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PFRG: Chapter 81

Ark Laboratory (13)

Two wounded people arrived at the entrance of Area B one after another.

Under Song Xuefeng’s treatment, Rong Jie and Lan Pengyue of the Watchtower team quickly recovered.

Among them, Lan Pengyue’s condition was obviously very serious. The uncontrollable soft flesh on his body not only affected his voice, but also caused difficulty in movement. At this time, he could only stare at other people’s appearance helplessly. He looked hideous and pitiful.

Everyone’s attention fell on Area B.

There was a faint, violent sound from the area separated by the door. It was as if huge forces were constantly colliding. Even if they couldn’t see the specific scene, their imagination alone was enough to conjure up a very heroic battle scene.

The momentum was huge, as if a huge battle with thousands of troops was occurring.

Lan Pengyue’s facial features were almost unclear, but the astonishment in Rong Jie’s eyes could still be clearly captured.

Song Xuefeng saw this with an unfazed expression. “Relax. It is just the captain’s routine operation. If an alienated area like Area B is left unchecked, it is likely to cause greater hidden dangers. Usually, at times like this, he will choose to completely wipe them out. It is only in this way that he can ensure relative security in the future.”

Rong Jie was speechless.

He obviously couldn’t understand why Song Xuefeng seemed so accustomed to the current situation.

At this time, Song Xuefeng’s gaze in the direction of Area B paused for a moment. He accurately captured the silhouette of the person appearing. “They are back.”

Before Rong Jie had time to savor the so-called ‘routine operation’, he was shocked by the mighty battle as soon as he looked up.

After wandering around the Sanctuary for so long, he prided himself on seeing a lot of big scenes. But this was the first time he had seen such a shocking scene.

One after another, the phantom looked like guards escorting prisoners. Under their control, the alienated people were surrounded and tied up by unknown black objects.

These completely monstrous researchers were clearly still trying to struggle, but all resistance was useless under absolute force.

At the front of the team, the tall figure walking slowly appeared particularly unhurried. It wasn’t until he confirmed the permissions and opened the special glass door of Area C that he noticed the few people waiting outside.

Chi Ting was slightly stunned and looked a bit surprised. “Didn’t you go back to rest?”

“We were waiting for you.” Compared to the other two, Song Xuefeng obviously accepted the scene in front of him quite well. His tired eyes from using his ability a lot glanced at the huge scene behind Chi Ting. He paused for a moment before saying, “These alienated people are…”

Chi Ting pulled casually and caused the group behind him to stumble forward.

He still had a very kind smile on his face. “I have carefully selected and caught them for you to use. If you register them when the time comes, they should be able to help you make a lot of painless progress.”

He thought about it before adding very generously, “Just pick the one you like.”

Rong Jie and Lan Pengyue, who heard the conversation from nearby: “……”

What was up with this sense of deja vu about a store having a product sale?

Rong Jie had known about Chi Ting’s intention to capture these researchers early on, but he was still a bit dazed when he saw that Chi Ting actually did so.

The excessive alienation already gave him a strong sense of dizziness. Now he pressed hard against his temples to regain his composure and struggled to stand up from the ground. “Excuse me, Captain Chi.”

“Huh?” Chi Ting looked back. “Don’t worry, you have them too.”

“…That isn’t what I want to ask.”

He glanced at Lan Pengyue next to him and sincerely said, “Thank you for bringing this person back. Along with me, our Watchtower team owes you two lives. Once you go to the Sanctuary in the future, feel free to ask if you need anything. As long as we can help, the people in our team will do whatever it takes to help!”

Lan Pengyue couldn’t speak, but he hummed in agreement.

“Oh, yes.” Chi Ting had long been accustomed to this type of rescue. But since Rong Jie took the initiative to bring it up, he wasn’t polite and asked directly, “If you really want to thank me, can you give me some achievement points?”

Rong Jie said, “…This doesn’t seem to be transferable. Can I use points?”

Chi Ting showed a regretful expression and waved his hand. “No need. Giving points is unsightly. It is just a piece of cake to save you. You are welcome.”

“……” Rong Jie was speechless.

So it wasn’t unsightly to give achievement points?

However, since Chi Ting said so, he could only emphasize it again. “If you need help in the future, remember to come find us.”

“Okay, I got it,” Chi Ting replied with a smile. “If I can successfully take you out this time, I will definitely not be polite when necessary.”

Such a scene directly brought them back to cruel reality.

Rong Jie could vaguely feel his current state and decided to face reality. “How long can we last?”

“Just a day or two,” Chi Ting answered truthfully. Then he pointed at Lan Pengyue. “He will be a bit shorter.”

He had to say that the people of the Watchtower team had the endurance of normal humans. In other words, among humans, they were already considered very capable of withstanding suffering. In comparison, Yue Ren looked like he might go crazy at any time but followed Chi Ting in a sane manner all the way. Thus, Yue Ren might look like a complete monster.

Except for himself, Chi Ting had never seen anyone who could use their personal skill with high intensity in such an environment without being driven crazy by the rapid alienation.

At this thought, Chi Ting couldn’t help looking back.

Then he turned around again, patted the sad Rong Jie and comforted him. “Don’t worry, since I can bring you back from Area B, I will definitely try to take you out of this instance. If I can’t take you out, it will be your life.”

Rong Jie: “……”

Song Xuefeng next to him caught the information and raised his drooping eyelids. “Are you planning to clear this instance within two days?”

“I will try my best. I will do as much as I can.” Chi Ting pointed to Area B that had been cleaned up. “I just wiped out all the living creatures here. There will be no problem with staying longer. I just saw it. The alienation degree of the person in charge is exactly 80%. I just need to bring him into Area A and push the progress to 100%. Then I should be able to clear the instance.”

His words were spoken too lightly. Not a lot of emotion could be captured on Song Xuefeng’s dull face. Finally, he slowly rubbed his hair. “It’s okay if you can’t clear the instance. Then I don’t have to struggle anymore. Just lie down and be destroyed together.”

Chi Ting smiled noncommittally. He pulled the alienated people forward and turned back to the person standing in the rear. “Let’s go. Take them to the development room first.”

It was also at this time that the others noticed the presence of the man in the corner.

To be precise, before this, he seemed to have melted into darkness. It wasn’t that it was difficult to detect, but that people subconsciously wanted to avoid him.

Rong Jie vaguely recognized Yue Ren. But the moment that their eyes met, the chill that enveloped him made him instinctively shrink back.

Why did he feel like this person was more sinister than before?

The news of the mutation that occurred in Area B had apparently also spread to Area C.

This made the scene of Chi Ting returning with a team of alien species made the researchers stop and watch. From the look on their faces, it was obvious that there was a stronger sense of awe. It was as if he was very afraid that one day, Chi Ting and the others would also do this in Area C, making them part of this alienated army that was being escorted.

After locking all the alienated people into the development room one after another, Chi Ting slammed the door shut behind him.

He turned around and looked seriously at the man behind him for the first time since leaving Area B.

The ropes that bound the alienated people were actually Yue Ren’s shadows.

The slightly heavy breathing at this time made Chi Ting wonder if the touch where he pinched the shadow was felt by this man. Even this person’s eyes were full of overflowing greed.

However, that obviously wasn’t the point right now.

After being completely out of the danger zone, Chi Ting was finally willing to relax a bit from his tense state.

At this time, he pulled out a chair and sat down. He leaned back very naturally and gently rubbed his temples. “How do you feel now? If you can still persist, why don’t we continue chatting? We didn’t finish chatting before.”

“If I say I’m not good, what are you going to do? Come and kiss me again?” Yue Ren had been standing at the back of the group of alienated people since leaving Area B. The black rose shadow pattern on his face had bloomed. As soon as he opened his mouth with a smile, the shadows around him that had just withdrawn started to surge with excitement.

At this moment, Chi Ting inexplicably felt some warm memories floating on his lips.

He stroked his fingers thoughtfully. He glanced at the dark tentacles that had spread to the foot of the chair and said, “No, I will choose to talk to you another day.”

There was a brief silence before Yue Ren said, “Then I am better now.”

Chi Ting didn’t know why but this answer made him laugh uncontrollably. He noticed the gaze from Yue Ren and cleared his throat. “Tell me. What is going on with seeing my name in other instances?”

“I’m sorry, I only remember some fragments. But what is certain is that I did see your name in a document in a place similar to an abandoned ruin.” Yue Ren frowned subconsciously as he tried hard to recall the picture that flashed in his mind through all the chaos. “Chi Ting, it seemed to be a search and rescue job…”

“Search and rescue records.” Chi Ting continued with the next words with no emotions in his eyes. “Based on my previous work attributes, there should be traces of my team’s hard work on many occasions. If it is a search and rescue record, maybe it really is referring to me.”

He looked at Yue Ren and asked again, “Are you sure that it was in an instance?”

“Yes, I’m sure it is an instance. It also isn’t just the ruins. I must’ve been to many, many places before. Before entering the Love Apartment, I am afraid that I was also a player who wandered through various instances like you.” Speaking of this, the corners of Yue Ren’s mouth were already curved up coldly. “I don’t know what happened, but my memories were blocked, and I became an NPC in the Love Apartment.”

He recalled the comments Chi Ting made when closing other instances and said slowly, “Oh yes, I was still an ordinary NPC. Even if I leave, it won’t have much impact on the original instance.”

The last sentence was somewhat full of resentment, as if this overly ‘ordinary’ setting was more unacceptable to this person than being imprisoned in an instance with blocked memories.

This type of reaction made Chi Ting feel sympathetic and amused. It was rare that he could still smile in a situation where he had consumed so much.

It must be admitted that even though the man in front of him was perverted and moody, he could always make Chi Ting laugh at some unexpected points.

Chi Ting cleared his throat and joked, “It is indeed a bit disappointing.”

The words entered his ears, and Yue Ren looked over.

The distance between them was close. After taking two steps closer, Yue Ren’s lowered eyes seemed slightly condescending.

Soon, he leaned over slightly. He held the edge of the chair with both hands and looked at Chi Ting from a parallel angle. “It isn’t a good habit to gloat about misfortune. Chi Ting, compared to my analysis of some bad past experiences, don’t you think your current situation is more curious?”

Chi Ting met his gaze as if to say, ‘I would like to hear the details.’

“I don’t remember the specific situation, but I can at least be sure that it was a post-apocalyptic instance similar to the current one. In that case, have you ever thought about a possibility? Perhaps between you and me, you are the one who is actually an NPC who came out of an instance?”

There was a brief silence the moment Yue Ren’s words came out.

Then Chi Ting smiled calmly, put his hand on Yue Ren’s shoulder, and pushed him back a bit.

In the process, their eye contact wasn’t broken.

“It is a possibility, but I have another idea.” Chi Ting thought about his words and spoke slowly. The words fell into the empty room, and the pronunciation of each word was very clear. “All my previous real experiences in the past make me feel that I should prefer another possibility than the identity of an NPC.”

After a subtle pause, he said slowly, “I think the current situation should be that the world I live in isn’t an instance. Rather, the world I live in has been broken down by this unlimited game for some reason. It has become many small instances, including this Ark Laboratory and the ruins where you saw my record. Even behind these instances, there is the truth that Little Bird, Old Song, and the others were pulled in to become players. Yue Ren, what do you think?”

The moment these words came out, Chi Ting originally wanted to wait for Yue Ren’s feedback. But after a while, he still didn’t get any response.

The moment he looked up, he noticed that the person who had been slightly pushed away was still staring at him from a distance. However, the landing place of this man’s gaze seemed to be… his lips.

Chi Ting: “……”

He coughed lowly. “Are you listening?”


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