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PFRG: Chapter 68

The 13th World

Ji Xingque ate a whole piece of cake while waiting alone.

He didn’t see any emotional changes in Yue Ren, but since the captain said it was there, it must be there. In any case, he had always been very used to his captain taking care of everyone’ emotions in the team, not to mention the two of them had that type of relationship. It was human nature to be more sensitive.

After waiting in a bored manner, Ji Xingque was able to eat the second piece of cake when he finally caught sight of the two figures falling into his eyes.

Chi Ting and Yue Ren came back one after another.

Ji Xingque couldn’t help casting a few more glances at the face of the man behind him and nodded silently.

Yes, it looked like this person had been coaxed.

As Chi Ting stopped and sat down, Yue Ren also pulled out a chair casually. He crossed his long legs and swung them comfortably.

He looked up and could see Ji Xingque giving the small cake he hadn’t eaten to Chi Ting as if he was showing hospitality. This made Yue Ren’s eyes lower slightly.

The feeling of jealousy flickered quietly again. Then thinking of the conversation just now, he calmly suppressed it.

Yue Ren nodded quietly in his heart.

All his memories were from the Love Apartment, watching those players struggling to survive with cold eyes. It was as if he was watching boring toys in his life. Even if he left the apartment, it was only to find the ‘Number 7’ instance designer of Love Apartment to see what type of existence had created such a bleak and ridiculous life for NPCs. In addition, he would completely ruin the designer who arranged everything from above.

The original plan was so simple. He never expected that after leaving the Love Apartment, they would actually clear two instances together.

It could only be said that he was a person who had been lonely for too long. He absurdly started to think that it was very interesting to experience new games one after another with someone like this. Unfortunately…

Suddenly, his drifting thoughts were brought back. Yue Ren glanced at the busy pink-haired figure next to him with a calm expression.

It was so nice, this type of camaraderie with teammates that he had never felt before.

It didn’t matter about anyone else, but if he went with Chi Ting, it seemed to be a very good choice.

But he was different from those players after all. Even if he was invited to build a new team together, was this really something he could have like this Ji Xingque? In other words, he always felt it would be more enjoyable if he could go further.

Yue Ren was thinking like this when something suddenly fell into his eyes.

He looked up and found a half piece of cake on the plate in front of him.

Ji Xingque didn’t know when he had divided the food very neatly. Besides the half given to Chi Ting, he gave the rest to Yue Ren.

Obviously, he still looked eager and greedy, but he said very politely, “I just tried it. This cake tastes very good. Do you want to try it with the captain?”

It was the first time that he was looked at directly with such bright eyes. Yue Ren was silent for a moment. Finally, he picked up the spoon in front of him. “…Thank you.”

Chi Ting had already sent a mouthful to his mouth. At this time, he saw that Yue Ren was very obedient and starting to get along with Ji Xingque, so his mood was also very good. “Don’t rush into the next instance. Let’s not waste the time that so many points were spent to gain. We will have a bit more rest.”

Ji Xingque nodded repeatedly. “I think so too!”

The scene inside the restaurant was quiet for a while.

However, what they didn’t know was that as they were enjoying their leisure time, several players discovered something that caused an uproar in the forum.

As the online communication place for all players in the entire unlimited world, the player forum had always been extremely active.

It was just that due to the forum’s built-in anti-spoiler system, the instance discussion points could easily fill the screen, but the main content of the posts was focused on seeking team formation and item trading.

Today, a video called, ‘Rescue! The gambler’s spiritual rations are suddenly missing. Can you still watch the handkerchief instance?!’ continued to stay on the front page and soon became popular.

According to the content, the poster was a senior betting enthusiast and enjoyed wandering among various betting instances all year round. But for some reason, today he discovered that an instance called ‘Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief’ suddenly disappeared from his following list. It disappeared and he couldn’t find it no matter how he searched. Thus, he had to go to the forum to seek help.

1st reply: Is there such a situation? Are you sure you remember the instance name correctly?

3rd reply: I just went to search for it. It is really gone.

5th reply: Huh? I just watched the live stream of this instance. Why did it suddenly disappear? Was it recycled by the system to update the data?

8th reply: It isn’t like the situation of updating data has never happened. It was only temporarily closed, but it never disappeared from the list.

Poster: 5th reply brother, I didn’t follow this instance the last time it started. Are you sure you just watched the live stream?

15th reply: Yes, I just finished watching it yesterday. This time, it was a group from the new area, the 13th World. But their luck was very good. The remaining three players cleared the game in six days. But to be honest, it might be a system failure. When the live stream started, one player wasn’t dead, but his screen was black as soon as he entered. As a result, we almost vomited when we watched the mosaic throughout the whole process. Could this be the reason why you can’t find it? Is it to fix the bug?

Poster: No matter how big the bug, it can’t just be deleted from the list. I’m crying.

20th reply: A group from the 13th World opened the instance? Speaking of which, the appearance rate of the 13th World has been a bit high recently. I remember someone said a week ago that a newcomer awakened a companion weapon or something.

Poster: It is none of my business unless it is a big shot with a companion weapon. The poor poster just wants new betting rations. If you have any similar instances, please recommend them!

Due to the original poster’s request for help, many fellow players provided a bunch of instance names.

Under such a harmonious scene, a new player clicked in to read the post and sent a reply with a blank look on his face.

123rd reply: The person who got the companion weapon in the 13th World was Chi Ting. He is also the player who cleared the ‘Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief’ instance. I just checked. It seems that the previous instance of Lost Treasure can also no longer be found. Ah, could this be a coincidence?

124th reply: ??? A coincidence? Maybe?

125th reply: Of course, it is a coincidence. Otherwise, could it be that a newcomer blew up the instance?

128th reply: I actually think it isn’t impossible. Brother of the 123rd reply, what type of skill did that Chi Ting awaken?

129th reply: It seems to be the summoning ability.

130th reply: Oh… then it really shouldn’t have exploded. However, a summoning skill that has an associated weapon is also awesome. I don’t know if a god will be replaced if he enters the Sanctuary in the future.

As everyone’s attention was drawn from the disappeared instance to the new boss who awakened in the new area, the replies to the post were unknowingly stacked up higher.

An instance exit somewhere in the Sanctuary.

The Shadow Warriors, who had just finished an instance, were reorganizing their team. As the current number one player with summoning abilities, You Guye couldn’t help sneezing a few times. “It is strange. Is someone talking about me behind my back?”

He belonged to the rare group of high-level players who were addicted to browsing the forum. The moment he left the instance, he had already entered the forum and looked around. He saw the popular post at a glance.

After scanning ten lines at a ten, he frowned and was silent for a moment. Then he turned to look at the captain, Xu Luan. “Captain, I seem to know the identity of the player Qiu Ji mentioned earlier.

Xu Luan also looked over. “Who?”

You Guye showed his virtual panel to Xu Luan. “It should be this Chi Ting. I don’t know when he will be able to enter the Sanctuary. If he is really recruited by the Seven Seas team, that man surnamed Qiu will probably soar into the sky.”

“It isn’t just Seven Seas. This time, the Watchtower has successfully replenished its personnel. It is estimated that their strength will be greatly improved.” Xu Luan mentioned the Watchtower and remembered something. He clicked on his friends list and took a look. Then he paused for a moment, and his brow furrowed. “Strange.”

You Guye had just closed the forum interface. He looked over when he heard this. “What’s wrong?”

Xu Luan looked at You Guye. “The people of Watchtower were already in an instance before we entered. Now we have all come out, but they are still inside.”

The moment their eyes met, the expressions of both parties calmed down slightly.

No one said anything, but high-end players of their level had naturally realized that this was definitely a dangerous signal.

After a long time, You Guye asked, “You said that the Watchtower contacted that person from the 7th World. Did they enter the instance together this time?”

“I’m not sure exactly, but after reading the information revealed before entering this instance, it is probably the case.” Xu Luan closed his friends list and didn’t look at it again. He sighed silently. “Let’s go. I’m tired from just finishing an instance. Let’s go back and rest first.”

The relationship between several teams had always been good, but having sympathy for each other was only one thing. As players, they were just a small part of this unlimited world. Everyone had their own path to go.

At this time, he could only hope that the Watchtower could successfully survive this difficulty.

“So which instance are they trapped in?”

On the way back, Xu Luan heard You Guye ask another question. He recalled the instance status displayed under the friends list and answered, “Ark Laboratory.”

You Guye nodded and skillfully logged into the live stream platform while walking.

He originally wanted to see the specific situation of the Watchtower team inside this instance. Then after searching, only a dumbfounded look remained. “Captain, look. What’s going on?”

Xu Luan took a closer look, and his expression became more solemn.

Obviously, the instance was running, but when they entered the live stream platform, only a system notification popped up. [Sorry, the live stream permission of this instance has been locked. Please watch it later.]

He was afraid that the only person who could lock the viewing permission of this instance was the designer of the instance.

After a long silence, Xu Luan could only close his eyes and say in a deep voice, “The Watchtower team is really in a difficult situation this time.”

The rest area of the 13th World.

The three of them finished adjusting and were finally ready to enter the instance again. They took out the ‘water curtain movie ticket’ prepared in advance and started to pick out the next instance to enter.

Rows of instance names were neatly displayed on the water curtain, which gathered endgame instances from all 13 worlds.

From time to time, instances that replenished the number of new players disappeared and instances with new needs reappeared. The entire list was constantly changing.

The process of selecting an instance was originally very quiet. This was until Ji Xingque suddenly discovered something and exclaimed, “Captain!”

With this shout, Chi Ting already knew what Ji Xingque was going to say.

“I saw it.” He stopped sliding down the list. His eyes fell on the eye-catching instance name in the center. “It is interesting.”

Yue Ren leaned over and took a glance. He read the name of the instance. “Ark Laboratory. Are you interested in this instance?”

“It isn’t that I’m interested but…” Chi Ting used a declarative tone, but the subtle emotions hidden behind it could be felt. “I heard of this place in my original world.”

“Your original world?” Such an answer made Yue Ren understand it instantly. He lowered his head and looked at the instance again. His expression gradually became more interested. “This has indeed become interesting.”

“Could it really be the Ark Laboratory we know?” Ji Xingque got goosebumps all over his body at the thought that the place he knew in his previous world would actually appear in this unlimited world. “Is it possible? Could it be that they just have the same name? After all, that was decades ago. I wasn’t even born at that time!”

“It doesn’t matter whether it is a coincidence or the same name. We will know after we go in and take a look.” Chi Ting looked at the current clearance rewards of this instance. He didn’t know how many times the personnel had been replenished, but the rewards had actually risen to a full 20 times that of ordinary instances.

As long as they could pass this instance, it would be enough to send their entire team directly to the Sanctuary.

Yue Ren never turned down a decision that seemed to lead to new joy. He said, “I think it is good.”

The two of them expressed their opinions one after another. Ji Xingque was also itchy with curiosity, so he had no objection. “Then let’s enter this instance and see what is going on. The Ark Laboratory is really… I don’t know if anyone else has seen this instance. If that is the case, maybe we will bump into them inside!”

In the end, he was also slightly looking forward to it.

Yue Ren apparently had little idea of their teammates reuniting.

After all, for him, the only person he was interested in right now was Chi Ting. It was enough to have a noisy, pink-feathered bird like Ji Xingque pestering them. If there were a few more people around… Tsk.

Without answering Ji Xingque’s words, Yue Ren looked directly back at Chi Ting and asked, “So before entering the instance, can you tell me what this place is all about?”

“I have only heard of it. I can only tell you that the Ark Laboratory I know…” Chi Ting recalled the rumors about that place in his previous world and was silent for a moment. Then he concluded succinctly, “Before the initial alienation appeared, there were actually clues. For this reason, the top scholars gathered together to establish the Ark Laboratory in the hopes of finding a way to reverse the occurrence of the alienation. Everyone was paying to this experiment process. It was the place where all the hope of humanity gathered before despair came completely.”

“Is that why it is called the Ark? Noah’s Ark?” Yue Ren smiled slightly and followed Chi Ting’s words to express the cruel reality. “But it sounds like this ‘hope’ was completely shattered.”

“Yes.” Chi Ting seemed to be calmly reporting something that had nothing to do with him. “According to the records of that time, the experiment ended in failure. Even all the scholars disappeared from the laboratory. There were no more legends about the Ark Laboratory in the world. 40 years after the disappearance of the ‘Ark’, humanity ushered in its final demise.”

His gaze lowered slightly and stayed on the name of this instance for a long time. “After all, the Ark failed to save the world. There is another theory that it was actually this Ark that brought disaster to the world. As for which statement is correct, no one has ever been able to get an answer for a long time.”

Again and again.

Yue Ren’s fingertips tapped the table gently before he finally smiled silently. It was as if he was answering Chi Ting and as if he was talking to himself. “If you want to find an answer, you will know if you go and see it yourself.”

Chi Ting nodded. “I think so too.”

So was this Ark Laboratory really the Ark he knew?

If so, let’s take a good look at what really happened at that time.

After creating the team interface, the three of them used the water curtain movie tickets in their hands to lock the final instance selection.

Under the influence of the item, the familiar feeling of weightlessness during the teleportation was instantly felt.


[Players are welcome to enter the instance: Ark Laboratory.]

[Type: Development game.]

[The current number of survivors in the instance: 15/65.]

[The game is being imported.]

[Note, please follow the rules of the game when advancing the development process!]


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