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PFRG: Chapter 65

Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief (18)

The rabbit obviously didn’t know what Yue Ren wanted to do, but his instinct about danger gradually made him look like he was defying death.

Then Chi Ting stopped next to him and smiled, “Okay, I’ll do it. Don’t scare others.”

“Am I that scary?” Yue Ren asked casually. But without waiting for an answer, he handed over the rabbit in his hand.

The rabbit gentleman felt himself being held by a pair of warm hands before being placed back on the round table.

Chi Ting looked at him. “You have been following us while we completed the commissions. You should know that we already know the general situation of Su Lili. Now we have just a few questions that we want to confirm with her. Don’t worry, we won’t do anything to hurt her.”

The rabbit was still hesitant, but his ears twitched as if he heard someone talking. Finally, he nodded silently. “Lili said she will see you.”

He rummaged through his pocket for a while, found two handkerchiefs and handed them over.

Chi Ting also understood. He reached out to take it and handed one to Yue Ren. Then he saw the lights around him dim instantly.

It was just like when they played the game before. In the darkness, they saw Su Lili standing behind the rabbit, looking at them with a pair of empty eyes. It was as if she was asking them why they were looking for her.

This wasn’t the first time Chi Ting met Su Lili. After thinking for a moment, he took out a tissue from the side and quickly folded a paper crane very flexibly.

Once he handed it over, he saw that there seemed to be a look of affection in Su Lili’s empty eyes. The corners of his mouth rose slightly. “How long have you lived in this place?”

On the side, Yue Ren couldn’t help turning around and taking a second look after hearing this deliberately gentle and coaxing voice. Suddenly, he felt that as long as this person was willing, he could probably please everyone, young or old, at any time.

Su Lili obviously wasn’t very used to communicating with others. After a while, she answered awkwardly, “No, I remember.”

Chi Ting stopped and asked, “Then do you like it here?”

Su Lili thought for a moment before shaking her head.

Such an answer obviously stunned the rabbit. He wanted to say something but held back.

Chi Ting noticed the rabbit’s reaction and continued to ask, “Why?”

Su Lili stuttered as she replied, “My parents, aren’t here… Obviously, I should be with my parents, but I am the only one who came here. I can’t find them, and I can’t get out… Those brothers and sisters shouldn’t come here to accompany me. They don’t like it. I also don’t like it here… but I can’t get out, no matter what.”

At the end of her words, she seemed very frustrated. She held Chi Ting’s newly folded crane and lowered her head deeply.

This frustrated mood was obviously passed onto the rabbit. Seeing Chi Ting look at him, he sniffed uncomfortably. “In fact, I know she doesn’t like it here. However, I was also created in this space. The meaning of my existence is to accompany her. I don’t know how to take her out of here. She… In short, if she leaves here, she will really cease to exist.”

Su Lili looked up angrily when she heard this. “Even if I don’t exist, I don’t want to be like this now! I am also dead. I should go with my parents! Instead of… being here!”

This reaction made the rabbit even more sad. His two ears, originally full of energy, completely dropped. The scarlet eyes were full of tears. He had been very careful not to mention that word, but he was obviously just lying to himself. Su Lili actually knew she was ‘dead’ early on.

During the conversation between the two of them, Chi Ting looked silently at Yue Ren and confirmed, “I remember that every instance here has a designer, right?”

Yue Ren didn’t forget what he wanted to do most after leaving the instance. The code name ‘No. 7’ came to mind, and the corners of his lips curled up a bit. “Of course.”

Chi Ting’s gaze slowly swept over the closed meeting hall. He truthfully expressed his feelings. “I always feel that there seems to be a big problem behind these instances.”

“You mean, these NPCs are actually trapped in the dungeon by the designer?” Yue Ren smiled. “It is okay if you think so. At least from my own perspective, I don’t think so. What genius can claim to be the creator of a world and create an existence like me out of thin air?”

The overly conceited words made Chi Ting glance back. In fact, in a way, he did agree with Yue Ren’s statement.

His fingertips gently caressed the strange stone on his chest. He murmured thoughtfully, “You came out of the Love Apartment and successfully obtained a player’s identity. After completely the Lost Treasure instance, I could successfully bring the remains of the descendants of the heroes out of the instance… No matter how I look at it, these are things that only real humans can achieve. Even if they aren’t human beings, they should at least be highly intelligent organisms.”

As he said this, the aliens he had seen in his previous world slowly emerged in Chi Ting’s mind.

In a way, the monsters in the arena of the previous instance with less than 20% of human content seemed to have the same purpose.

“You mean, these NPCs might’ve really been human beings before?” Yue Ren’s gaze slowly passed over them before landing on the rabbit. He smiled and said, “I don’t know anything else, but this thing definitely isn’t.”

The rabbit was offended again. He struggled very hard to get out of his clutches with dissatisfaction written on his face.


Chi Ting was speechless at Yue Ren’s idle argument. He must admit that there were still many blind spots in the speechless he had made so far.

Without thinking about it any further, he walked to Su Lili and crouched down slowly. His usual gentle smile gradually appeared on his face. “Little sister, if there is a chance, are you willing to leave here with me?”

If Yue Ren had said this, he would undoubtedly sound like a kidnapper with malicious intentions.

But coming out of Chi Ting’s mouth, there was a particularly exciting temptation.

It was like bringing her back to the light after being in darkness all this time.

Su Lili was obviously stunned for a moment. After understanding the meaning of these words, there was a hint of expectation in her expression. “Is it okay?”

Chi Ting smiled and nodded. “Maybe.”

He didn’t talk too much. After all, his ability couldn’t be used on a soul body. Before that, he needed to find Su Lili’s corpse.

Thus, he chose to ask the rabbit directly.

The rabbit was still immersed in strong emotions of sadness, but he was speechless after hearing this. “Can you really take Lili out? There is no body. Is the… ashes okay?”

This made Chi Ting a bit uncertain for a moment. “…I probably need to try it.”

The rabbit adjusted his clothing.

Under his leadership, a new door was opened next to the empty meeting room.

After passing through this door, they came to an empty mourning hall.

If they hadn’t left early, this would’ve been their commission site on the seventh or eighth day.

Chi Ting saw the black and white photo hanging in the center.

Placed on the table was a childlike urn with cute graffiti. It exuded the same innocence as the little girl in the photo.

Yue Ren followed the whole time and commented very objectively, “The mourning hall has already been set up. How can the child not know she is dead?”

The rabbit gentleman: “……”

Chi Ting made one final confirmation with Su Lili before taking action, “You must know what leaving here means.”

Su Lili nodded with a determined expression on her face. “I know. Brother, take me away from here. I want to stay with my parents. I also want to go out and see more places.”

Her expression was like seeing death. Chi Ting couldn’t help rubbing her head. Then a red light flashed on his chest slightly and there was a string of white beads in his hand.

He tied the handkerchief in his arm to Su Lili’s arm, watched the little girl disappear into the surrounding lights, and walked slowly to the center of the mourning hall.

A slender red line cut through his fingertip. A drop of blood fell gently to the ground, causing ripples to appear in an instant.

Yue Ren hugged the dumbfounded rabbit, stood in the back and watched silently.

This wasn’t the first time he had seen Chi Ting’s ‘helping the soul find peace’, but he was still full of shock no matter how many times he saw it.

He found that at times like this, he couldn’t take his eyes off the person in front of him.

Finally, in the light, a small shadow appeared in front of everyone with some anxiety.

Su Lili looked very confused about her changes, but there was obvious joy in her expression.

It was a feeling of being in the light that she hadn’t felt in a long time.

She looked at Chi Ting expectantly.

Once their eyes met, the corners of Chi Ting’s lips rose slightly. “Are you willing to follow me?”

“Yes, Brother.” Su Lili’s relieved voice was faintly heard.

The warm light that gathered around her enveloped her. She gradually turned into a bone bead that fell quietly into Chi Ting’s hands as if summoned.

The consumption just now made Chi Ting’s lips turn a bit pale. But the moment he touched the bead, he let out a low sound of surprise. He actually sensed a special ability from Su Lili’s bone bead.

So, everything in this instance was really a dream created by the designer using Su Lili’s personal skill?

If that was the case, it meant…

The immediate turmoil around him confirmed Chi Ting’s judgment.

Su Lili’s disappearance caused this world to lose its pillar. In a critical situation, it started to gradually collapse immediately.

“This instance is going to collapse.”

Yue Ren obviously realized that something was wrong. He held down the door that was about to close with one hand, and looked back at Chi Ting. He thought that Chi Ting’s reaction wouldn’t be slower than his, but when he turned around, he saw that the man hadn’t come over yet. He couldn’t help frowning. “Why don’t you leave?”

“The rabbit…”

The muscles in Chi Ting’s body were very tense. He was in a posture ready to gather strength and set off at any time. However, the hand he extended didn’t receive a response.

The rabbit stood there very elegantly without any signs of panic. The raised staff pushed away the hand that had been handed to him.

He met Chi Ting’s gaze and showed an extremely gentlemanly smile, his tone as brisk as ever. “I was originally Lili’s creation. Now that she has left, I need to disappear with this place! Don’t worry about me. Hurry up and leave. After taking Lili out, you must do what you promised her and take her to see more of the wider world!”

Chi Ting replied, “Definitely.”

“If you don’t leave, I really won’t leave the door open for you.” Yue Ren’s tone sounded full of ridicule but his posture against the door didn’t move. Seeing that Chi Ting finally stopped caring about the verbose rabbit, he reached out and pulled this person over.

Without the support of the main pillar, the instance collapsed much faster than expected.

In an instant, the rabbit was engulfed in mottled fragments. They just managed to run into the corridor space in a thrilling manner. They were almost left there forever.

The two of them didn’t stop and ran at an amazingly fast speed.

Due to the physical strength consumed by ‘putting the dead to rest’ just now, Chi Ting seemed to only be a few steps away from Yue Ren, who was ready to leave in advance, but it was actually particularly thrilling.

Several times, the ground that collapsed was almost under his feet but he quickly avoided it with a sudden acceleration.

Finally, in front of the two rushing figures, the portal in the center of the meeting hall became visible.

Obviously, the rabbit helped them turn on the light in advance. The only light became the clearest guide ahead.

After Yue Ren took the lead and rushed into the meeting room, he saw a shadow reappearing under his feet. The moment he turned around in front of the portal, he directly extended countless tentacles in Chi Ting’s direction.

Just as the collapsing world behind him was about to engulf Chi Ting, the shadow in front of him curled around his waist as if alive and pulled him fiercely.

With the help of this power, Chi Ting made a neat leap with one kick.

Under the synchronization of the sudden force, Chi Ting crashed straight into Yue Ren’s arms.

Under the huge momentum, the two figures fell through the portal.

Vaguely, Chi Ting felt that the person in front of him instinctively hugged him. He didn’t have time to take a closer look. As he looked back, he saw that the scene behind him shattered into thousands of pieces in an instant.

Like a scattered kaleidoscope, the long nightmare created by Su Lili finally ended.

Before falling into darkness, Chi Ting heard a voice above his head that seemed to be smiling yet not smiling. “Captain Chi, you seem to be thinner than I thought.”

[The countdown is over. The ‘Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief’ instance has been closed. I look forward to you coming again.]

[Congratulations to the players Chi Ting and Yue Ren for clearing the ‘Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief’ instance!]

[The instance reward is being calculated. Please wait…]


[All players have left and the ‘Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief’ instance is being restarted.]

[Beep—! The main program of the instance is missing. The restart has failed.]

[Insufficient backup data. The attempted repair failed.]

[There is an unknown glitch. The ‘Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief’ instance passage is temporarily closed.]


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