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PFRG: Chapter 63

On the sixth day of the dungeon, only the last four players were left sitting at the round table.

This breakfast was as quiet as ever.

The chairs that were originally divided into four corners were pulled directly over by Yue Ren, causing two people to be next to each other. This made the four-person game seem three-legged.

Such a scene made Tu Shuhuai take another look. Finally, she couldn’t help expressing her thoughts. “At this time, do the two of you still plan to be bound together?”

The direction of her question was very clear. After all, the previous voting plan was completely based on the premise that there were only three ghosts. Now that a new ghost suddenly appeared, the original assumptions were no longer tenable.

In this way, after identifying the two ghosts from the duo of Yu Gao and Tan Haobo, the credibility of the player identities of Yue Ren and Chi Ting no longer existed.

Maybe they did form a team to enter this instance, but it couldn’t be ruled out that one of them turned into a ghost during the game.

Tu Shuhuai was obviously reminding them of the possibility that a ghost would appear among Yue Ren and Chi Ting. After all, from a game perspective, continuing to bundle votes was obviously a very unwise choice.

However, Yue Ren gave an answer without hesitation to her question. “Of course, it is the type of binding that will last forever.”

Tu Shuhuai: “……”

After a pause, she finally pierced the paper window. “If the ghost is among you, doing this is tantamount to making the player camp completely unable to win.”

Yue Ren was happy. “If we can’t win, then we can’t win. It isn’t bad to die together.”

Such an answer made Chi Ting, who had been quietly eating breakfast, look over one more time. The expression on his face was indescribable. “…I don’t want to die.”

Yue Ren’s attention instantly shifted. “I didn’t say I wanted to die.”

“Then you…” Chi Ting paused for a moment. Finally, he shook his head and didn’t continue. “Forget it. Maybe you will make the right vote tonight.”

Yue Ren had already directly ignored Tu Shuhuai. “Then again, what were you thinking about so seriously just now?”

“I’m thinking. Today is the sixth day since we’ve entered the instance. I remember that the safe period between two instances in the outside world is only seven days. I don’t know if Little Bird can wait until we clear the instance.” Chi Ting sighed. “I didn’t expect this instance to drag on for so long. If I knew, I would’ve stayed outside and waited for him to wake up.”

Yue Ren smiled. “It’s okay. If Ji Xingque has already entered an instance after we go out, we can also enter a new instance. Just come out earlier than him this time.”

Tu Shuhuai originally wanted to take advantage of the meal time to discuss the voting matter in the evening. She didn’t expect the two of them to chat to themselves as if no one else was around.

In the past few days, she had become accustomed to the behavior of these two gay men. However, once she heard that they had already planned what to do after clearing the instance, she still felt a bit complicated.

After all, no matter how the votes were dealt with, Wen Weng already had his identity confirmed. This meant that the choice tonight was among the three of them.

Listening to what Yue Ren meant, the two of them were still planning to vote together tonight. In this case, it was obvious who they would vote for.

This also meant that if they really cleared the instance tonight and left smoothly, then the last ghost could only be Tu Shuhuai.

Had she really become a ghost already?

If so, when did it happen?

Tu Shuhuai silently rolled up her cuffs. Her eyes fell on the still distinct pinprick mark on her arm.

The only possibility she could think of was when her blood was drawn yesterday. However, completing the task was clearly written in the rules of the game. She didn’t violate the rules by cooperating and participating. Such an unfortunate thing shouldn’t have happened to her.

Or was it something else that she hadn’t noticed?

Tu Shuhuai finished breakfast while having wild thoughts. It wasn’t until she followed the rabbit to the place of today’s commission that her mind returned.

Her face fell on the space around her, which was still filled with white. “This is…”

“It should be Su Lili’s room,” Chi Ting said as he walked over and opened the curtains very naturally. Looking at the unclear space outside, he commented, “But today’s commission is quite friendly.”

[Commission from Mr. Gentleman:

People who are hospitalized are the loneliest people. Mr. Gentleman hopes to feel more of your company in the ward.

Companionship time of up to three hours (0/4)]


To put it simply, they only needed to spend three hours in this room to collectively complete the task.

“It is indeed friendly.” Yue Ren nodded in approval. His eyes swept over the other two people with a smile. Finally, it landed on Tu Shuhuai’s body. “The content is so friendly like this. The ghost among us shouldn’t make some inappropriate moves to carry out a unique self-destruction, right?”

“……” Tu Shuhuai knew she had been regarded as the biggest suspect, but she still frowned. “It is useless for you to stare at me now. What if the final result isn’t me? What if there is really a player possessed by a ghost in the process of the instance? No matter how you look at it, I should be the least suspicious? It is most likely that the layering of the marks will promote the progress of the possession. From this perspective, the two of you currently have two layers of marks.”

“Indeed, we have two layers of marks.” Yue Ren had a slight smile on his face. “If we judge based on the marks, shouldn’t we all become ghosts? Since we have all become ghosts, shouldn’t you be the only player, and we should kill you as soon as possible? In addition, we don’t just want to vote for you in this round. If the game isn’t over after this round of voting, we will vote for Wen Weng together. Are you angry about this?”

At this playful smile, Tu Shuhuai felt the veins on her forehead bulge slightly. If she hadn’t known that she definitely wouldn’t be able to defeat this man, she would’ve really wanted to pick up the broom in the corner and directly hit this face.

Wen Weng heard such words and looked speechless.

Chi Ting stood up at the right time to smooth things over. “Okay, let’s talk about the voting in the evening. Now isn’t the time to talk about this.”

Wen Weng wondered, “Why isn’t it the right time?”

Chi Ting pointed to the short figure at the door. “Mr. Gentleman is watching us carry out the commission. It is rude to talk here without completing the task properly.”

Wen Weng asked, “…Ah, is that so?”

Chi Ting smiled and nodded. “Of course.”

The rabbit gentleman who was suddenly named: “……”

How come he never saw them caring about politeness when in front of them a few days ago?

Of course, Tu Shuhuai also heard that this was just an excuse from these two people. It seemed they didn’t want to continue talking about the voting.

Of course, from another perspective, this was also a statement given about the voting decision of Chi Ting and Yue Ren. They would vote together, and they wanted to let others know that it was impossible for them to waver.

This gave Tu Shuhuai a headache, and she felt very helpless.

It could only be said that it was indeed very inhumane to ask a couple to identify each other, especially when one of them might be dead.

She might understand emotionally, but being in this instance where rationality was extremely needed to survive made her particularly disagree with the actions of these two people.

After all, they were more likely to kill others than each other.

“Xiao Tu.”

Tu Shuhuai looked back. She was surprised to find Wen Weng waving to her. She glanced at the two people, who were already wandering around the ward. Then she walked over. “What’s wrong?”

Wen Weng’s expression seemed a bit uneasy, but he still made up his mind. He lowered his voice and said, “This is the case. I just thought about it seriously and feel that what you said earlier makes sense. This might only be my second instance, and I don’t know much, but at this moment, it seems that the mark is indeed the most obvious variable in the instance. The final ghost should be among the two of them.”

Since Chi Ting was tied up with Yue Ren, Tu Shuhuai originally wanted to win over Wen Weng. It was naturally the best thing for the other party to agree with her reasoning. However, considering the current situation, she could only smile bitterly. “It is useless even if it is among the two of them. The two of us only add up to two votes. As long as there is no third person to follow us, it will be impossible to vote them out.”

“We still have to give it a try.” Wen Weng stretched out his hand and grabbed Tu Shuhuai’s sleeve with an expression of uncontrollable horror. “Chi Ting took the handkerchief back again. If the vote fails today, the mark will be doubled again. If he is the ghost, he will definitely choose to pass the handkerchief to me, compared to you, who has no marks on your body. In this case, I might be the next Dong Zai tonight.”

Tu Shuhuai was speechless for a while.

She had suspected that one of the two people would have a problem, but the second layer of mark on Chi Ting’s body was placed after the voting ended yesterday. In terms of the number of layers, there was actually only one person who had two layers of marks before that. It was Yue Ren. But a guess was just a guess. In the absence of certainty, Wen Weng’s idea that Chi Ting was a ghost was indeed possible.

In fact, if they voted for her tonight then in the final analysis, there were only a few results.

First, she was a ghost and the game was over.

Second, she wasn’t a ghost. Chi Ting was a ghost, he would throw the handkerchief to Wen Weng to drive him out, and she would die in the next round.

Third, she wasn’t a ghost. The handkerchief was passed to her. In the next round, she would throw it to Yue Ren, who was a ghost, and the game would be over.

4. The same situation as above, but in the next round of throwing, Yue Ren still wasn’t a ghost. Then her only choice was to hand over the handkerchief to Wen Weng to drive him out. Then if she could survive until the eighth day, she would have a chance to survive.

No matter how she looked at it, the chances of clearing the game were very slim.

In fact, the most important thing was to accurately grasp the rule that triggered being possessed by ghosts.

After a long silence, Tu Shuhuai still shook her head. “Judging from the degree of Yue Ren’s love brain, it is almost impossible to convince him.”

This result made Wen Weng feel very desperate. In the end, he gritted his teeth and said, “In any case, I won’t vote for you. I still have to find a way to survive. When voting tonight, I will vote for Chi Ting. Xiao Tu, you should think about it.”

The two of them talked in the corner for a long time. Chi Ting naturally noticed it a long time ago.

He exchanged a look with Yue Ren and didn’t say anything else. Instead, he walked to the hospital bed and picked up the photo frame he saw. He walked to the rabbit, crouched down, and asked very politely, “Mr. Gentleman, is this cute rabbit in the photo you?”

The photo of a family of three showed the complete appearance of Su Lili and her parents for the first time.

In this photo, Su Lili was holding a fluffy rabbit doll in her hand. Due to the huge bow and loli skirt, the photo would look a bit funny when placed next to the rabbit gentleman.

The moment the rabbit was asked this question, his expression underneath his fur was very subtle.

He was choked up for a long time before he said in an indistinct tone, “It is me. What’s wrong?”

Chi Ting smiled. “Nothing. I just feel that you have been here the whole time to accompany Su Lili.”

Perhaps this tone of voice was too gentle. Thus, the rabbit was slightly stunned when their eyes met.

Then he felt the gentleman’s hat on his head being lifted up. A hand stretched out and gently touched his head.

Chi Ting said, “Actually, you are very cute.”

The rabbit gentleman’s expression turned blank in an instant. His entire brain was in a state of shutdown for a long time.

The moment the hate was put back on, and the man in front of him put the photo frame back, the rabbit reacted belatedly. He gently touched the rabbit on his head with his furry palm. “…Strange person.”

During Tu Shuhuai’s conversation with Wen Weng, what she saw for a moment was Chi Ting gently stroking the rabbit’s head.

This intimate attitude toward the game host made her feel much more suspicious.

After a long silence, she said to Wen Weng, “I’ll go back and think again.”

After spending three hours in the ward that afternoon, everyone’s task was successfully completed.

It was just as Yue Ren said. The ghost hidden among them wasn’t foolish enough to reveal their identity at this time.

After lunch, everyone went back to their rooms.

The afternoon break passed quickly. Finally, it was time for another day of voting.

Chi Ting enjoyed dinner in a slow and methodical manner.

He might have a lot of points now, but saving was a virtue. If he could leave this instance after this meal, then not eating it would be in vain.

The sound of the knife and fork was very abrupt in such a silent environment. Tu Shuhuai took a deep breath and adjusted her mood.

This time, she looked directly at Yue Ren with a very targeted look. “Are you really not going to change your mind?”

Yue Ren was also eating his dinner. He didn’t even look up when he heard this. “Of course. Why should I change my mind? You can’t let me stop investing in Chi Ting, right?”

Wen Weng didn’t have the appetite to take a bite up to now. He said anxiously, “Why not? We discussed it today. He is actually much more suspicious than Xiao Tu.”

Such words made Yue Ren finally put down the knife and fork in his hand. He glanced at Chi Ting, who didn’t move at all, and raised an eyebrow slightly. “Ah, is that so?”

“Yes, Xiao Tu’s previous analysis is very reasonable. The number of layers of the handkerchief is indeed an obvious signal. In addition, I live next door to him. He obviously got the handkerchief last night, but I didn’t hear any movement at all. No matter how I think about it, he is the ghost…”

As if to express his determination, Wen Weng directly opened his virtual panel after speaking. “In any case, I will vote first. I will vote for Chi Ting!”

The vote was given directly. Chi Ting finally raised his head from his food. After taking a glance, he just smiled silently.

Wen Weng captured this change in expression. “Smiled! He smiled! Look, he really has a problem!”

Tu Shuhuai steadily stared at Yue Ren. “What do you say?”

Yue Ren glanced at Chi Ting next to him. Then he turned around with a smile, looked at Tu Shuhuai, and said, “What else can I say? It is absolutely impossible for me to vote for him. Since you are so sure that one of us is definitely a ghost, I will give a statement first. My vote will be for myself. You can either vote for me as well or vote for yourself with Chi Ting. Otherwise, if you still insist on voting for Chi Ting, his vote will go to me, and it will be a tie vote. No one will have a good time. You can figure things out yourself.”

As he said this, he also clicked to vote. Then he made a very gentlemanly gesture of invitation. “Please choose, Miss Tu.”

Tu Shuhuai obviously hadn’t expected this gay man to be in love to such an extent. He didn’t hesitate to sacrifice himself to protect his lover.

However, among the two people, she was more suspicious of Yue Ren than Chi Ting. It didn’t hurt to confirm a person’s identity through this game, so she also gave a vote. “Then I’ll vote for you in this game.”

Chi Ting, as the biggest suspect identified by the other two, watched the development and became silent. Seeing that everyone had already given their choice, Chi Ting finally put down his knife and fork and voted.

Yue Ren currently had two votes on his body. As long as Chi Ting didn’t vote for himself, the result of today’s vote had obviously been determined.

It was originally a blind vote. Once the total number of votes reached four, the four people waited in silence for the results to be displayed on the virtual panel.

There were only three players left in total. One of them was still a mosaic during the whole process. This meant that most of the audience could only gather in the live stream room of the only player who charged a normal amount of points.

As the voting was completed, the barrage was also surging rapidly.

[What do they mean now? Did anyone hear anything in the live stream room next door? A high-fee player and a mosaic. I can’t hear anything without spending money. I can hardly follow this live stream!]

[It seems that they voted for that mosaic. If they vote twice for that mosaic, they will be cold in the next few days.]

[There is no one voting for Tu in this round? I thought they would vote for her first.]

[Have a rest. No one used a ticket on Tu. Fortunately, Chi reserved a hand in advance. The two-layered mark can be delivered to Tu today.]

[I feel it would be better if we didn’t leave this hand… you will know what I am talking about in the future.]

[I originally thought they would definitely vote for Tu. But I was thinking that if they voted for Tu and she wasn’t the ghost, who would the vote go to in the next round…?]

[I see what you mean. But that shouldn’t be the case, right? Isn’t there an old saying that the most unreliable thing in the unlimited world is the camaraderie of teammates? Dog head.]

At such a heated discussion, the final voting result was finally displayed in front of all players and audience members.

The moment they clearly saw the above content, all of the barrage that was full of emotions and lamentations stopped for a moment.

After a brief blank screen, the picture of the live screen room was completely covered by overwhelming question marks.

[The fifth round of voting has ended. Wen Weng has 2 votes, Chi Ting has 1 vote, and Yue Ren has 1 vote.]

[The highest number of votes: Wen Weng (2 votes).]

[Ah, you’ve found all the ghosts!]

[Dear players, congratulations on your successful clearance!]

This result, which no one expected, caused the audience in the live stream room to go crazy on the spot. It also made Wen Weng’s original, slight smile completely freeze on his face.

The moment he realized what had happened, his expression instantly changed to a hideous one. Only his angry roar remained in the meeting room. “Liars! You two, big liars!”


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