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PFRG: Chapter 75

Ark Laboratory (7)

Early the next morning.

Ji Xingque appeared at the door of the development room of Area D, accompanied by Song Xuefeng, who was forcibly woken up by Ji Xingque. In stark contrast to the energetic expression under the pink hair, Song Xuefeng’s indifferent expression lacked energy and he wanted to get rid of the other person quickly.

After being dragged out of bed, Song Xuefeng didn’t say a word to Ji Xingque.

It wasn’t until he met Chi Ting’s duo that he took the initiative to speak. “Do you need me to come over and help later?”

He was asking Chi Ting but the so-called help obviously meant Yue Ren.

It wasn’t known if it was due to the self-introduction yesterday, but he was actually a bit interested in Yue Ren.

“No need,” Chi Ting glanced at Yue Ren and replied. “I’ll just go in with him.”

Yue Ren also smiled slightly. “Yes, as long as I have your captain.”

Then he smiled and waved. He called Chi Ting and walked in first.

Once the two of them left, Ji Xingque saw that Song Xuefeng was still standing there without moving and couldn’t help asking in a confused manner, “What are you looking at?”

“It’s nothing.” Song Xuefeng shook his head and looked away. “Let’s go. Hurry up and get it done. I want to go back and catch up on some sleep.”

Ji Xingque: “……?”

He couldn’t help having strong doubts about their former teammate relationship. “Is sleep so important? You want me to hurry up. Aren’t you worried that something will happen to me?”

Song Xuefeng finally raised his drooping eyelids. “If I am here, can you still have an accident when reaching 40%? If so, just report your resignation to the captain and leave Dawn directly. Don’t forget, after this instance ends, all of the alienation degree will be cleared. The temporary increase during the clearance process won’t affect your lifespan after you leave the instance.”

As he said this, he remembered something and added in a nonchalant manner, “Oh, by the way, if you can’t get out, it doesn’t matter if something happens now or later. It is just a few more days of life.”

Ji Xingque opened his mouth angrily but couldn’t find a way to refute it. “Shut your crow’s mouth!”

Song Xuefeng shrugged innocently. He was happy to save some effort and really didn’t speak again.

At the same time, Chi Ting and Yue Ren had already arrived in the development room.

After entering Area D, the volunteers they were responsible for were already transferred over. At this time, they heard the sound of the door opening and looked over slowly.

Due to the previous experiment, the volunteer was obviously a bit scared of what he might face. On the other hand, he saw Yue Ren and seemed to see his savior in a desperate situation.

Obviously, this volunteer was already very different from when they first met in Area E.

At that time, he had two extra hands on his body, but there weren’t many obvious changes except for his unnatural movements. Now with the progress of the experimental research, the development level had increased to 20%. It could be found that there were other new arms growing faintly from protruding places around the body.

Not only that, but the four arms he had were already faintly covered with scales. From time to time, a viscous liquid oozed out of them, exuding a disgusting smell.

Chi Ting always had sharp eyes. Even though it was only for a moment, he vaguely caught something quietly squirming behind these scales. It was a rodent-like thing.

If nothing unexpected happened, this was the direction of this volunteer’s alienation in the next stage.

Compared to the initial human form, this volunteer was obviously unable to resist the series of changes taking place in his body. The look in his eyes already contained a hint of irrational animality.

Sadly, for ordinary people, becoming a monster was already a destined outcome once they surrendered to the state of alienation.

Chi Ting couldn’t help but think of the infected humans he had seen during the search and rescue process in the past. The familiar feeling of being unable to do anything welled up in his heart. He sighed silently. Finally, he withdrew his gaze and looked at Yue Ren, confirming again, “You really don’t need my help?”

“No, I don’t.” Yue Ren was originally studying the equipment in front of him seriously. Hearing this, he looked up at Chi Ting with a smile and said, “Captain Chi, you don’t have to do anything today. Just stand there and look at me.”

He pointed at Chi Ting’s eyes with both fingers. Then he turned around and nodded at himself. “Understood?”

Chi Ting didn’t say anything. Instead, he watched Yue Ren enter 40% in the target development column. Then he selected the general plan of the Ark Laboratory and clicked confirm.

Chi Ting: “……”

The general plan…. when they were in the database room yesterday, this person really didn’t do any preparations?

It wasn’t that a one-size-fits-all approach couldn’t be used, but the most commonly used laboratory protocols were the weakest in suppressing the various side effects. This often meant that even though the goal was achieved, they would need to face risks far exceeding the optimal plan.

Chi Ting reasonably suspected that Yue Ren did this on purpose. After all, the greater the risk, the stronger the excitement. Once placed on this person, it seemed like it was something he was completely capable of doing.

The development equipment was officially put into operation.

It could be seen that Yue Ren followed the instructions and operated the equipment one after another. The volunteer’s body also changed visibly to the naked eye as the equipment connected to his body operated.

Chi Ting hugged himself and leaned against the wall. His fingers caressed the beads around his wrist, intentionally or unintentionally.

The most obvious thing was that the volunteer’s two new arms started to grow thicker, soon bursting the clothes of the volunteer. Under his very painful expression, more and more scales started to cover him. The rodent-like small mouth also became more and more obvious.

He was imprisoned to the device and couldn’t break free. At this time, what was more dangerous than the visual impact was the radiation-like effect that emanated to the surroundings due to such a rapid evolution.

Through the detection equipment next to him, it could be found that the pollution value emitted from his body was gradually approaching the red warning line.

Chi Ting’s eyes fell on Yue Ren for a moment. Then after a long time, he asked in a low voice, “Can you still maintain your previous thoughts?”

Based on his current degree of alienation, this level of radiation-like contamination wouldn’t have any impact on him even until the volunteer’s alienation was completed. But once the volunteer’s alienation level started to rise above 35%, it was a sign that it would be a threat to Yue Ren.

The volunteer’s last human characteristics had completely collapsed. In this state of madness and irritation, it was obvious that Yue Ren had also been affected. However, the response to Chi Ting was still the smiling words, “Of course, this feels very good.”

Based on such an attitude, it seemed that he really wanted to embrace this alienated world with all his heart.

It was indeed a very peculiar feeling.

Vaguely, Yue Ren could feel as if something was rushing to surround him invisibly. The moment it penetrated his skin, it felt like countless insects were constantly squirming. His whole body was numb.

In the same enclosed space, if he looked at his panel at this time, he would find that his degree of alienation had increased significantly with the contact with the volunteers.

There was a strong sense of invasion squeezing the blood vessels in his body which caused Yue Ren to sway in his original standing posture. It wasn’t until he subconsciously reached out his hand to hold onto the wall next to him that he stabilized his figure slightly.

Even so, there wasn’t the slightest fear in his demeanor.

It wasn’t known what he saw, but the curve of his mouth became more and more excited. He lowered his eyes slightly and pressed the final button without the slightest hesitation.

Along with this action, all the values on the instrument started to jump dramatically and repeatedly.

The progress of this experiment suddenly accelerated.

Chi Ting had experienced this stage, so he naturally knew what type of environment Yue Ren was currently in.

It was really hard to imagine what type of masochistic attribute could make this person show such an expression of enjoyment. He paused and said nothing, but instinctively gripped the bone bead belonging to Song Xuefeng on the red string.

Yue Ren’s madness was his own business. Chi Ting might not think that the 40% alienation could really do anything to this man, but he would still take action if necessary.

However, Chi Ting’s slightly tightened fingers soon relaxed again. There was a hint of astonishment in his eyes.

Fighting against alienation was undoubtedly a process of ebb and flow. Absolute willpower and physical endurance were the most powerful weapons of human beings.

Some people who couldn’t bear it became monsters while others who could bear it became superpowers. Yue Ren obviously wasn’t the only human being Chi Ting had seen who could resist the 40% alienation, but he was definitely the only one who showed enjoyment from the bottom of his heart at this stage.

This guy was actually still laughing.

The shadows spreading from the soles of his feet almost swallowed up the entire development room, but Yue Ren still supported his body steadily and didn’t fall down.

At this moment, in a place where Chi Ting couldn’t see, Yue Ren’s mind was being dragged into chaos, but he still maintained a very clear sense of reason during this pulling.

The five fingers he was supporting on the wall were almost deeply embedded into the wall. His other hand was pressed tightly on his collarbone. However, due to the images that appeared in front of him, the curve of his mouth didn’t decrease at all but became wider.

Yue Ren felt that all the cells of his body were swept up by an extreme tearing force, followed by a white light that almost engulfed him.

The moment he was deprived of his five senses, something vaguely seemed to emerge from the corner of his mind. The pictures that transcended several dimensions suddenly filled his entire mind, as if someone from another world was frantically squeezing into his body.

In this state of confusion, he felt a sense of familiarity he had never felt before. The moment he wanted to get closer to his other self, he was frantically torn apart by an invisible resistance.

Many pictures that he had never seen before poured out like crazy. He should’ve never set foot in those places, but the figure that fell into his eyes was undoubtedly him.

Yue Ren felt as if he was in a third-person perspective, looking down at the scene in front of him.

He wanted to get rid of this blurred feeling and see more clearly.

It wasn’t the apartment where he was locked.

In other words, it should be him before entering the apartment.

He didn’t know how long it took. Just as this tearing force from far to near seemed to tear his entire soul apart, the consciousness that Yue Ren had dissipated started to return little by little.

It felt like all the tension had faded away as if all the strength of his soul had been drained out at once. The feeling of exhaustion that surged up in a daze made Yue Ren’s body sway slightly. He was about to fall down when a figure vaguely flashed in front of him.

The next moment, he was held firmly in a huge. What entered his nose was an already very familiar smell.

“It is over. Stay calm.” Chi Ting held Yue Ren firmly. His calm tone seemed to be soothing a beast who might go berserk at any time. “You have successfully completed this stage. Now you just need to calm down.”

The sound that fell into his ears seemed to carry an invisible power, finally pulling Yue Ren back to reality bit by bit.

His chest rose and fell violently with his heavy breathing. Once he gradually saw the surrounding scene clearly, he realized that he had destroyed the entire development room into a mess when he wasn’t paying attention.

This volunteer had apparently completely lost his mind. The arms waving around him were filled with hideous wounds. The moment he met Yue Ren’s gaze, instinct made him remember the horrific scene he just experienced and he subconsciously shrank toward the corner where there was no shadow.

However, the equipment restraining him still prevented him from making large movements.

Everywhere one looked, it could be seen that Yue Ren’s entire hand seemed to be marked by a curse. Like layers of entrenched black shadows, a black flame pattern that burned and corroded bones was branded on the skin, extending all the way toward the arm.

This was the only thing visible to the naked eye. There might be other traces of alienation hidden under the clothes, and even the mottled wounds on his body started to tear violently in an instant.

In just a short moment, sweat dripped along Yue Ren’s hair onto the ground.

As if he hadn’t noticed the changes in his body that was being eroded by shadows, he instinctively looked up and met Chi Ting’s gaze steadily.

Then there was a subtle silence.

It was the first time seeing this man with such a complicated expression. Chi Ting paused before asking, “What’s wrong?”

“I seem to…” There was still restlessness in Yue Ren’s eyes that hadn’t completely calmed down. He spoke in a low voice, but because he wasn’t sure what he was saying, he instinctively stretched out his hand and actively pressed it on Chi Ting’s wrist, as if he was also confirming something. He muttered, “It seems that I saw some things from the past.”

“The past?” Chi Ting already realized something the moment he blurted out the question. “Could it be…”

“Yes, just before entering the Love Apartment.”

Yue Ren fell into a brief silence after saying this. Finally, he slowly let go of Chi Ting’s wrist and smiled silently with unknown emotions.

He never realized his obsession was here.

He slowly licked the corners of his lips that were a bit dry. Then he showed a heartfelt smile. “When will we go to Area B? I really want to experience the alienation again as soon as possible.”


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