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PFRG: Chapter 82

Ark Laboratory (14)

“Ah, I’m listening. I think what you said makes sense.” Yue Ren responded like this after his mind returned, but his expression clearly didn’t look convincing. In particular, his lingering gaze that was unwilling to move away made people suspect that this person’s mind was full of all types of things.

Chi Ting had seen all sorts of side effects of alienation, but Yue Ren’s one was undoubtedly a bit beyond his cognition.

Therefore, he rationally decided to end this topic for the time being. After all, the information he wanted to know had been confirmed to a certain extent. What he needed to do next was a long period of verification.

Before leaving, Chi Ting couldn’t help looking back at Yue Ren. His heart was a bit uncertain.

After the completion of this instance, players who had cleared the dungeon will have all their accumulated alienation removed, but looking at Yue Ren’s situation, it wasn’t known if this person could be saved.

Yue Ren’s gaze was always locked on Chi Ting’s body. He naturally captured this glance completely.

The moment their eyes met, Chi Ting could see the eye-catching black roses on that face blooming in an instant.

Chi Ting: “……”

He always felt that there was a high probability it was hopeless.

According to Chi Ting’s plan, he was going to enter Area A the next day.

It wasn’t known if he could find other clues related to his original world in it. If not, he was probably going to push the clearance directly.

The radio-like pollution in Area B had reached this level, let alone Area A that he was going to enter next.

Therefore, he would let the others use this method of registering the captured aliens to complete the basic research progress that needed to be achieved today. After that, they would stay in a relatively safe area to wait. He would go to Area A to explore alone.

Chi Ting’s temporary arrangement was as follows. To avoid a long night and many dreams, he would go back and have a good rest. Then prepare to officially set off the next day.

As a result, he woke up and was blocked at the door of the lounge before setting off.

Song Xuefeng obviously came here just to see him off and to confirm that their captain was in a relatively stable state.

On the other hand, Ji Xingque only knew what happened after he slept yesterday. He came over early in the morning to block Chi Ting and looked aggrieved when he spoke, “Captain, how come you take only Old Song with you when going on a mission and not me? I want to ask what makes me inferior to him. Am I no longer a good team member?”

Chi Ting had long guessed that Ji Xingque would react like this. No matter whether it was yesterday or today, he couldn’t escape it. He could only say that it was late but it still arrived.

He thought for a moment. He was about to use the words he had prepared in advance to comfort this person when he heard Song Xuefeng speak lazily beside him, “He brought me with him because I can treat the wounded. I waited at the door without going in. What is the use of bringing you? Is it uncomfortable to sleep in the lounge? Staying at the entrance is just taking up space.”

The pink hair on Ji Xingque’s head stood up directly. “You are the one taking up space!”

Song Xuefeng glanced at him.

Ji Xingque asked, “What do you mean by that look in your eyes? Do you want to fight?”

Song Xuefeng lowered his eyes and looked over at the gun that was already in the other person’s hand in the blink of an eye. “You can’t control your instincts. Don’t make trouble.”

“!!! I’ll show you control right now!”

Chi Ting: “……”

He rubbed his temples. He took advantage of Ji Xingque’s distraction to look at Yue Ren, who was also joining in the fun. “So, are you going to go to Area A with me again?”

Yue Ren’s mental state was obviously much better after a good night’s sleep. He heard this and raised his eyebrow in surprise, “I thought you would let me stay here.”

Chi Ting smiled. “Will you listen if I ask you to stay?”

Yue Ren met his gaze and blinked. “What if?”

Chi Ting: “……”

This meant he wouldn’t listen.

However, with the previous experience, Chi Ting didn’t expect Yue Ren to become an obedient person. He said succinctly, “There are two conditions. First, the person in charge of Area B will be directly registered as the volunteer you are responsible for. I will select another researcher with a high degree of alienation to push the progress to 80% and activate the permissions. The second condition is to wait until we enter Area A to act together. If something is wrong, I will definitely send you back to the safe area as soon as possible. After all, if you go crazy, then I don’t think I will have the energy to control you.”

“Yes.” Yue Ren nodded in response. “But courtesy requires reciprocity. I also hope the second condition can apply to you.”

Chi Ting naturally understood the meaning of these words.

Yue Ren obviously wasn’t an existence who would risk his own life for other players. The reason he wanted to enter Area A this time was partly due to researching his own past, and partly because he wasn’t worried about going in alone.

To be honest, when leading Dawn in the past, Chi Ting would habitually leave his team members to go deep alone every time he encountered a situation that was beyond his control.

In his opinion, his own strength would always be the strongest backing to support the team.

Over time, he slowly got used to this. Even though he inevitably lost teammates again and again, he never felt that there was anything wrong with such a worry-free feeling.

This was until he encountered Yue Ren in this unlimited world.

This man seemed to always be by his side, seemingly shamelessly and using various strange reasons.

Even Chi Ting didn’t notice it himself. Unknowingly, he felt that this feeling of having someone to fight alongside him no matter the situation seemed pretty good.

There was a brief silence before he nodded. “Okay.”

“Why do I feel that you seem particularly easy to talk to today?” Yue Ren glanced at Chi Ting strangely, not knowing what this person was thinking. After thinking about it, he said again, “Then I have another suggestion. Do you want to listen to it too?”

Chi Ting replied, “Yes, tell me.”

Yue Ren smiled slightly. “Based on yesterday’s first attempt, I feel that if we are really about to lose control, we can try to take measures to control it on the spot. For example, if I go crazy then you can kiss me like yesterday. If you go crazy then I can also give you a kiss. In any case, we should try it first to see if it works, right?”

Ji Xingque was arguing with Song Xuefeng about his ‘useful performance’ when he heard this. He choked and looked back in disbelief. “Who among you kissed whom?”

Yue Ren pointed at Chi Ting. “If you are asking about yesterday, of course, your captain kissed me.”

Ji Xingque’s pupils dilated when looking at Chi Ting. It wasn’t known how many times he said ‘ahhhhh’ in his heart.

Chi Ting held his aching forehead.

He looked at the man who clearly said this on purpose and said with a slightly cold expression, “It is getting late. Shall we go?”

“Ah, of course.” Yue Ren smiled in a good mood. He was very sensible at this time, so he immediately waved to the other two people. He put his hands in his coat pocket and calmly followed Chi Ting, who had already turned around and left.

Such a back view made him look like a victor.

“H-H-He… them.” Ji Xingque pointed at the two figures in a dumbfounded manner.

“Oh, so be it.” Song Xuefeng had no interest in other people’s love lives.

To be precise, he didn’t quite understand why someone would get entangled with another person in a comfortable life where he could lie down and enjoy it. Looking at the various electronic novels in the past, it was obvious that falling in love was tiring.

Compared to the relationship between Chi Ting and Yue Ren, Song Xuefeng was obviously more concerned about the Watchtower members who had fallen asleep in the lounge.

Thinking of his first acquaintance with those people in this instance, he couldn’t help letting out a low sigh. As expected, everyone had their own destiny.

This sound made Ji Xingque finally emerge from the shock just now. “Wait a minute. Did Captain abandon me again?”

Song glanced at him and said in a calm tone, “Yes, there is also me.”

Ji Xingque took a few steps forward like he wanted to chase Chi Ting. This made Song Xuefeng stretch out his hand to grab the other person’s collar and pull him back. “Why are you going?”

“Of course, to see if there is anything I can help with.” Ji Xingque felt numb as soon as he thought about facing the threat of an alienation degree of over 80%. “You already know the situation with Captain’s alienation degree. Why aren’t you worried at all? Have you ever seen the situation of those with superpowers going completely crazy? In the end, we have to study and push the progress to 100%. If the captain fails to withstand the final pressure… ah, this isn’t right. In the past, people with superpowers went crazy and were wiped out by people from the association. However, there seems to be no people from the association in this instance?”

Song Xuefeng watched helplessly as Ji Xingque was about to be confused by his own brain circuits and sighed helplessly. “So I say, instead of worrying about the captain, we should worry about ourselves.”

Ji Xingque turned back blankly. “What do we have to worry about?”

Song Xuefeng’s face couldn’t help showing a caring but feeling that the other person was stupid expression. “…If the captain really loses control due to excessive alienation, do you think we can still survive? I’m afraid that all the people in this instance, including NPCs, will die.”

Ji Xingque: “???”

Ji Xingque: “!!!”

Seeing the other person finally seem to understand, Song Xuefeng let go of his collar and turned around.

Ji Xingque was stunned. “Where are you going?”

“Since we are idle, let’s see if there is anything to deal with. If everyone needs to be buried here, at least we won’t be too busy when we die.”

Song Xuefeng looked at the ceiling with a calm expression while speaking. His side profile seemed a bit serene for a while. Finally, he shook his head silently and left.

Ji Xingque looked at the back that was gradually moving away. Suddenly, he felt that he should also prepare a suicide note or something in advance.

But he felt that something was wrong.

He was almost infected by Old Song’s pessimism. This instance would be restarted sooner or later. Even if they prepared for the future, it wouldn’t leave any traces?

D*mn, why did it feel like he became pessimistic just thinking about it?

Ji Xingque jumped fiercely on the spot. Then he immediately gritted his teeth and chased after the other person. “Old Song, you are really poisonous. Can’t you be a bit more motivated?”

The two people left and the rest area gradually became quiet again.

At this time, in a corner diagonally above where no one was paying attention, there was a surveillance camera that slowly rose up a few minutes along with the receding figures. The camera locked onto the two figures gradually moving away.

In the top-floor office of Area A of the Ark Laboratory.

The dense screens hanging on the wall clearly captured all the scenes in each zone through the surveillance cameras. Every move of the researchers and volunteers could be seen at a glance.

The light cast from the top was a bit dim.

Stretching out from the clean and tidy white coat was a pair of hands that had almost turned into bones. The fingers were tapping lightly on the keyboard. What was enlarged on the computer screen in front of him were two tall figures walking toward the development room.

On another video file on the desktop, there was an archive of the entire massacre of the interior of Area B the day before.

Next to it, there were densely arranged surveillance videos of various areas at different times of the day with very clear classifications.

The bone-like index finger tapped slowly on the table and made a very subtle tapping sound.

The light from the computer screen fell, revealing what was only half a human force. It was connected to the other half that had turned into a skeleton through sticky bones and blood, making the appearance look particularly weird.

But if a careful identification was made, the originally gentle and elegant appearance of this person could still be identified.

Finally, the video recording was turned off. He simply cut it and added today’s date and time. Then he dragged and dropped it into a separate folder with the mouse.

Judging from the series of video notes that had been accumulated in the folder, it could be found that all the clips of Chi Ting and the others since they entered the instance had been carefully organized one by one.

All their actions so far had always been under the supervision of this person.

“There have indeed been many strange people in the laboratory recently. It seems I have to get them out as soon as possible…” A low-pitched voice sounded. The figure sitting in the chair stood up slowly, coat hanging down. It made his whole body look even more shriveled and slender.

He walked out of the office. The moment he opened the door, the work badge hanging on his chest was seen clearly in the light of the corridor.

Name: Jael.

Position: General Director of the Ark Laboratory.


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