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PRFG: Chapter 28

Lost Treasure (6)

The name of the store with the red diamond marker was ‘Cut Cut Cut Arena.’

Like the previous contract station, it looked like a small storefront on the outside. However, inside was very different.

There was an underground area around the size of a football field. Blood-red signal lights lit up the center of the field.

The scattered peripheral light covered the face not far away. His expression was completely fixed at the moment of death. Under extreme fear, the facial features were only left in a distorted arc due to excessive despair.

Compared with the relatively intact upper bodies of the explorers and slaves at the scene, his lower body had long been torn into hideous pieces of flesh.

The tangled organs leaked from his torn waist. The juice that overflowed from the internal organs filled the entire scene with a disgusting smell.

The champion of this challenge was currently squatting in the center of the field.

His limbs, including his fingers, were slender and not in line with human characteristics. The deep-set eye sockets were filled with intense greed. He looked at the organs on the ground that were vaguely shrinking. Then he put them in his mouth in full view and started to devour them. The skinny back curled up in a dry ball, making the whole picture look weird and creepy. Even if he still barely retained his human form, he was obviously a complete monster.

There were many guests leaning against the iron railing of the first floor. They watched the ending of the arena, and some newcomers couldn’t help lying next to a trash can and vomiting. Of course, there were also many explorers who had obviously become accustomed to this type of scene. They gathered in small groups and were discussing the arena competition just now with great interest.

“This is the second one. Is this the second person to die today?”

“I thought it was some type of master, but he is the same as the previous one. He didn’t even survive the first round.”

“Tsk, some people really think that they are brave. They are willing to risk their lives for the sake of high-level treasure chests.”

“Speaking of which, where do these champions come from? Every time they come, I feel that they don’t look like human beings at all.”

“Shh—! Don’t ask things you shouldn’t. Just watch the game!”

“I guess two people are dead. Is there anyone else who wants to give away their lives for nothing? If there is no fun to watch, I will go somewhere else to play.”

“Hehehe, there have been a lot of new explorers coming to the city recently. It seems that they will all be dead soon.”

There was no hesitation in this discussion process at all. In sharp contrast to the explorer NPCs watching the face, the players next to them had serious faces.

Just now, the already small player group had lost one more player. It was also the player who was recognized internally as the one who had the best chance of gaining the high-level treasure chest.

It was inevitable to sign up for the challenge, and the result was indeed tragic.

From the official launch of this ‘Lost Treasure’ instance to now, the earliest batch of players had already counted and sorted out all the treasure chests in the ancient city.

Choosing the arena for the challenge was the result of careful consideration.

What they never expected was that under the so-called rule of winning three rounds, the two people who came to participate in the challenge today didn’t even survive the first round, let alone advance to the last round.

You know, these two people were obviously very good when passing the intermediate adventure projects.

Was the difficulty of this high-level adventure project so great?

A player couldn’t help shouting loudly, “The designer of this instance is obviously intentional! IF only we can use our personal skills. With our skills and items in hand, why would we need to risk our lives on these useless things!”

He said this and glared fiercely at the slave waiting not far away.

“Sure enough, stop struggling. You can’t beat them at all… don’t you see, those defenders aren’t human at all. They can’t be beaten!”

Someone had already grabbed his hair in despair. He looked at the number of treasure chests still missing from the main task, and his tone was faintly tearful. “How could this happen? Didn’t Boss Huang say that the high-level treasure chests of this store aren’t difficult? How could it be? We were all wrong. We shouldn’t have listened to Boss Huang at that time. If we had followed that pink-haired boy earlier, maybe, maybe…”

“Maybe what? Stop crying. It is making my head hurt!” The man next to him was upset by the crying and raised his foot to kick this person. “The only high-level treasure chest now is the one won by Boss Huang. If we don’t listen to him, should we listen to cowards like you who only know how to cry? You are already weak. Are you stupid as well? If you want to believe what that pink-haired boy said, hurry and directly huddle together. Wait for others to clear the level, and don’t be embarrassing here.”

“Shan Xu, okay. Speak less.” Seeing that there was about to be an argument, the man with the square face came out from where he had been listening to smooth things over. He noticed that someone walked into the store and inadvertently glanced at the door. Then he showed a slightly surprised expression. “Hey, didn’t he just come yesterday? How dare he come directly to this store?”

The man named Shan Xu asked, “Who is it?”

The square-faced man pointed to the tall figure at the door. “It is the player who was newly matched and entered the instance yesterday.”

There was a precedent at the contract station. Chi Ting had already seen a small world inside a small storefront and was no longer surprised.

He walked in front with the 23 number plate given to him by the clerk. He walked in a bit deeper inside and faintly smelled a strange smell in the air. He couldn’t help frowning and didn’t forget to look behind him. Yue Ren, who had perfectly entered the ‘contracted slave’ state, commented, “The smell is very perverted.”

Yue Ren heard the meaning of the words and looked up. “Do you want to play?”

Chi Ting moved his wrist and said in a slightly expectant tone. “This scene seems to be a project that is quite suitable for me.”

Yue Ren walked behind. At such an angle, it was enough to completely see Chi Ting’s entire back.

Hearing this, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly, and he smiled silently. “I hope you can have fun, my dear master.”

By the time the two of them reached the barbed wire fence, the arena area underground had been cleaned. Apart from a slight residual smell, there were only traces of potholes and pits left. Still, it was shocking enough at a glance.

Chi Ting felt someone pat his shoulder. He looked back, and a large square face entered his eyes.

He blinked slowly. “There is fate, Brother.’

The square-faced man was named Zeng Yan. This was the second time they had met, and he was relatively familiar with Chi Ting.

He greeted Chi Ting and brought him over to get to know the other players.

Everyone knew the story of a new player entering the instance yesterday. They were originally expecting a big boss from the Sanctuary to come and save the situation. Then they heard that the player was a newcomer from District 13, and the psychological gap was very big.

Therefore, seeing Chi Ting’s spotless body at this time and looking at his face, arms and legs, everyone’s mood was inevitably more complicated.

Shan Xu had been very irritated by the crying of the player next to him. At this time, he couldn’t help ridiculing Chi Ting. “You just came yesterday, right? You must not understand the rhythm of the instance. It is now the seventh day since the instance opened. Us players who came first have collected so many treasure chests desperately. Even if you don’t exert too much strength, you can be more positive, right? The day after you came in, you went straight to a high-level adventure store. If you have this much free time, you can do a bit more team contribution, even if you can only get low-level treasure chests.”

After staying in this ancient city for seven days, everyone was already very clear about the adventure projects of these stores. All the treasure chests almost needed to be obtained at the cost of consuming their slave. Right now, the master and slave came in one after another, and their clothes looked cleaner than the other. This made Shan Xu subconsciously assume that they had wandered around for a long time without doing anything.

For instances where the main task was a collective task, the most hated person was the bastard who did nothing but lie down and win.

It had been a long time since Chi Ting heard someone scold him like this. He heard this and felt relieved. He smiled slightly at Shan Xu and said, “Don’t worry. Our main task is to collect treasure boxes. I just got three low-level chests in the last store.”

He also opened his backpack in a friendly manner to show these players and explained in a patient manner, “I didn’t come here to wander around. I happened to pass by this store and wanted to come in and get a high-level treasure chest to take a look.”

Shan Xu hadn’t expected that Chi Ting would actually collect three low-level treasure chests. He couldn’t help being stunned when he saw it. “The speed is quite fast.”

It wasn’t known if it was because the tone of his following statement was too sincere, but Shan Xu didn’t notice anything wrong for a while. It took him a while to react. “Wait a minute. Tell me, why did you enter this store? What are you here for?”

Chi Ting answered, “Gain a high-level treasure chest and take a look.”

Shan Xu asked, “Gain what?”

Chi Ting, who was a bit dazed by the question. “…A high-end treasure chest?”

“What treasure chest????”

“He said to get a high-end treasure chest!” Zhen Yan couldn’t stand it. Then after answering on Chi Ting’s behalf, he looked over with the same complicated expression. “Chi, right? Don’t make trouble… you came here a bit late and didn’t see the two arena challenges that just ended. You should know that this type of high-end adventure project isn’t something that can be done with confidence!”

Chi Ting obviously knew how to grasp the key point. “It seems that this high-end adventure project is quite perverted?”

At this question, the slave Yue Ren, who was standing in the rear and acting obediently, also looked over.

Zeng Yan couldn’t be sure for a moment if it was just his illusion.

He always felt that he heard a trace of anticipation from Chi Ting’s words?

He was stunned for a moment before finally speaking again. “IT isn’t quite perverted. It is unimaginable… pervertedness!”

The last words came out in a very loud voice.

Zeng Yan thought about it, and his mind seemed to be filled with squirming internal organs. This made his chest rise and fall, and the feeling of vomiting became stronger for a while.

Chi Ting got the answer. Then he looked back and asked, “Would you like to play it?”

Yue Ren blinked, and the corners of his mouth curved up. “Just make a decision, Master.”

Chi Ting saw that this person had started with the master again. He was already used to it and patted Zeng Yan’s shoulder. He asked, “Where to register for this perverted project?”

Such a reaction made Zeng Yan go crazy for a while. “…Did you hear what I just said?”

“Just take him there.” Shan Xu sighed. “The newcomer wants to save the world and is willing to risk his own life. How can we stop him?’”

Chi Ting nodded. “Yes, work hard to lead the way, or I’ll just ask the staff.”


Shan Xu deliberately spoke to Chi Ting in such a sinister and arrogant way in the hopes that he would understand the difficulty and retreat. He didn’t expect that this person wouldn’t listen to him at all.

Zeng Yan’s expression was very complicated.

There weren’t many players. This newcomer wasn’t a big shot, but he could survive the first night and walk around the streets safely. At the very least, he didn’t look like a fool. At this point, it was better for even one more person to survive. After all, if there was a chance to enter the next stage, they didn’t know what situation they would encounter. Maybe it would be easier to handle with more people?

Why was this Chi Ting so obsessed with seeking death?

For the sake of clearing the instance, Zeng Yan didn’t want the newcomer to sign up without any preparation and give away his life. However, looking at Chi Ting’s appearance, he knew he couldn’t persuade Chi Ting at all.

Just as he was struggling, he suddenly heard someone speak, “Did you see the person who passed just now? It seems to be the pink-haired boy’s group. This direction… it seemed he signed up? What is going on? Didn’t they already find a place to hide? Do they intend to get a high-end box?”

Zeng Yan heard these words and looked up. He caught a flash of pink hair around the corner.

Several players at the scene exchanged looks and immediately followed quickly.

“Let’s take a look,” Chi Ting told Yue Ren and followed behind the group.

As he walked, he thought of the pink-haired boy they mentioned in their conversation just now. A figure flashed in his mind for some reason.

Speaking of which, he used to have a pink-haired brat on his team. Unfortunately, this last teammate died a few months before he came to this unlimited world.

Chi Ting’s heart moved slightly, and he habitually touched the beads around his wrist.

He was just thinking this when he passed the corner, and his obstructed vision opened up.

At a glance, Chi Ting saw the figure at the counter slapping down the number plate on the table. This caused his steps to suddenly stop.

Yue Ren had been following half a step behind Chi Ting. Due to the pause, he almost collided with Chi Ting.

He looked up and glanced at the back that had become stiff for a moment. Just as he was about to reach out, he saw Chi Ting rush toward the counter in the blink of an eye.

A young man with pink hair tied behind his head stood in front of the counter. His voice was loud and clear as he communicated with the staff. “Yes, I want to sign up. But before that, I need to confirm the project’s rules. The single-player challenge gives one high-level treasure chest, and the collective three-person challenge gives two, right? Each person is only allowed to register once… if this is the case, it seems like the collective project earns more than the single-player project. Wait a moment, and let me think about it.”

He frowned, touched his chin, and fell into deep thought. It wasn’t until he felt someone tapping his shoulder that he looked back. “What’s wrong? Which brother wants to participate with me…?”

The following words stopped abruptly due to the figure that entered his eyes. “!!!”

The pink-haired boy’s body visibly stiffened for a moment. He slowly opened his mouth but couldn’t speak for a long time.

On the other hand, Chi Ting looked him up and down. He even made a gesture of height to confirm the other person’s identity before saying the first greeting after they reunited, “What’s the situation? Aren’t you already dead?”

It was okay not to ask. Once this sentence came out, the pink-haired boy’s original unruly look disappeared, and his eyes became wet in the blink of an eye. He even faintly cried due to excitement. “C-Captain… how are you… why are you dead as well?”


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