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PFRG: Chapter 84

Ark Laboratory (16)

There was a snap of the fingers and a group of phantoms appeared in the cage created by metal walls.

If it wasn’t for the lack of space, there would undoubtedly be an even greater number.

“Stay back.” Chi Ting pulled Yue Ren back and noticed the tenseness of the other person’s muscles. He glanced over and didn’t say anything else.

After all, his own degree of alienation was continuing to rise. Once he used his power, it would only accelerate the increase.

In the situation, he wasn’t sure whether he could still maintain absolute calm as before once his degree of alienation really reached 100%.

At this moment, the only thought that flashed through Chi Ting’s mind was that even if he had to die with Jael here, he must at least send Yue Ren out first.

The phantom of Ji Xingque was the first to act. In the dense light and shadow, it seemed like a huge fireworks show.

Beside it, there was the concentrated bombardment from all the explosive phantoms. The metal wall in the direction of the office door gradually twisted and changed its shape.

This type of metal wall could indeed trap various highly evolved alien species, but only if the number was controlled.

Once the lethality reached a certain level, it wasn’t impossible to make a forced breakthrough.

The pressure gathered from all directions drove into his mind. Chi Ting could feel the excitement in his body gradually become uncontrollable. The sparks in front of his eyes were brilliant, and the color of his eyes unknowingly became filled with a hint of scarlet.

The burning sensation in his internal organs made his blood boil. The power that had nowhere to vent turned into the desire to fight, guiding the phantom elites in his hands. The dazzling light from the fierce attack completely engulfed him several times.

Chi Ting naturally knew that the use of his ability would promote the degree of alienation. Without looking at it, he could tell that the value on his panel had completely exceeded the limit that humans could bear. However, he couldn’t care too much at this moment.

The process of high-speed alienation made his body seem to be filled with a power that had nowhere to be vented. He was full of energy that was squeezing and frantically trying to overflow.

The phantoms in front of him seemed to have become the ultimate carrier for the release of supernatural power. The power that burst from their collective efforts finally created an earth-shaking, violent explosion.

The process of the four walls collapsing was a shocking scene. At the same time, the wall full of screens that was originally hidden in the back instantly shattered to pieces.

However, the surroundings didn’t quiet down because of this.

The degree of alienation was so high that Chi Ting forgot his hand was still on Yue Ren’s shoulder. He could only instinctively hold it tighter and tighter. There was a faint ‘clicking’ sound.

Even so, the person next to him was silent.

As the vision in front of him was gradually filled with patches of redness, the excessive degree of alienation caused the genes in Chi Ting’s body to be repeatedly torn and reorganized. The sight of it made him uncontrollably want to vent again.

Suddenly, a force brought him over.

For some reason, Chi Ting had a very strong premonition at this moment.

He tried his best to raise his scarlet eyes. Before he could make a judgment, he felt a very heavy heat touch his lips.

It was Yue Ren.

Under the familiar aura that could be distinguished in an instant, it seemed that the tearing feeling that was enough to drive him completely crazy finally found a channel to be vented. This made Chi Ting subconsciously stop and raise his head.

Accompanied by a deep kiss that could crush everything, a strong supernatural power continued to erupt around him.

It was like trying to find a balance on a precarious, single-plank bridge.

It wasn’t known how long it took, but his gradually collapsing consciousness finally recovered bit by bit. The boiling emotions in Chi Ting’s eyes gradually calmed down.

Under the ensuing feeling of exhaustion, all the phantoms finally turned into bone beads again that scattered all over the ground in an instant.

Chi Ting’s body swayed slightly before he collapsed. He instinctively reached out to support himself. Then he saw the man, who was also falling down, stretch out a hand to hug him directly. There was a hint of laughter in Yue Ren’s tone. “You are a bit heavy, Chi Ting.”

Yue Ren’s alienation degree at this time was undoubtedly surprisingly high. However, he didn’t use his power under such high-intensity pressure so even though his voice was tense, he was obviously calmer than Chi Ting.

It was this state that made him keenly aware of how Chi Ting was approaching the edge of the cliff. It allowed him to pull Chi Ting back fiercely.

At this time, he was looking at Chi Ting’s red eyes, which were clearly no longer human. Yue Ren’s expression was still calm, but his tone was slightly tempting. “Have you calmed down a bit? If it isn’t enough, do it once again?”

As the words came out, Yue Ren’s breathing sank slightly in silence as the other person looked at her. The rose petals blooming on Yue Ren’s cheeks shook slightly as if he was looking for some type of antidote.

In a way, he was pretending to be calm at this time. Compared to Chi Ting, the eager impulse in his body was silently encouraging his next move.

He stretched out a hand to hold Chi Ting’s chin. Seeing that the other person didn’t object to the proposal, Yue Ren moved his hand forward forcefully and shamelessly kissed Chi Ting again. He simply satisfied himself once more.

It wasn’t until Chi Ting calmed down completely that he put his hand on Yue Ren’s chest and used force to completely separate the two of them.

For a moment, all that was left was each other’s deep breathing.

The seemingly nonsensical proposal of Yue Ren’s was really useful. Chi Ting also felt it was incredible.

It was just because it provided an additional outlet?

Due to the second deep kiss they just had, the posture between the two of them was very subtle. At this time, he had one hand on Yue Ren’s chest for support, and his whole body was pressed against the other person. Through the palm of his hand, he could feel the crazy heartbeat coming from the other person’s chest.

Of course, Chi Ting’s heart was also beating quickly.

Regardless of whether it was due to alienation or not, this heartbeat frequency was undoubtedly very abnormal.

“Why? Do you still want to continue kissing?” Yue Ren lay there without moving. He just watched Chi Ting with an attitude of, ‘I’m here to do whatever you want. Then he said, “Now you know it is really useful, right?”

Seeing that the other person was silent, he smiled again. “Don’t feel any mental burden. At most, just be responsible for me.”

Chi Ting was still thinking about why this action was easy to use. He finally reacted when he heard these words. “Why am I responsible for you?”

“That’s right.” Yue Ren thought for a moment. “Then I am responsible for you?”

“……” Chi Ting was speechless for a moment. “According to the current level of civilization evolution, have adults developed to the point where they need to be responsible for each other just by kissing?”

Yue Ren smiled. “As long as you want it, there seems to be nothing wrong with this?”

“Yes, but it isn’t necessary.”

Yue Ren was in an inexplicably good mood now. He originally wanted to say that they would find time to do responsible things, but Chi Ting finally remembered to get up from Yue Ren’s body. However, the burst of superpower that just erupted and was exhausted made him feel a bit weak. Seeing that he stumbled as he was getting up, Yue Ren stretched out his hand in a very gentlemanly manner and steadied him.

“Thank you.” Chi Ting rubbed his aching temples. He had the rare thought of avoiding the question and asked, “Is Jael still here?”

“I’m not sure.” The topic was forcibly interrupted, and Yue Ren felt a bit regretful. After thinking about it, he decided to wait for a long-term decision after leaving his instance. He followed Chi Ting’s words and pointed to the messy ruins around him. “The cameras have been destroyed by you a long time ago. It seems that the sound transmission system probably isn’t strong enough to survive. If you think it is feasible, we can wait here for a while until the professor comes to collect our corpses.”

As he spoke, he stood up from the ground and slowly straightened his clothes.

Chi Ting thought for a moment before saying, “Area A isn’t big. Let’s go directly to him.’

Then he waited for a while without receiving Yue Ren’s reaction. It made him look over in an inquiring manner. “Is there any problem?”

“If I have to talk about a problem…” Yue Ren paused slightly. Then he quickly walked closer to pull Chi Ting directly into his arms. His lowered eyes swept over the pair of red eyes that didn’t seem to belong to a human being. He gently tucked Chi Ting’s hair behind his ears and asked, “How high is your alienation degree now? Is it consuming too much physical strength to maintain your independent will? Looking at it now, it seems you can’t even push me away?”

It wasn’t that Chi Ting was powerless to break free. He really didn’t have any strength now, so he simply didn’t think about pushing this guy away.

He was locked in Yue Ren’s arms and remained silent for a moment. Then he said frankly, “The degree of alienation is 98%, which is indeed a bit troublesome. But with a few adjustments, it should be enough to solve Jael’s matter.”

Before he finished speaking, Chi Ting felt the arms around his waist tightly slightly again. He saw that Yue Ren had leaned toward his ear at some point and said with a chuckle, “No, you have already performed once. The main reason might’ve been because the situation wasn’t suitable for me, but in order to not make me look like a weakling, shouldn’t you let me do something after meeting Jael later? Leave the work to me and have a good rest. Otherwise, no one will be able to catch up with the dungeon progress. I will also tie you up and take you back to the lounge. What do you think?”

It sounded like a discussion, but from the way he spoke and the serious tone of voice, it didn’t look like there was a second opinion.

Chi Ting was aware of the black tentacles that gradually spread up his legs. He had no doubt that as long as he refused, Yue Ren would take action directly.

Apart from anything else, this man had never really cared about the life or death of other players in the instance.

In this close posture, Chi Ting slowly closed his eyes. “…I got it. Deal.”

“Yes. It is only by relying on each other that we can be good partners.” The satisfied Yue Ren let go of the arm that was holding Chi Ting.

As he did this, Yue Ren lustfully glanced at Chi Ting a few more times. He recalled the scene where their lips were grinding together just now and wanted to say something else. Then after thinking about it, he still exercised a rare restraint.

Forget it. Let’s talk about other things later.

Jael’s office had been completely destroyed. However, the location was so remote that when the two of them left through the ruins, they found that such violent movement hadn’t attracted any attention from Area A outside.

The ‘researchers’ who came and went were still busy with their own affairs., Unfortunately, all of them were completely alienated and couldn’t communicate at all. Due to the embarrassed appearances of Chi Ting and Yue Ren, the gaze they cast over was more scrutinizing.

This finally made Yue Ren unable to bear it any longer. As he passed by a temporary lounge, he went in and got two new sets of white coats before coming out. Then he meticulously changed into a new set for himself and Chi Ting.

The two of them gradually searched according to the floor plan of Area A but never found Jael’s figure. They explored all the way, preparing to take a look at the main control room where traces were most likely to be left.

“The control room is ahead. If he still isn’t here, it can only mean that the professor is hiding without keeping his word. His character is quite problematic.” Yue Ren said to Chi Ting while looking at the door at the end of his field of view.

It could be seen that in just a few days, his favorability toward this instance had plummeted to a negative number.

However, he was obviously more worried about another thing. As he approached, he reminded again, “Remember, no matter what happens later, let me do it.”

Chi Ting was indeed very tired now. Of course, he was happy to have some leisure time if conditions permitted. He heard this and nodded. “Yes, you can come.”

Such a lazy tone made Yue Ren take a second look.

Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly heard a loud bang from the door of the monitoring room not far away. It sounded as if there was an argument.

The two of them looked at each other and immediately rushed over.

The shadows cut the door of the monitoring room into pieces in an instant. Before Yue Ren entered through the door, he pulled the delicate and frail-looking Chi Ting behind him.

The moment he steadily protected Chi Ting, he clearly saw the scene inside.

His eyes swept around and landed on a person in the corner. He raised an eyebrow slightly. “Is it you?”

The figure that was forced into a corner was the Cang Si he had seen before.

In front of Cang Si, the almost skeletal figure holding a sharp long knife in his hand and his whole body exuded strong killing intent.

Cang Si seemed to have no way out. His eyes immediately lit up when he saw the two people appearing. “You guys came just in time… Help me, help me quickly—!”

It was a large-scale scene of brutal persecution. However, when such a scene fell into his eyes, Yue Ren still stood at the door without moving.

The consecutive kisses just now gave him a lot of satisfaction. This made him suppress the imminent movement of the shadow under his feet before firmly stopping in front of Chi Ting without leaving. “Do you want to save him?”

He obviously didn’t seem to have much interest in rescuing people, but he would take action if Chi Ting wanted it.

He really liked the smell of blood now.

Oh no, based on the half-skeletal appearance in front of him, maybe not even a bag of blood would be squeezed out of this broken corpse.

Just as Yue Ren was thinking this in disgust, he heard Chi Ting give an answer that surprised him. “No need.”

The moment these two words entered his eyes, Cang Si, who was struggling to survive, obviously looked very stunned.

The one who was even more surprised was Yue Ren. “Huh?”


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