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PFRG: Chapter 64

Throw Throw Throw the Handkerchief (17)

The people in the live stream room empathized with this liar.

[Huh? Didn’t they want to vote for the mosaic? How come they voted for Wen Weng?]

[What a show! I thought this round was going to be cold again. I never expected that it would take a turn!]

[So the mosaic and Chi cheated the other two people of their votes and secretly voted for Wen? Awesome!]

[Hahahaha, look at the expression of this ghost. The character design is completely OOC. He must be really going crazy at the sudden ending.]

[Who knows? Family members, I voted for the human camp! I made a fortune!!!]

In the instance, Tu Shuhuai was obviously very surprised by this result.

Wen Weng’s sudden rage proved the final result. His tone contained a bit of disaster when he spoke again, as well as an indescribable complex mood. “So from the very beginning, the two of you were going to vote for me?”

Chi Ting smiled. “Yes, that’s right.”

In the past, Chi Ting always gave people a feeling of harmlessness and goodwill when he smiled. Now that this expression fell into Tu Shuhuai’s eyes, she seemed to inexplicably feel the tail wagging behind the other person.

After all, how could those who could survive in the unlimited world be purely kind? They were all big-tailed wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The result of clearing the instance made Tu Shuhuai’s hanging heart fall. At this moment, she could only smile bitterly at the treatment of concealing it from her. “Since you have always suspected him, why not tell me directly at the beginning? In fact, you just needed to convince me. Why bother acting in such a complicated and troublesome play?

Chi Ting answered quite frankly, “I didn’t tell you mainly because it is just my personal guess. If I guess wrong, it would be bad if you were the real ghost. Or what if you are a player like I suspect, but you still don’t trust my judgment? Once your rebellious mentality arises, you might become more suspicious that we are deliberately wasting the votes. No matter what happens, this will make this round of voting not successful. Perhaps the results won’t come out smoothly.”

He stated unhurriedly, glanced at the angry-eyed Wen Weng next to him, and gave the final summary, “With four people remaining, no matter who the ghost is, they will definitely try every means to promote a tie. In this case, in order to ensure that we can effectively vote for one person, we must make the votes of the two of you not be on the same person. It is only in this way that we can be sure that we have the absolute initiative.”

Tu Shuhuai opened her mouth to say something, but she found that Chi Ting’s words were indeed right.

In the case that she hadn’t thought of anything, she would probably be more willing to believe in Wen Weng, whose identity as a player had been verified. Once Chi Ting failed to persuade her tonight, the votes would probably be tied between Chi Ting and Wen Weng.

It was two against two. In this way, tonight’s vote would only end in a tie, and it would be directly judged as a failure.

Chi Ting knew from Tu Shuhuai’s reaction that she had accepted this statement. He smiled with satisfaction and didn’t forget to give Yue Ren absolute affirmation. “Judging from the current results, my partner is indeed good at acting. He succeeded in doing it.”

Yue Ren smiled back. “Thank you for the compliment.”

Tu Shuhuai: “……”

After a moment, she looked at Wen Weng, whose face had obviously changed. She asked one more question, “So Uncle Wen died because we voted to verify his identity? But if a player becomes a ghost when they are voted for, wouldn’t the probability of clearing this instance be too low?”

This was a very important reason why Tu Shuhuai had never thought about it before.

After all, based on her understanding, there was a balance in every instance in this unlimited world. The inevitable rule that they would become a ghost when voted for was undoubtedly too much of a disruption to the balance of the game.

“I know what you mean. I can only say that it is related to voting, but it isn’t because of being voted out to verify their identity.”

Chi Ting replied patiently, “If someone could be possessed by the ghost as long as they are voted for, he could choose to vote for you today as we said before. In this way, even if we do get together and vote him out, the new ghost who possesses you will still be able to keep the game going.”

At this point, he paused subtly before saying with a smile, “But looking at what he did today, he probably wanted you to put your vote on me, right?”

Tu Shuhuai nodded but she was even more confused.

In fact, Wen Weng had always been following the opinion of the group in this instance. It did seem a bit abnormal for him to suddenly jump out and identify Chi Ting today. However, at that time, she was still stuck in the chaotic thoughts that she would be voted out tonight. She thought that the uncle became anxious because he was eager to survive. Now thinking about it, there was indeed a big problem.

“Since you won’t be possessed by the ghost if you are voted for, what is the reason?” Tu Shuhuai had a slight headache for the first time.

“Voting doesn’t cause the risk of death, but the number of votes does.” Chi Ting looked up at Wen Weng. His slow tone seemed to be verifying something. “There is a sentence in the rules that says voting is a sacred thing and we must actively eliminate the suspicion of other players. If my guess is correct, the total number of votes received by a player reaching 5 votes will trigger the condition for the ghost to come and possess you. This is why the ghost was anxious to get the last two votes on me before being voted out. Am I right?”

There was silence.

Wen Weng’s expression gradually darkened, and he said hoarsely, “When did you find out?”

“It wasn’t too early.” Chi Ting thought for a moment. “I saw that the total number of votes counted on the panel had increased for several days in a row and felt that something was wrong. If you are talking about the time when I was really sure there was a problem, it was probably after Fei Ying was voted out and the game wasn’t over yet. After all, even if she was really angry with me and didn’t like me, this action would be a bit too childish.”

He leaned back against the chair in a comfortable position. “In the second round, Tan Haobo was eliminated and gave me a vote. In the third round, you weren’t possessed so the person who gave me the vote should’ve been Fei Ying. In the fourth round, Fei Ying gave me another vote before leaving. Adding in your vote today, I currently have exactly 4 votes. Unfortunately, it is just one step away.”

Judging from Wen Weng’s expression, if it wasn’t for the restrictions imposed by the rules, he might’ve wanted to rush over and fight Chi Ting. “If I had known, I would’ve voted for you as well in the last round!”

“Indeed, not voting for me in the last round was a very careful move by you. It was probably out of fear of making it too obvious and arousing suspicion.”

Chi Ting expressed his agreement with this statement. At the same time, he raised an objection. “But even if the votes reached 5, it only gives the ghost permission to possess. You should’ve successfully possessed Wen Weng the night before yesterday, right? Strictly speaking, as long as the possession isn’t carried out yet, I shouldn’t be regarded as a ghost. So no matter whether you voted for me in the last round or not, you would still be eliminated in this round. Apart from making my judgment more certain, nothing about the ending will change.”

He smiled slightly. “Of course, even if you were given the chance to possess me in advance, you couldn’t do anything to me with your level of strength. So feel free to relax. Since one more vote or one less vote won’t have much of an effect, don’t blame yourself too much.”

This wasn’t pleasant or comforting. It was more like telling the ghost that even if they were given permission to possess him, they wouldn’t be able to enjoy it.

This made the already ugly expression on Wen Weng’s face become more and more agitated.

Tu Shuhuai felt ashamed.

There was a hint of admiration in her eyes as she looked at Chi Ting again.

She had also experienced many life or death moments in the previous instances. It was rare to see someone who maintained absolute calmness from beginning to end like this person.

It was just like herself. When she was finally faced with the life or death doubt of whether she was the ghost or not, her thoughts were inevitably confused. She didn’t even notice Wen Weng’s obviously abnormal behavior. However, the two people in front of her still had the leisure and elegance to cooperate with each other to put on a good show. They ended the instance beautifully while ensuring absolute safety.

Lie down and win.

She always felt that in this instance, she had no sense of participation. In some respects, she could be regarded as lying down all the way to the end.

The rare feeling of being taken to win by a big shot made Tu Shuhuai feel a bit emotional. She couldn’t help asking with some curiosity, “So when did you make this plan?”

In her impression, except for staying in their own room, all the players basically acted together the rest of the time. She hadn’t seen the two people get together for a private discussion in the past two days.

This answer reminded the viewers in Chi Ting’s live stream room of the night full of mosaics and small notes.

Thinking of their points wallet that had dried up like water was leaking, the viewers could only watch the live stream room for a while. Only numb faces remained.

[The reasoning is wonderful, but my wallet suffered a lot.]

[I never expected that it was actually related to the accumulation of votes. From this point of view, the difficulty is indeed much easier if you master this rule.]

[It really isn’t that easy to discover. I have followed the group several times. This is the second group of people I have seen who have discovered this rule.]

[I almost thought that a player would become a ghost if voted for. I also thought that if they couldn’t find the ghost in the first few rounds, everyone would be cold.]

[Don’t ask me where my money went. I watched the primary school students passing notes to each other and playing.]

[I was also present on the day of the conspiracy. I have to show a proud face [forcibly salvages respect).]

[D*mn, come to think of it. They guessed who the ghost was last night! Awesome! All I can say is awesome!]

As for Tu Shuhuai’s sincere question, Yue Ren smiled silently. He replied with the word, “Secret.”

Tu Shuhuai: “……”

This annoying love brained gay guy!

Seeing that the footsteps of the rabbit gentleman were gradually approaching, ‘Wen Weng’ looked at Chi Ting and Yue Ren with a sinister expression on his face. But in the end, he left unwillingly.

As the short figure jumped on the round table, the familiar soft and cute voice seemed to make everyone dream back to the night when they first came to the instance. “That’s great. The last ghost has been found! Congratulations. Everyone has successfully passed the instance! I wonder if everyone had a good time here? Now, everyone can leave as you like!”

The moment these words came out, an illusory portal appeared in the center of the meeting hall.

At the same time, the live stream room with the barrage was completely closed.

Tu Shuhuai took a deep breath and stood up. She looked at the empty round table with a somewhat sad expression.

But after all, she had experienced so many instances. She was used to the separation of life or death. She quickly adjusted her state and stood up.

She was about to leave. Then when she turned around, she saw Chi Ting and Yue Ren sitting there. They didn’t look like they were about to move. She asked in surprise, “Aren’t you leaving?”

“You go first.” Chi Ting waved his hand. “I’ll see you later.”

“Okay, see you later.” Tu Shuhuai was confused but didn’t say anything else. Her figure disappeared through the door.

The rabbit was very happy to send away a certain plague god present. However, once he heard the conversation just now, he felt something bad. Before he could run away, he felt a light touch on his body, and he was lifted up by a force.

Looking up, he met a gaze that seemed to want to smile.

Yue Ren gave a look that seemed harmless. “Rabbit, do you mind taking us to meet that child Su Lili again?”


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