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PFRG: Chapter 80

Ark Laboratory (12)

Chi Ting reached the third floor.

He stood in front of the empty hallway and slowly rubbed his temples. Then he smiled silently.

He didn’t expect to encounter such an environment that was subjected to strong radium radiation, but it was really nostalgic.

Glancing at the 78% alienation level on his stat panel, he ignored the pain in his mind and continued to move forward.

Database No. 10, according to the floor plan posted in the corridor, should be the deepest location in this direction.

An alienated person heard the noise and came over.

Chi Ting glanced at the researchers, who had almost lost their human appearance and briefly judged the approximate degree of alienation. Then he lowered his eyes with some disappointment.

The beads on his wrist were taken off. It seemed like a long whip that could be freely retracted in his hand. In a moment, patches of blood bloomed in the corridor, spreading a shocking picture on the walls of the laboratory.

The white coat that had been kept clean all the way was still stained. After Chi Ting glanced at it, a hint of helplessness flashed in his eyes. He continued walking inside while holding the blood-stained beads.

Soon, he found the target database at the end of the corridor.

At a glance, it could be seen that the entire door was basically soaked in blood. It could be imagined what type of fierce battle had occurred there.

Chi Ting pushed open the door and walked in. The subtle squeaking sound fell into the surrounding atmosphere and seemed extremely clear.

There was no movement in the silence, but Chi Ting took a glance and didn’t leave. Instead, he stood there and said slowly, “Come out. Captain Rong asked me to come and save you.”

A few seconds later, a slight sound came from a corner, and a head slowly poked out.

Lan Pengyue still didn’t speak. Then as Chi Ting glanced over, he could see that it wasn’t because Lan Pengyue didn’t want to speak. It was that he was basically unable to speak now.

Judging from his appearance alone, there would be no sense of violation if Lan Pengyue was placed among the aliens outside.

This situation was obviously due to their inability to withstand the sudden transformation caused by the fierce battle.

But the good news was that the moment their eyes met, Chi Ting could tell that this man at least retained the last trace of his sanity.

This was the difference between experienced players and players who were exposed to alienation for the first time.

Chi Ting and the others knew very well that the more densely polluted areas there were, the more they had to avoid using their supernatural powers. Otherwise, they would be even more unable to control their alienation speed.

Therefore, from the previous battles along the way, he basically chose to engage in only hand-to-hand combat.

Chi Ting walked over and squatted down in front of Lan Pengyue. He looked at the face that required courage to look directly at and thought for a long time. Finally, he sighed helplessly and found the bead belonging to Song Xuefeng.

Under the careful treatment of the phantom, Lan Pengyue’s alienation value couldn’t be reduced, but his overall condition wasn’t as bad as before. It would undoubtedly become more and more difficult for him to survive in this instance, but at least there was still a chance to survive. For many people in the apocalypse, this was already a luxury in itself.

Chi Ting turned a blind eye to the alienation degree that had increased to 79%.He summoned a few phantoms as before and asked them to escort Lan Pengyue back.

It wasn’t until such a back disappeared from view that he slowly withdrew his gaze. He moved his wrist to hang the backs back on his wrist and walked in the other direction of the third floor according to the floor plan in his memory.

If he wasn’t mistaken, the office of the head of Area B was here.

In fact, Chi Ting also wanted to go back as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the crazy researchers who arrived along the way weren’t alienated enough. If possible, he naturally hoped to directly find an alienated researcher who had basically reached 80% alienation to obtain a new volunteer.

Yue Ren, Little Bird, and Old Song. It was best to capture four of them, one for each person.

After all, the person in charge of each area was often the one with the highest alienation degree among researchers. Chi Ting was originally looking forward to it when he pushed open the door. Then after taking a glance at the empty office, he couldn’t help feeling disappointed.

No one was here.

Judging from the intact door of the office, he was more inclined to think that the person in charge had left Area B before it was completely chaotic.

Was it a coincidence that he left in time?

Chi Ting fell into brief thought. Suddenly, the ground under his feet shook violently. At the same time, there was a violent turmoil coming from the second floor below.

Was there anyone else in Area B?

The first thought that came to mind was this. Then he thought about whether such a huge movement was because of the NPC in charge.

Chi Ting didn’t hesitate. After going out and judging the direction, he immediately rushed down.

Due to the huge movement just now, Chi Ting didn’t encounter any alienated people on the road.

According to past experience, this type of situation would only happen when two high-risk monsters were fighting against each other. This made his expression gradually become solemn while his footsteps didn’t stop.

It wasn’t until he got closer to the familiar environment of the slaughter site that Chi Ting’s tense state was slightly relieved.

How did this feel like…

He followed the movement and rushed all the way to the room. The moment Chi Ting kicked the door in with a flying kick, his first reaction when seeing the scene inside clearly was to blurt out, “Don’t kill him!”

The black shadow hanging high was as sharp as a knife. Chi Ting thought it would cut off the head of the alien the moment it fell, but it instantly rolled to the side like a rope and bound the alien species tightly.

Chi Ting quickly glanced at the work badge on the chest of the alienated person whose life or death was unknown. Sure enough, it was the person in charge of Area B that he was looking for.

He raised his eyes and looked at the person in front of him. “Why are you here?”

“I came here to find you. I happened to meet this guy on the way. He looked like he had a high degree of alienation, so I thought it would be great if he could be captured and taken back as a volunteer.” Yue Ren looked into his eyes as he spoke. Then he commented, “You seem to be in good shape.”

Chi Ting: “……”

For a moment, he didn’t know if he should praise the fact that the two of them had a tacit connection or not.

His gaze swept across the fully bloomed black rose on Yue Ren’s face. “Have you increased the research progress to 60%?”

“To be precise, it is 70%,” Yue Ren replied. “Originally, I did think 60% would be enough. Then I realized that I remembered a lot of things on the way. I felt it wouldn’t be good to only dream half of it, so I just continued and pushed forward a bit further. I can only say the degree of alienation in this instance is really a good thing in a way.”

If it wasn’t for the fact that the shadow patterns on his body almost covered his entire body, this obviously deliberately understated tone could indeed bluff people.

Chi Ting saw the sharp curve of the man’s mouth and asked, “What did you think of again?”

Yue Ren stared directly at him. “It is much more than before. For example, I remembered you.”

“Chi Ting was confused. “Me?”

The black roses blooming on the man’s cheek faintly shook its branches and leaves. Yue Ren’s gaze that fell on Chi Ting seemed to engrave all of this person into his eyes. Complex emotions were entrenched in Yue Ren’s eyes in a crazy manner. “To be precise, I remembered that I had seen your name before, the name Chi Ting.”

He obviously wanted to continue to study it in detail, but the huge amount of information that poured into his mind made him hold his temples with a splitting headache. “It was before this instance and even before the Love Apartment. I didn’t expect it. I should’ve seen your name in other instances.”

Chi Ting’s expression was vaguely surprised. He originally wanted to ask something, but his eyes passed over the swaying rose shadow pattern on Yue Ren’s face, and he changed his words. “This place isn’t suitable for talking. Let’s rest and talk about it when we get out.”

He glanced back at the person in charge of Area B, who was tied up like a suckling pig on the ground. He thought for a moment before asking, “Beside him, have you found any other suitable alien species?”

Yue Ren smiled slightly at this question. “Won’t it be clear after sweeping through this area? You should be worried about leaving these alienated people to roam around at will and harm other areas, right?”

Chi Ting had to admit that there were times when Yue Ren thoroughly understood his thoughts.

The most terrifying thing about alienation was the encroachment on other areas bit by bit. If he wanted to make an alienated area completely safe, the best way was to clean up all the troubles inside it.

Of course, Chi Ting had no objection to the proposal of a sweep. But he still asked with some uneasiness, “Are you sure it is okay to stay here?”

“Of course.”

Chi Ting glanced at Yue Ren’s expression, which was obviously much more sinister than usual, and said frankly, “But you don’t look like you are okay.”

He had to admit that as someone who was accepting this type of alienation for the first time, he was surprised by Yue Ren’s ability to withstand it. This could be seen as long as he compared it to the Watchtower team. Even so, he still felt it was safer to leave this place as soon as possible.

However, it was obvious that Yue Ren didn’t think so. At this moment, his face, that lost all human emotions, was showing an expression that said, ‘You seem to care about me very much.’ Then his eyes lowered slightly, and he paused for a moment. After that, the corners of his mouth curved up. “Indeed, it can’t be regarded as nothing. My head hurts now, and my whole body feels like it is going to explode. I even can’t wait to meet more alienated people in order to tear them apart completely.”

Such content gave Chi Ting a vague premonition.

Sure enough, Yue Ren suddenly took two steps forward. With such an action, he stopped Chi Ting right by the door.

As he lowered his eyes and came closer, a heavy breathing touched Chi Ting’s skin. “But compared to these, I feel that there is something I want more now.”

Chi Ting’s back was against the door. His heartbeat accelerated slightly in this ambiguous posture, but his tone was calm. “What?”

“I want… your kiss.” Yue Ren’s gaze fell firmly on the somewhat dry lips. The words he murmured weren’t so much for Chi Ting as they were for himself. “This is weird. Is it a side effect of the too rapid alienation? I don’t know why, but when I see your lips, I inexplicably feel the urge to bite hard.”

He lowered his eyes and said slowly, “It wasn’t the case in the previous instance. There shouldn’t be any pacifying effect, right?”

Judging from his expression, Yue Ren was full of greed, but there was also a bit of confusion about the impulses he was feeling.

Under such a fixed gaze, he seemed to really want to find out the source of this desire in his heart. Due to an invisible pull, he got closer little by little.

Until the moment when they were about to touch, Chi Ting suddenly raised his head slightly and kissed the other person.

Yue Ren’s pupils shrank a bit with this very simple movement.

After more than ten seconds, he let go again. Chi Ting pressed on Yue Ren’s shoulder and slowly pushed him away for a few minutes. He slowly rubbed the corner of the man’s mouth that could actually be chewed on and asked, “Practice is the only criterion for testing the truth. So, do you feel a pacifying effect?”

Yue Ren: “……”

The moment he opened his mouth, he could find that his voice was hoarse. “I feel it.”

He raised his eyes and glanced at the faint redness left on Chi Ting’s lips. He paused before saying, “But it isn’t very obvious. Do you want to confirm it again?”

Chi Ting stared at the man in front of him. His expression was obviously a bit speechless due to this man.

However, after observation, it was indeed found that Yue Ren’s expression had returned to its usual state compared to his previous appearance.

Could his kiss really have a soothing effect?

Such thoughts flashed through his mind. Then Chi Ting ducked down, got out from under Yue Ren’s arm pressed against the door panel, and walked straight out. “Let’s confirm it when you really get out of control.”

The gaze on his back was still very clear, but Chi Ting didn’t look back.

It was only when he walked a bit further that he paused slightly and quietly rubbed the base of his ears, which was inexplicably hot.

In addition, his heartbeat seemed a bit too fast.

Chi Ting didn’t know if this action could make Yue Ren normal, but he inexplicably felt that if he did it a few more times, he would become a bit abnormal.

Sure enough, this person couldn’t stay in such a high-risk area for long. All types of weird and strange ideas were excavated, making everyone inevitably strange.


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