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TFHS: Chapter 1

TL Note: Hi everyone, the two novels I originally planned to pick up are currently being translated by other groups, so I had to find new novels. Lately, I’ve been really into reading cultivation novels, no matter how brainless they are, so I wanted to pick one up. This novel is one of my favorites. It is just a casual cultivation novel about two overpowered protagonists who build up their strength to reach the top of the world while face-slapping their enemies along the way.

For now, chapters will come out with no set schedule until I finish translating (translating, not releasing) Studio Superstar, which should be in one/two months. After that, it will have a more regular schedule. I hope you enjoy!

The Dongmu Dynasty, Qingyun City.

Feng Ming, who had just turned 16, came out of the alchemy room in a plain robe and smelling of medicine. There was a bright red mole between his eyebrows, which marked his identity. It complemented his jade-like face and added a bit of color to it.

The small attendant, Yang Xin, was waiting outside the door. He rushed to his young master and said in a surprised tone, “Young Master, something happened. Bai Qiaomo, the eldest young master of the Bai family, who joined the Kunyuan Sect, was in danger when exploring a secret realm and had his dantian destroyed. Yesterday, he was sent back to Qingyun City by the Kunyuan Sect’s disciples.

Feng Ming and Yang Xin had a common feature: the red mole between their eyebrows. This was the special sign of their ger identity.

16 years ago, Feng Ming woke up and found that he had been reborn without the memories of his previous life being washed away. However, this world had many special features compared to his previous life. In addition to being able to cultivate, he was also reincarnated as a third gender in this world, a ger.

A ger looked the same as a man, but they could marry and have children.

The first time he learned about this situation, Feng Ming got goosebumps. It was just that people’s perceptions changed little by little over time. 16 years later, Feng Ming had long been accustomed to his identity in this life. It was just being a ger. He had the final say over whether to marry or not.

Feng Ming had to say that he was greatly relieved after learning more about the process of how a ger gave birth to a child. This was truly a fantasy world.

Ger were different from women and gave birth to eggs. It only took three months to lay an egg. Then the couple would hatch the egg together.

Six months later, the egg would break and the child was born.

Feng Ming wondered in his heart, ‘Is it possible that the original ancestor of this ger was a demon born from eggs, so their descendants inherited this trait?’

The Feng family was considered a moderate family force in Qingyun City, but the other three major families didn’t dare to bully the Feng family.

The Feng family might be sparsely populated, but the head of the Feng family, Feng Ming’s father, was a master in the late-stage essence liquid realm. He was currently the strongest person in Qingun City at present.

Since the death of his wife, Feng Jinlin never remarried. He acted as both father and mother to raise the couple’s only child, Feng Ming.

The Feng family only had Feng Jinlin and Feng Ming. The Bai family, the Ding family, and the Sheng family initially targeted Feng Jinlin for marriage. They all wanted Feng Jinlin to become their son-in-law, adding a powerful foreign aid to their family.

It was a pity that Feng Jinlinn was obsessed with old feelings. He loved his deceased wife, and no one could win him over.

Thus, the three families turned their attention to Feng Ming, the little ger. If Feng Ming liked their child and married voluntarily, how could Feng Jinlin not dig out his heart and lungs for his ger?

Feng Ming grew up in such an atmosphere since he was a child. Whenever he went out, he was always surrounded by the best boys of his generation in Qinglin City.

It wasn’t that Feng Ming was narcissistic. He didn’t grow crooked because he was born with the memories of his previous life.

Feng Ming, who had been in seclusion for a while, was surprised when he heard the news. There were few people in Qingyun City who didn’t know that Bai Qiaomo, the eldest son of the Bai family, was the true pride of heaven in Qingyun City.

However, Feng Ming had only heard of this person by name and had never been able to see him in person. Bai Qiaomo’s half-brother, Bai Qiaolan, was someone hanging around Feng Ming.

Meanwhile, Bai Qiaomo was accepted as the direct disciple of an elder of the Kunyuan Sect early on. He occasionally returned to the Bai family in Qingyun City, but Feng Ming had never met him.

Feng Ming asked in surprise, “What happened? Was it a conspiracy, or was it caused by encountering an invincible danger? Young Master Bai must be too unlucky.”

Yang Xin nodded repeatedly. “Yes. After Young Master Bai was sent back yesterday, word spread in Qingyun City. Now everyone outside must be talking about Young Master Bai.”

For Yang Xin, the former Young Master Bai was an unattainable figure. Who would’ve thought that such a person would fall from the top of the mountain one day?

The dantian wasn’t that easy to repair. If Young Master Bai couldn’t repair it, he could only become a useless person who wasn’t even as good as Yang Xin.

Feng Ming lifted his feet and walked out. “Let’s go. My father is at home, right? I’ll ask my father.”

“The master is here.” Yang Xin chased after him.

Feng Jinlin was taking a few stewards to handle business matters. He was a slightly thin young man who looked like he was in his 20s. A slight resemblance to Feng Ming could be seen from his features.

Feng Jinlin was also a man with an outstanding appearance. The number of gers and women who wanted to marry him had never stopped so far.

Feng Jinlin looked a bit gentle and intellectual on the outside, but he was actually very fast-moving when it came to work. The moment he saw his precious ger appearing, he quickly explained a few trivial matters clearly before letting the stewards handle it on their own.

He only got a rough grasp of the general direction. Based on his strength and methods, few of his subordinates dared to deceive him.

Several stewards held the account books, bowed to Young Master Feng Ming, and left neatly. Feng Ming poured a cup of tea and came to his father’s side. He said in a flattering manner, “Thank you for your hard work, Father. Let’s have a cup of tea.”

Feng Jinlin suddenly lost a bit of sharpness in his eyes and became softer. He was very happy with his ger’s small tricks.

After taking a sip of tea, he glanced at the ger, who was massaging him on the shoulders, and asked, “I heard that Yang Xin told you about the Bai family as soon as you left seclusion. Are you here to ask me for information on the Bai family?”

Yang Xin took a few steps back but resolutely didn’t leave the hall. It was because he also wanted to hear it. There were probably few people in Qingyun City who weren’t curious.

Feng Ming gave his father a thumbs up. “Father, you are the smartest. You already knew before I said anything.”

Feng Jinlin shook his head and smiled. “Since you want to know, and I happen to know something about the situation. I will just tell Ming’er about it.”

Feng Ming hurriedly ran to the seat next to him and sat down. He was like a primary school student listening carefully to a lecture. Feng Jinlin’s smile deepened, and he spoke to Feng Ming in detail.

“It is indeed a pity for Bai Qiaomo. He is a person born with the foundation of heavenly qualifications. He is just past 20 years old and is already in the late stage of the qi gathering realm. In two or three years, it wouldn’t be impossible to advance to the essence liquid realm. Regarding this matter, I wasn’t as fast as him in cultivating them. When his heavenly root was detected, it caused a sensation throughout the entire Qingyun City. The Bai family was also honored for a while. In recent years, only City Lord Duan and I have been able to suppress it. Otherwise, the Bai family would’ve become the number one force in Qingyun City.”

Basic qualifications could be divided into four levels: heaven, earth, black and yellow. Each level had four grades: top, middle, low, and bottom. Among them, the yellow level was the lowest, and heaven level was the highest. Feng Ming had naturally heard of it. This Young Master Bai’s qualification was a low-grade heaven level.

As for Feng Ming himself, he was embarrassed, but he was just an ordinary person. Even so, there was his father, and Feng Ming’s life was very comfortable and leisurely. He was the only child who called Feng Jinlin ‘Father.’ There was no need to compete with many children for cultivation resources like other families.

Feng Ming nodded. “It is indeed a pity. Father, what happened to Bai Qiaomo? Could it be that someone was jealous of his talent and deliberately abolished him?”

Feng Jinlin shook his head. “It isn’t very clear. There has been no news from the Kunyuan Sect. They only said that Bai Qiaomo was in danger in the secret realm. Before Bai Qiaomo was sent back by the Kunyuan Sect, I heard it was true that he was plotted against by someone as Ming’er said. Since the Kunyuan Sect is keeping it a secret, either this person’s background is someone the Kunyuan Sect can’t afford to offend, or it is someone with a backer within the Kunyuan Sect. Bai Qiaomo is already useless. It is irreversible and can’t be undone. Why bother to stir up trouble for a useless person?”

Feng Ming clicked his tongue twice. “Then with this precedent, won’t everyone be in trouble in the future? In any case, even if they become useless, there will be no investigation to the end, right? Bai Qiaomo is so miserable. He can only admit defeat. What is the reaction of the Bai family?”

“The Bai family?” Feng Jinlin sneered. He obviously didn’t have a good impression of the Bai family. “The Kunyuan Sect sent compensation, and the Bai family’s leader himself sent away the Kunyuan Sect’s disciples nicely. Then Bai Qiaomo was placed in a village outside. The euphemistic reason is to allow Bai Qiaomo to meditate and cultivate himself so the village would be quiet. However, any outsider can tell that the Bai family had exiled Bai Qiaomo despite Bai Qiaomo being his own son.”

Feng Ming was shocked when he heard this. Bai Qiaomo was exiled just after he was brought back. It made people feel too cold. The Bai family had relied on Bai Qiaomo over the years. They received a lot of benefits from him, but he was kicked out once he became a useless person.

Feng Ming knew that Bai Qiaomo was the eldest son born to the original wife of the Bai family. After she passed away, the head of the family married the current stepmother. Bai Qiaolan, the second son, was born to the current wife. As expected, a child without a mother was just a piece of grass.

Feng Ming commented, “He is even more miserable.”

Feng Jinlin said, “There is something even worse.”

“Huh? Is there a situation?” Feng Ming looked at his father.

Feng Jinlin continued, “You don’t know. Not long ago, Bai Qiaomo was led by his master to arrange a marriage with a woman. Several major forces in Qingyun heard about it and were just waiting for word of the marriage to spread throughout Qingyun. The result is great. The marriage is dead before it is even decided.”

“The one who liked Bai Qiaomo was Feng Linlang, the daughter of the Feng family in Gaoyang County. It is said that when Bai Qiaomo was training outside, he rescued Feng Linlang through chance. Feng Linlang fell in love with Bai Qiaomo at first sight. The feeling of saving her life led to this marriage. Both the Kunyuan Sect and the Bai family were happy to see this marriage. If the marriage was successful, the Bai family would definitely rise to the top of Qingyun City. Even City Lord Duan would have to be polite to him.”

Feng Ming didn’t know about this marriage at all and almost cursed. “It can’t be a disaster because of a beauty. Is it Feng Linlang’s admirer who did it? This person belongs to some big force in Gaoyang County, so the Kunyuan Sect and Bai family can only swallow this bitter fruit?”

“Feng Linlang. She actually has the surname Feng. This is the same surname as us.”

Feng Ming was so shocked that he didn’t see the complicated look that flashed in Feng Jinlin’s eyes. Otherwise, he wouldn’t know that they really had some relation to the Feng family in Gaoyang County.

But there were too many people with the same surname in the world. The surname Feng wasn’t that unique, so that only their father and son had the surname.

As he grew up and gradually learned about this world, Feng Ming knew how big this world was.

Let’s put it this way. Qingyun City together with the villages and towns under its jurisdiction, had a total population of over 10 million. Its area was even larger than the area of a province on Earth.

Above Qingyun City, Gaoyang County had an even higher administrative level. Gaoyang County had ten cities, such as Qingyun under its jurisdiction. Some cities were larger than Qingyun. Qingyun was only low-middle grade, while the total population of Gaoyang County was 300-400 million.

This was just the case in Gaoyang County. Feng Ming couldn’t even imagine how big the Dongmu Dynasty was. There were also other countries and forces besides the Dongmu Dynasty. This made Feng Ming wonder if the ground he stepped on was still a sphere? If it was a sphere, how big would it be?

Feng Jinlin raised an eyebrow. “What you said isn’t impossible. I guess only Bai Qiaomo himself knows what happened best.”

Yang Xin, who was staying quietly on the side, also ate a big mouthful of melons. The expression on his face was also very rich. He never thought there would be an inside story.

Feng Ming might sympathize with Bai Qiaomo, but he was just a stranger Feng Ming had never met before. Therefore, Feng Ming was more willing to continue eating melons. He still wasn’t satisfied after hearing about the situation from his father, so he took Yang Xin for a stroll out of the Feng house.

Feng Jinlin didn’t stop him. In any case, with him as a father, Feng Ming could do whatever he wanted. In the world of Qingyun, could he not even protect his own ger?

As for the families and boys who were interested in his ger, Feng Jinlin was worried at first. Then later, he could see that his ger showed no signs of being tempted and only regarded the pursuit of those boys as amusement. This relieved him.

(Cultivation realm divisions: body tempering realm, meridians opening realm, qi gathering realm, essence liquid realm, essence dan realm, soul opening realm, fusion realm, nirvana realm, and creation realm.


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