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PFRG: Chapter 66

The 13th World

There was a figure hovering at the instance exits of the 13th World. The way he walked and looked around attracted a lot of attention.

Ji Xingque had been waiting here for a long time. At this moment, he opened his virtual panel from time to time to confirm it, muttering repeatedly, “The only way to exit is through this opening. Why hasn’t he come out yet?”

He forgot how many times he had entered the Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief to check it. Then he found that the entire section had suddenly disappeared from the list shortly after the game ended.

There wouldn’t be any trouble, right?

Thinking like this, Ji Xingque scratched his head anxiously when he saw a figure finally flashing in front of him.

“Captain, you are finally…” Ji Xingque’s excited voice stopped abruptly before he could finish. He saw the two figures rushing out in front of him, and only a subtle ending was left. “…Are back. Huh?”

The inertia of flying forward at the last moment in the instance caused the two of them to pass through the instance exit and fall heavily to the ground together.

Chi Ting bumped into Yue Ren’s body firmly and instinctively stretched out his hand to touch the opponent’s chest. At that moment, he could feel that the heartbeats of both of them suddenly sped up a bit. At the same time, there were the aftershocks brought by the landing.

Finally, his dark vision gradually regained clarity.

He could vaguely feel surprised eyes falling on him. However, before looking back, the first thing Chi Ting noticed was that he was using Yue Ren as a human shield. His gaze swept over the landing point of the palm of his hand. He was about to retract it when his hand was grabbed.

He raised his eyes and saw Yue Ren’s expression that was trying not to smile. Yue Ren asked him softly from a distance, “How does it feel to be pressed against me, Captain Chi?”

“……” Chi Ting’s long hair brushed gently against Yue Ren’s cheek. In this scene which looked extremely ambiguous no matter from which angle, he forcefully pulled his wrist out of the opponent’s hand with a bit of strength. “I probably didn’t enjoy it as much as you.”

He didn’t understand it very well, but this indeed seemed to be the case. Yue Ren was knocked to the ground so hard by him, but seemed quite happy like he didn’t feel any pain at all.

Chi Ting tried to stand up. Then he noticed that Yue Ren’s hand was still wrapped around his waist and immediately looked up.

Yue Ren understood, smiled slightly, and let go of his hand.

Chi Ting finally stood up. It was only then that he noticed Ji Xingque next to him. He immediately realized where the surprised gaze just now came from. “Little Bird, why are you here.”

Ji Xingque didn’t expect that he would be abandoned again after sleeping. He originally planned to accuse the captain of sneaking in without him the moment he saw his captain again, but he burst into tears when he heard this sentence. “…I’ve been waiting here since before you came out!!!”

So why did these two people only have eyes for each other that they didn’t realize the existence of such a big person until now?

“It is good. It seems like we are just in time.” Chi Ting asked, “How long do you have until you have to enter the next instance?”

“It was supposed to be five minutes,” Ji Xingque answered with a complicated expression. Then he continued, “But I was afraid I would have to go in first before you came out. So I just went to the trading house to buy one day of safety time.”

Chi Ting heard the first half of the sentence and was about to nod when he became slightly stunned after hearing the second part. “Can you still buy safety time? Is it expensive?”

Speaking of this, Ji Xingque had a look of resentment on his face. “It cost me a full third of my points for one day. Do you think it is expensive?”

Chi Ting replied, “It does sound a bit painful.”

Ji Xingque instantly burst into tears.

Yue Ren also stood up from the ground after Chi Ting and slowly patted the dust off his body. At this time, he looked up at Ji Xingque. The reserved smile on his face gradually changed to a hint of disbelief. “You are reluctant to do this, but don’t you feel sorry for your captain at all? Even if we didn’t come out so late, do you want your captain to go to the next instance as soon as he comes out just to save a few points? Go to the next instance without any trouble?”

The questions in a row made Ji Xingque a bit confused. “Huh? No, I didn’t, I mean…”

Yue Ren shook his head and sighed.

He didn’t say anything, but what he wanted to express was completely conveyed to Ji Xingque’s eyes.

Ji Xingque: “……”

What was going on with this sudden guilt?

“Okay, stop teasing him.” Chi Ting couldn’t figure out for a moment how Ji Xingque offended Yue Ren to be targeted again. He waved Ji Xingque over and asked, “You said you had been waiting here early on. Did you know when we would clear the instance? Were you watching the live stream of the instance?”

Ji Xingque nodded. “I saw your message after I woke up, so I went to the live stream platform to check it out. At that time, you only had the last ghost left so I waited here.”

Yue Ren accurately captured the key points. At this time, his surprise was completely sincere. “You slept for five whole days?”

Ji Xingque: “……Yes.”

He suspected that the other party would say ‘you are a pig’ at any time.

In order to change the topic, he quickly asked, “By the way, Captain, did you make someone rest in peace again? I just went to check the status of the instance and found that Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief has disappeared.”

“Disappeared?” Chi Ting recalled the complete collapse of the instance world just before the end. He immediately opened the virtual panel and logged into the live stream platform.

Sure enough, it was as Ji Xingque said. The Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief section that was supposed to wait for the next launch had no such name.

He typed in Lost Treasure and found that the notification that still popped up was, ‘Sorry, the section you are searching for doesn’t exist.’

Then he entered ‘Love Apartment’ and the section that was waiting to be opened next time appeared.

Chi Ting was silent for a moment. He looked up at Yue Ren and said sincerely. “It seems that you aren’t that important in your apartment?”

Yue Ren: “……”

After a while, he said, “I always feel that I shouldn’t belong in that apartment. Do you think this is the reason?”

Chi Ting nodded. “If you say so.”

Ji Xingque looked at one thing and another. The conversation entered his ears and was directly filtered to the final message—the two of them had actually bought a house behind his back at some point?!

Chi Ting turned around and saw Ji Xingque’s bright expression. Ji Xingque looked like he wanted to say something. Chi Ting was a bit stunned, but he didn’t think much about it.

He rubbed his temples tiredly and said, “Let’s find a place to rest first.”

The moment these words came out, he saw Yue Ren holding out a hand to him with a smile. “?”

Yue Ren saw his inquiring gaze and slightly raised an eyebrow. “Aren’t you going to tie me up?”

Chi Ting was stunned for a moment before suddenly understanding. He touched the beads hanging on his wrist and shook his head. “No need.”

After a while, he added, “I don’t need to do it anymore as long as you follow me consciously.”

At these words, Yue Ren glanced at him deeply before calmly withdrawing his gaze.

The curvature of his lips became much clearer. “Okay, I will follow you closely.”

Originally, according to Chi Ting’s idea, it was best if they could get out of the instance before Ji Xingque. The three of them could seamlessly enter the next instance together.

Now that Ji Xingque had spent a huge amount of points to renew the safety period for one day, he was naturally very willing to have extra time to adjust his status and discuss the next plan.

After all, the settlement reward this time was really unsatisfactory.

Perhaps it was because it was considered an ordinary clearance, but both the points reward and achievement points were obviously not enough compared to the previous two instances.

If things continued at this rate, Chi Ting thought it would take an unknown amount of time before they could smoothly enter the Sanctuary.

But to be honest, this instance wasn’t without any gains. In addition to the Hearts card and rare items he needed in the settlement mail, he obtained Su Lili’s bones in the process of ‘putting her soul to rest.’ He sensed a special ability related to dreams from the child’s bone bead.

They opened a room in the hotel again. The three of them gathered around the bed and looked at the bone bead placed in the middle.

“So, that little girl’s personal skill is called Dream World?” Ji Xingque stared at the small bead in front of him for a moment, eager to touch it. “This is the ability to make up a new world. No matter whether it is in our team or in the unlimited world, it is definitely the rarest type! Is the instance you entered earlier related to the dream she created?”

It must be admitted that even though Ji Xingque usually had no brains and didn’t like to think, sometimes his instincts were terrifyingly accurate.

Chi Ting nodded. “I thought so too. So before we left, the instance world started to completely collapse. This is probably the reason why this instance disappeared from the list. After all, the core of this constructed world is missing. No matter what, it is indeed impossible for this world to continue to exist.”

As he spoke, he counted all the rewards from this instance and took out a very familiar item.

Ji Xingque recognized it at a glance. “Huh? Isn’t this the handkerchief you used when playing the game?”

Chi Ting nodded.

It was indeed the same as the handkerchief they used during the game, but the effect was completely different based on the function introduction.

[Gentleman’s Handkerchief: A handkerchief with a non-human smell. After use, it can be hung on the other person’s body without being noticed. Within the next 24 hours, everything the other person touches will have the same smell! Patch: It smells good (Number of uses remaining: 3).]

“It should be good for tracking.” Chi Ting commented before looking at Yue Ren. “What about you? What reward did you get?”

His words came out, and no reply was heard for a long time.

Chi Ting wondered, “Huh?”

Yue Ren glanced at him before taking something out of the settlement mail.

The first thing Chi Ting saw was the familiar pair of long ears. Then he saw the big pink bow that would make a girl’s heart pop, as well as the gorgeous tutu skirt that had been seen in the photo.

It was a rabbit dressed in a princess dress.

[Gentleman Rabbit Special Limited Edition: Gentleman Rabbit isn’t a princess! Rabbits are so cute and need to be protected! The body might be petite, but it is an absolutely perfect container. By using it, any organism can be injected into it in the form of a soul. It is only after it has life that it becomes a real doll! Please note that the weight of the soul will cause the container to be effective for 7 to 30 days. Only one soul is allowed to be stored at a time! There will be a 30 day cooldown period after use.]

Chi Ting was originally a bit regretful that he couldn’t bring out the rabbit. Now looking at the limited edition version in front of him, he couldn’t help smiling. “It looks pretty good.”

“It is pretty good, but I don’t know what use it has yet,” Yue Ren said as he took the doll back. He obviously wasn’t interested in such a cute item.

It was also at this time that Chi Ting discovered that the stud earring Yue Ren wore on his ear was actually a storage space.

After glancing at it, he withdrew his gaze and looked at the settlement reward again. His brow furrowed slightly as he thought about it.

Yue Ren keenly captured the change in his demeanor. “What’s wrong?”

“The rewards for normal dungeons are too few.” Chi Ting admitted that he had indeed taken advantage of the generous rewards of the first two instances, which gave him the slight feeling of a gap when returning to normal data.

But it turned out that it was very difficult to go from luxury to frugality.

Looking at the points reward alone, the settlement of a single instance wasn’t as good as the income of his live stream room. However, the income of the live stream room couldn’t be exchanged for achievement points. So before and after entering the instance this time, their achievement points were the same as that of Ji Xingque. Their goal of ranking in the top 1,000 seemed further away.

At first, Chi Ting thought that based on the progress of the first two instances, they would only need one or two instances at most to successfully go to the Sanctuary. Now he truly realized that the situation of the first two instances was obviously something that could only be met and not looked for.

He sighed slowly. “I don’t know what the next instance will be. If we keep going at this pace, I don’t know how many more instances we will need.”

Then Chi Ting looked at Ji Xingque. “Little Bird, you came here earlier. Do you know a way to get achievement points quickly?”

Ji Xingque was successfully asked. “Huh? There should be. I seem to have heard of it, but I haven’t learned much about it.”

This was a completely expected answer. Chi Ting didn’t feel too disappointed after asking it.

At this time, a friend message popped up.

[Li Tao: D*mn, Brother Chi, did you just come out from another instance? It is awesome. At this rate, you will soon be able to enter the Sanctuary!]

The appearance of L i Tao made Chi Ting’s eyes light up slightly. He immediately replied to the message: [I plan to enter the Sanctuary quickly. Do you know if there is any way to quickly get achievement points?]

As expected, Li Tao’s reserves were very abundant when it came to theoretical knowledge about the unlimited world.

[Li Tao: Huh:? Yes, it is possible, but it is too dangerous. I personally suggest that you take your time.]

[Chi Ting: Just tell me. I’m in a hurry to go to the Sanctuary.]

There was no sound from Li Tao for a while. He was obviously hesitant due to safety concerns, but he still sent the link after a while.

[Li Tao: If you really want to go, you can check out this ‘water curtain movie ticket’ in the trading house.]

[Li Tao: Even in a small world, as long as you use this item, you can choose an instance on the water curtain of the Sanctuary to save the scene. If you want to earn achievement points, this is definitely the fastest way apart from achieving the first pass in the instance.]

[Li Tao: Brother Chi, don’t think I am being verbose, but you must think it through clearly! Even though the rewards for the instance on the Sanctuary’s water curtain are very high, they are basically endgame instances that haven’t been cleared for a long time. The mortality rate is extremely high. Even if you want to go, it is best to buy the guide to understand it first. Make the decision again!!]

Chi Ting clicked on the link despite Li Tao’s repeated reminders. He scanned the prices in the transaction list and was a bit surprised.

[Chi Ting: It looks like the price is quite cheap.]

[Li Tao: ……]

[Li Tao: Of course, it is cheaper. The bosses in the Sanctuary can enter directly through the water curtain and don’t need this. The low-end players in the small worlds want to hide from these instances. How can they rush up to die? Usually, it is unsalable. Basically, no one buys it.

[Chi Ting: Cheaper is better. This item meets my needs. Thanks. We plan to enter the instance tomorrow. Do you want to come with us?]

[Li Tao: You… is Yue Ren still with you?]

[Li Tao: Hahaha, I’m satisfied with being taken to fly once. I won’t drag you down. I wish you a smooth clearance in advance!]

After finishing the conversation with Li Tao, Chi Ting looked at the trading house interface again for a while. He was very satisfied with this item that was slow to sell all year round but was very useful to him.

He simply scanned three water curtain movie tickets. He gave one to Ji Xingque and Yue Ren respectively. He planned to wait until they had a good rest and go see tomorrow if they could use this item to find the next instance suitable for them.

Chi Ting had only one hope for this instance selection. It was to earn enough points to enter the top 1,000 in the rankings.

He wanted to go straight to the Sanctuary after finishing this instance.


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