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PFRG: Chapter 9

Love Apartment (9)

“Hehe… Hehehe…”

All the dolls seemed to have life. The laughter that caused people to feel numb came one after another, densely burrowing into the ears from all directions.

Li Tao was stimulated by such a strange scene and was frozen in place. By the time his mind returned, he found that Chi Ting was still standing motionless. His heart jumped, and he couldn’t help giving a reminder, “What are you doing there? Run quickly—!”

The moment these words came out, there was no time to pay attention to Gloria’s resentful gaze. He took out a few balls directly from his storage space and smashed them down hard.

It was the item ‘Flash Bomb.’

The moment it landed, the dazzling light spread out and instantly filled the entire room.

Li Tao’s heart jumped wildly as he saw Gloria’s favorability go down by -20 the moment he acted.

He didn’t mean to put on a show of saving a friend in need.

In the unlimited world, it was already very difficult to take care of himself. As for the life or death of others, it was naturally good to be able to save someone, but if it was beyond his capabilities, then he should do what he was capable of. At this moment, the reason he instinctively wanted to help Chi Ting gain a chance to escape was mainly due to his subconscious intuition. In this overly evil instance, he always felt that losing this strange-looking partner would definitely be a huge loss.

There was no doubt that Li Tao’s move this time was definitely a great gamble.

However, after this move, he didn’t see the familiar figure running out of the white light as he wished.

He didn’t make it in time?

Li Tao’s heart shook and beat wildly like a drum. He grasped the edge of the door and tried to keep his eyes wide open. Finally, he saw the scene in the room clearly in the gradually receding white light and said loudly, “F*k!”

No wonder why Chi Ting stopped running. In the blink of an eye, those dolls had already densely climbed up his body.

They had such ferocious expressions and seemed ready to eat his flesh and bones at any time.

It was like a human-shaped chrysalis wrapped around his body. Chi Ting stood there and was wrapped in an airtight manner.

The dolls hanging on his body were still stacking up. It was mixed with the sound of immature laughter floating around. The scene alone was enough to drive those with trypophobia crazy. It seemed to make people go crazy with just one glance.

Gloria was also laughing. “Hehehe, if you like me that much… just stay with me…”

Li Tao’s whole body felt like he was covered in Ice. His feet waiting by the door had unknowingly become completely numb.

However, it wasn’t the numbness of his feet that kept him from turning around and running. It was the fact that the moment he instinctively held his breath, he clearly heard a very clear ‘crack.’

A crack also appeared in Gloria’s smile.

It seemed like something was cracking from the inside bit by bit. By the time Li Tao regained his composure, he happened to see the whole process of the ‘baby chrysalis’ being blasted away by a huge force.

It crackled like a dense rainstorm hitting the ground. After a close look, it was found that the dolls were blasted into broken parts by the huge momentum. The fragments of doll limbs were scattered all over the ground.

A head was a head, the feet were the feet, and there were bits and pieces of fingers.

The expressions on the faces of these dolls were either resentful, unwilling, angry, or panicked. Combine these eyes with the torsos that were still struggling and twisting, and the strangeness of the scene was directly multiplied by several times.

The instigator of all of this was Chi Ting, whom Li Tao thought couldn’t escape a moment ago.

At this time, Chi Ting was still standing in place with the same expression. He didn’t even move his footsteps as he expressed his contempt for Gloria’s words. “Is it you that I like? Don’t be so sentimental.”

It stood to reason that at this time, Li Tao should say a few words to show politeness. However, all his attention had been attracted by something else.

The beads that appeared out of nowhere were being played with casually by Chi Ting in his hands.

A string of beads wrapped around his wrist, loosely and casually wrapped around his fingers. The bloody red rope used to string the beads could vaguely be seen underneath. This made his jade-like complexion even whiter.

These beads were all milky white. At first glance, they didn’t look like jade or other common materials. Li Tao vaguely had a thought, but he didn’t have time to catch it. In the blink of an eye, he exclaimed because of another thought, “F*k, an exclusive item? I knew it. You are really a bigshot!”

It wasn’t just Li Tao. The audience in the live stream room was also shocked by the scene.

At this time, the number of people online in the live stream room had exceeded 5,000. Most of the people came in to watch halfway, but they had a god’s perspective and could see much more clearly than Li Tao.

It was precisely because they were very clear about Chi Ting’s identity as a new player that the barrage exploded more thoroughly at this moment.

[What type of development is this? Isn’t Chi Ting a newcomer? He shouldn’t have opened the points mall in the system.]

[It has nothing to do with the points mall. Do you see that thing in his hand in the mall? Why does it look like an exclusive item?]

[It is more than that! He is a newcomer, so this is a companion exclusive!]

[Hiss—! I’ve passed over a dozen instances, and I haven’t awakened yet. Bah!]

[What fate is this? I just casually came to this live stream room. Is this to let me witness the birth of a new god? It is so exciting!]

[I’m benefiting from his success! The clearance strategy is about to arrive! I feel that this desperate situation is finally going to be over!!!}

Just as the barrage was frantically filling the screen, a second rain of dolls fell in the live stream room.

The dolls had gathered again and rushed forward one after another. But this time, they didn’t have time to cover Chi Ting’s body. They were directly swept away by the beads.

The beads in Chi Ting’s hands were strangely lengthened by a few full circles, wrapping around him like a taming whip with its own life. It got rid of all threats that intended to approach him.

All the dismantling and disintegration was like a grand sacrificial ceremony.

Chi Ting also pinched a doll in his hand. He used just a bit of force and directly dismembered it into parts on the spot. He let go, and it fell to the ground like a butterfly with broken wings.

With every step he took, he stepped on a limb piece on the ground.



In this way, he walked slowly to the pale-faced Gloria. His long, well-defined fingers climbed up the girl’s throat little by little as if stroking very gently. He was like a hunter thoughtfully choosing a suitable starting point.

Looking closely, it could be seen that Gloria’s whole body was trembling.

It could only be said that everything happened a bit too suddenly. She obviously couldn’t understand why her abilities were so weak in front of this human being.

It wasn’t until the coolness of the beads brushed against her chin that Gloria’s mind returned. She instinctively lowered her head and finally saw the appearance of the beads clearly.

Milky white, not jade, not ivory…

Gloria recognized at a glance that these were products of finely polishing bones.

It didn’t matter whether it was human bones or the bones of other species. What normal human could polish bones into beads and wear them on his body?

What a pervert!

This guy was simply a big pervert who was even more terrifying than her!

Gloria’s eyes finally moistened uncontrollably. Her whole body shook violently, and she instinctively turned to run, but she was pulled by Chi Ting’s hand.

Just like this, the beads that were originally wrapped around his hand snaked up as if they had life. They tightly wrapped around Gloria’s whole body before retracting it. The cold touch accompanied the feeling of her body being tightly strangled. It was clearly imprinted on her skin.

Gloria had just taken a step forward. The moment her legs were tied, she stumbled face down and fell to the ground.

“Forget it. It is still useful to keep your life.”

Chi Ting looked at the little girl tied up in front of him. His expression seemed a bit regretful that he couldn’t kill her directly. He crouched down next to her and started to spank Gloria, asking a question while hitting her. “Now you know what you shouldn’t covet? Sister Xiang is so good to you, and you actually have the idea of acting against her? Will you dare to get revenge on her in the future? Do you dare?”

Gloria’s face was full of anger, but she didn’t dare to speak. She wanted to control the doll but was forced to dispel this idea after Chi Ting glanced at her. The hot pain from her butt made tears swirl in her eyes a few times. Finally, she couldn’t hold back and burst into tears. “I don’t dare, I don’t dare. I don’t dare to do anything—!”

Chi Ting lifted the bound little girl up easily with the string of beads and glanced in Xiang Xianwan’s direction meaningfully.

Gloria pursed his lips tightly while crying.

Xiang Xianwan watched Gloria’s favorability value jump down fiercely and was surprised to find that her actions were free again. She tore off the veil on her head in surprise. “I… I can move again!”

Li Tao was completely relieved at this time. He carefully stepped on the gaps in the ground, bypassing the body parts of the dolls and stepping over them.

He obviously wanted to ask Chi Ting countless questions, but he knew that now wasn’t the time. After making sure that Xiang Xianwan was really okay, he wanted to take her away. Then he was stopped by Chi Ting again.

Li Tao turned back. “Is there something else?”

This sentence obviously also expressed Gloria’s heart. She stared directly at Chi Ting, wishing he would disappear in place immediately.

Chi Ting rubbed the little girl’s head very clearly, like an old father advising the naughty child to be kind. “Aren’t you in a hurry to go downstairs? Come here and increase the favorability before leaving. By the way, ask Gong Jing to come over together. It can speed up the increase in favorability.”

Gloria: “……”

Li Tao: “???”

Did it look like the right time to increase favorability?

[Hahaha, this isn’t very hurtful but is very insulting. If I was an NPC, I would really fight him desperately.]

[This newcomer is really amazing. He doesn’t feel afraid at all.]

[Having a murderous heart, beating up NPCs, and gaining favorability. He really dares to mention it.]

[Why doesn’t he dare? Look at Gloria. Do you think she dares to say a word not?]

Li Tao really couldn’t keep up with Chi Ting’s brain circuits.

Looking at the messy and weird scene around him, he hesitated to speak. Finally, he just nodded. “Okay, I’ll send a message to Gong Jing.”

Chi Ting looked at Gloria with satisfaction, and a kind smile appeared on his face. “Come on, think about what you need help with. Try to make it as simple and convenient as possible. The reason why you haven’t become like your favorite dolls right now is for this last function. We need you to open the floor access. You should know that if this last function doesn’t exist… How about it? Would you like to cooperate?”

During his speech, Gloria could feel the beads binding her suddenly tighten a bit. Under the suffocating feeling, she nodded hurriedly and vigorously.

Chi Ting’s voice was full of temptation. “You are really obedient. Good child.”

Li Tao silently looked at the ceiling.

It must be an illusion caused by him being too tired recently. Why else would he have a strong sense of deja vu like he was seeing Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma Wolf?

Gong Jing from the 14th floor came down in a hurry. Before he could enter through the door, he was frightened by the shocking scene and froze in place.

Li Tao beckoned him in, and really didn’t know how to explain it for a moment.

Then the two of them received a new favorability task from Gloria.

[Task name: Save the doll.]

[Task introduction: The cute dolls that Gloria worked so hard to collect were destroyed by XXOO due to indescribable reasons!!! The poor dolls need redemption. Can you help her recollect their mutilated bodies?

Task Reward: +10 favorability for every doll saved.

Hidden effect: Unknown (???).

Do you want to accept the mission? Yes or no.]

Li Tao: “……”

It was really enough to feel the NPC’s incompetent fury and resentment through the XXOO and exclamation marks.

The favorability of this task was really quick to increase.

Chi Ting sat by the side and looked at Gloria. Li Tao and Gong Jing quickly increased the favorability to 100. Due to the precedent of Chang Hefeng and what Xiang Xianwan encountered today, the two of them accepted this and didn’t dare increase it any further.

At this time, Chi Ting was finally willing to put away the beads wrapped around Gloria.

Li Tao was a bit surprised to see the beads being put into the strange stone hanging from Chi Ting’s neck.

He hadn’t paid much attention to it before. He hadn’t expected this pendant to be a storage space.

Gloria still had tears in the corners of her eyes.

She still felt a burning pain from her butt and limped to escort everyone to the door. She slammed the door shut without a second of hesitation.

Calm returned to the surroundings.

Xiang Xianwan was stimulated a lot today. She looked at the open door of her place and said in a daze, “Thank you. Then… what should I do next?”

Chi Ting stopped thinking for a while. “In any case, you have to go downstairs. Do you want to pack up your things and go directly to my house?”

Everything that happened today was enough for Li Tao to place a bigshot filter on Chi Ting. He immediately agreed to the proposal.

After all, there was no reason to object. Going downstairs and leaving the apartment was their ultimate goal. As things stood, collective action was indeed much safer than individual action.

After going home and packing, everyone appeared at the door of Chi Ting’s house with a large bag of things and rang the doorbell.

Soon, the door opened from the inside. Chi Ting’s face was shown along with the rich aroma belonging to a meal.

After a day of sincere fear, this overly lifelike scene made everyone a bit stunned.

Li Tao originally thought that today’s unbelievable experience had made his mind firm enough. Nevertheless, the corners of his mouth twitched uncontrollably when he saw the apron tied around Chi Ting’s waist. “You… what are you doing?”

“Cooking.” Chi Ting’s expression seemed full of absolute anticipation for everyone’s arrival. “You guys in the peaceful times… Oh, I mean, when someone comes as a guest, shouldn’t the host prepare a delicious meal to entertain them?”

Speaking of which, he had never invited anyone to his home!

Li Tao: “……”

He couldn’t understand this person’s eagerness to receive guests, but he could tell from the expression that Chi Ting was really welcoming them from the bottom of his heart!

He didn’t know what to say and could only give a reminder, “…Our main task now is to clear the instance as soon as possible.”

So it really wasn’t suitable to have this type of vacation atmosphere!!!

“Of course, I know.”

Chi Ting noticed that the water in the pot had boiled. He left the door and returned to the kitchen first. Then he remembered something from Li Tao’s sentence. He heard the movement of the group entering through the door, tied his hair behind his back, and casually reminded, “Oh, by the way, you should take a break after dinner. I will introduce you to someone later.”

Li Tao had just changed into slippers and looked up. “At night?”

“He is from Room 1203. His name is Yue Ren.”

Chi Ting recalled the description of the NPC on the system panel. “His setting is a corporate drone with a bit of social fear. But according to my contact with him, the social fear shouldn’t be that high. Oh yes, he is quite abnormal.”

Li Tao: “?”

The more he listened, the more he felt that the setting of this NPC itself gave people a very weird feeling.


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