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PRFG: Chapter 20 Part 2

Chi Ting obviously couldn’t empathize with Li Tao’s collapse. He looked at Xiang Xianwan and then at Yue Ren.

Fingertips slowly caressed the beads in his hands. He finally lowered his eyes slightly and suddenly pulled hard.

The white beads scattered on the ground like flowers. The sound of the beads falling like jade disks instantly became the only sound around them. The number of beads that lost their red string connection seemed to create a snowy landscape on the ground, making the several people rushing to die feel dumbfounded.

What was this situation?

“Don’t fight. Only I can do this type of thing.” Chi Ting’s face wasn’t full of joy or anger. Even the tone of his speech was still unhurried. “I have strong willpower. Even if assimilation really occurs after completing the task, I have more time than you.”

As he said this, he slowly raised his hand. The red string scattered on the ground returned to him as if being dragged.

Then there was a clear snap of his fingers.

In the next second, the overly weird scene made everyone instinctively cover their mouths.

So far, everyone’s impression of this exclusive item in Chi Ting’s hand only stopped at the fact that it could grow short or long. They didn’t pay much attention to the beads of different sizes on it.

At this moment, a bead scattered on the ground suddenly rose with a faint white light. Gradually, an illusory figure emerged from the bead and saluted respectfully toward Chi Ting. The voice was empty and distant. “Captain.”

“Xiao Lu.” Chi Ting acted like he was seeing a family member and pointed in Yue Ren’s direction. “Pay attention to him later. If he wants to run, try to stop him.”

“Yes!” The phantom replied.

Chi Ting nodded and snapped his fingers a second time.

This time, the phantom appeared next to Li Tao. He wanted to touch it. Then he saw the ‘person’ suddenly look back and was so frightened that he hurriedly withdrew his hand.

Chi Ting once said that these beads were made of human bones. Everyone thought he was joking. Now that he thought about it carefully, Li Tao suddenly felt that this statement was probably true!

“Old Song, prepare your domain. If I’m not sober later, be careful to wake me up as soon as possible,” Chi Ting snapped his fingers again and spoke to the short phantom next to him. “If there is a situation, I might not be able to maintain my sanity for long. You need to end the battle as soon as possible before then.”

The short phantom touched the illusionary machine gun in his hand. “Don’t worry, Captain. He can’t run away.”

One phantom after another quickly filled the previously empty lobby.

Compared to the three people in the corner who no longer knew what to say, Yue Ren was in particularly high spirits despite becoming everyone’s target. He saw Chi Ting walking toward him and smiled. “I knew that you weren’t an ordinary person, Mr Chi.”

Chi Ting glanced at him. “It is good that you know this.”

He lowered his eyes slightly, and his gaze fell on the other person’s lips. He didn’t forget to give a warning at the end. “I agree to the last task. If you play tricks, I can’t guarantee how much patience I will have.”

Yue Ren also stared at Chi Ting. “As long as you complete the final task, it means you have accepted my deal. I am always honest and trustworthy when it comes to deals.”

“Deal?” Chi Ting quickly noticed the keyword.

“The simple final tasks are my sincerity to you. Of course, you can also refuse. However, I have always been picky about food. I have finally chosen a partner who fits my vision. I really don’t want to miss it.”

Yue Ren blinked slowly. “I’m looking forward to working with you. I hope you won’t let me down at that time.”

There was a short silence before Chi Ting asked, “Since it is a deal, what do I need to pay?”

Yue Ren maintained a very decent smile. “Don’t worry, I definitely won’t embarrass you. It is just a bit of effort. You don’t even need to have the slightest feeling of ‘paying’ something.”

Such words sounded like the big cake that the boss had drawn when he mobilized them. Chi Ting was extremely doubtful about the authenticity, but he obviously didn’t have more choices.

The corners of Chi Ting’s mouth tightened slightly. He looked at the other person’s lips again.

Yue Ren sensed the other person’s hesitation and spoke thoughtfully, “If it is difficult, in fact, I can show you a special favor and change the task…”

“No need. This is quite convenient.” Compared to the task content where he needed to prepare gifts or do other tasks, Chi Ting sincerely felt it was too simple just to kiss.

Without waiting for Yue Ren to finish speaking, he directly took two steps forward. He grabbed the collar with one hand and pulled this person forward, kissing him deeply.


A crack finally appeared in Yue Ren’s playful expression. Under his feet, the shadows suddenly grew by several times.

A few seconds later, the other three people reacted and precisely represented the audience in the live stream room. Out of excessive shock, the trio directly called out, “Huh—?!!!”

The moment the kiss was released, Yue Ren stared directly at Chi Ting with an unclear expression.

They looked at each other. If it wasn’t for the phantoms around them who were still gathering momentum, the atmosphere of everything would be like embarrassment after a sudden ambiguity.

Chi Ting inexplicably felt guilty for a moment.

He didn’t know why. He was clearly the one who received this task, but it felt like he was forcing himself on the other person.

Chi Ting cleared his throat in a low voice while his fingertips rubbed against his lips that still had an aftertaste. After thinking about it for a while, he couldn’t help muttering, “It turns out that kissing is like this.”

“Oh? What does it feel like?”

“It isn’t bad.” Chi Ting subconsciously told the truth. Then he realized the identity of the person asking him this question. He looked up and met the eyes of Yue Ren, who seemed to want to smile.

The man stared straight at him and licked the corners of his lips meaningfully. “Is that so?”

Chi Ting: “……”

He wanted to say something, but his attention was drawn to something else when he raised his eyes.

The completion of the task meant that Yue Ren’s favorability directly jumped up by +1,000.

However, the feeling of assimilation that Chi Ting imagined didn’t happen. Instead, he watched the whole process of the favorability value jumping from green to pink in one fell swoop.

A pink favorability value?

Why did he feel like there was something weird?

Chi Ting stopped and waited a while.

He confirmed that Yue Ren really had no other evil intentions and raised the red string in his hand. All the phantoms returned to the beads and were instantly connected into a string of beads that fell into his hands again.

Chi Ting finally made a confirmation. “Is it considered cleared now?”

Yue Ren smiled slightly. “Of course.”

Chi Ting asked, “So what do you need me to do?”

“Don’t worry, you will know at the time.” Yue Ren smiled slightly and made an inviting gesture for them in the direction of the elevator.

The elevator.

It was what they used to go upstairs.

Naturally, in the process of increasing favorability, there were people who checked it. Forget any special places. Even the operation permission of other floors wasn’t opened. It seemed like a useless decoration.

At that time, everyone was naturally a bit hesitant about the invitation of Yue Ren. Then seeing that Chi Ting had already walked in, they immediately followed.

Yue Ren stood on one side while the other three stood behind Chi Ting. They were like guarding a chick from the big bad wolf.

Yue Ren seemed to be in a particularly good mood and didn’t mind it.

It wasn’t until the elevator doors closed that the shadow under his feet stretched out. The moment it neared the button, a ‘-1’ floor selection suddenly appeared at the bottom of the row of buttons.

“F*k, an underground garage?” Li Tao felt that he was completely stupid.

This development also left the audience in the live stream room speechless.

This was indeed a route that no one had ever imagined. It was clear that the right way to exit the instance had always been in Yue Ren’s hands.

No matter how the ultimate task was triggered, this man was the key to this instance from beginning to end.

The elevator reached the underground level, and the doors opened with a ‘ding!’ Then the progress bar of Love Apartment finally reached 100%.

In the live stream room, some people were already discussing the review of the instance, while some people were shocked by Chi Ting’s personal skill. Then the image of the instance was cut off in the midst of the laughter and chatter.

In the instance, the group of people came out of the elevator and walked into the underground garage. Finally, they saw the complete appearance of this community for the first time.

At a glance, what fell into their eyes was the gate directly opposite them.

They could leave for real as long as they passed through this gate.

Chi Ting was the last one to walk in.

Looking back, what fell into his eyes was the tall figure of Yue Ren. In the endless building complex, this scene was indescribably lonely and desolate.

Chi Ting inexplicably thought of himself, who was left alone in the world at that time.

In such a world, it seemed like there was only silence.

It was out of place.

[Countdown to the instance closing: 10, 9…]

Yue Ren also stood at the door and stared at him. Their eyes met and the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

[6. 5…]

Chi Ting heard the man speak.

“Mr Chi, can you extend your hand and invite me to see your world?”

[4, 3, 2…]

Chi Ting suddenly remembered what Yue Ren said at that time.

—“I hope you don’t let me down at that time, Mr. Chi.”

It turned out that this was the final deal?

The moment their eyes made contact in the air and looking at the man standing in this world that was about to collapse, Chi Ting still reached out his hand.

His slender fingers cast a small shadow in the sunlight.

He saw Yue Ren like this and suddenly smiled. The tangible figure instantly turned into a black shadow. The moment it merged, the door closed.


[The countdown is over. The ‘Love Apartment’ instance has been closed. I look forward to you coming again.]

[Didi—! A data error was detected. A new database is being generated.]

[Congratulations to the players Chi Ting, Li Tao, Xiang Xianwan, Gong Jing, and ‘???’ for achieving the first clearance of ‘Love Apartment.’]

[The instance reward is being calculated. Please wait…]



  1. Qinlan says:

    CT actually kissing YR!!! 😆😆😆😍😍
    What a development. Nobody expect that..😅😅🤭🤭🤭

  2. Alise says:

    Did anyone catch the fact that it was CT first kiss? 😘😁😁😁😁

  3. O says:

    Well I wonder who ??? could possibly be? 🤔 🤣
    YR managed to get out in the end. Kind of sad that the +1000 didn’t trigger any specific extra rule, but equally I prefer it to be this simple (both between them and the instance)
    Looking forward to seeing what the “game world” is like.

    Thanks for the chapter and stay safe!

    1. Mndless says:

      Turns out YR was essentially the game master, or at least equivalent to the final boss of the scenario. The fact that the finale was so simplified seems to come solely from the fact that he’s actually quite interested in CT, and didn’t want to sour their relationship over something like that. He might not “get” human emotions, but he does understand them well enough to mask.

  4. Marie-Sandra says:

    Wow so here it is, the ending of this first instance. Can’t wait for what’s coming next!
    I kind of like these players together, hopefully they’ll stay together sometimes!

  5. Mehapa says:

    Damnn i kinda expected but not expected that yue ren will be the ml

  6. Morianse says:

    Will Yue Ren’s become Chi Ting’s Zhang Ya? XD (mhoh reader will get this)

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