It was precisely because of this that the hundred-year spiritual milk didn’t have much effect on him.

Bai Qiaomo couldn’t refuse any longer and accepted the hundred-year spiritual milk.

In Qingyun City, Feng Ming was probably the only one who could use spiritual milk so extravagantly. Even the children of the aristocratic families in Gaoyang County might not be able to do the same.


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