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PRFG: Chapter 30

Lost Treasure (8)

The new players who entered Chi Ting’s live stream room had basically jumped over from Ji Xingque’s live stream room next door.

Compared with Chi Ting, who had just entered the unlimited world, Ji Xingque had accumulated a considerable number of old viewers based on his good performance in the instances over the past two months.

The 13th World had just opened when he came. Currently, he was considered a player in the new district who ranked well in the overall rankings. Therefore, he basically entered the stage of stable charging for each game.

These viewers were already curious after seeing Ji Xingque’s sudden recognition of his relatives. However, due to the live stream permission, they were unable to catch a glimpse of Brother Chi. Some people had originally considered jumping next door to take a look. Then after seeing the price clearly, they came back cursing.

It wasn’t until Chi Ting directly killed a defender at the beginning of the challenge that a few players with rich deposits couldn’t bear it. They angrily threw 5,000 points just to take a look at Chi Ting.

Under such a high price that was almost robbery, the few people who came in to take a look only had time to see Chi Ting’s very recognizable appearance. Seeing that the first minute in the live stream room was about to pass in the blink of an eye, they were about to accurately press the exit button. Then they saw Chi Ting’s figure on the screen turning around. Almost without pausing, he moved to the next target after finishing off the first defender.

Due to their hesitation, they lost 5,000 points again in an instant.

The resentful audience, whose hearts were dripping blood: “F*k—?!”

However, the money had already been deducted. They could only endure the tears of pain and keep their eyes wide open, unwilling to waste the 83.3333 points represented by each second.

Fortunately, they might’ve missed the first appearance, but they could finally see the complete process of Chi Ting solving the defender.

In the past, Ji Xingque was never known for his physical fitness when he was in the team. Therefore, the failure of his personal skill and items was more restrictive for him than Chi Ting.

This made Ji Xingque only use the ability of the slave rationally to deal with any huge trouble that he needed to solve.

Still, Ji Xingque was different from other players after all.

He had enough combat experience. No matter how unreliable he was normally, once on the battlefield, he directly took his slave to play with the defender that Chi Ting assigned to him.

Ji Xingque’s slave was called Cao Ji. He was attracted to this slave at first glance due to the name that was related to birds.

It could be seen that during this time in the instance, Ji Xingque was attentive to this slave. It was precisely due to this that presently, in the fast of these fast-moving defenders, the slave could barely cooperate with his master’s actions. The pull was completed very beautifully.

In the confrontation field, dragging back the enemy obviously couldn’t really solve the problem. But this wasn’t an individual match. The presence of his own captain was reassuring. Ji Xingque didn’t need to think about how to counterattack.

Ji Xingque whistled after noticing that the first one on Chi Ting’s side had been solved. Then he continued to follow Cao Ji to the left and right to distract the defender’s line of sight.

He moved back and forth. Then the moment he passed by Chi Ting, he thoughtfully handed over the defender chasing them to the captain’s hands.

The defender hadn’t expected the opponent to change so unexpectedly. The dull face became even more distorted due to the trace of panic that appeared.

Chi Ting moved his wrists casually and smiled very gently at the other party.

It was an instant kill, just like before.

The entire process was overly understated as if what he was holding and breaking in his hands were only dry and fragile branches, not the throat of a vicious monster in the instance.


The sound in the live stream room was particularly clear.

[F*k, what is this???]

[Isn’t this a high-level project? Why does this monster’s neck feel so crunchy?]

[Just one second? A pinch, and it died in seconds???]

[He looks clean and handsome, but this man has incredible brute force!]

[F*k! Another minute passed? Forget it. I’ll watch it for this one minute and close it at the last second!]

A second before the barrage broke out in the live stream room, there were also bursts of exclamations at the scene.

Immediately afterward, there was the reappearance of the classic killing scene, and the sound wave almost lifted up the roof.

Chi Ting lowered his eyes and glanced at the motionless defender in his hand. He threw it aside and looked over.

He knew very well that only the second wave of shouts that just surged was for him. As for the previous wave, it should be…

Sure enough, patches of blood soon filled his view.

It was a bloody picture that contrasted sharply with his neat kill.

The black shadow on the ground was like a big knife standing out of thin air. It split the space and forcibly cut the unlucky defender into two.

The moment the black shadow quietly returned to the ground, the blood-stained on them lost their support. Blood suddenly scattered all over the ground like a rain of blood, creating a shocking hell scene.

As for the culprit, the man’s expression showed no fluctuations at all.

Not only did he show no emotions about such an overly publicized killing scene, but he was even afraid that the smelly blood stains would stain his clothes, so he quietly retreated to a safe distance. From beginning to end, he was full of an unconcerned air.

Chi Ting was speechless. “If you are afraid of dirtying your clothes, can’t you find a less bloody solution?”

Yue Ren looked innocent. “His saliva stained my clothes just now. I felt that he was provoking me.”

Chi Ting: “……”

A person who haggled over everything would not let their personality collapse.

[Round one: Challenge won.]

The red sign in the center of the field lit up. The frenzied onlookers finally reacted.

Yes, this was only the first round!

To complete the challenge, they had to win a total of three rounds.

But no matter what, compared to the lack of progress before, this time on the field had won at least one round!

“This newcomer, I mean, this Chi Ting…” Zeng Yan, who was in the audience, didn’t know what to say. However, his eyes lit up visibly when he looked at the audience. “It doesn’t matter what his origin is. Do you think they are really likely to succeed in the challenge?”

Someone secretly gulped, feeling frightened when he thought of the scene just now. “Is this Chi Ting really a player? It isn’t just him. His slave is also too strong.”

The moment he finished speaking, the others looked at their slaves with even more disgust.

Indeed, if someone was a big boss then they would accept that they couldn’t compare. However, the slaves were distributed by the instance. There was no harm without comparison.

This was also the first time Shan Xu had seen a player who could kill monsters with their bare hands like Chi Ting. He thought of the taunt he said before and cleared his throat to hide his embarrassment. “There are still two rounds left. Just watch carefully.”

No staff members came out to clear the field. The bodies of the three defenders were left on the field like dead objects.

Among them, the area where Yue Ren was located was particularly tragic.

Ji Xingque turned a blind eye to such a tragic scene. In the blink of an eye, he had already run to Yue Ren with a look of surprise on his face. His expression was full of amazement. “Wow, what is your name? That move just now was a shadow-type ability. Wow, how can you achieve this intensity? You are really amazing. You are worthy of…”

Yue Ren felt annoyed by this noisy boy. He glanced at this person and was about to walk away when he heard Ji Xingque continue, “…The slave of the captain’s family.”

There was a slight pause in his steps. Then Yue Ren looked back and silently raised the corners of his mouth. His attitude was correct and polite. “It is right for me to share my master’s worries.”

“So what is your name…” Ji Xingque continued to talk, only to feel his body become light. He had been pulled to the side by Chi Ting grabbing his collar.

“Go back and prepare for the second round,” Chi Ting pointed to a location and spoke concisely.

Ji Xingque opened his mouth and wanted to say something. However, he immediately withdrew without saying a word when Chi Ting glanced at him.

Yue Ren stood there and watched the whole process calmly with a leisurely smile. “Why are you so nervous? I won’t eat him.”

Chi Ting glanced at him. “If you become interested in him, then you might as well eat him directly. At least you will have a good time.”

Yue Ren shrugged in a noncommittal manner.

He didn’t speak, but his expression seemed to be very satisfied that the person in front of him seemed to understand him more and more.

“Still, I guess that you might need to share more of the burden for me in the next two rounds.”

Chi Ting spoke while looking up. His gaze passed through the railing not far away into the darkness behind it.

He clicked his tongue and couldn’t help complaining a bit. “I wanted to see how perverted these high-level adventure projects were, but this is too perverted. It is a bit disgusting to send out so many of these things at once.”

The moment he finished speaking, the content on the red signal board in the center of the field also changed.

[Round two: 0/15.]

If anyone failed to understand what this notification meant when seeing it, everyone became aware of it when the iron door at the rear opened again.

There was a brief moment of silence before the stands were filled with the sound of cursing.

Everyone knew that this arena project required completing three rounds of challenges. It was just that all those who signed up before basically died in the first round. They had no chance of seeing the second round.

The other explorers were blessed to find out that compared to the terrifying situation they would face later, the difficulty of the first round was just like playing house.

In the viewing area of the player group, everyone exchanged looks with each other. Their faces were pale.


There were a total of 15 monsters like those in the first round!

If the situation of the first round could be regarded as a group of challengers versus the defenders, this second round was like a one-on-five situation. Then after this, there was the even more unknown third round. If it continued at this pace, it was almost impossible to imagine the number of monsters that would be faced at that time!

“Boss Huang… is he really sure that this is the simpler one among the high-level adventure projects?’ Someone finally couldn’t help raising some doubts.

At first, everyone believed in Huang Xinjue simply because he got the first high-level treasure box in the instance. Their mentality subconsciously made them believe that this man should be the hero who could take them out of the instance alive. It was also for this reason that the people present came to this store together with the two players who died on the challenge field before. They had vowed to complete the collection of the three high-level treasure boxes today.

Then what about the final result?

If they had lost in the first round of the previous two games, they could barely persuade themselves that it might be because the two players who issued the challenge weren’t strong enough. But now seeing the challenge of the second round, everyone only had huge question marks in their minds.

Was this really the easiest high-level challenge project?

It was clearly a hell challenge that was impossible to complete!

At this time, the barrage was scrolling wildly in Zeng Yan’s live stream room.

[F*k, they finally found out that Huang Xinjue is unreliable! He is really harmful!]

[What terrible luck. He accidentally encountered the simplest high-level challenge in this instance and has been dominating until now. It was killing me!}

[It is really difficult to start a group in a new area. Basically, there is no money to buy a strategy. Otherwise, as long as you know what projects have a low difficulty, the main mission at this stage actually isn’t that difficult.”]

[Go back and kill that man called Huang quickly! He didn’t understand anything and still opened his mouth. If it wasn’t for him, the two players before wouldn’t have died in vain!]

[The main thing is that Huang Xinjue is really amazing. He dares to slap his face and pretend to be swollen even though he has no strength. He acts like a boss with every mouthful! He dares to issue any instructions at will. If he was given a random choice, he would send people to die in the most difficult high-level project in the instance. There is no one else like him.]

[Will the three on the field be okay? I don’t have the money to pay. Did any brothers who went next door get a thorough look?]

[I don’t know what’s going on, but it doesn’t feel good. I have seen a group enter the third round before. The number in the third round is…]

[It is killing me! Can’t they change projects? I feel numb if they really insist on fighting here!]

In the instance, Ji Xingque looked surprised when he saw the number of people on the defending side. “What do you think they mean? They can’t afford to play? They lost one round so they directly sent out 15?”

The player who came in with them was on the verge of tears. “Yes, this is too outrageous!”

“It is really outrageous! Forget about the three identical ones in the first round. There are actually so many in the second round. Does this mean there will be even more in the third round?” Ji Xingque became more and more unable to understand as he thought about it. He turned to look at Chi Ting. “Captain, tell me, the main business of this store isn’t mass production, right?”

The player next to him was about to cry. Then after hearing his words, the player was so stunned that he held back his tears.

After digesting Ji Xingque’s words, all that was left was an expression of disbelief. “Is that the point?”

Ji Xingque looked up at the group of tall figures walking onto the field from behind the iron door and clicked his tongue with disdain. “Of course. Why isn’t this the point? How can a serious person do this type of wholesale monster business? This store doesn’t look like a serious store.”

“There is indeed a problem with this store.” Chi Ting’s eyes also fell on the figures on the opposite side who didn’t move like living people at all. “to be precise, the city itself is full of problems.”

From the corner of his eyes, he glanced at Ji Xingque and the other player’s slaves and scratched the dry corners of his lips with his fingertips. “But I must admit that our luck is quite good. I always feel that there are some ready-made clues here. It is a rare opportunity. The other party has sent so many experimental products to the door. I can study them.”

The defenders slowly arrived in the center of the field. Due to their extremely tall figures, almost half of the field was shrouded in giant shadows at this moment.

Their empty gazes passed over the lifeless corpses on the edge of the field. The already ferocious faces became more and more distorted with the pulling of flesh. Finally, their cold gazes through deep-set eye sockets fell on Chi Ting.

Under the eyes of this completely non-human species, Chi Ting’s expression didn’t fluctuate much. Instead, he moved his wrists with some anticipation and told the others, “I will do whatever I want. You should also fight by yourself.”

“Roger that, Captain!” Ji Xingque responded happily after receiving the familiar instructions. He didn’t forget to turn around and considerately translate it for the other player. “Be obedient and run as far as you can later. Everything is fine as long as you don’t hold us back. If you provoke our captain, be careful of being beaten up by him.”

The player silently looked at the arena that was the size of a football field and was speechless in despair. “…QAQ.”

He didn’t want to hold them back, but in this venue, it was really difficult to hide from the defenders. What did this mean? Why did it feel like he even had to hide from his own side? The room for escape was inevitably too limited!

The distressed player could only watch Chi Ting’s movements as closely as possible to ensure that he could quickly run in the opposite direction.

He watched for a moment and finally saw Chi Ting taking a step forward.

Just as the player was about to turn on the running mode, he watched helplessly as the monsters on the opposite side followed Chi Ting’s movements and cautiously took a small step back from the center line.

The player: “Huh?”

Chi Ting: “Huh?”

A few viewers who finally decided to exit the live broadcast room happened to see this scene. [???]

Tick tock.

Along with the sound of the viewing time being exceeded, 5,000 points were deducted again.


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